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USS Rigel Patch Contributed by Jim McCoy / USNS Patch Contributed by Mike Smolinski

Contributed by Al Grazevich

USNS Rigel (T-AF-58)
USS Rigel (AF-58) (1955 - 1975)

International Radio Call Sign:
November - Quebec - Sierra - India
JANAP Tactical Voice Radio Call Sign - Susanna (A)lpha - Section 6A of JANAP 119(F) 1968
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - Navy Unit Commendation (Op. Provide Comfort 1991) - Navy Expeditionary Medal (Iran/Indian Ocean 1978-79, Iran/Indian Ocean 1979-81), Lebanon, Libya
Bottom Row - National Defense Service Medal (3)- Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (Lebanon) - Southwest Asia Service Medal

Rigel Class Stores Ship:
  • Laid down, 15 March 1954, as a Maritime Administration type (R3-S-4A) hull, under Maritime Administration contract (MA hull 36), at Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp., Pascagoula, MS.
  • Launched, 15 March 1955
  • Commissioned USS Rigel (AF-58), 2 September 1955, CAPT. W. T. Griffith in command
  • Decommissioned in June 1975
  • Placed in service by the Military Sealift Command (MSC) as USNS Rigel (T-AF-58), 23 June 1975
  • Placed out of service, date unknown
  • Struck from the Naval Register, 16 May 1994
  • Laid up in the Atlantic Reserve Fleet
  • Custody transferred to the Maritime Administration, 1 April 1998, for lay up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, James River, Fort Eustis, VA.
  • Sold for scrapping in late 2003 at Able UK, Teeside, England, delivered but never scrapped because of environmental concerns
  • Final Disposition, resold for scrapping to All Star Metals, Brownsville, TX. for $469,626, announced by MARAD 16 July 2008
    Displacement 15,150 t(fl)
    Length 502'
    Beam 72'
    Draft 29'
    Speed 21 kts.
    USS Complement 350
    Armament four dual mount 3"/50 gun mounts
    Propulsion 600psi cross compound steam turbine, single propeller

