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Radio Call Sign: November - Juliet - Yankee

Amphitrite Class Monitor: Displacement 3,990 Tons, Dimensions, 262' 9"; x 55' 4" x 14' 6" feet. Armament 4 10-inch breech loading rifles and assorted 4-inch and 6-pdrs Armor, turret, 11 1/2"; side, 7". Machinery, 1,600 indicated horsepower; Speed, 12 Knots, Crew: 150 (approx.)

Operational and Building Data: Built by John Roach & Son, Chester, PA. Laid down 1874, launched 5 December 1876, suspended 1876, resumed 1882, commissioned for transfer to New York Navy Yard for completion 6 October 1882, decommissioned at New York for completion 13 March 1883, recommissioned 27 October 1891. Operated along the east coast 1891-1892; decommissioned to reserve late 1892. Recommissioned 1892 and operated with the fleet and was briefly loaned to the Massachusetts Naval Militia and the Rhode Island Naval Militia. Decommissioned to reserve 20 November 1895.
Recommissioned for Spanish-American War service 10 March 1898; operated in blockade service but saw no action. Decommissioned to reserve 9 March 1899. Loaned to the Maryland Naval Militia 1906. Recommissioned 9 April 1907 for the Jamestown Exposition; decommissioned to reserve 21 December 1907.
Fate: Stricken for use as a target 31 December 1915, designated Target C. Sold for scrapping 26 January 1922.

