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Patch at left contributed by Joe Radigan MACM USN Ret. - Patch at right by Mike Smolinski

Contributed by Al Grazevich

USS Diachenko (LPR-123)
USS Diachenko (APD-123) (1944 - 1969)

International Radio Call Sign:
November - Uniform - Alpha - Victor
JANAP Tactical Voice Radio Call Sign - Elbow (H)otel - Section 6A of JANAP 119(F) 1968
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - Combat Action Ribbon (18 March 1968) - Navy Unit Commendation
Second Row - Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation - China Service Medal (extended) - American Campaign Medal
Third Row - Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal (2) - World War II Victory Medal - Navy Occupation Service Medal (with Asia clasp)
Fourth Row - National Defense Service Medal (2) - Korean Service Medal (6) - Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (Vietnam, Taiwan)
Fifth Row - Vietnam Service Medal (5) - Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation - Philippine Liberation Medal
Sixth Row - United Nations Service Medal - Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal - Republic of Korea War Service Medal (retroactive)

Rudderow Class Destroyer Escort / Crosley Class High-speed Transport:
  • Laid down, 18 July 1944, as Diachenko (DE-690), a Rudderow Class Destroyer Escort, at Bethlehem Steel Co. Quincy, MA.
  • Redesignated a Crosley Class High-speed Transport while under construction
  • Launched, 15 August 1944
  • Commissioned USS Diachenko (APD-123), 8 December 1944, LCDR. Sidney R. Jackson, USNR, in command
  • During World War II USS Diachenko was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater TransDiv One Hundred Five, CAPT. J. M. Kennaday USN, and participated in the following campaigns:

    Asiatic-Pacific Campaigns
    Campaign and Dates Campaign and Dates
    Consolidation and capture of Southern Philippines
    Police Harbor, Mindanao Island, 17 to 23 April 1945
    Borneo operations
    Balikpapan operation, 26 June to 4 July 1945

  • Following World War II USS Diachenko was assigned to Occupation and China service in the Far East for the following periods:

    Navy Occupation Service Medal

    China Service Medal (extended)
    2 to 11 September 194512 December 1945 to 26 March 1946
    26 September to 4 October 1945late-1948
    23 October to 6 November 194526 March to 26 May 1949
    4 to 9 December 1945 
    28 May to 2 June 1949 

  • During the Korean War USS Diachenko participated in the following campaigns:

    Korean War Campaigns
    Campaign and Dates Campaign and Dates
    North Korean Aggression
    19 July to 12 September 1950
    18 September to 2 November 1950
    First UN Counter Offensive
    25 January to 29 March 1951
    Communist China Aggression
    3 November 1950 to 24 January 1951
    Second Korean Winter
    10 to 19 April 1952
    Inchon Landing
    13 to 17 September 1950
    Korean Defense Summer-Fall 1952
    21 to 22 May 1952
    22 July to 1 August 1952
    17 October 1952
    8 November 1952

  • Decommissioned, 30 June 1959
  • Laid up in the Reserve Fleet
  • Recommissioned in 1961 at San Diego, CA.
  • During the Vietnam War USS Diachenko participated in the following campaigns:

    Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal Vietnam Service Medal
    Campaigns and Dates Campaigns and Dates
    Vietnam Advisory Campaign
    20 to 25 July 1958
    9 to 10 November 1963
    26 to 30 June 1965
    Tet Counteroffensive
    5 to 21 March 1968
    Vietnam Defense
    18 to 23 July 1965
    3 to 6 August 1965
    18 August to 9 September 1965
    22 September to 2 October 1965
    27 October to 18 November 1965
    Vietnam Counteroffensive - Phase IV
    4 to 21 April 1968
    12 May to 1 June 1968
    26 to 30 June 1968
    Vietnam Counteroffensive - Phase II
    30 August to 1 September 1966
    8 to 9 and 13 to 25 September 1966
    Vietnam Counteroffensive - Phase V
    1 to 13 July 1968
    2 to 12 August 1968

