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USCGC Westwind (WAGB-281)
USS Westwind (AGB-6) (1952)
USCGC Westwind (WAG-281) (1944 - 1945)

International Radio Call Sign:
November - Lima - Kilo - Lima

Precedence of awards is from left to right
American Campaign Medal - World War II Victory Medal - National Defense Service Medal (2)

Burton Island Class Icebreaker:
  • Laid down, 24 August 1942, at Western Pipe and Steel Co., San Pedro, CA.
  • Launched, 31 March 1942
  • Commissioned USCGC Westwind (WAG-281), 18 September 1944, CAPT. Stephen Swicegood, USCG, in command
  • Decommissioned, 21 February 1945, and transferred to the USSR, renamed Severni Pulius
  • Returned to US Naval custody, 19 December 1951, at Bremerhaven, Germany
  • Commissioned USS Westwind (AGB-6), 1 February 1952, at Bremerhaven, Germany
  • Decommissioned, 13 March 1952, at Boston Navy Yard
  • Transferred to the United States Coast Guard, 19 March 1952
  • Struck from the Navy list, 8 September 1952
  • Commissioned USCGC Westwind (WAGB-281), 22 September 1952, CDR. Errol H. Seegers, USCG, in command
  • Decommissioned, 29 February 1988
  • Final Disposition, fate unknown
    As Built - 3,575 t.(lt) 6,515 t.(fl), 5,425 t.(lim)
    Coast Guard 1967 - 3,052 t.(lt) 6,481 t.(fl)
    Length 269'
    Beam 63' 6"
    Draft 25' 9"
    Trial Speed 16 Kts.
    Max Sustained 13.4 Kts, 30,929-mi radius (1967)
    Economic 11.6 Kts, 32,485-mi radius (1967)
    Officers - 21
    Enlisted - 332
    Coast Guard 204
    two twin 5"/38 cal dual purpose gun mounts
    three quad 40mm AA gun mounts
    two depth charge tracks
    Coast Guard none
    Aircraft two helicopters
    Fuel Capacities
    Diesel - 10,185 Bbls
    Gasoline - 7,200 Gals
    six Fairbanks Morse 10-cylinder diesels driving six Westinghouse DC generators
    two 200Kw 240V D.C. diesel-drive Ship's Service Generators
    three propellers, two aft, 13,000shp, one forward

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    Size Image Description Contributed
    USCGC Westwind (WAG-281)
    Westwind 27k View of USCGC Westwind (WAG-281) aircraft handling crane holding a Grumman J2F Duck at the end of the crane boom. Photo was taken at the Western Pipe and Steel Co. Yard at San Pedro, CA., 7 October 1944.
    USCG photo # AG-CR 99 from the US Coast Guard Historian's Office.
    Robert Hurst
    USS Westwind (AGB-6)
    Westwind 45k USS Westwind (AGB-6) underway with heavy wartime gun armament and a Grumman J2F utility amphibian biplane on her deck amidships.
    US Navy photo from DANFS
    Robert Hurst
    USCGC Westwind (WAGB-281)
    Westwind 178k A USAF Piasecki HRP-1 Flying Banana lands on board a platform built over the after deck ofUSCGC Westwind (WAGB-281) in 1956.
    USCG photo # unknown from the US Coast Guard Historian's Office.
    Robert Hurst
    Westwind 24k USCGC Westwind (WAGB-281) underway in Arctic ice in 1957. LT. Keith Midberry, USCG Ret.
    Westwind 365k An HSS-1 helicopter landing on the flight deck of USCGC Westwind (WAGB-281) operating off the East coast of the United Sates, 27 January 1961.
    US Navy and Marine Corps Museum/Naval Aviation Museum, Photo No. 1993.501.073.182.
    Mike Green
    Westwind 26k USCGC Westwind (WAGB-281) prepares for an Sikorsky HH-52A landing in Gravesend Bay, Brooklyn, 6 March 1964.
    USCG photo # unknown from the US Coast Guard Historian's Office.
    Robert Hurst
    Westwind 36k USCGC Westwind (WAGB-281) approaching USCG LORAN Station Cape Atholl, Greenland in 1964.
    USCG photo
    Robert Hurst
    Westwind 100k USCGC Westwind (WAGB-281) underway in 1964, striking an 18' thick ice floe. Official United States Coast Guard photo. Robert Hurst
    Westwind 273k USCGC Westwind (WAGB-281) underway in Arctic ice, date unknown. LT. Keith Midberry, USCG Ret.
    Westwind 76k USCGC Westwind (WAGB-281) helicopter in the Arctic, date unknown. LT. Keith Midberry, USCG Ret.

    Commanding Officers
    01CAPT. Swicegood, Stephen Peston, USCG (USCGA 1925)18 September 1944 - 21 February 1945(WAG-281) - To USSR
    02CDR. Seegers, Errol H., USCGJanuary 1952 - June 1952(WAGB-281)
    03LCDR. Mullin, John C., USCGJune 1952 - September 1952(WAGB-281)
    04CAPT. Curry, Ralph Roy (Gus), USCG (USCGA 1930)September 1952 - August 1954(WAGB-281)
    05CAPT. Stolfi, Henry Florian, USCG (USCGA 1930)August 1954 - May 1956(WAGB-281)
    06CAPT. Smenton, Peter Joseph, USCG (USCGA 1933)May 1956 - May 1957(WAGB-281)
    07CAPT. Conley Jr., William Joseph, USCG (USCGA 1935)May 1957 - August 1959(WAGB-281)
    08CAPT. Sutter, William Louis, USCG (USCGA 1935)August 1959 - July 1961(WAGB-281)
    09CAPT. West, Ralph McMurray, USCG (USCGA 1939)July 1961 - May 1963(WAGB-281)
    10CAPT. Barber, Robert Franklin, USCG (USCGA 1940)May 1963 - July 1965(WAGB-281)
    11CAPT. Goettel, Frederick August, USCG (USCGA 1943)July 1965 - 8 June 1967(WAGB-281)
    12CAPT. Thuma, Jack Stewart, USCG (OCS 1946)8 June 1967 - August 1970(WAGB-281)
    13CAPT. Kosky, Harry G., USCG (OCS 1945)August 1970 - June 1971(WAGB-281)
    14LCDR. Martin, George Frederick, USCG (USCGA 1964)June 1971 - June 1974(WAGB-281)
    15CAPT. Morrill, Peter Alvin, USCG (USCGA 1952)June 1974 - February 1976(WAGB-281)
    16CDR. Volkle, Thomas C., USCG (Enlisted/1956)February 1976 - August 1977(WAGB-281)
    17CAPT. Super, Albert Donald, USCG (USCGA 1957)August 1977 - June 1979(WAGB-281)
    18CAPT. Nelson, Robert Theodore, USCG (USCGA 1958) :VADMJune 1979 - July 1981(WAGB-281)
    19CAPT. Phelps, Robert Edwin, USCG (Enlisted/1960)July 1981 - August 1983(WAGB-281)
    20CAPT. Honke, Francis James, USCG (Enlisted/1959)August 1983 - September 1984(WAGB-281)
    21CDR. Danforth, Robert A., USCG (USCGA 1967)September 1984 - July 1985(WAGB-281)
    22LCDR. Turek, William B., USCGJuly 1985 - April 1987(WAGB-281)
    23CAPT. Carey, David Kevin, USCG (USCGA 1962)April 1987 - 29 February 1988(WAGB-281)
    Courtesy Wolfgang Hechler and Ron Reeves

    USS Westwind (AGB-6)
    Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS)
    Crew Contact And Reunion Information
    U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation - Navy Log

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