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MIANTONOMAH 64k Miantonomah (BM-5) at the Navy Yard Brooklyn, NY. 5/5/1888. From a print of Harper's Weekly Magazine. Photo courtesy of
MIANTONOMAH 1.30k The Miantonomah (BM-5) is a double-turreted, twin screw, iron monitor intended chiefly for coast defense. Her speed is twelve knots an hour, derived from engines of 1,600 indicated horse-power. the vessel's dimensions are: length, 259.5 ft.; breadth, 55.8 ft.; mean draft, 14.5 ft.; giving a displacement of 3,990 tons. The turrets are protected by armor 11.5 inches thick, while that of the sides is 7 inches. The main battery consists of four 10-inch rifles - two in each turret - and the secondary battery of six rapid-fire guns of small calibre.
Her keel was laid in 1874, and her cost when completed was $3,178,046. The crew consists of 13 officers and 136 men.
Photo from The American Navy with Introduction and Descriptive Text - Reproductions of Photographs - Belford, Middlebrook & Co. - Chicago, 1898, submitted by Thomas Becher.
MIANTONOMAH 270k The first of Miantonomah's (BM-5) 10 inch guns is placed into position, circa 1890. Photo # det 4a14671 by The Detriot Publishing Company, now in the archives of the Library of Congress, (LOC) as LC-D4-20894.
Photo submitted by Bill Gonyo.
MIANTONOMAH 39k Mounting the Miantonomah's (BM-5) 10 inch guns. Photo # det 4a14672 by The Detriot Publishing Company, now in the archives of the Library of Congress, (LOC) as LC-D4-20895.
MIANTONOMAH 38k Mounting the Miantonomah's (BM-5) 10 inch guns. Photo # det 4a14673 by The Detriot Publishing Company, now in the archives of the Library of Congress, (LOC) as LC-D4-20896.
MIANTONOMAH 4.92k Miantonomah's (BM-5) 10 inch guns and forward turret. Photo courtesy of the Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
1.56k New warships in commission and building for the U.S. Navy.
1. Chicago; 2. Atlanta; 3. Gunboat Yorktown; 4. Dolphin; 5. Gunboat Petrel; 6. Newark; 7. Dynamite cruiser; 8. Torpedo boat; 9. Ship's torpedo boat; 10. Charleston; 11. Cruiser Philadelphia; 12. Cruiser Baltimore; 13. Miantonomah (BM-5); 14. Ship's torpedo boat; 15. Armored cruiser Maine (ACR-1); 16. Ship's torpedo boat.
Hand-colored wood engraving from Harper's Weekly, by artist J.O. Davidson.
Photo NH-86166-KN courtesy of
480k Miantonomah (BM-5) model. This model was on display in the Spanish-American War section at the National Museum of the U.S. Navy in Bldg. 76, until 2022. Photo courtesy of
MIANTONOMAH 3.63k Miantonomah (BM-5) underway circa 1892. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress & submitted by Bill Gonyo.
962k Miantonomah (BM-5) and Newark (Cruiser No. 1) at target practice. Watercolor by Fred S. Cozzens, 1892. Lithographed by Armstrong & Co. Copied from "Our Navy- Its Growth and Achievements," copyright 1897.
Photo NH-337 courtesy of
A Famous Ship In The Worlds Fair Sea Parade - Origin of its Name
Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX.
Photo from Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, 16 April 1893, MAILABLE EDITION., PART TWO, Image 19, via
MIANTONOMAH 316kCaptain Montgomery Sicard (sitting in middle) commanded the Miantonomah (BM-5) between October 1891 to November 1893. The ships compliment included 12 officers and 136 men. Captain Sicard was relived by Captain Rush R. Wallace. Photo # det 4a13910 by The Detriot Publishing Company, now in the archives of the Library of Congress, (LOC) as LC-D4-20894.
Photo submitted by Bill Gonyo.
MIANTONOMAH 372k The Miantonomah (BM-5) at anchor, at New York during the Columbian Naval Parade, 27 April 1893. Photographer unknown. Image courtesy of DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University via Robert Hurst.
2.69k The stern of Miantonomah (BM-5) in calm waters. Photo by H. C. Peabody, copyright of 1893 courtesy of Darryl L. Baker.
MIANTONOMAH 104k Bow on view of the Miantonomah (BM-5) in an undated photo. Photo from National Archives & Record Administration (NARA), Record Group 19-N, Box 33. Courtesy of Dan Treadwell.
MIANTONOMAH 566kMiantonomah (BM-5), circa 1895. USN photo by Hudson & Kearns, courtesy of Pieter Bakels.
MIANTONOMAH 518k THE POWERFUL MONITOR MIANTONOMAH (BM-5) PLACED IN COMMISSION YESTERDAY Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library.
Photo from The Salt Lake Herald-Republican. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1909-1918, 11 March 1898, Image 1, via
MIANTONOMAH 530k The Miantonomah (BM-5), circa April 1898. Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Inquirer, 10 April 1898 via Tommy Trampp.
In case of war with Spain, the monitor fleet would be of great value to Uncle Sam as coast defenders. Monitors are poor seagoing ships, but are very effective in the defense of seaboard cities.
First row: Wyandotte & Passaic, second row: Nantucket, Amphitrite (BM-2) & Miantonomah (BM-5); third row; Ajax.
Image and text provided by University of Hawaii at Manoa; Honolulu, HI.
Photo by The Hawaiian Gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, 22 April 1898, Image 3, courtesy of
1. Monadnock (BM-3) . 2. Petrel. 3. Puritan (BM-1) . 4. Concord. 5. Wilmington. 6. Amphitrite (BM-2) . 7. Ajax. 8. Machias. 9. Cincinnati. 10. Marblehead. 1 1. Montgomery. 12. Minneapolis. 13. Kearsarge (BB-5). 14. Kentucky (BB-6). 15. Bancroft. 16. Dolphin. 17. Vesuvius. 18. Raleigh. 19. Indiana (BB-1). 20. Iowa (BB-4). 21. Olympia. 22. Terror (M-4). 23. Catskill . 24. Miantonomah (BM-5). 25. Gustine. 26. Yorktown. 27. Texas. 28. Helena. 29. Massachusetts (BB-2). 30. Columbia. 31. New Orleans, 32. San Francisco. 33. Canonicus . 34. Camanche . 35. Monterey (BM-6). 36. Brooklyn. 37. Detroit 38. Atlanta. 39. Alabama (BB-8). 40. Albany. 41. Baltimore. 42. Chicago. 43. Newark, 44. Boston. 45. Charleston. 46. Oregon (BB-3). 47. New York. 48. Manhattan. 49. Philadelphia. 50. Lehigh. And Torpedo Boats. Drawn by "W. A. Verhas.
Image and text provided by University of Tennessee.
Photo by The Maryville Times. (Maryville, Tenn.) 1884-1944, 28 May 1898, Image 3, courtesy of
The Miantonomah (BM-5) although a modern double turreted monitor, was begun in 1862 and finished soon after the war. She was the first of the monitors to cross the ocean and her appearance in British waters led a member of parliament to say that she gave Americans control of the seas. Since then the Miantonomah has been rebuilt of steel.
Image and text provided by Penn State University Libraries; University Park, PA.
Photo from Juniata Sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, 27 July 1898, Image 2, via
MIANTONOMAH 494k 2 page PDF of views aboard the Miantonomah (BM-5), ca. 1898. Photo from the Scientific Amerian Magazine of 1898 Supplement, courtesy of David Upton.
389k Miantonomah (BM-5) in center, with multiple, unidentified ships at sea off Key West, Florida, ca. 1898. Source: Stevens-Coolidge Place Collection, Photo No. SCP PH0633 via Mike Green.
4.22k Miantonomah (BM-5) firing her turret guns. Though this image has Miantonomah in battle, she did not see any action during the Spanish-American War. Reproduction of a painting by Koerner & Hayes, circa 98. Photo courtesy of the Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
MIANTONOMAH 649k Miantonomah (BM-5) starboard view. Halftone photograph from a newspaper, 1899. Collection of Albert S. Mohr, 1899. Courtesy of the Library of Congres via National Museum of the U.S. Navy via
MIANTONOMAH 173kCirca 1906 postcard of the Miantonomah (BM-5), most likely by Edward H. Mitchell Publishers of San Francisco, CA., probably based on a photo by Robert Enrique Muller. Photo courtesy of Patricia Mathis.
MIANTONOMAH 64k Photograph taken 2 May 1907, probably off Norfolk, VA. Note four-masted schooners in the background. Photo from National Archives & Record Administration (NARA), Record Group 19-N, Box 33. Courtesy of Dan Treadwell.
(NISMF)376kA guest studies a painting depicting the history of battleships. The artwork was painted by George Skybeck and presented to the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association during their annual banquet at Honolulu, Hawaii, on 8 December 1991. USN photo # DN-SC-92-05391, by PHC Carolyn Harris, from the Department of Defense Still Media Collection, courtesy of

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