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USS Leonard Wood (APA-12)
USS Leonard Wood (AP-25) (1941 - 1943)
USAT Leonard Wood (1939 - 1941)

International Radio Call Sign:
November - Whiskey - Lima - Papa
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - Combat Action Ribbon (retroactive)
Second Row - Navy Unit Commendation - American Defense Service Medal (with "A" device) - American Campaign Medal
Third Row - Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign Medal (2) - Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal (6) - World War II Victory Medal
Fourth Row - Navy Occupation Service Medal (with Asia clasp) - Philippines Presidential Unit Citation - Philippines Liberation Medal (2)

USS Leonard Wood was manned by the US Coast Guard during World War II

Harris Class Transport:
  • Laid down in 1921 as SS Nutmeg State under a United State Shipping Board (USSB) contract at Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp, Sparrows Point, MD.
  • Launched, 17 September 1921
  • Completed in May 1922 and soon after renamed SS Western World
  • Delivered to the US Shipping Board, 9 May 1922, for lay up in the Maritime Commission Reserve Fleet
  • Removed from the Maritime Commission Reserve Fleet and renovated as a troopship, circa 1938
  • Acquired by the U.S. Army Transport Service, 21 February 1939
  • Renamed USAT Leonard Wood in honor of Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood, the original commander of the famous “Rough Riders” in the Spanish-American War and of the 89th Division in World War I
  • Assigned to the A.T.S. Pacific Fleet with homeport at San Francisco POE, Fort Mason, CA.
  • USAT Leonard Wood generally serviced the San Francisco—Panama—Honolulu route, but made occasional port calls at Charleston, SC, San Juan, PR, and Seward, TA
  • Transferred to the US Navy, 3 June 1941
  • Commissioned USS Leonard Wood (AP-25), 10 June 1941, CDR. H. G. Bradbury, USCG in command
  • Reclassified Attack Transport (APA-12), 1 February 1943
  • During World War II USS Leonard Wood was first assigned to the Europe-Africa-Middle Theater and later to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater:
    TransRon Eleven (flagship) COMO. D. W. Loomis USN (13);
    TransDiv Thirty-One and participated in the following campaigns:

    Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign

    Asiatic-Pacific Campaign
    North African occupation
    Algeria-Morocco landings, 8 to 11 November 1942
    Gilbert Islands operation
    16 November to 2 December 1943
    Sicilian Occupation
    9 to 15 July 1943
    Marshall Islands operation
    Occupation of Kwajalein and Majuro Atolls, 31 January to 8 February 1944
    Occupation of Eniwetok Atoll, 17 to 25 February 1944
      Marianas operation
    Capture and occupation of Saipan, 15 to 24 June 1944
      Western Caroline Islands operation
    Capture and occupation of southern Palau Islands, 6 September 14 October 1944
      Leyte operations
    Leyte landings, 13 to 31 October and 19 to 29 November 1944
      Luzon operations
    Lingayen Gulf landings, 9 January 1945

  • Following World War II USS Leonard Wood (APA-12) was assigned to Occupation service from 24 November t o5 December 1945
  • Decommissioned, 22 March 1946
  • Struck from the Naval Register, 12 April 1946
  • USS Leonard Wood earned eight battle stars and the Navy Unit Commendation for World War II service
  • Returned to the Army pending transfer to the Maritime Commission
  • Final Disposition, sold for scrapping, 20 June 1948, to Consolidated Builders Inc. (PD-X-395), for $65,750.00
    Displacement 13,529 t.(lt) 21,900 t.(fl)
    Length 535'
    Beam 72'
    Draft 31' 3"
    Speed 17.6 kts.
    Officers 67
    Enlisted 657
    Troop Accommodations
    Officers 117
    Enlisted 1,809
    Flag Accommodations
    Officers 43
    Enlisted 108
    Largest Boom Capacity 30 t.
    Cargo Capacity 1,700 DWT
    non-refrigerated 150,000 Cu ft
    four single 3"/50 cal gun mounts
    one quad 40mm AA gun mount
    one twin 40mm AA gun mount
    sixteen single 20mm AA gun mounts
    Fuel Capacities
    NSFO 25,720 Bbls
    Diesel 375 Bbls
    two Bethlehem Curtis type turbines
    eight Yarrow header-type boilers, 265psi 465°
    single Falk Main Reduction Gears
    Ship's Service Generators
    one turbo-drive 300Kw 120V D.C.
    one turbo-drive 250Kw 120V D.C.
    one turbo-drive 100Kw 120V D.C.
    two propellers, 10,000shp

