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Fleet Tug (AT)

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Fleet Tug Photo Index
AT-10 Patapsco
AT-11 Patuxent
AT-12 Sonoma Reclassified ATO-12
AT-13 Ontario Reclassified ATO-13
AT-14 Arapaho Reclassified YT-121
AT-15 Mohave ex ID-3353
AT-16 Tillamook Reclassified YT-122
AT-17 Wando Reclassified YT-123
AT-18 Chemung Reclassified YT-124
AT-19 Allegheny Reclassified ATO-19
AT-20 Sagamore ex SP-3296, Reclassified ATO-20
AT-21 Bagaduce Reclassified ATO-21
AT-22 Tadousac Reclassified YP-515
AT-23 Kalmia Reclassified ATO-23
AT-24 Kewaydin Reclassified ATO-24
AT-25 Umpqua Reclassified ATO-25
AT-26 Wandank Reclassified ATO-26
AT-27 Tatnuck Reclassified ATO-27
AT-28 Sunnadin Reclassified ATO-28
AT-29 Mahopac Reclassified ATO-29
AT-30 Sciota Reclassified ATO-30
AT-31 Koka
AT-32 Napa
AT-33 Pinola Reclassified ATO-33
AT-34 Algorma Reclassified ATO-34
AT-35 Carrabasset
AT-36 Contocook
AT-37 Iuka Reclassified ATO-37
AT-38 Keosanqua Reclassified ATO-38
AT-39 Montcalm Reclassified ATO-39
AT-40 to AT-45 Canceled 1918
AT-46 Iroquois
AT-47 Osceola
AT-48 Peoria ex Gunboat, Reclassified YT-109
AT-49 Piscataqua
AT-50 Potomac
AT-51 Uncas Reclassified YT-110
AT-52 Navajo Reclassifed IX-56
AT-53 ex Delaware (SP-467) Reclassified YT-111
AT-54 Conestoga ex SP-1128
AT-55 Genesee ex Monocacy (SP-1116)
AT-56 Lykens ex SP-876
AT-57 Sea Rover ex SP-1014
AT-58 Undaunted ex SP-1950
Reclassified YT-125 / ATO-58
AT-59 Challenge ex SP-1015
Reclassified YT-126 / YTM-126
AT-60 Bay Spring Reclassified YNg-19
AT-61 Cahokia Reclassified YT-135
AT-62 Tamaroa Reclassified YT-136
AT-63 Acushnet Reclassified ATO-63
AT-64 Navajo
AT-65 Seminole
AT-66 Cherokee Reclassified ATF-66
AT-67 Apache Reclassified ATF-67
AT-68 Arapaho Reclassified ATF-68
AT-69 Chippewa Reclassified ATF-69
AT-70 Choctaw Reclassified ATF-70
AT-71 Hopi Reclassified ATF-71
AT-72 Kiowa Reclassified ATF-72
AT-73 Menominee Reclassified ATF-73
AT-74 Pawnee Reclassified ATF-74
AT-75 Sioux Reclassified ATF-75
AT-76 Ute Reclassified ATF-76
AT-77 Tuscarora Reclassified YT-341 / YTB-341 / ATA-245
AT-78 Carib Canceled 1941
AT-79 Yuma Canceled 1941
AT-80 Yaqui Canceled 1941
AT-81 Bannock Reclassified ATF-81
AT-82 Carib Reclassified ATF-82
AT-83 Chickasaw Reclassified ATF-83
AT-84 Cree Reclassified ATF-84
AT-85 Lipan Reclassified ATF-85
AT-86 Mataco Reclassified ATF-86
AT-87 Moreno Reclassified ATF-87
AT-88 Narragansett Reclassified ATF-88
AT-89 Nauset
AT-90 Pinto Reclassified ATF-90
AT-91 Seneca Reclassified ATF-91
AT-92 Tawasa Reclassified ATF-92
AT-93 Tekesta Reclassified ATF-93
AT-94 Yuma Reclassified ATF-94
AT-95 Zuni Reclassified ATF-95
AT-96 Abnaki Reclassified ATF-96
