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Contributed by ENCS Jerry Patterson USN Ret. LCU-1624

Harbor Utility Craft - YFU-55
Landing Craft Utility - LCU-637 (1956 - 1966)
Landing Craft Ship - LSU-637 (1949 - 1956)
Landing Craft Tank - LCT(6)-637 (1944 - 1949)

International Radio Call Sign:
November - Charlie - Alpha - Oscar
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - Combat Action Ribbon (retroactive, 6 June 1944, Normandy) - Presidential Unit Citation - Navy Unit Commendation (1 July 1971 - 30 September 1971)
Second Row - Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation - American Campaign Medal - Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign Medal (1)
Third Row - World War II Victory Medal - National Defense Service Medal (2) - Korean Service Medal (5)
Fourth Row - Vietnam Service Medal (12) - United Nations Service Medal - Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation
Fifth Row - Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Unit Citation - Vietnam Campaign Medal - Republic of Korea War Service Medal (retroactive)

Landing Craft Tank (Mark 6) / YFU-1 Class Harbor Utility Craft:
  • Laid down, 15 December 1943, at Bison Shipbuilding Corp, North Tonawanda, N.Y.
  • Launched, 18 January 1944
  • Delivered, 19 January 1944
  • During World War II LCT(6)-637 was assigned to the Europe-Africa-Middle East Theater, LCT Flotilla Nineteen, LCDR Pruet, and participated in the following campaign:

    Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign
    Campaign and Dates
    Invasion of Normandy, 6 to 25 June 1944
  • Redesignated Landing Ship Utility, LSU-637 in 1949
  • During the Korean War LSU-637 participated in the following campaigns:

    Korean War Campaigns
    Campaign and Dates Campaign and Dates
    North Korean Aggression
    18 September to 2 November 1950
    First UN Counter Offensive
    25 January to 16 March 1951
    Inchon Landing
    13 to 17 September 1950
    Korean Defensive Summer
    12 August to 9 September 1952
    Communist China Aggression
    3 November 1950 to 24 January 1951

  • Redesignated Landing Craft Utility LCU-629, 15 April 1956
  • Reclassified Harbor Utility Craft YFU-55, 1 March 1966
  • During the Vietnam War YFU-55 participated in the following campaigns:

    Vietnam War Campaigns
    Campaign and Dates Campaign and Dates
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive - Phase II
    1 July 1966 to 31 May 1967
    Tet/69 Counteroffensive
    23 February to 8 June 1969
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive - Phase III
    1 June 1967 to 29 January 1968
    Vietnam Summer-Fall 1969
    9 June to 31 October 1969
    Tet Counteroffensive
    30 January to 1 April 1968
    Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970
    1 November 1969 to 30 April 1970
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive - Phase IV
    2 April to 30 June 1968
    Sanctuary Counteroffensive
    1 May to 30 June 1970
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive - Phase V
    1 July to 1 November 1968
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive - Phase VII
    1 July 1970 to 30 June 1971
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive - Phase VI
    2 November 1968 to 22 February 1969
    Consolidation I
    1 July to 30 September 1971

  • Placed out of service, date unknown
  • Struck from the Naval Register, 1 July 1977
  • LCT(6)-637 earned one battle star for World War II service, LSU-637 earned 5 battle stars for Korean War service and as YFU-55 earned twelve campaign stars for Vietnam War service
  • Final Disposition, sold for scrapping in April 1978
    LCT Specifications:
    Displacement 143 to 160 t.(lt), 309 to 320 t.(fl)
    Length 119' 1" (ovl.)
    Beam 32' 8"
    limiting 3' 9"
    maximum navigation 5'
    Speed 10 kts.
    Range 700 nautical miles at 7 kts.
    1 officer
    12 enlisted
    Cargo Capacity 150 short tons
    two single 20mm AA gun mounts
    four .50 cal. machine guns
    wheelhouse 20lbs
    gun shields 10lbs
    Fuel Capacity Diesel 80 Bbls
    three Grey Marine 6-71 Diesel engines
    two Diesel-drive 10Kw 120V. D.C. Ships' Service Generators
    three propellers, 675shp