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    Merchant Service
    Leonard Wood 88k SS Western World probably after delivery in May 1922.
    Image from "Pacific Marine Review; of 19 August 1922, page 469." Author unspecified, probably builder, Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation. Laid down as SS Nutmeg State but completed as SS Western World.
    Robert Hurst
    USAT Leonard Wood
    Leonard Wood 42k

    Leonard Wood was born 9 October 1860 at Winchester, N.H. After graduating from Harvard Medical School in 1884, he was commissioned assistant surgeon in the Army Medical Corps 5 January 1886. That summer he distinguished himself in the Apache campaign and was later awarded the Medal of Honor for voluntarily carrying “dispatches through a region infested with hostile Indians, making a journey of 70 miles in 1 night and walking 30 miles the next day. Also for several weeks while in close pursuit of Geronimo’s band and constantly expecting an encounter, he commanded a detachment of infantry....”
    Promoted to captain in 1891, he was assigned to Washington, D.C., where he met Theodore Roosevelt and became President McKinley’s personal physician. With the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, Wood joined Roosevelt in organizing the “Rough Riders” and commanded the regiment. Immediately after the war, Wood became military governor of Santiago Province, then, from December 1899 to March 1902. Governor-General of Cuba. He restored order to that troubled island and established educational, political, and sanitary systems. Wood next used his skill as an administrator pacifying the Moro Province of the Philippines which he governed from 1903 to 1906. Promoted to major general in August 1903. Wood commanded the Philippine Division from 1906 to 1908. As Army Chief of Staff from 1910 to 1914, he reorganized the War Department and prepared the Army for the challenge of World War II. He was a leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 1920. In 1921 President Harding appointed Wood Governor-General of the Philippine Islands. He remained at that post until his death 7 August 1927.
    Digital ID: cph 3a53063 Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division
    Bill Gonyo
    Leonard Wood 50k USAT Leonard Wood, date and location unknown. Tom Kermen
    Leonard Wood 386k Views of the Port Pier at Tacoma, WA., 13 January 1940. USAT Leonard Wood with USAT Hunter Liggett moored astern are transporting 7,500 soldiers from Fort Lewis and with the USAT St. Mihiel, will transport the soldiers to war games being held 15-22 January, 1940 some where on the California coastline between San Francisco and Santa Barbara. The departure of these troops will leave Fort Lewis manned by only a small security force.
    Tacoma Public Library, Richards Studios, Photo #'s D9334-5 and D9334-13. Items in this collection are made available for educational, academic and personal use
    Mike Green
    Leonard Wood 378k
    Leonard Wood 51k USAT Leonard Wood at Ketchikan Alaska, circa 1941 Joe Stevens
    Kodiak Alaska Military History web site
    Leonard Wood 65k USAT Leonard Wood, in the Panama Canal Zone, May 1941. M/Sgt M.L. McCormick, USAF Ret
    Leonard Wood 86k USAT Leonard Wood, in the Panama Canal, circa 1940-1941.
    Photo from US Army Order of Battle 1919-1941, Vol.4., courtesy US Army Museum of Hawaii.
    US Army Order of Battle 1919-1941, Vol.4
    Leonard Wood 542k USAT Leonard Wood under way, circa 1940-41. "They say there's a troopship a 'leavin' Bombay..." In this moment from her Army troopship days, Leonard Wood captured the spirit of that British soldiers' song.
    US Army Military History Institute photo. Photo and text from "U.S. Army Ships and Watercraft of World War II", by Donald H. Grover
    Robert Hurst
    USS Leonard Wood (AP-25)
    Leonard Wood 72k USS Leonard Wood (AP-25) under way, 12 September 1942, after a refit, with changes marked. They included a lattice radar mast forward and extra 20mm AA gun mounts, visible aft. She also shows triple Welin davits, carrying boats outboard.
    US Navy photo from "US Amphibious Ships and Craft", by Norman Friedman.
    Robert Hurst
    Leonard Wood 112k USS Leonard Wood (AP-25) in Hampton Roads, 12 September 1942. Additions made in a recent shipyard overhaul are circled. This ship and USS Joseph T. Dickman (AP-26), at upper left, were the only transports of this class to have only three goalpost masts while in Naval service. APA 12-17 and AP 42-43 all received four Welin triple davits per side during their initial conversion or soon thereafter.