  • Redesignated Amphibious Transport, Small (LPR-123) 1 January 1969
  • Decommissioned, 30 July 1969
  • Laid up in the Reserve Fleet
  • Recommissioned, 1 November 1971
  • Struck from the Naval Register, 15 September 1974
  • USS Diachenko earned two battle stars for World War II service, six battle stars for Korean War service, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and the Vietnam Service Medal with five campaign stars for Vietnam War service
  • Final Disposition, sold for scrapping 1 June 1975
    APD Specifications:
    Displacement 1,630 t.(lt) 2,130 t.(fl)
    Length 306' ovl.
    Beam 37'
    Draft 12' 7" (limiting)
    Speed 23.6 kts. (trial)
    Range 6,000 nautical miles at 12 kts.
    12 Officers
    192 Enlisted
    Troop Accommodations
    12 Officers
    150 Enlisted
    Largest Boom Capacity 10 t.
    Boats four LCVP landing craft
    Troop Accoutrements
    six 1/4 ton trucks
    two 1 ton trucks
    four ammunition carts
    four pack howitzers
    Ammunition 6,000 cu. ft.
    General Cargo 3,500 cu. ft.
    Gasoline 1,000 cu. ft.
    one 5"/38 dual purpose gun mount
    three twin 40 mm gun mounts
    six single 20 mm gun mounts
    two depth charge tracks
    two Babcox and Wilcox "D" Express type boilers, 435 PSI 750°
    two General Electric turbines, (turbo-electric drive) Ship's Service Generators
    two turbo-drive 300Kw 450V A.C.
    two turbo-drive 40Kw 120V D.C.
    two shafts, shaft horsepower 12,000

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    Size Image Description Contributed
    Diachenko 106k The Diachenko family at the launching and christening of USS Diachenko (APD-123) at Bethlehem Steel Co. Quincy, MA., 15 August 1944. Ashleigh Walsh
    212k CAPT. H. F. D. Davis accepts a plaque in memory of Alex M. Diachenko from Mr. Michael Diachenko as his brother, Andrew Diachenko looks on during the Diachenko (APD-123) launching and christening ceremony, 15 August 1944, at Bethlehem Steel Co. Quincy, MA.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command Photo # NH 50648
    Mike Smolinski
    Diachenko 65k USS Diachenko (APD-123) sponsor, Miss Mary Diachenko, holding flowers and the traditional champagne bottle to Christen the ship at Bethlehem Steel Co. Quincy, MA., 15 August 1944. Ashleigh Walsh
    Diachenko 73k USS Diachenko (APD-123) sliding down the builders way after being Christened by Miss Mary Diachenko at Bethlehem Steel Co. Quincy, MA., 15 August 1944. Ashleigh Walsh
    Diachenko 259k USS Diachenko (APD-123) near her builders yard, Bethlehem Steel Co. Quincy, MA., circa December 1944. Yu Chu
    Diachenko 154k
    Diachenko 745k USS Diachenko (APD-123) underway, date and location unknown. Yu Chu
    Diachenko 241k USS Diachenko (APD-123) and USS Theodore E. Chandler (DD-717) moored at Tsingtao, China in 1948. Diachenko had sailed from Long Beach, 22 October 1948, on a Far East cruise. This cruise was extended by the Communist advance into China during which she evacuated American troops and citizens.
    Source: Life Magazine Collections, Carl Mydans photographer, shared by Peter DeForest.
    Mike Green
    Diachenko 189k USS Diachenko (APD-123) being loaded with vehicles and personnel possessions prior to leaving Nanking (Nanjing), China in April, 1949. Along with vehicles, the ship is crowded with Nationalist China civilians and military personnel being evacuated to Shanghai.
    Life Magazine Archives, Jack Birns photographer, as shared by Peter DeForest
    Mike Green
    Diachenko 186k
    171k USS Diachenko (APD-123), 27 July 1953, after a regular overhaul at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA. showing antenna arrangement.
    US Navy photo #'s NY9-18278-7-53.
    Yu Chu
    Diachenko 214k USS Diachenko (APD-123) moored pierside, 9 March 1955, at Naval Station San Diego, CA. showing main mast.
    US Navy photo
    Yu Chu
    215k USS Diachenko (APD-123) in San Francisco Bay, 31 January 1956, after a regular overhaul at San Francisco Naval Shipyard.
    US Navy photo #'s NY1-6518-L-1-56, NY1-6517-L-1-56, NY1-6519-L-1-56, NY1-6521-L-1-56, and NY1-6522-L-1-56
    Yu Chu
    64k USS Diachenko (APD-123), 27 January 1956, after a regular overhaul at San Francisco Naval Shipyard showing antenna arrangement.
    US Navy photo #'s NY1-6489-L-1-56, NY1-6517-L-1-56 and NY1-6486-L-1-56
    Yu Chu
    Diachenko 105k Seaman Robert H. Larking helps Seaman Raymond A. Margozswitz into a rubber suit on board USS Diachenko (APD-123). The Underwater Demolition Team "Frogmen" were preparing to destroy a North Korean minefield in Wonsan Harbor.
    US Navy photo # 80-G-421436 by C.K. Rose, Combat Photo Unit Two
    Robert Hurst
    Diachenko 76k USS Diachenko (APD-123) underway in January 1956, location unknown. Yu Chu
    Diachenko 46k USS Diachenko (APD-123) moored at Naval Station Pearl Harbor, February 1968. Astern of Diachenko is USS Philip (DD-498) © Richard Leonhardt
    Diachenko 65k USS Diachenko (APD-123) nested with USS Stoddard (DD-566) during WESTPAC deployment circa 1964-66, possibly at Kaohsiung, Taiwan or Sasebo, Japan. Photo by Ed Sinclair
    Diachenko 83k USS Diachenko (APD-123) "E" Div. 1966. Jim McGrath
    Diachenko 71k USS Diachenko (APD-123) nested with USS Stoddard (DD-566) during WESTPAC deployment circa 1964-66, possibly at Kaohsiung, Taiwan or Sasebo, Japan. Photo by Ed Sinclair
    Diachenko 94k USS Diachenko (APD-123) underway, location unknown, circa 1966-67 Al Cataneo EN3 USS Diachenko
    Diachenko 91k USS Diachenko (APD-123) entering San Diego harbor after completing her second Vietnam tour, 8 April 1967.
    US Navy photo from "All Hands" magazine, August 1967. Photo by Al Cataneo EN3 USS Diachenko
    Joe Radigan MACM USN Ret.
    Diachenko 27k USS Diachenko (APD-123) underway in August 1968, while returning to CONUS from Vietnam. Photo by MMCM B. J. Boyd USN Ret USS Diachenko
    Diachenko 24k USS Diachenko (APD-123) at anchor, date and location unknown. Yu Chu
    Diachenko 31k Scale model of USS Diachenko (APD-123). Yu Chu
    Diachenko 8k USS Diachenko (APD-123) shirt. Yu Chu

