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Harbor Utility Craft (YFU)

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YFU-1 ex LCT-524
YFU-2 ex LCT-529
YFU-3 ex LCT-550
YFU-4 ex LCT-562
YFU-5 ex LCT-592
YFU-6 ex LCT-600
YFU-7 ex LCT-629
YFU-8 ex LCT-644
YFU-9 ex LCT-666
YFU-10 ex LCT-668
YFU-11 ex LCU-677
YFU-12 ex LCT-686
YFU-13 ex LSU-742
YFU-14 ex LCT-764
YFU-15 ex LCT-767
YFU-16 ex LCT-788
YFU-17 ex LCT-840
YFU-18 ex LCT-869
YFU-19 ex LCT-877
YFU-20 ex LCT-960
YFU-22 ex LCT-974
YFU-23 ex LCT-979
YFU-24 ex LCT-980
YFU-25 ex LCT-1056
YFU-26 ex LCT-1082
YFU-27 ex LCU-1086
YFU-28 ex LCT-1124
YFU-29 ex LCT-1136
YFU-30 ex LCT-1156
YFU-31 ex LCT-1159
YFU-32 ex LSU-1162
YFU-33 ex LCT-1195
YFU-34 ex LCT-1224
YFU-35 ex LCT-1236
YFU-36 ex LCT-1250
YFU-37 ex LCT-1283
YFU-38 ex LCT-1286
YFU-39 ex LCT-1363
YFU-40 ex LCT-1376
YFU-41 ex LCT-1378
YFU-42 ex LCT-1384
YFU-43 ex LCT-1386
YFU-44 ex LCT-1398
YFU-45 ex LCT-1411
YFU-46 ex LCT-1430
YFU-47 ex LCT-1130
YFU-48 number not used?
YFU-49 number not used?
YFU-50 ex LCU-1486
YFU-52 ex LCT-743
YFU-53 ex LCT-1446
YFU-54 ex LCT-509
YFU-55 ex LCT-637
YFU-56 ex LCT-646
YFU-57 ex LCT-709
YFU-58 ex LCT-716
YFU-59 ex LCT-776
YFU-60 ex LCT-851
YFU-61 ex LCT-916
YFU-62 ex LCU-973
YFU-63 ex LCT-989
YFU-64 ex LCT-1126
YFU-65 ex LCT-1165
YFU-66 ex LCT-1203
YFU-67 ex LCT-1232
YFU-68 ex LCT-1385
YFU-69 ex LCT-1388 Reclassified LLC-1/YLLC-2
YFU-70 ex LCU-1492
YFU-79 Reclassified IX-514
YFU-82 Reclassified IX-506
YFU-84 ex LCT-715
YFU-85 ex LCU-1373
YFU-87 ex LCU-780
YFU-88 ex LCU-1471
YFU-89 ex LCU-1576
YFU-90 ex LCU-1582
YFU-91 ex LCU-1608
YFU-92 ex LCU-1620
YFU-93 ex LCU-1625
YFU-94 ex LCU-1488
YFU-96 ex LCU-1609
YFU-97 ex LCU-1611
YFU-98 ex LCU-1615
YFU-99 ex LCU-1622
YFU-100 ex LCU-1610
YFU-101 ex LCU-1612
YFU-102 ex LCU-1642
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