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Contributed by Mike Smolinski

Contributed by Al Grazevich

USS Aludra (AF-55)

International Radio Call Sign:
November - Juliet - Papa - Victor
JANAP Tactical Voice Radio Call Sign - Wallop (L)ima - Section 6A of JANAP 119(F) 1968
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - National Defense Service Medal
Second Row - Korean Service Medal (1) - Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (Taiwan Straits, Quemoy-Matsu, Vietnam, Korea) - Vietnam Service Medal (5)
Third Row - United Nations Service Medal - Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal - Republic of Korea War Service Medal (retroactive)

Alstede Class Stores Ship:
  • Laid down, 23 August 1944, as the Refrigerated Cargo Ship SS Matchless, a Maritime Commission type (R2-S-BV1) hull, under Maritime Commission contract (MC 1202), at Moore Dry Dock Co., Oakland, CA.
  • Launched, 14 October 1944
  • Delivered to the War Shipping Administration (WSA) for a bare boat charter to United States Line, 23 March 1945
  • Returned to the Maritime Commission, 1 August 1949 at Mobile, AL.
  • Transferred to the Waterman SS. Corp., 11 August 1949
  • Returned to the Maritime Commission, 18 August 1949 at Mobile, AL.
  • Acquired by the US Navy, 30 November 1950
  • Converted for Naval service at New York Shipbuilding Corp, Camden, N.J.
  • Commissioned USS Aludra (AF-55), 19 June 1952, CDR. Ralph H. Moureau in command
  • During the Korean War USS Aludra participated in the following campaign:

    Korean War Campaign
    Third Korean Winter Campaign
    14 and 15 December 1952
    10 and 11 and 18 to 19 February 1953
    2 and 3, 14 and 15, and 28 to 39 March 1953
    7 to 12 April 1953

  • During the Vietnam War USS Aludra participated in the following campaigns:

    Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal Vietnam Service Medal
    Campaigns and Dates Campaigns and Dates
    Vietnam Advisory Campaign
    4 March to 4 April 1965
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive-Phase III
    1 to 11 June 1967
    29 November to 13 December 1967
    28 December 1967 to 5 January 1968
    14 to 20 January 1968
    29 January 1968
    Vietnam Defense
    3 to 17 October 1965
    24 October to 1 November 1965
    15 to 21 November 1965
    Tet Counteroffensive
    1 to 4 February 1968
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive
    7 to 20 August 1966
    27 August to 2 September 1966
    7 to 17 September 1966
    20 April to 2 May 1967
    22 to 31 May 1967
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive-Phase V
    14 to 29 September 1968
    10 to 21 October 1968

  • Decommissioned, 12 September 1969, at Oakland, CA.
  • USS Aludra earned one battle star for Korean War service, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and the Vietnam Service Medal with five campaign stars for Vietnam War service
  • Returned to the Maritime Administration (MARAD), 1 October 1969, for lay up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, Suisun Bay, Benecia, CA.
  • Final Disposition, withdrawn from the National Defense Reserve Fleet, 19 January 1977 for stripping by the Navy prior to sale
  • Purchased from MARAD by Sea World Processors Inc., for non-transportation use, 16 November 1977
  • Delivered, 16 February 1978
  • Final Disposition, burned and scuttled in 1981
    Displacement 7,050 t.(lt)
    Length 459' 2"
    Beam 63'
    Draft 28'
    Speed 16 kts.
    Complement 292
    Armament twelve 3"/50 guns
    cross-compound turbine
    single propeller

