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USF United States

Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Civil War Medal

  • One of six frigates authorized by Congress, 27 March 1794
  • Designed by Joshua Humphreys and CAPT. Thomas Truxtun, built at Philadelphia Navy Yard
  • Launched, 10 May 1797
  • Commissioned, USF United States, 11 July 1797, at Philadelphia, CAPT. John Barry in command
  • Fitted out at Philadelphia in the spring of 1798 and ordered to sea, 3 July 1798
  • Proceeded to Boston and then to the Caribbean, at Barbados
    Captured French privateer Sans Pareil, 22 August 1798
    Took her second prize, French privateer Jalouse, 4 September 1798
  • During her second voyage to the West Indies United States
    Sunk French privateer schooner L'Amour de la Patrie, 18 December 1798
    Captured French privateer schooner La Tartueffe and her prize American sloop Vermont, 26 March 1799
  • United States sailed for France, 3 November 1799 with commissioners appointed by the President to negotiate a settlement
  • Returned to New York, April 1800 and laid up for repairs
  • Decommissioned, 6 June 1801, at Washington Navy Yard
  • Recommissioned and refitted at Norfolk in 1810
  • During the War of 1812, United States encountered and defeated HMS Macedonian, 25 October 1812, south of the Azores
  • Following the Barbary Pirate Wars USS United States was assigned to the Mediterranean Squadron from 1812 to 1819
  • Decommissioned, 9 June 1819, at Hampton Roads
  • Recommissioned and assigned to the Pacific Squadron from 1824 to 1827
  • After repairs at Philadelphia from 1827 to 1830 USS United States was placed in ordinary at New York Navy Yard in 1830
  • Modernized in 1832 for service in the Mediterranean Squadron from 1833 to 1838
  • Redeployed to the Home Squadron from 1839 to 1840
  • Repaired at Norfolk in 1841, assigned as flagship of the Pacific Squadron in January 1842
  • Decommissioned, at Boston, 14 October 1844
  • Recommissioned, 18 May 1846, assigned to the African Squadron
  • Joined the Mediterranean Squadron in 1847
  • Decommissioned, at Norfolk, 24 February 1849, placed in ordinary
  • Set on fire to prevent Confederate forces from capturing the hulk, at Norfolk Navy Yard, 20 April 1861
  • Pumped out and recommissioned at the Confederate frigate CSS United States for service as a receiving ship
  • Sunk in the Elizabeth River at Portsmouth, VA. to obstruct the passage of Union vessels in May 1862
  • Raised by Union forces and towed to Norfolk Navy Yard in May 1862
  • Final Disposition, ordered broken up by the Bureau of Construction and Repair, 18 December 1865
    Displacement 1,576 t.
    Length 175' (lbp)
    Beam 43' 6"
    Draft 23' 6"
    Speed 11 kts
    Complement 364
    thirty-two long 24-pdr guns
    twenty-four 42-pdr carronades
    Propulsion sail

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    United States 428k The frigate USS United States dressed in flags, probably moored in Delaware River soon after being launched, May 1797.
    Colored version of US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # NH 1265 "History of the US Navy", by James M. Morris, page 26
    Tommy Trampp
    143k Photo of an oil painting by William John Huggins (1781 19 May 1845), depicting the escape of HMS Belvidera, 23 June 1812. On the left of the picture Belvidera runs on a very broad reach. She has shot holes in her sails and can be seen firing her stern guns. Astern of her USS President can be seen repeatedly firing her starboard broadside. To the right of her, and in pursuit, are USS Congress USF United States, USS Hornet and USS Argus.
    National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. BHC0598.
    Robert Hurst
    United States 48k The frigate USF United States engages HMS Macedonian in the South Atlantic Ocean south of the Azores.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # KN 2880 photo from DANFS.
    Tommy Trampp
    United States 48k Engraving by Alonzo Chappel of the frigate USF United States engaging HMS Macedonian in 1812 in the South Atlantic Ocean.
    US National Archives photo
    Tommy Trampp
    United States 115k Engraving of USF United States under full sail, after a drawing by Master William Brady, USN. Copied from the Kedge Anchor.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # NH 1016
    Tommy Trampp
    United States 68k "United States vs. HMS Macedonian, 25 October 1812" Engraving after Thomas Birch, courtesy of the New-York Historical Society, collection of the Naval History Society, 1935.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # NH 1294
    Tommy Trampp
    United States 67k "USF United States vs. HMS Macedonian, 25 October 1812" Engraving after William Strickland. This action resulted in the capture of the British frigate, which was then taken into the U.S. Navy as USS Macedonian. Courtesy of the New-York Historical Society, collection of the Naval History Society, 1935.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # NH 1295
    Tommy Trampp
    United States 119k USF United States (right) vs HMS Macedonian, 28 October 1812, by Thomas Birch. Tommy Trampp
    United States 261k USF United States (right) with her more powerful guns defeated HMS Macedonian, 25 October 1812.
    From "The War of 1812" by Diana Childress.
    Tommy Trampp
    Macedonian 1958k

