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USS Sarpedon (ARB-7)

USS Sarpedon (ARB-7) World War II Voyage Record and Ports of Call
  A B C D
1     Intenary of the Sapedon  
Arrival Place Departure Distance
4   Boston 23-Nov-45  
26-Nov-45 Baltimore 25-Mar-45 400
6 26-Mar-45 Norfolk 26-Apr-45 150
7 6-May-45 Panama Canal 9-May-45 1,800
8 22-May-45 San Pedro, Calif 27-May-45 2,900
9 6-Jun-45 Pearl Habor 9-Jun-45 2,300
10 20-Jun-45 Marshall Island Eninwetck 23-Jun-45 2,400
11 28-Jun-45 Guam 1-Jul-45 1,020
12 2-Jul-45 Saipan 1-Aug-45 140
13 10-Aug-45 Okinawa 15-Dec-45 1,230
14 19-Dec-45 Shanghai 20-Mar-46 540
15 5-Apr-46 Marshall Island Kwajalein 8-May-46 3,000
16 26-May-46 San Francisco 26-May-46 4,125
17 28-May-46 San Pedro, Calif   355

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