AT-97 Alsea Reclassified ATF-97
AT-98 Arikara Reclassified ATF-98
AT-99 Chetco Renamed/Reclassified Penguin (ASR-12)
AT-100 Chowanoc Reclassified ATF-100
AT-101 Cocopa Reclassified ATF-101
AT-102 Hidatsa Reclassified ATF-102
AT-103 Hitchiti Reclassified ATF-103
AT-104 Jicarilla Reclassified ATF-104
AT-105 Moctobi Reclassified ATF-105
AT-106 Molala Reclassified ATF-106
AT-107 Munsee Reclassified ATF-107
AT-108 Pakana Reclassified ATF-108
AT-109 Potawatomi Reclassified ATF-109
AT-110 Quapaw Reclassified ATF-110
AT-111 Sarsi Reclassified ATF-111
AT-112 Serrano Reclassified ATF-112
AT-113 Takelma Reclassified ATF-113
AT-114 Tawakoni Reclassified ATF-114
AT-115 Tenino Reclassified ATF-115
AT-116 Tolowa Reclassified ATF-116
AT-117 Wateree Reclassified ATF-117
AT-118 Wenatchee Reclassified ATF-118
AT-119 Reclassified ATR-41
AT-120 Reclassified ATR-42
AT-121 Reclassified ATR-43
AT-122 Reclassified ATR-44
AT-123 Reclassified ATR-45
AT-124 Reclassified ATR-46
AT-125 Reclassified ATR-47
AT-126 Reclassified ATR-48
AT-127 Reclassified ATR-49
AT-128 Caddo Reclassified (BAT-3) HMRT Favourite (W-119)
AT-129 Cayuga Reclassified (BAT-4) HMRT Integrity (W-14)
AT-130 Missisauga Reclassified (BAT-5) HMRT Lariat (W-17)
AT-131 Bobolink ex AM-20, Reclassified ATO-131
AT-132 Brant ex AM-24, Reclassified ARS-32
AT-133 Cormorant ex AM-40, Reclassified ATO-133
AT-134 Grebe ex AM-43
AT-135 Kingfisher ex AM-25, Reclassified ATO-135
AT-136 Oriole ex AM-7, Reclassified ATO-136
AT-137 Owl ex AM-2, Reclassified ATO-137
AT-138 Partridge ex AM-16, Reclassified ATO-138
AT-139 Rail ex AM-26, Reclassified ATO-139
AT-140 Robin ex AM-3, Reclassified ATO-140
AT-141 Seagull ex AM-30, Reclassified ATO-141
AT-142 Tern ex AM-31, Reclassified ATO-142
AT-143 Turkey ex AM-13, Reclassified ATO-143
AT-144 Vireo ex AM-52, Reclassified ATO-144
AT-145 Woodcock ex AM-14, Reclassified ATO-144
AT-146 Maricopa ex BAT-2, Reclassified ATR-90
AT-147 Esselen Recalssified ATO-147
AT-148 Achomawi Reclassified ATF-148
AT-149 Atakapa Reclassified ATF-149
AT-150 Avoyel Reclassified ATF-150
AT-151 Chawasha Reclassified AT-151
AT-152 Cahuilla Reclassified AT-152
AT-153 Chilula Reclassified AT-153
AT-154 Chimariko Reclassified ATF-154
AT-155 Cusabo Reclassified ATF-155
AT-156 Luiseno Reclassified ATF-156
AT-157 Nipmuc Reclassified ATF-157
AT-166 Chetco Reclassified ATA-166
AT-167 Chatot Reclassified ATA-167
AT-168 Lark ex AM-21, Reclassified ATO-168
AT-169 Whippoorwill ex AM-35, Reclassified ATO-169
AT-170 Reclassified ATR-97
AT-171 Reclassified ATR-98
AT-172 Reclassified ATR-99
AT-173 Reclassified ATR-100
AT-174 Reclassified ATR-101
AT-175 Reclassified ATR-102
AT-176 Reclassified ATR-103

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