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USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194)

International Radio Call Sign:
November - November - Juliet - Echo
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - Navy Unit Commendation
Bottom Row - National Defense Service Medal - Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (5 -Op Sharpe Edge, 1-Liberia) - Southwest Asia Service Medal

Henry J. Kaiser Class Fleet Oiler:
  • Laid down, 15 March 1989, at Avondale Industries, Westwego, LA.
  • Launched, 21 April 1990
  • Delivered to the Navy and placed in service with the Military Sealift Command (MSC) as USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194), 18 March 1991
  • USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) is part of the MSC Naval Auxiliary Force, MSC Pacific
    Displacement 9,500 t.(lt) 42,382 t.(fl)
    Length 677'
    Beam 97' 5"
    Draft 35' (max.)
    Armament none
    Cargo Capacity 178,000 bbls
    Speed 20 kts.
    Civilian Mariners-18 Officers, 64 Merchant Seamen
    Navy-1 Officer, 20 Enlisted
    Aircraft helicopter platform only
    two medium speed Colt-Pielstick PC4-2/2 10V-570 diesel engines
    twin shafts, 16,000 hp per shaft

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    John Ericsson 67k John Ericsson
    John Ericsson, one of the 19th Century's most creative engineers and inventors, was born on 31 July 1803 in Sweden. As a youth, he joined the Swedish Army, which recognized his talents and put him to work on topographical duties. Ericsson left the Army in 1826 and moved to England, where he pursued a variety of engineering projects, among them the use of screw propellers on ships, the development of extraordinarily large guns and the creation of engines driven by hot air instead of steam.
    Ericsson's work attracted the attention Robert F. Stockton, an influential and progressive U.S. Navy officer, who encouraged him to relocate to the United States. During the early 1840s, the two designed a screw-propelled warship, which was commissioned in 1843 as USS Princeton, armed with heavy guns of their devising. The tragic explosion of one of these guns, and efforts to improperly assign the blame to Ericsson, led the strong-willed engineer to redirect his creativity into civilian fields, which he pursued successfully during the 1840s and 1850s.
    The outbreak of the American Civil War brought John Ericsson back into formal contact with the Navy, when he designed and produced USS Monitor, a revolutionary armored ship carrying her guns in a rotating turret. Monitor's successful battle with the Confederate ironclad Virginia on 9 March 1862 made Ericsson a great hero in the North. For the remainder of the conflict, he was actively involved in designing and building a large series of "Monitor"-type turret ships for the Navy.
    Ericsson continued his work on maritime and naval technology after the Civil War, producing ships for foreign navies and experimenting with submarines, self-propelled torpedoes and heavy ordnance. He remained active until his death in New York City on 8 March 1889. In August 1890, following a memorial service at New York, his body was placed on board the cruiser Baltimore, which carried him across the Atlantic to his native Sweden for burial.
    Bill Gonyo
    USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194)
    John Ericsson 193k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) underway, date and location unknown.
    US Navy photo
    Tommy Trampp
    John Ericsson 109k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) underway, overhead view, date and location unknown.
    US Navy photo
    MSC web site
    John Ericsson 42k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) underway, date and location unknown.
    US Navy photo
    MSC web site
    John Ericsson 83k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) pulls alongside USS Nimitz (CVN-68), for a routine Replenishment At Sea (RAS), 2 April 2003.
    US Navy photo # 030402-N-1577S-002 by PHAN Timothy F. Sosa. Photo from Navy NewsStand web site
    Jack Treutle
    John Ericsson 76k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) underway at Dubai, March 2004. Photo by Laurent LaMarche
    John Ericsson 97k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) refuels USS Vella Gulf (CG 72) during a refueling at sea in the Arabian Gulf. The ships are on a scheduled deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, 6 March 2004.
    US Navy photo # 040306-N-1082Z-063. Photo by PHAN Jason R. Zalasky.
    Bill Gonyo
    John Ericsson 45k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) transfers fuel while alongside USS Nimitz (CVN-68), 30 January 2005.
    US Navy photo # 050130-N-1485H-107.
    Jack Treutle
    John Ericsson 104k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) out bound to sea passing under the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco, 19 March 2006.
    Photo by David Corby
    Robert Hurst
    John Ericsson 448k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) completed a connected replenishment (CONREP) with the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Stethem (DDG-63), 2 August 2007 . Stethem is operating with the Kitty Hawk Carrier Strike Group just completing "Talisman Saber 07", an exercise designed to maintain a high level of inter-operability between US and Australian forces, demonstrating the US and Australian commitment to our military alliance and regional security.
    US Navy photo # 070802-N-4953E-004 PACIFIC OCEAN (Aug. 2, 2007) by LTjg. Danny Ewing Jr.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 143k Fuel lines connect USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) to USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) and the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell (DDG-85) during a replenishment at sea (RAS) in the Pacific Ocean, 10 August 2007.Kitty Hawk and McCampbell were participating in Valiant Shield 2007
    US Navy photo (# 070810-N-2638R-001 by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Bryan Reckard
    US Navy Newsstand
    John Ericsson 599k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) refueling USS Cowpens (CG-63) while at sea during exercise Valiant Shield, 10 August 2007 . The joint exercise consists of 28 naval vessels, more than 300 aircraft, and approximately 20,000 service members from the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard
    Defense Visual Information Center photo # 070810-N-5387K-001, a US Navy photo by MC3 Juan Antoine .
    Robert Hurst
    John Ericsson 465k The guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain (CG-57), right, pulls alongside USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) in the western Pacific Ocean. Lake Champlain is part of the Boxer Expeditionary Strike Group and is on a scheduled deployment supporting maritime security operations.
