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USS STANSBURY (DD-180 / DMS-8 / AG-107)

Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NEXV

Built to a different set of plans (Bethlehem) than the Wickes (Bath) the Little versions were
considered less successful than the Bath designed ships, with few remaining in service past 1936.
Displacement 1,154 Tons, Dimensions, 314' 5" (oa) x 31' 8" x 9' 10" (Max)
Armament 4 x 4"/50, 2 x 1pdr AA (1 x 3"/23AA In Some Ships), 12 x 21" tt..
Machinery, 24,200 SHP; Geared Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 35 Knots, Crew 103.
Operational and Building Data
Built by Union Iron Works, San Francisco, CA (YN 200)
Laid down December 9 1918.
Launched May 16 1919 and commissioned January 8 1920.
Decommissioned May 27 1922, Recommissioned August 29 1940.
Reclassified High Speed Minesweeper DMS-8 November 19 1940.
Reclassified Miscellaneous Auxiliary AG-107 June 5 1945.
Decommissioned October 11 1945.
Stricken January 3 1946.
Fate Sold October 26 1946 to Luria Brothers, Philadelphia and broken up for scrap.

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Stansbury 66kJohn Stansbury was born in Baltimore, Maryland, 28 March 1788, the second son of Brigadier General Tobias E. Stansbury. He was a naval officer during the War of 1812. Stansbury served under Decatur as a midshipman in United States during the capture of the British ship, Macedonian. Commissioned a lieutenant 24 July 1813, Stansbury served as executive officer of schooner Ticonderoga under Lt. Stephen Cassin at the Battle of Lake Champlain, 11 September 1814. He was blown overboard by cannon fire standing exposed atop Ticonderoga's bulwarks supervising the anchor detail while engaging HMS Finch. His body was found in the lake two days later, bisected by a cannonball. His grave is in Riverside Cemetery, Plattsburgh, NY. Stansbury posthumously received a silver medal from Congress in gratitude for his sacrifice.

USS United States vs. HMS Macedonian, 25 October 1812. Engraving after William Strickland. This action resulted in the capture of the British frigate, which was then taken into the U.S. Navy as USS Macedonian. Naval History & Heritage Command photo NH 1295, courtesy of the New-York Historical Society, collection of the Naval History Society, 1935.

Robert M. Cieri / Bill Gonyo /
Dave Wright
USS Stansbury (DD-180)
Stansbury 487kAt San Diego, 1920. Naval History & Heritage Command photo NH 108834Marc Piché
Stansbury 443kUSS Stansbury (DD-180) underway, circa 1920. Naval History & Heritage Command photo NH 69454, courtesy of ESKC Joseph L. Aguillard, USNR, 1969.Tony Cowart
Stansbury 79kReal photo postcard of Stansbury (DD-180) underway, circa 1920. This appears to be an uncropped original of the above photo. Dave Wright
Stansbury 139kPhoto from the front of a Thanksgiving Dinner menu dated 27 November 1920 while the ship was in San Diego.Scott McCoy
Stansbury 401kUSS Stansbury (DD-180) underway off San Diego, California, while serving with Destroyer Division 22, circa 1920-1922. Naval History & Heritage Command photo NH 100160, photographed by O.W. Waterman. Courtesy of Carter Rila, 1986.Tony Cowart
Stansbury 203kUSS Stansbury (DD-180)in an unidentified port, 1921. Naval History and Heritage Command photo NH 106392, donation of Charles R. Haberlein Jr., 2008.Robert Hurst
Stansbury 447kDestroyers laid up in reserve at San Diego, California, probably in 1922 or shortly thereafter. The ships nearest the camera are: USS Palmer (DD-161) in left centre; USS Crane (DD-109) in right centre and USS Stansbury (DD-180) at right.
Naval History & Heritage COmmand photo NH 68513, courtesy of ESKC Joseph L. Aguillard, USNR, 1969.
Robert Hurst
Red Lead Row 1049kRed Lead Row, San Diego Destroyer Base, California. Photographed at the end of 1922, with at least 65 destroyers tied up there. Ships present are identified as: (left to right, in the right diagonal row): Stansbury (DD-180); MacKenzie (DD-175); Renshaw (DD-176); Howard (DD-179); Gillis (DD-260); Tingey (DD-272); McLanahan (DD-264); Swasey (DD-273); Morris (DD-271); Bailey (DD-269); Tattnall (DD-125); Breese (DD-122); Radford (DD-120); Aaron Ward (DD-132) -- probably; Ramsay (DD-124); Montgomery (DD-121); and Lea (DD-118). (left to right, in the middle diagonal row): Wickes (DD-75); Thornton (DD-270); Meade (DD-274); Crane (DD-109); Evans (DD-78); McCawley (DD-276); Doyen (DD-280); Elliot (DD-146); Henshaw (DD-278); Moody (DD-277); Meyer (DD-279); Sinclair (DD-275); Turner (DD-259); Philip (DD-76); Hamilton (DD-141); Boggs (DD-136); Claxton (DD-140); Ward (DD-139); Hazelwood (DD-107) or Kilty (DD-137); Kennison (DD-138); Jacob Jones (DD-130); Aulick (DD-258); Babbitt (DD-128); Twiggs (DD-127); and Badger (DD-126). (left to right, in the left diagonal row): Shubrick (DD-268); Edwards (DD-265); Palmer (DD-161); Welles (DD-257); Mugford (DD-105); Upshur (DD-144); Greer (DD-145); Wasmuth (DD-338); Hogan (DD-178); O'Bannon (DD-177); and -- possibly -- Decatur (DD-341). (Nested alongside wharf in left center, left to right): Prairie (AD-5); Buffalo (AD-8); Trever (DD-339); and Perry (DD-340). Minesweepers just astern of this group are Partridge (AM-16) and Brant (AM-24). Nearest ship in the group of destroyers at far left is Dent (DD-116). The others with her are unidentified.
Naval History & Heritage Command photo NH 42539.
Robert Hurst

USS STANSBURY DD-180 / DMS-8 / AG-107 History
View This Vessels DANFS history entry at the Naval History & Heritage Command website

Commanding Officers
As DD-180
01CDR John William Lewis (USNA 1907)08 January 1920 - 10 October 1920
02CDR John Howard Hoover (USNA 1907)10 October 1920 - 10 February 1921
03LT(JG) Willment Plunkett Martin (USNA 1919)10 February 1921 - 07 January 1922
04LT Leslie Kennedy Orr USN07 January 1922 - 27 May 1922
 Decommissioned27 May 1922 - 29 August 1940
05LCDR Robert Norton McFarlane (USNA 1925)29 August 1940 - 29 November 1940
As DMS-8 / AG-107
05LCDR Robert Norton McFarlane (USNA 1925)29 November 1940 - 21 November 1941
06LCDR Joseph Benedict Maher (USNA 1927)21 November 1941 - 01 January 1943
07LCDR John Chapman Morgan (USNA 1933)01 January 1943 - 07 October 1943
08LCDR Donald Martin Granstrom D-V(G), USNR07 October 1943 - 08 May 1945
09LCDR Andrew Morthland D-V(G), USNR08 May 1945 - 11 December 1945

Courtesy Wolfgang Hechler and Ron Reeves

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