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    Size Image Description Source
    LCI(L)-416 114k LCT(6)-637 beached alongside an unidentified LCT at Normandy, 7 June 1944. Other ships present include USS LST-355 laying to seaward of the sunken USS LCI(L)-416 off Omaha Beach amidst reinforcement and cleanup activities on 7 June 1944. US National Archives photo from the USS Landing Craft Infantry National Association 2006 calendar. Ardie Hunt
    LCT-637 164k LCT(6)-642 (left) and LCT(6)-637 (right) at Omaha Beach, having crated cargo unloaded by a portable crane, date unknown. Submitted by John N. Wolslegel, courtesy Kenneth J. Waters
    145k USS LST-310 (2nd LST from the right) along with other ships putting cargo ashore on one of the invasion beaches, at low tide during the first days of the Invasion of Normandy in June 1944. Among identifiable ships present are USS LST-532 (in the center of the view); USS LST-262 (3rd LST from right); USS LST-533 (partially visible at far right); USS LST-524 and LCT-637 beached above the tide line. Note the barrage balloons overhead and Army "half-track" convoy forming up on the beach.
    US Coast Guard photo # 26-G-2517 from the US Coast Guard collection in the US National Archives.
    Arthur DeLorenzo MoMM3/c USS LST 262
    276k From left to right; USS LST-58, USS LST-532, LCT-637 USS LST-310, USS LST-533 unload across the Normandy beachhead, during the first days of the Invasion of Normandy in June 1944. Note the barrage balloons overhead.
    US National Archives Identifier 205578624, Local Identifier 26-G-2515, US Coast Guard photo # 2515.
    Marilyn Smith and David Upton
    LCT-637 278k LCT(6)-637 beached on Omaha Beach, at Normandy, circa June 1944
    Photo by MoMM2 Robert F Kroc LCT-195
    Dave Kroc
    LCU-637 258k LCT(6)-637 - Flotilla 19 Challenge Coin, D-Day Veterans, Normandy 1944. Tommy Trampp
    Mount McKinley 105k LSU-637 is alongside USS Mount McKinley (AGC-7) anchored off Hungnam on 19 December 1950. USS Askari (ARL-30) is partially visible beyond Mount McKinley's bow.
    US National Archives photo 80-G-424523, a US Navy photo now in the collections of the US National Archives.
    US Naval Historical Center
    LCU-637 118k LCU-637 and several harbor tugs can be seen on the wharf at left as harbor tugs move USS Oklahoma City (CLG-5) alongside USS Providence (CLG-6) at Yokosuka Naval Station, Japan for change of Seventh Fleet flagship, 7 July 1964. Commander Seventh Fleet, Vice Admiral Roy L. Johnson, transferred his flag and staff from Providence to Oklahoma City at the conclusion of the former's first tour as Fleet flagship. Note the large dockyard cranes; tunnels in the cliff in the background; and the large number of automobiles on board Oklahoma City.
    US Navy photo # USN 1104112, a US Navy photo now in the collections of the US National Archives.
    US Naval Historical Center
    Winnemucca 63k YFU-55 and YFU-57 moored inboard of Winnemucca (YTB-785) at Nha Be, South Vietnam, late 1968.
    Photo contributed by Ray Longaker. Photo by Bruce Attebery.
    Robert Hurst
    LCT-562 3504k From left to right; LCU-1615, YFU-55 and YFU-4 at the Tien Sha Ramp, Da Nang, South Vietnam, 1969. Photo by ©David A. Loggie / 1968 YFU-4.
    LCT-1615 927k From left to right; LCU-1615, YFU-55 and YFU-4 at the Tien Sha Ramp, Da Nang, South Vietnam, 1969. Photo by ©David A. Loggie / 1968 YFU-4.

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