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Rescue and Salvage Vessel (ARS)

Salvage Ships are equipped to rescue, salvage and tow ships suffering battle damage. They provide fire fighting, pumping, battle damage repair and rescue towing out of a combat area to repair ships or bases in safe areas. .

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ARS-1 Viking ex Flamingo (AM-32)
ARS-2 Crusader ex Osprey (AM-29)
ARS-3 Discoverer ex Auk (AM-38)
ARS-4 Redwing ex AM-48
ARS-5 Diver
ARS-6 Escape
ARS-7 Grapple
ARS-8 Preserver
ARS-9 Shackle
ARS-10 Assistance Never Commissioned
ARS-11 Warbler ex AM-53
ARS-12 Willet ex AM-54
ARS-13 Anchor
ARS-14 Protector
ARS-15 Extractor
ARS-16 Extricate
ARS-17 Restorer
ARS-18 Rescuer
ARS-19 Cable
ARS-20 Chain Reclassified AGOR-17
ARS-21 Curb
ARS-22 Current
ARS-23 Deliver
ARS-24 Grasp
ARS-25 Safeguard
ARS-26 Seize
ARS-27 Snatch Reclassified Argo (AGOR-18)
ARS-28 Valve
ARS-29 Vent
ARS-30 Accelerate
ARS-31 Harjurand
ARS-32 Brant ex AT-132
ARS-33 Clamp
ARS-34 Gear
ARS-35 Weight
ARS-36 Swivel
ARS-37 Tackle Reclassified ARS(T)-4
ARS-38 Bolster
ARS-39 Conserver
ARS-40 Hoist
ARS-41 Opportune
ARS-42 Reclaimer
ARS-43 Recovery
ARS-44 Retriever Canceled 1945
ARS-45 Skillful Canceled 1945
ARS-46 Support Canceled 1945
ARS-47 Toiler Canceled 1945
ARS-48 Urgent Canceled 1945
ARS-49 Willing Canceled 1945
ARS-50 / T-ARS-50 Safeguard
ARS-51 / T-ARS-51 Grasp
ARS-52 / T-ARS-52 Salvor
ARS-53 / T-ARS-53 Grapple

Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy
US Built Salvage and Rescue Vessels

Caledonian Salvor (BARS-1)
Cambrian Salvor (BARS-2)
Atlantic Salvor (BARS-3) Retained/Renamed as Clamp (ARS-33)
Pacific Salvor (BARS-4) Retained/Renamed Gear (ARS-34)
HMS American Salvor (BARS-5)
HMS Boston Salvor (BARS-6)
Plymouth Salvor (BARS-7) Retained/Renamed Weight (ARS-35)
York Salvor (BARS-8) Retained/Renamed Swivel (ARS-36)
HMS Lincoln Salvor (BARS-9)
HMS Southampton Salvor (BARS-10)
Quebec Salvor (BARS-11) Retained/Renamed Valve (ARS-28)
Queen Salvor (BARS-12) Retained/Renamed Vent (ARS-29)

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