    USS Diachenko (APD/LPR-123)
    Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS) at Navsource with Addendum by Clarence Kessler EN3, USN USS Diachenko 4 December 1954 to 13 May 1956
    Commanding Officers
    01LCDR. Jackson, Sidney R., USNR8 December 1944 - June 1945
    02CDR. Johnson, Stanley H., USNRJune 1945 - November 1945
    03LCDR. Haffey Jr., John James, USN (USNA 1942)November 1945 - 1946
    04LT. Moore, Richard Stewart1946 - June 1947
    05LT. Wall, Charles LouisJune 1947 - 15 July 1947
    06LCDR. Purdie, Samuel Bulla15 July 1947 - October 1948
    07LCDR. Balis, Theodore Lawrence, USN (USNA 1942)no dates
    08LCDR. Wilson, James Richard, USN4 May 1950 - ?
    09LCDR. Cameron, Alan Russel, USN (USNA 1944)September 1954 - 24 November 1956
    10CDR. Zimdars, Roy William Randolph, USN24 November 1956 - 16 August 1957
    11LCDR. Marconnet, Earl Joseph, USN16 August 1957 - 30 June 1959
     Decommissioned30 June 1959 - 1961
    12LCDR. Dwyer, Laurence Albert, USN8 June 1962 - 15 June 1963
    13LCDR. Saul, Elmer Leon, USN15 June 1963 - 13 April 1965
    14LCDR. Metzler, Donald Moderi, USN13 April 1965 - 11 April 1967
    15CDR. Schuster, Dale George, USN11 April 1967 - 7 May 1968
    16LCDR. Steed, Samuel, USN7 May 1968 - 30 July 1969
    Courtesy Wolfgang Hechler and Ron Reeves

    Crew Contact And Reunion Information
    U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation - Navy Log

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