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NavSource Online: Amphibious Photo Archive

Contributed by ENCS Jerry Patterson USN Ret. LCU-1624

Harbor Utility Craft YFU-4
Landing Craft Utility LCU-562 (1956 - 1958)
Landing Ship Utility LSU-562 (1949 - 1956)
Landing Craft Tank LCT-562 (1943 - 1949)

Mick McCammond's YFU-4 Vietnam Photo Collection

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YFU-4 29k YFU-4 in Subic Bay Harbor while undergoing repairs, October 1967.
YFU-4 106k YFU-4 crewmen Danny Love on the left and Matt Jessup in front of the 20mm starboard cannon that was hit on the Que Viet river, 28 February 1968.
YFU-4 133k YFU-4 sometime after February as the vessel was sand bagged. The crew also was equipped with M-16's, M-1's, Thompson submachine guns, M-14s,and other various WW II period small arms. Danny Love is on the left. Mick McCammond is center and Matt Jessup is right. The new helmsman name was Fry.
YFU-4 115k Mick McCammond cleaning up after the YFU-4's galley sink overflowed.
YFU-4 62k The Hospital Ship was staffed with international medical personnel. While proceeding into the Da Nang Harbor YFU-4 passed by while the nurses were taking a break out on the deck. The crew thought they had died and gone to Heaven.
YFU-4 177k YFU-4 port gun tub that was manned by Mick McCammond, Danny Love and Matt Jessup. This gun tub was hit by enemy fire, 28 February 1968
YFU-4 124k YFU-4 crew members, first row upper left, Danny Love and Matt Jessup. second row front is Mick, Gail Sayers, and Thomas?
YFU-4 172k This was a piece of equipment YFU-4 picked up at Dong Ha. It was getting on into evening when we were loaded with the assistance of a tank retriever. What a sight to behold.
YFU-4 230k YFU-4 crew members Mick McCammond and Matt Jessup at battle stations on the Perfume River.
YFU-4 177k YFU-4 underway, the aftermath of leaving Hue.
YFU-4 178k Writing home.
YFU-4 214k Having one or two at Camp Tien Shaw EM Club.
YFU-4 139k This Marine tank Crew requested target practice while under way for Hue. And for good reason. YFU-4 took snipper fire while on the Perfume River.
YFU-4 166k YFU-4's starboard 20mm gun tub that sustained the hit on 28 February 1968.
YFU-4 87k YFU-4 crew members, left to right; Matt Jessup, Danny Love, and Mick McCammond.
YFU-4 150k The deck of the gun tub that was hit was blown down into the YFU-4 Craftmaster's quarters.
YFU-4 171k Mick McCammond standing in front of the YFU-4 wheel house.

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