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    Aludra 134k USS Aludra (AF-55) conducting an UNREP (Underway Replenishment) with the destroyer USS Theodore E. Chandler (DD-717) and attack aircraft carrier USS Valley Forge (CVA-45) in the Pacific, circa January to May 1953. with F9F Panther jets of VF-51 and VF-53
    US Navy photo.
    Richard Miller BMCS USNR Ret.
    Aludra 75k USS Aludra (AF-55) under way at sea, 17 September 1954. Photographed from USS Yorktown (CVA-10).
    US Navy photo # NH 104028 from the collections of the US Naval Historical Center
    US Naval Historical Center
    Aludra 98k USS Aludra (AF-55) transferring supplies to USS Yorktown (CVA-10) during underway replenishment operations, 17 September 1954.
    US Navy photo # NH 104029 from the collections of the US Naval Historical Center
    US Naval Historical Center
    Aludra 37k USS Aludra (AF-55) at anchor in a Japanese harbor, circa 1950s. Richard Miller BMCS USNR (Ret.)
    Aludra 55k USS Aludra (AF-55) at anchor in the harbor at Sasebo, Japan, January 1955. Richard Miller BMCS USNR (Ret.)
    09065508-NH 104030
    85k USS Aludra completed overhaul at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco CA., circa 19 February 1956, mooring at Oakland Dock and Warehouse Co., Oakland, CA.. On 20 February she got underway departing Oakland en route to NAD Port Chicago to load ammunition.
    US Naval US Naval History and Heritage Command photo #'s NH 104030, NH 104031, NH 104032, NH 104033, NH 104034, NH 104035 NH 104036
    US Naval History and Heritage Command
    09065509-NH 104031
    09065510-NH 104032
    09065511-NH 104033
    09065512-NH 104034
    09065513-NH 104035
    09065514-NH 104036
    306k USS Aludra (AF-55) conducting an underway replenishment, likely 30 March 1956, en route from Manila Bay to Hong Kong, with USS Shangri-La (CVA-38) and USS Eversole (DD-789) during Shangri-La's 1956 WestPac deployment, 5 January–23 June 1956.
    CDR. Gerald Durbin, USN - USS Shangri-La CVA-38 1956 WestPac Photos # 087, #88, & #89
    Bob Canchola
    Aludra 161k USS Aludra (AF-55) under way in San Francisco Bay, October 1957. Photo by ©Allied Photographers of San Francisco. Robert M. Cieri
    Aludra 120k USS Aludra (AF-55) at left, steams away from USS Ponchatoula (AO-148) after transferring stores. In the right distance USS Jupiter (AVS-8) makes her approach to take on fuel. Photo taken from USS Ponchatoula, 23 August 1963, released with Commander Service Squadron THREE press release # 3-154. .
    US Navy photo # NH 104026 from the collections of the US Naval Historical Center
    US Naval Historical Center
    Aludra 114k USS Aludra (AF-55) during underway replenishment with USS Coontz (DLG-9) and USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) during a WESTPAC deployment in 1964.
    US Navy photo
    EMC(SW) Brian Kroenung
    Aludra 95k USS Aludra (AF-55) center, is approached by USS Cochrane (DDG-21), at left, and USS Midway (CVA-41) for underway replenishment, during operations in the South China Sea. Photographed by USS Midway, 15 May 1965.
    US Navy photo # NH 104027 from the collections of the US Naval Historical Center
    US Naval Historical Center
    Aludra 95k USS King (DLG-10) approaching USS Aludra (AF-55) in preparation for an underway replenishment, circa 1965 Photo by Chuck White USS King (DLG-10)
    Aludra 69k USS Aludra (AF-55) and USS King (DLG-10) during an underway replenishment, circa 1965. Note that the shot lines are across between the ships. Photo by Chuck White USS King (DLG-10)
    Aludra 82k USS Aludra (AF-55) alongside USS King (DLG-10) during an underway replenishment, circa 1965. Photo by Chuck White USS King (DLG-10)
    Aludra 103k USS Aludra (AF-55)outbound to sea from San Diego, date unknown Richard Miller BMCS USNR Ret.
    Aludra 76k USS Aludra (AF-55)outbound to sea from NAS Alameda, date unknown Richard Miller BMCS USNR Ret.
    Aludra 248k Outboard profile drawing (Bureau of Ships plan # S 0103 972649) of USS Aludra (AF-55) showing the ship as she was during the 1960s, with a helicopter platform aft. Photo, courtesy of Commander Stephen S. Roberts, USNR, 1982.
    US Navy photo # NH 104040 from the collections of the US Naval Historical Center
    Richard Miller BMCS RET. USNR
    Aludra 92k USS Aludra (AF-55) coming alongside to replenish USS Oriskany (CVA-34) while the carrier conducts air operations off the coast of Vietnam, date unknown. Photo by Richard Miller BMCS USNR Ret.
    Aludra 515k USS Hooper (DE-1026) replenishing from USS Aludra (AF-55) in the Sea of Japan in May 1967. The bow of the USS Evans (DE-1023) is to the right. Photo by Darryl Baker
    Aludra 69k USS Aludra (AF-55) under way, date and location unknown. Richard Miller BMCS USNR Ret.
    CVA-43 451k USS Coral Sea (CVA-43), with A-4E Skyhawks from VA-153 "Blue Tail Flies" and VA-155 "Silver Foxes," moored to pier #3 South, NAS Alameda, California, 22 to 26 July 1967. USS Hancock (CVA-19) is moored to pier #3 North, and USS Ranger (CVA-60) to pier #2 North. Other ships present include: USS Bellatrix (AF-62) and USS Aludra (AF-55), moored port side and starboard side, respectively, to pier #2 South; and probably USNS Breton (T-AKV-42), astern of Coral Sea. William T. Larkins

    USS Aludra (AF-55)
    Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS)
    Commanding Officers
    01CDR. Moureau, Ralph Henning, USN (USNA 1926)19 June 1952 - ?
    02CDR. Jones, Marvin Dauvard, USN1957 - 1959
    03CDR. Baker, Robert Woodrow, USN1959 - 1 May 1961
    04CAPT. Gowen, George Anthony, USN1 May 1961 - 26 May 1962
    05CAPT. Gray, Paul Nagle, USN (USNA 1941)26 May 1962 - 10 May 1963
    06CAPT. Shropshire Jr., Paul Haynes, USN10 May 1963 - 12 March 1964
    07CAPT. Miller, Robert Nicholas, USN (USNA 1940)12 March 1964 - 24 June 1966
    08CAPT. Barrow Jr., William Ballard, USN (USNA 1944)24 June 1966 - 26 May 1967
    09CAPT. Bondy Jr., Robert Earl, USNR26 May 1967 - 10 October 1968
    10CAPT. Fries, William Don, USN10 October 1968 - 25 July 1969
    11CDR. Reifschneider, Jack Loren, USN25 July 1969 - 12 September 1969
    Courtesy Wolfgang Hechler and Ron Reeves

    Crew Contact And Reunion Information
    U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation - Navy Log

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    MARAD Vessel History Data Base

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