Patrol Craft Escort (PCE)
Patrol Craft Escort (Rescue) (PCE[R])

There were 68 Patrol Craft Escort vessels built and delivered to the US Navy and an additional 17 delivered under the Lend-Lease Program to Allies during World War II PCEs were an inexpensive substitute for larger and more valuable DD's and DE's. Though not much longer than the PC the 180 foot steel hulled PCE's tonnage is more than twice as great. Its speed is 15 knots, diesel propelled and armed with a dual-purpose 3"/50 gun, three 40mm guns, five 20mm guns, two depth charge tracks, and ten K-Guns. PCEs carried a considerable amount of detection and ranging gear for locating submarines. The PCE was designed for general escort work, whereas the PC normally stayed near harbors and worked only with coastal convoys. Some PCEs were converted to PCE(R), Rescue Escorts while others were converted to Amphibious Control Vessels, PCE(C).
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Patrol Craft Escort (PCE) & Patrol Craft Escort (Rescue) (PCE[R]) Index
PCE-827 Class Patrol Craft Escort
(PCE-827 to PCE-841)
PCE-827 to Great Britain as HMS Kilbernie
(BEC 1)
PCE-828 to Great Britian as HMS Kilbride
(BEC 2)
PCE-829 to Great Britain as HMS Kilchatten (BEC 3)
PCE-830 to Great Britain as HMS Kilchernan (BEC 4)
PCE-831 to Great Britain as HMS Kildary
(BEC 5)
PCE-832 to Great Britain as HMS Kildwick
(BEC 6)
PCE-833 to Great Britain as HMS Kilham
(BEC 7)
PCE-834 to Great Britain as HMS Kilkenzie
(BEC 8)
PCE-835 to Great Britain as HMS Kilhampton (BEC 9)
PCE-836 to Great Britain as HMS Kilmacolm (BEC 10)
PCE-837 to Great Britain as HMS Kilmarnok (BEC 11)
PCE-838 to Great Britain as HMS Kilmartin
(BEC 12)
PCE-839 to Great Britain as HMS Kilmelford (BEC 13)
PCE-840 to Great Britain as HMS Kilmington (BEC 14)
PCE-841 to Great Britain as HMS Kilmore
(BEC 15)
PCE-842 Class Patrol Craft Escort
(PCE-842 to PCE-847)
PCE(R) / PCE-842 Marfa
PCE(R) / PCE-843 Skowhegan
PCE(R) / PCE-844
PCE(R) / PCE-845 Worland
PCE-846 Eunice
PCE(R) / PCE-847
PCE(R)-848 Class Patrol Craft Escort (Rescue)
(PCE(R)-848 to PCE(R)-860)
PCE(R)-849 Somersworth
PCE(R) / EPCE(R)-850 Fairview
PCE(R) / EPCE(R)-851 Rockville
PCE(R) / EPCE(R)-852 Brattleboro
PCE(R)-853 Amherst
PCE(R) / EPCE(R)-855 Rexburg
PCE(R) / PCE-856 Whitehall
PCE(R) / EPCE(R)-857 Marysville
PCE-842 Class - Continued
(PCE-861 to PCE-904)
PCE-861 to PCE-866
Construction canceled
PCE-870 Dania
PCE / PCE(C)-873
PCE-874 Pascagoula
PCE-876 Reclassified YDG-8
PCE / PCE(C)-877 Havre
PCE-878 Named/Reclassified Buttress
(ACM 4)
PCE-879 Reclassified YDG-9
PCE-880 Ely
PCE-883 Reclassified YDG-10
PCE / PCE(C)-886 Banning
PCE-887 to PCE-890
Construction canceled
PCE-892 Somerset
PCE-894 Farmington
PCE-895 Crestview
PCE / PCE(C)-896
PCE / PCE(C)-898
PCE-899 Lamar
PCE-900 Groton
PCE-901 Named/Reclassified Parris Island (AG 72)
PCE-902 Portage
PCE-903 Batesburg
PCE-904 Gettysburg
PCE-905 Class Patrol Craft Escort
(PCE-905 to PCE-976)
PCE-905 Named/Reclassified Execute (AM 232)
PCE-906 Named/Reclassified Facility (AM 233)
PCE-907 Named/Reclassified Gavia (AM 363)
PCE-908 Named/Reclassified Fixity (AM 235)
PCE-909 Named/Reclassified Flame (AM 236)
Named/Reclassified Fortify (AM 237)
Construction canceled 6 June 1944
PCE-911 Named/Reclassified Adjutant
(AM 351)
PCE-912 Named/Reclassified Bittern
(AM 352)
PCE-913 Named/Reclassified Breakhorn
(AM 353)
PCE-914 Named/Reclassified Cariama
(AM 354)
PCE-915 Named/Reclassified Chukor
(AM 355)
PCE-916 Named/Reclassified Creddock
(AM 356)
PCE-917 Named/Reclassified Dipper
(AM 357)
PCE-918 Named/Reclassified Dotterel
(AM 358)
PCE-919 Named/Reclassified Drake (AM 359)
PCE-920 Named/Reclassified Driver (AM 360)
PCE-921 to PCE-934
Construction canceled 1 November 1945
PCE-935 Reclassified PCE(R)-935
PCE-936 Reclassified PCE(R)-936
PCE-937 Reclassified PCE(R)-937
PCE-938 Reclassified PCE(R)-938
PCE-939 Reclassified PCE(R)-939
PCE-940 Reclassified PCE(R)-940
PCE-941 Reclassified PCE(R)-941
PCE-942 Reclassified PCE(R)-942
PCE-943 Reclassified PCE(R)-943
PCE-944 Reclassified PCE(R)-944
PCE-945 Reclassified PCE(R)-945
PCE-946 Reclassified PCE(R)-946
PCE-947 to PCE-976
Construction canceled
PCE-977 to PCE-1076 Hull numbers not used - See SC Index
PCE-1077 to PCE-1265 Hull numbers not used - See PC Index
PCE-1266 to PCE-1400 Hull numbers not used - See SC Index
PCE-1401 to PCE-1465 Hull numbers not used - See PCS Index
PCE-1466 to PCE-1545 Hull numbers not used - See SC Index
PCE-1546 to PCE-1603 Hull numbers not used - See PC Index
PCE-1604 Class Patrol Craft Escort
(PCE-1604 to PCE-1609)
PCE-1604 to The Netherlands as Fret (F 818)
PCE-1605 to The Netherlands as Hermelijn (F 819)
PCE-1606 to The Netherlands as Vos (F 820)
PCE-1607 to The Netherlands as Wolf (F 817)
PCE-1608 to The Netherlands as Panter (F 821)
PCE-1609 to The Netherlands as Jaguar (F 822)

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