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    Size Image Description Contributed
    USS Rigel (AF-58)
    362k Rigel (AF-58) launching, 15 March 1955, at Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp., Pascagoula, MS. Dale Hargrave
    Rigel 108k USS Rigel (AF-58), at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA., 15 May 1955 Photo by Larry Bohn
    Rigel 85k USS Rigel (AF-58) under way in the Mediterranean Sea, date unknown.
    US Navy photo from "All Hands" magazine, February 1959.
    Joe Radigan MACM USN Ret.
    Rigel 14k USS Rigel (AF-58) under way, date and location unknown.
    US Navy photo.
    Richard Miller BMCS USNR Ret.
    Rigel 63k USS Rigel (AF-58) at anchor, date and location unknown.
    US Navy photo.
    Richard Miller BMCS USNR Ret.
    Rigel 910k USS Rigel (AF-58) under way alongside USS Harwood (DD-861), date and location unknown, Official U.S. Navy photograph taken from an unidentified Essex class CVA. William R. Long Jr. USS Rigel May 1969 - November 1970
    AR-14-472(L) 6-60
    928k USS Rigel (AF-58) during an underway replenishment with USS Cadmus (AR-14), circa 3 June 1960, location unknown.
    Official U.S. Navy Photographs - USS Cadmus [AR-14-472(L) 6-60] and USS Cadmus [AR-14-473(L) 6-60]
    William R. Long Jr., USS Rigel
    AR-14-473(L) 6-60
    Rigel 82k USS Rigel (AF-58) under way with a new Helicopter Extended Area Platform (HEAP) designed to speed replenishment.
    US Navy photo from "All Hands" magazine, December 1961.
    Joe Radigan MACM USN Ret.
    398k A U.S. Navy Piasecki HUP Retriever approaches the experimental helicopter extended area platform (HEAP) aboard USS Rigel (AF-58), designed to speed up underway replenishment.
    U.S. Navy "All Hands" magazine December 1961, p. 41.
    Robert Hurst
    Rigel 96k USS Rigel (AF-58) pierside, NOB, Norfolk, VA., August 1964 © Richard Leonhardt
    Rigel 86k USS Rigel (AF-58) pierside, NOB, Norfolk, VA., August 1964. Waldron (DD-699) is in the background. © Richard Leonhardt
    Rigel 47k Cover of USS Rigel (AF-58) Welcome Aboard pamphlet, 1964-65 Jim McCoy USS Rigel 1964-65
    Rigel 88k USS Rigel (AF-58), Christmas card, 1964. Jim McCoy USS Rigel (AF-58) 1964-65
    Rigel 301k USS Rigel (AF-58) conducting an underway replenishment with USS Perry (DD-844) and USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42), circa 1964-1966, location unknown.
    Photo by Robert J. Hales, RM3, taken from USS Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Richard Miller BMCS USNR Ret.
    Rigel 248k USS Rigel (AF-58) departing Toulon, France, 7 September 1968 Photo by Carlo Martinelli
    Rigel 127k USS Rigel (AF-58) under way in 1968, location unknown.
    US Navy photo
    Robert Hurst
    Rigel 94k USS Franklin D.Roosevelt CVA-42) approaches USS Rigel (AF-58) while underway in the Mediterranean Sea in the spring of 1970 to begin a Replenishment at Sea (RAS). Photo by Eugene Williams USS Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Rigel 82k USS Rigel (AF-58) pier side at Kingston, Jamaica, probably 26 - 27 February 1971 with USS Koelsch (DE-1049), outboard to port. © Richard Leonhardt
    Rigel 55k USS Rigel (AF-58),Mediterranean Sea, circa 1970-71 Photo by Steve Gottlief
    Contributed by Jim McCoy
    Rigel 63k USS Rigel (AF-58) under way, date and location unknown.
    US Navy photo.
    Jim McCoy USS Rigel
    Rigel 79k USS Rigel (AF-58) under way, date and location unknown.
    US Navy photo.
    Richard Miller BMCS USNR Ret.
    Rigel 116k USS Rigel (AF-58) under way, date and location unknown. Richard Miller BMCS USNR Ret.
    USNS Rigel (T-AF-58)
    Rigel 136k USNS Rigel (T-AF-58), date and place unknown.
    US Navy photo from MSC "Sealift Magazine"
    Bill Valashinas
    Rigel 2059k USNS Rigel (T-AF-58) at anchor at Genoa, Italy, 16 July 1977. Photo by Carlo Martinelli
    Rigel 781k USS Rigel (AF-58) conducting an UNREP with USS Reeves (CG-24), with a Soviet Mod Kashin class destroyer keeping watch. Pacific Ocean, 15 March 1980. Photo taken from USS Nimitz (CVN-68).
    US Navy Photographic Center photo # 1177954 by PH2 Jim Brown, USN.
    DCC(SS/SW) David Johnston, USN
    Sirius 92k USNS Rigel (T-AF-58) and USNS Sirius (T-AFS-8) underway in the Mediterranean, circa 1981.
    US Navy photo
    T.J. Tropea RM1 USN Ret. USNS Sirius
    Rigel 371k USNS Rigel (T-AF-58) moored at Naval Station Subic Bay, P.I., 28 August 1981. Other ships include the nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser USS Bainbridge (CGN-25) in the foreground. At left are the oiler USNS Hassayampa (T-AO-145), the guided missile cruiser USS Sterett (CG-31), the guided missile destroyer USS Henry B. Wilson (DDG-7) and the guided missile cruiser USS William H. Standley (CG-32).
    US National Archive # NN33300514 2005-06-30 a US Navy photo by PHC Larry Foster.
    Robert Hurst
    Rigel 36k USNS Rigel (T-AF-58), at Barcelona, Spain, 6 June 1982. Rigel was the first of two built-for-the-purpose, fully refrigerated stores ships. Note helicopter platform aft, armament removed, MSC crest and blue and gold bands on stack. Photo by Fabio Peņa
    Rigel 362k USNS Rigel (T-AF-58) under way at Genoa, Italy, 25 April 1986. Photo by Carlo Martinelli
    46k Bow and stern views of, from left to right; USNS Rigel (T-AF-58), USNS Sirius (T-AFS-8) and USS Concord (AFS-5) moored at Malaga, Spain, circa 1-6 June 1986.
    US Navy photos
    Photo by T.J. Tropea RM1 USN USNS Sirius
    Rigel 134k USNS Rigel (T-AF-58) under way, date and location unknown. Tommy Trampp

    For more photos and information about USS Rigel, see;
  • Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
  • USS Rigel (AF-58) Change of Command, 27 February 1970 pamphlet

  • Commanding Officers
    01CAPT. Griffith, Walter Thomas2 September 1955 - 1955
    02CAPT. Hay, Richard Ross1955 - 1956
    03CAPT. Fyfe, John Kerr :RADM1956 - June 1957
    04CAPT. Foster, Clifford SmithJune 1957 - May 1958
    05CAPT. Ketcham, Gerald LyleMay 1958 - May 1959
    06CAPT. Maher, Eugene HughMay 1959 - 12 April 1960
    07CAPT. Schumann Jr., Roland W. JR. 12 April 1960 - 1 March 1961
    08CAPT. Quinn, Robert Daniel1 March 1961 - January 1962
    09CAPT. Guinn, Dick Henry :VADMJanuary 1961 - 28 February 1963
    10CAPT. Lockett Jr., Lawrence Stephen USN (USNA 1940) 28 February 1963 - 3 March 1964
    11CAPT. Macri, Guiseppi, USN (USNA 1941)3 March 1964 - 12 March 1965
    12CAPT. Biddle, Edward, USN (USNA 1944)12 March 1965 - 19 March 1966
    13CAPT. Bradshaw, Harold George19 March 1966 - January 1967
    14CAPT. Schwemley, Paul Albert, USN (USNA 1946)January 1967 - 1968
    15CAPT. Johnson, Theodore L.1968 - 27 February 1970
    16CAPT. Peters, Bernard27 February 1970 - 1971
    17CAPT. Brackin, John D. 1971 - 1973
    18CDR. Pappas, Jimmy :VADM1973 - 14 November 1974
    19CDR. Glickman, Thomas W. 14 November 1974 - 23 June 1975
    Courtesy CAPT. Tom Glickman USN Ret. / Wolfgang Hechler and Ron Reeves, Photos courtesy Bill Gonyo

    Crew Contact And Reunion Information
    U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation - Navy Log

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