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Instructions On How To Attach Photos To Your E-Mail

Netscape Microsoft Internet Explorer AOL Mail

Netscape Mail

Netscape Mail Instructions
1.)  From the main mail window, Select "To Mail" or "New Message" button on menu bar,
2.)  Enter destination e-mail address,
3.)  Put short description in " Subject:" box
4.)  Click on "Attach" button in the menu bar,
5.)  A new screen appears, Click on "Attach File" button,
6.)  A new screen appears, search through your file directories until
you locate the directory your file is located in.
7.)  Click on the correct file, The file name will appear in the "File Name:"
box, Click on the "Open" button,
8.)  You are returned to the previous screen and your file will be highlighted
in the main window box, Make sure that the Attach "As Is" button is checked
and click the "OK" button.
9.)  Include a description and credit information in the main letter box and
Click the "Send" button.  

Microsoft Explorer Mail

Microsoft Explorer Mail Instructions
How to send photos with Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. Open E-mail program.
2.  Click on "New Message" icon and enter address at "To" area.
3.  Type in subject of letter at "Subject" area.
4.  Click on "Paperclip" icon on tool bar.
5.  A new screen appears.  Locate the file where your photo is stored.
6.  Click on the correct file and find your photo title in this file.
7.  Click on photo name icon, and click on "attach".
8.  Attached photo file appears at bottom of E-mail letter body.  
9.  Type out short description of photo date, location and special
particulars (if any) and list photo source and credit information.
10.  If sending multiple photo attachments, number photo descriptions to
help the receiver. #1 is on the left of the photo icon bar increasing to
the right. 

AOL Mail

AOL Mail Instructions
1.)  Select "Mail" from top menu bar (or Ctrl + M)
2.)  Enter destination e-mail address in " T0:" box
3.)  Put short description in " Subject:" box
4.)  Click on "Attach" icon on left side of your Compose mail box
5.)  Select the file you wish to upload (you may need to locate it on your
disk, it should be fairly user friendly) , then click on  "Open" to assign that
file for upload
6.)  Enter the rest of your message in the large main area provided
7.)  When done, click on the "Send" icon on the left side of your Compose
mail box
      You will get an acknowledgement from AOL after file is uploaded and mail
has been routed

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