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USS Corkwood (AN-44)

Commissioning deck log entry

Submitted by Ellen Norris for her father William C. Vick, CM 2/c (SR) (DS) V6 USS Corkwood
Moored starboard side to pier "A", Everett Pacific Company, Everett, Washington, undergoing construction. 1500 Lt. Comdr. Jeyge, USNR representative of the commandant of 13th Naval District came aboard and with a formal ceremony placed the ship in full commission. Lieut. J.L. Driggs, USNR (file #101914) *(Wife Florence Dorothy Driggs, 514 Santa Paula St., Santa Paula, CA) assumed command, Lieut. P(Paul). J. Vidani, USNR Executive Officer (file #101935) *(Wife Lucille Mary Vidani, 429 So. 22nd. St., La Crosse, Wisconsin), Lieut. (jg) C.A. La Salle, (later logs refer to him as La Selle), USNR, Engineering Officer (file #119548) *(Wife Melba Janet LaSelle, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota) and Bos'n J.M. Thome, USNR First Lieut (file #243482) *(Wife Margaret Bernadene Thome, 619 1/2 No. Kay St.,Tacoma, Washington). The watch quarter and station bill was posted and the watch was set. The below named men were received aboard prior to commissioning for duty as ships company.

Malone, S.W., CBN, (AA) 275-87-36, USN
Goblirsch, P.A., CMOMM (AA) 638-47-63, V6
Nelson, W.R., Jr. BM 1/c, 201-70-89, USN
Smith, P.D., QM 1/c, 356-49-27, USN
Palmer, J.W., EM 1/c, 376-06-47, USN
May, J.O., SF 1/c, 623-53-86, V6
Smith, R.D. MOMM 1/c, 663-04-27, V6
Guillany, H.P., CM 2/c, 644-13-05, V6
Gutherie, H.K., BM 2/c, 406-36-46, V6
Holmes, W.E., EM 2/c, 622-95-85, V6
Manning, L. (N), SM 2/c, 376-09-95, USN
Vick, W.C., CM 2/c (SR) (DS) 829-64-39, V6
Williamson, J. (N), CK 2/c, 346-76-06, USN
Hoffman, H.Y., YN 2/c, 628-37-58, V6
Morgan, B.L., GM 2/c, 552-94-75, V6
Bunt or Burt, H.A., SF 3/c, 630-77-68, V6
Stewart, S.E., MOMM 3/c, 263-58-15, USN
Wallace, K.H, GM 3/c, 311-08-10, USN
Wilson, I. J., SC 3/c, 671-15-68, V6
Stine, L.L., MOMM 3/c, 620-73-41, V6
Carpenter, H.W., F 1/c, 854-39-50, V6
Dozier, J. Stm 2/c, 834-96-52, V6
?P?ulner (possibly Julner), R.L., F 1/c, 887-19-08, V6
?P?oasch (possibly Joasch), E.W., F 2/c, 877-71-44, V6
Hawk, P.W., S 2/c, 879-63-41, V6
Harold, T., S 2/c, 275-07-93, V6
Henry, D.C., S 2/c, 844-96-52, V6
Hernandez, S.G., S 2/c, 840-76-14, V6
Hernandez, V.R., S 2/c, 879-98-99, U6
Herrera, A. S 2/c, 842-94-21, V6
Herrera, R.G., S 2/c, 842-69-60, V6
Jeffords, M.F., S 2/c, 939-82-64, V6
Johnson, A.C., S 2/c, 966-26-23, V6
Johnson, C.R., S 2/c, 840-03-08, V6
Johnson, E.D., S 2/c, 939-74-02, V6
Justice, J.A., S 2/c, 840-49-11, V6
Knudson, S.O., S 2/c, 887-38-53, V6
Kockler or Kocklen, B.R., S 2/c, 844-13-85, V6
Knight, G.H., S 2/c. 840-02-56, V6
Magness, R.E., S 2/c, 844-28-02, V6
Nondyki, C.J., S 2/c, 848-86-71, V6
Orenelas, C., S 2/c, 842-95-83, V6
Rodriguez, I.M., S 2/c, 879-85-84, V6
Wood, H.E., S 2/c, 966-11-23, V6
Woods, D.E., RM 3/c, 620-80-41, V6

Corkwood (AN-44) Commissioning crew
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