    US National Archives, RG-19-LCM photo # 19-N-34527. A US Navy Bureau of Ships photo now in the collections of the US National Archives, courtesy
    Mike Green
    Leonard Wood 157k USS Leonard Wood (AP-25) (foreground) and other transports of the amphibious force en route to North African in early November 1942.
    US National Archives, Photo No. 80-G-30220, a US Navy photo now in the collections of the US National Archives.
    Mike Green
    Leonard Wood 149k USS Leonard Wood (AP-25) at anchor, date and location unknown. Tommy Trampp
    Leonard Wood 227k USS Leonard Wood (AP-25) LCS(S)(Mk 1)-27 underway, location unknown. Note the two .30 cal mgs mounted on tracks either side of the cockpit and the single .30 cal gun mounted aft. These small craft were employed to render close support fire to assault waves.
    US Navy photo from "Allied Landing Craft of World War Two", published by Arms and Armour Press.
    Robert Hurst
    USS Leonard Wood (APA-12)
    Joseph T. Dickman 75k Port side view of USS Joseph T. Dickman (APA-13) class camouflage Measure 32 Design 14T.
    US Navy Bureau of Ships photo from "U.S. Amphibious Ships and Craft" by Norman Friedman.
    Robert Hurst
    Leonard Wood 266k Headed for Makin, 18 December 1943 – Commanding Officer CAPT. Merlin O’Neill USCG (left) and LCOL. James Roosevelt II USMC (son of the President) stand on the bridge of USS Leonard Wood (APA-12) as part of the invasion force bound for Makin Island of the Gilbert Islands. Makin Atoll is a triangular shaped island held by the Japanese and the largest island of Butaritari. The island hosted a seaplane base for the Imperial Japanese Navy.
    AP Wire Photo from the United States Coast Guard in the collections of the US Naval History and Heritage Command.
    Bill Gonyo
    Leonard Wood
    398k U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps officers, acting as observers during the invasion of Makin Island, watch the progress of shore activities from USS Leonard Wood (APA-12), circa 20-24 November 1943.
    US National Archives Identifier 205585723. Local Identifier 26-G-3031, US Coast Guard Photo # 3031.
    David Upton
    Leonard Wood
    321k USS Leonard Wood (APA-12) looms in the background as an LCM carrying Marines and their heavy gun and tractor heads for the beachhead at Makin Island, circa 20-24 November 1943.
    US National Archives Identifier 205585726. Local Identifier 26-G-3021, US Coast Guard Photo # 3021.
    David Upton
    Leonard Wood 520k USS Leonard Wood (APA-12) underway, 28 April 1944. This aerial view shows the fine lines of her pre-war construction. Robert Hurst
    Leonard Wood 110k USS Leonard Wood (APA-12) underway, starboard bow view, 28 April 1944, off the coast of southern California. Her paint is camouflage scheme 32/4T.
    US Navy photo # 6206 US Naval Air Station, San Pedro, CA.
    Mike Green
    Leonard Wood 45k USS Leonard Wood (APA-12) in San Francisco Bay, circa late 1945 early 1946. Photo Courtesy Ben Webster in honor of his brother, Duane Kenneth Webster USS Leonard Wood US Coast Guard Historian's Office
    Leonard Wood
    599k USS Leonard Wood (APA-12) embarks high-point soldiers headed for San Francisco and home in September 1945. The ship is moored in now peaceful Leyte Gulf, off Tacloban.
    US National Archives Identifier 205585579. Local ID 26-G-4829, US Coast Guard Photo # 26-G-4829.
    David Upton

    USS Leonard Wood (AP-25 / APA-12)
    Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS)
    Commanding Officers
    01CAPT. McMullen, Clarence A., A.T.S.28 July 1939 - January 1940USAT Leonard Wood
    01CDR. Bradbury, Harold Gardner, USCG :RADM10 June 1941 - 26 March 1942USS Leonard Wood
    02CDR. Zoole, Ephraim, USCG26 March 1942 - 1 October 1942USS Leonard Wood
    03CAPT. O'Neill, Merlin, USCG, (USCGA 1921):VADM1 October 1942 - 29 April 1944USS Leonard Wood
    04CAPT. Perkins, Henry Crawford USCG, :RADM29 April 1944 - 8 November 1945USS Leonard Wood
    05CAPT. Cronk, Paul Briggs, USCG8 November 1945 - December 1945USS Leonard Wood
    06CDR. Schmidtman, Richard Dittrich, USCG :RADMDecember 1945 - 22 March.1946USS Leonard Wood
    Courtesy Wolfgang Hechler and Ron Reeves

    Crew Contact and Reunion Information
    U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation - Navy Log

    USS Leonard Wood Association
    Mr. Gene Hoski USS Leonard Wood Association President
    49522 Main Drive Plymouth, MI. 48170
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