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Survey Ship (AGS)

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AGS-1 Pathfinder
AGS-2 Hydrographer ex PY-30
AGS-3 Oceanographer ex Natchez (PG-84)
AGS-4 Bowditch ex AG-30
AGS-5 Sumner ex AG-2
AGS-6 Derickson ex PCS-1458
AGS-7 Littlehales ex PCS-1388
AGS-8 Dutton ex PCS-1396 Reclassified AGSC-8
AGS-9 Armistead Rust ex PCS-1404
AGS-10 John Blish ex-PCS-1457 Reclassified AGSC-10
AGS-11 Chauvenet ex-YMS-195
AGS-12 Harkness ex-YMS-242 Reclassified AGSC-12
AGS-13 James M. Gilliss ex YMS-262 Reclassified AGSC-13
AGS-14 Simon Newcomb ex YMS-263 Reclassified AGSC-14
AGS-15 Tanner ex Pamina (AKA-34)
AGS-16 Maury ex Renate (AKA-36)
AGS-17 Pursuit ex AM-108
AGS-18 Requisite ex AM-109
AGS-19 Sheldrake ex AM-62
AGS-20 Prevail ex AM-107
T-AGS-21 Bowditch
T-AGS-22 Dutton
T-AGS-23 Michelson
AGS-24 Serrano ex ATF-112
T-AGS-25 Kellar
T-AGS-26 Silas Bent
T-AGS-27 Elisha Kent Kane
AGS-28 Towhee ex AM-388
T-AGS-29 Chauvenet renamed Pacific Collector
AGS-30 San Pablo ex AVP-30
T-AGS-31 S. P. Lee Reclassified T-AG-192
T-AGS-32 Harkness
T-AGS-33 Wilkes
T-AGS-34 Wyman
T-AGS-35 Sgt. George D. Keathley ex T-APC-117
AGS-36 Coastal Crusader ex T-AGM-16
AGS-37 Twin Falls ex T-AGM-11
T-AGS-38 H. H. Hess
T-AGS-39 Maury
T-AGS-40 Tanner
T-AGS-45 Waters
AGS-50 Rehoboth ex AVP-50
T-AGS-51 John McDonnell
T-AGS-52 Littlehales
T-AGS-60 Pathfinder
T-AGS-61 Sumner
T-AGS-62 Bowditch
T-AGS-63 Henson
T-AGS-64 Bruce C. Heezen
T-AGS-65 Mary Sears
T-AGS-66 Marie Tharp ex USNS Maury (T-AGS-66)
Leonidas ex Collier Reclassified AD-7

Photos courtesy of the Liebrecht - Finney Collection

US Navy Hydorgraphic Office Suitland MD. circa late 1940s

US Navy Hydorgraphic Office staff, circa 1943

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