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Oceanographic Research Ship (AGOR)

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T-AGOR-1 Josiah Willard Gibbs ex San Carlos (AVP-51)
AGOR-2 H. U. Sverdrup funded by the US Mutual Weapons Development Program, built in Norway to Norwegian specs
AGOR-3 R/V Robert D. Conrad
T-AGOR-4 James M. Gilliss
T-AGOR-5 Charles H. Davis
T-AGOR-6 Sands
T-AGOR-7 Lynch
T-AGOR-8 Eltanin ex T-AK-270
AGOR-9 R/V Thomas G. Thompson Reclassified Gosport (IX-517)
AGOR-10 R/V Thomas Washington
T-AGOR-11 Mizar ex T-AK-272
T-AGOR-12 De Steiguer
T-AGOR-13 Bartlett
T-AGOR-14 Melville
AGOR-15 Knorr
T-AGOR-16 Hayes Reclassified (T-AG-195)
T-AGOR-17 Chain ex ARS-20
AGOR-18 Argo ex Snatch (ARS-27)
AGOR-19 Cancelled
AGOR-20 Cancelled
AGOR-21 R/V Gyre
AGOR-22 R/V Moana Wave
AGOR-23 R/V Thomas G. Thompson
AGOR-24 R/V Roger Revelle
AGOR-25 R/VAtlantis
AGOR-26 R/V Kilo Moana
AGOR-27 R/V Neil Armstrong
AGOR-28 R/V Sally Ride
R/V Pacific Escort (I)

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