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Fleet Ocean Tug (ATF)

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Fleet Ocean Tug Photo Index
ATF-66 Cherokee ex AT-66
ATF-67 Apache ex AT-67
ATF-68 Arapaho ex AT-68
ATF-69 Chippewa ex AT-69
ATF-70 Choctaw ex AT-70
ATF-71 Hopi ex AT-71
ATF-72 Kiowa ex AT-72
ATF-73 Menominee ex AT-73
ATF-74 Pawnee ex AT-74
ATF-75 Sioux ex AT-75
ATF-76 Ute ex AT-76
ATF-81 Bannock ex AT-81
ATF-82 Carib ex AT-82
ATF-83 Chickasaw ex AT-83
ATF-84 Cree ex AT-84
ATF-85 / T-ATF-85 Lipan ex AT-85
ATF-86 Mataco ex AT-86
ATF-87 Moreno ex AT-87
ATF-88 Narragansett ex AT-88
ATF-90 Pinto ex AT-90
ATF-91 Seneca ex AT-91
ATF-92 Tawasa ex AT-92
ATF-93 Tekesta ex AT-93
ATF-94 Yuma ex AT-94
ATF-95 Zuni ex AT-95
ATF-96 Abnaki ex AT-96
ATF-97 Alsea ex AT-97
ATF-98 Arikara ex AT-98
ATF-100 Chowanoc ex AT-100
ATF-101 Cocopa ex AT-101
ATF-102 Hidatsa ex AT-102
ATF-103 Hitchiti ex AT-103
ATF-104 Jicarilla ex AT-104
ATF-105 Moctobi ex AT-105
ATF-106 Molala ex AT-106
ATF-107 Munsee ex AT-107
ATF-108 Pakana ex AT-108
ATF-109 Potawatomi ex AT-109
ATF-110 Quapaw ex AT-110
ATF-111 Sarsi ex AT-111
ATF-112 Serrano ex AT-112 Reclassified AGS-24
ATF-113 Takelma ex AT-113
ATF-114 Tawakoni ex AT-114
ATF-115 Tenino ex AT-115
ATF-116 Tolowa ex AT-116
ATF-117 Wateree ex AT-117
ATF-118 Wenatchee ex AT-118
ATF-148 Achomawi ex AT-148
ATF-149 Atakapa ex AT-149
ATF-150 Avoyel ex AT-150
ATF-151 Chawasha ex AT-151
ATF-152 Cahuilla ex AT-152
ATF-153 Chilula ex AT-153
ATF-154 Chimariko ex AT-154
ATF-155 Cusabo ex AT-155
ATF-156 Luiseno
ATF-157 Nipmuc
ATF-158 Mosopelea
ATF-159 Paiute
ATF-160 Papago
ATF-161 Salinan
ATF-162 Shakori
ATF-163 Utina
ATF-164 Yurok Renamed
Reclassified Bluebird (ASR-19)
ATF-165 Yustaga Renamed
Reclassified Skylark (ASR-20)
T-ATF-166 Powhatan
T-ATF-167 Narragansett
T-ATF-168 Catawba
T-ATF-169 Navajo
T-ATF-170 Mohawk
T-ATF-171 Sioux
T-ATF-172 Apache
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