    US Navy photo # 090124-N-4774B-047 PACIFIC OCEAN (Jan. 24, 2009) by MC2 Daniel Barker.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 669k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) pulls alongside the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN-73) during a replenishment-at-sea. George Washington is underway supporting security and stability in the western Pacific Ocean during her first summer deployment since becoming the U.S. Navy's only forward deployed aircraft carrier.
    US Navy photo # 090613-N-2153C-001 PACIFIC OCEAN (June 13, 2009) by MC3 Charles Oki.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 801k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) is underway with the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN-68) during a replenishment at sea. Nimitz and embarked Carrier Air Wing (CVW-11) are on a deployment to the western Pacific Ocean.
    US Navy photo # 090903-N-3038W-119 PACIFIC OCEAN (Sept. 2, 2009) by MC3 John Philip Wagner.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 801k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) is underway with the forward-deployed amphibious dock landing ship USS Harpers Ferry (LSD-49) to transfer stores and fuel. Harpers Ferry is part of the Denver Amphibious Ready Group conducting a fall patrol in the western Pacific Ocean with the embarked 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (31st MEU).
    US Navy photo # 091030-N-2218S-125 SOUTH CHINA SEA (Oct. 30, 2009) by MCSN Andrew Smith.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 264k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) moored pierside at Naval Station Apra, Guam, 26 December 2010.
    Photo courtesy of Antarctic-Adventurer (name unknown).
    Robert Hurst
    John Ericsson 1901k An MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter assigned to the Wild Cards of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC-23) transports supplies from USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) to the amphibious transport dock ship USS Cleveland (LPD-7), not pictured. Cleveland is the flagship for Pacific Partnership 2011, which recently completed a mission in Tonga and will visit Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and the Federated States of Micronesia.
    US Navy photo # 110426-O-ZZ999-005 PACIFIC OCEAN (April 26, 2011) by Kristopher Radder.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 773k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) transits the Pacific Ocean alongside the amphibious assault ship USS Boxer (LHD-4) during an underway replenishment. Boxer is deployed in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility during a western Pacific deployment.
    US Navy photo # 110916-N-RC734-342 PACIFIC OCEAN (Sept. 16, 2011) by MC2 Joseph M. Buliavac.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 336k Supplies are transferred from USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) to the amphibious assault ship USS Boxer (LHD-4) during an underway replenishment. Boxer is underway for a regularly scheduled deployment as part of the Boxer Amphibious Ready Group (BOXARG).
    US Navy photo # 130831-N-PZ713-003 PACIFIC OCEAN (Aug. 31, 2013) by MC3 Mayra A. Knight.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 176k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) under way in heavy seas during a replenishment with the amphibious dock landing ship USS Comstock (LSD 45). Comstock, part of the Makin Island Amphibious Ready Group, is deployed to promote peace and freedom of the seas by providing security and stability in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility.
    US Navy photo # 150131-N-CU914-066 PHILIPPINE SEA (Jan. 31, 2015) by MC3 Lenny LaCrosse.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 194k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) conducts an underway replenishment at sea with the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Mustin (DDG-89) while the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS McCampbell (DDG-85), not pictured, breaks away after completing her replenishment at sea. McCampbell is on patrol in the 7th Fleet area of operation in support of security and stability in the Indo- Asia-Pacific.
    US Navy photo # 160129-N-JU970-720 JAVA SEA (Jan. 29, 2016) by ENS. Soon Kwon.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 331k Sailors aboard the amphibious dock landing ship USS Whidbey Island (LSD-41) haul a phone and distance line connected to USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) during a replenishment-at-sea. Whidbey Island is deployed with the Wasp Amphibious Ready Group to support maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations.
    US Navy photo # 160821-N-TI017-094 GULF OF ADEN (Aug. 21, 2016) by MC2 Nathan R. McDonald.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 231k The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Ross (DDG-71) pulls alongside USNS John Ericsson (T-AO 194) to conduct a replenishment at-sea. Ross, forward-deployed to Rota, Spain, is conducting naval operations in the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations in support of U.S. national security interests in Europe and Africa.
    US Navy photo # 160927-N-FP878-007 MEDITERRANEAN SEA (Sept. 27, 2016) by MC1 heron J. Godbold.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 246k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) conducts a replenishment-at-sea with USS Sterett (DDG-104). Sterett is part of the Sterett-Dewey Surface Action Group and is the third deploying group operating under the command and control construct called 3rd Fleet Forward.
    US Navy photo # 170504-N-ZW825-250 SOUTH CHINA SEA (May 4, 2017) by MC1 Byron C. Linder/.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 175k USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) transits Subic Bay, Republic of Philippines, after a scheduled port visit.
    US Navy photo # 170623-N-ZW825-093 SUBIC BAY, Republic of Philippines (June 23, 2017) by MC1 Byron C. Linder.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 196k The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Sterett (DDG-104) steams alongside USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) during a replenishment-at-sea.
    US Navy photo # 170710-N-NB544-204 CORAL SEA (July 10, 2017) by MC2 Kyle Carlstrom.
    Lee Wahler
    John Ericsson 306k The amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6), right, steams alongside USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194) and the amphibious dock landing ship USS Ashland (LSD-48) during a replenishment-at-sea during Talisman Saber 2017. Bonhomme Richard is part of a combined U.S., Australia and New Zealand expeditionary strike group and is undergoing a series of scenarios that will increase naval proficiencies in operating against blue-water adversarial threats and in its primary mission of launching Marine forces ashore in the littorals. Talisman Saber is a biennial U.S.-Australia bilateral exercise held off the coast of Australia, meant to achieve interoperability and strengthen the U.S.-Australia alliance.
    US Navy photo # 170710-N-YG104-010 CORAL SEA (July 10, 2017) by MC2 Sarah Villegas.
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    USNS John Ericsson (T-AO-194)
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