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Highspeed / Destroyer Minesweepers (DMS)

The Dorsey class highspeed minesweepers were converted from Wickes class fleet destroyers, the Chandler class was converted from Clemson class destroyers and the Ellyson class from Gleaves class destroyers. On the first two classes, a false stern was added to make room for the swwwp gear by building out the sides of the stern and forming a semi-boxed stern. Also, the after gun and all antisubmarine warfare equipment was removed. On the Ellyson class, the after turret was removed, but a depth charge rack on the port side was kept. Also, the torpedo tubes on all classes were removed.

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Highspeed & Destroyer Minesweepers (DMS)
Dorsey Class
(DMS-1 to DMS-8 & DMS-18)
DMS-1 Dorsey ex DD-117
DMS-2 Lamberton ex-DD-119 Reclassifed AG-21
DMS-3 Boggs ex-DD-136 Reclassified AG-19
DMS-4 Elliot ex -DD-146 Reclassified AG-104
DMS-5 Palmer ex DD-161
DMS-6 Hogan ex DD-178, Reclassified AG-105
DMS-7 Howard ex DD-179, Reclassified AG-106
DMS-8 Stansbury ex DD-180, Reclassified AG-107
Chandler Class
(DMS-9 to DMS-17)
DMS-9 Chandler ex DD-206, Reclassified AG-108
DMS-10 Southard ex DD-207
DMS-11 Hovey ex DD-208
DMS-12 Long ex DD-209
DMS-13 Hopkins ex DD-249
DMS-14 Zane ex DD-337, Reclassified AG-109
DMS-15 Wasmuth ex DD-338
DMS-16 Trever ex DD-339, Reclassified AG-110
DMS-17 Perry ex DD-340
Dorsey Class Continued
DMS-18 Hamilton ex DD-141, Reclassified AG-111
Ellyson Class
(DMS-19 to DMS-42)
DMS-19 Ellyson ex DD-454
DMS-20 Hambleton ex DD-455
DMS-21 Rodman ex DD-456
DMS-22 Emmons ex DD-457
DMS-23 Macomb ex DD-458
DMS-24 Forrest ex DD-461
DMS-25 Fitch ex DD-462
DMS-26 Hobson ex DD-464
DMS-27 Jeffers ex DD-621
DMS-28 Harding ex DD-625
DMS-29 Butler ex DD-636
DMS-30 Gherardi ex DD-637
DMS-31 Mervine ex DD-489
DMS-32 Quick ex DD-490
DMS-33 Carmick ex DD-493
DMS-34 Doyle ex DD-494
DMS-35 Endicott ex DD-495
DMS-36 McCook ex DD-496
DMS-37 Davison ex DD-618
DMS-38 Thompson ex DD-627
DMS-39 Cowie ex DD-632
DMS-40 Knight ex DD-633
DMS-41 Doran ex DD-634
DMS-42 Earle ex DD-635

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