    Battle between USF United States commanded by Captain Stephen Decatur and HMS Macedonian. Macedonian was brought into Newport and repaired and later commissioned in the U.S. Navy. Battle took place 25 October 1812. Painting on glass.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # 1300.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command
    Macedonian 48k HMS Macedonian engaging USF United States, 26 October 1812.
    Image from "Frigates of the Napoleonic Wars", by Robert Gardiner, Naval Institute Press, pp. 208, 2006.
    Robert Hurst
    Macedonian 58k
    United States 332k USF United States engaging the battered wreck of Royal Navy frigate HMS Macedonian.
    From the book "A youthful man-o'-warsman", by Edgar Stanton Marclay, 1863-1919. Pub. by Greenlawn, N.Y., Navy Blue Company, 1910.
    Robert Hurst
    United States 104k Oil on canvas painting by Fred Pansing (1844-1912) of USf United States conquers HMS Macedonian in the heart of the Atlantic. Circa 1880.
    Photo courtesy of Vallejo Gallery.
    Robert Hurst
    United States 145k USF United States and HMS Macedonian.
    Engraving by Abel Bowen, from the book "The Naval Monument", 1838.
    Robert Hurst
    United States 76k Watercolor by Gunner William H. Myers, of USS Cyane, showing the Squadron's ships sailing in line abreast, 1842-43. Ships are (from left to right): USF United States, USS Cyane (II), USS Saint Louis (I), USS Yorktown (I) and USS Shark (I) Copied from Journal of a Cruise on the USS Cyane, 1842-1843, by William H. Myers.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # NH 54488
    Tommy Trampp
    United States 84k USF United States under full sail. This illustration appeared as cover art for "Pacific Ocean Campaign 1842-1844 Journal written by Corporal Edward W. Taylor" by Mary Kline Rose and L. Stuart Taylor Tommy Trampp
    Pennsylvania 155k Line engraving from Harper's Weekly, 1861 of Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, VA.. It depicts (from left to right) the ships:
    USS Pennsylvania,
    USS Columbia,
    USS Raritan and
    USF United States moored off the yard prior to their destruction on 20 April 1861.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command Photo #: NH 59559
    Robert Hurst
    Cumberland 115k "Destruction of the United States Navy-Yard at Norfolk, Virginia, by Fire, by the United States Troops, on April 20, 1861" A line engraving published in "Harper's Weekly", 1861, providing two scenes of the burning of Norfolk Navy Yard and the destruction of ships located there. Ships shown in the lower scene (as identified below the print), from left to right: USF United States (afire); tug Yankee with USS Cumberland (underway, leaving the area); USS Merrimack (afire in left center distance); USS Pawnee (underway, leaving the area), and USS Pennsylvania (afire).
    US Naval History and Heritage Command Photo # NH 59179
    US Naval History and Heritage Command
    United States 78k Marshall Islands USF United States 5 dollar km487 (1998) silver coin The Marshall Islands has been a separate country from the United States since 1986. They use U.S. dollars but beginning in 1986 they commissioned private mints to make commemorative coins that could be sold at a premium to raise money. All the current Marshall Islands coinage are commemorates that are marketed in magazines and newspapers. They are produced by the Medallic Art Co., Roger Williams Mint and the Sunshine Mint. Tommy Trampp

    USF United States
    Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS)
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