How To Contribute Photos To This Site

Thank You For Your Interest In Contributing Photos To This Site

Our Goal Is To Have At Least One Photo Of Every Surface Combatant On Display Here This Site Receives No Financial Assistance Of Any Kind, We Rely On Photo Contributions From You The Public To Grow, So Help Us Out If You Can. Keep Those Photos Coming.


NavSource reserves the right to decide if a photo is included in the Archives, As a rule if no image or very few images are available for a individual ship, then all contributions will be added. When enough images are available to show a good sampling for the subject then only higher quality images will be used and lesser quality images will be deleted.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to help offset the ever increasing cost of providing this resource may contact me at the addresses listed on the contribution page below. I appreciate any help that you may be able to provide.
This will remain a free resource for as long as I am able to afford it.

Additional Note

Images sent here "For Informational Purposes Only" Should be CLEARLY MARKED As Such and a notation "Not For Use" attached.
A Huge misunderstanding has already taken place because of this issue.
Please do not send images if you do not want them displayed on this site, Unless you clearly mark them as "NOT FOR USE"

UPDATED October 30 2002

For An Already Scanned Image

Attach An Already Scanned Image To E-Mail And Send To One Of The Addresses Below,

Attach An Image In Any Format, .JPG, .GIF, .TIFF, Etc. To A Message, The Larger The Photo The Better It Looks When Viewed, I Prefer 600 X 800 Resolution Photos, For Best Results.
We Can Receive Attachments In Size, So Do Not Worry About A Photo Being To Big If You Are New To The InterNet And Not Sure How To Do This, Click Here For Detailed Instructions For Most Browser Mail And Mail Clients.
Please include a short discription of the photo and a date of the photo if known. Be Sure To Include Your Full Name And Rank For The Photo Credit (Example) John R. Smith RM2 - USN (Ret) Or, John R. Smith, (Just Your Name Is Fine). If You Wish To Remain Anonymous That Is No Problem.
Select the vessel type and mail image to the manager of that section,
For Battleship Images Contact Mike Mohl
For Aircraft Carrier Images Contact Fabio Pena
For Cruiser Images Contact Tom Bateman
For Destroyer Images Contact Fred Willshaw
For Destroyer Escort Images Contact Mike Smolinski
For O.H. Perry Class Frigate Images Contact Daniel Dunham
For Service Vessel Images Contact Gary Priolo
For Amphibious Vessel Images Contact Gary Priolo
For Mine Warfare Vessel Images Contact Joe Radigan
For Patrol Vessel Images Contact Joe Radigan
For Submarines Images Contact Submarine Information

How To Get Your Image Scanned If You Do Not Have Access To A Scanner, And Do Not Want To Send Us Your Original Photographs

Office Max, Kinkos, Quick Copy Or Most Office Supply Companies And Most Full Service Photo Shops Will Scan Your Original Photos At a Reasonable Cost To Disk For You. You Can Then Send Your Photo As Above Or Mail A Copy Of The Disk To The Snail Mail Address Below. (Be Sure To State If You Want Your Disk Returned Or Not) I Have Also Had Some Good Luck With Xerox Copies, If The Image Is Clean And Clear, I Can Run It Through A Photo Program And Sometimes Make It Appear As Photo Quality. Not Recommended But An Available Option. No Prior Notice Is Required If Sending Xerox Copies. ****Do Not Fold Xerox Copies****
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