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Trever (AG 110)

DMS-16 call sign:
Nan - Uncle - Mike - Peter


Clemson Class Destroyer/Chandler Class Highspeed Minesweeper:

  • Laid down, 12 August 1919 at Mare Island Navy Yard, Vallejo, CA
  • Launched, 15 September 1920
  • Commissioned USS Trever (DD-339), 3 August 1922
  • Decommissioned 17 January 1923 at San Diego, C
  • Laid up in the Pacific Reserve Fleet, San Diego
  • Recommissioned, 2 June 1930
  • Reclassified and converted to a Highspeed Minesweeper, DMS-16, 19 November 1940
  • Reclassified as a Miscellaneous Auxiliary, AG-110, 4 June 1945
  • Decommissioned, 23 November 1945 at Norfolk, VA
  • Struck from the Naval Register, 5 December 1945
  • Sold for scrap 12 November 1945.


  • Displacement 1,190 t(lt), 1,750 t(fl)
  • Length 314' 5"
  • Beam 31' 8"
  • Draft 12' 2"
  • Speed 32.5 kts.
  • Complement 149
  • Armament: Three 3"/50 dual purpose gun mount and one twin 40mm mount
  • Propulsion: Three Normand boilers, two 26,000shp Mare Island Navy Yard geared turbines, Mare Island Navy Yard single reduction gear, two shafts.
    Naval Historical Center
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    George Arthur Trever
    Trever 176k

    Born in Waupan, Wisconsin, on 11 June 1885, George Arthur Trever was appointed to the Naval Academy in May 1905 and graduated on 4 June 1909. He spent the years prior to his commissioning in cruises in Pennsylvania (Armored Cruiser No. 4); Princeton (Gunboat No. 13); and Annapolis (Gunboat No. 10). Receiving the single gold stripe of an ensign while serving in Rowan (Torpedo Boat No. 8) on 5 June 1911, Trever assumed command of that vessel later that month. In September 1912, he was transferred to Farragut (Torpedo Boat No. 11); and he commanded her until early 1914, when detached to report on board Cheyenne (Monitor No. 10). Following his tour in Cheyenne, newly promoted Lt. (j.g.) Trever was ordered to H-l (Submarine No. 28), and then attached to the Pacific Fleet. After a two-year tour of duty commanding H-l, he reported for duty at the Mare Island Navy Yard. In the spring of 1917, Trever reported to the Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Wash., to supervise the building of N-l (Submarine No. 53), then on the ways at the Seattle Construction and Drydock Company, Seattle, Wash. N-l was commissioned on 26 September 1917 and operated put of Puget Sound until transferred to New York late in the year for patrol duties in the Atlantic. In May 1918, Trever was ordered to the Fore River Shipbuilding Company, Quincy, Mass., to assist in fitting out 0-5 (Submarine No. 66). He assumed command of the new 0-boat on 9 June 1918 and received the temporary rank of lieutenant commander on 1 July 1918. On 5 October 1918, during post-commissioning trials, an explosion occurred on board O-5, in which Trever and a crewman were injured. Nine days later, at the naval hospital, Brooklyn, N.Y., on 14 October 1918, Lt. Comdr. George A. Trever died as a result of the severe and multiple injuries suffered in the shipboard tragedy
    Photo courtesy of the Naval Academy Alumni Association

    Bill Gonyo
    USS Trever (DMS 16)
    Trever 120k . .
    Trever 45k
    Trever 85k Off the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, 16 June 1942
    U.S. Navy photos NH 97789 and NH 97790
    Naval Historical Center
    Trever 62k
    Trever 68k c. January 1943
    Sydney, Australia
    Donald Dee Johnson, crew member 1942 - 1944
    Tommy Trampp
    Photo added 19 January 2021
    Trever 170k View of the ship's after deckhouse and fittings, taken at the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, at the end of an overhaul, 2 October 1943. Note after conning station atop the deckhouse and the large horizontal reel for a minesweeping cable. Circles mark recent alterations to the ship
    U.S. Navy photo 19-N-52318
    Naval Historical Center
    Trever 148k At the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, at the end of an overhaul, 2 October 1943. Circles mark recent alterations to the ship. Note "Mousetrap" anti-submarine rocket launchers on her forecastle; 3"/50 gun at high elevation; bridge details; and radar antennas
    U.S. Navy photo 19-N-52319
    Trever 105k Off the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, 3 October 1943
    U.S. Navy photos NH 78220 and NH 97788
    Trever 81k
    Trever 114k Bow on view of the Trever in the Mare Island channel on 3 October 1943. The USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS 16) is being outfitted to the left
    U.S. Navy photo 6852-43
    Darryl Baker
    Trever 90k Stern view of the Trever off Mare Island on 3 October 1943
    U.S. Navy photo 6853-43
    USS Trever (AG 110)
    Trever 95k Trever towing a target in the Pearl Harbor entrance channel. Photograph was from USS Denebola (AD-12). It is dated June 1944, but was probably taken a year later
    National Archives photo 80-G-372088
    Naval Historical Center

    Commanding Officers
    01LCDR Harold Eugene Snow, USN3 August 1922 - 17 January 1923
    02LCDR John Livingstone McCrea, USN - USNA Class of 1915
    Awarded two Legions of Merit (1945) - Retired as Vice Admiral
    2 June 1930
    03LCDR Robertson Jackson Weeks, USN1932
    04LCDR Moses Brownlow Byington, Jr., USN1934
    05LCDR Edward Francis McCartin, USN1936
    06LCDR Adolph Ernest Becker, Jr., USN - Awarded the Legion of Merit with Combat V (1945)1938
    07LCDR James Stuart Smith, Jr., USN - Awarded the Navy Cross (Posthumously - 1943)1940 - December 1941
    08LCDR Dwight Merle Agnew, USN - USNA Class of 1926
    Awarded the Navy Cross (1942) - Retired as Rear Admiral
    December 1941 - January 1943
    09LCDR Joseph Caldwell Wylie. Jr., USN - Retired as Rear AdmiralJanuary 1943 - 24 April 1943
    10LCDR William Henry Shea, Jr., USN - USNA Class of 1936
    Awarded the Silver Star (1943) - Retired as Captain
    24 April 1943 - 26 January 1944
    11LCDR Morgan Adams, Jr., USN26 January 1944 - 24 July 1944
    12LCDR Alfred Samuel Brengle, USNR, USN24 July 1944 - June 1945
    13LCDR Henry Lemle Phillips, USNJune 1945 - 23 November 1945
    Courtesy Wolfgang Hechler, Ron Reeves and Joe Radigan

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