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Motor Gunboat (PGM) Index

During World War II eight 110-foot wooden submarine chasers (SC's), and twenty-four 173-foot steel submarine chasers (PC's) were modified to Motor Gunboats PGMs (PGM-1 through 8 and PGM-9 through 32). PGMs were designed to operate with PT boats, supplying them with added fire power. However, the PGMs were too slow to operated effectively in this role. PGMs were more effective working with minesweepers, blowing up mines as they were cut loose by the sweepers. Converted PCs had their superstructure removed and replaced with a smaller protected pilot house. The mast was shortened and fitted with SO-8 radar and TCS radio gear. All ASW gear, sonar, depth charges, K-guns and Mousetraps were removed. PGMs were armed with one twin 40mm gun mount, six 20mm guns, one twin .50 caliber machine gun and a 60mm mortar.
Note: All Motor Gunboats (PGM)s, hull numbers 84 and greater, in the U. S. Navy inventory 1 April 1967 were redesignated Patrol Gunboats (PG)s. The term Motor Gunboat now applies primarily to craft built for allied navies.
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Motor Gunboat (PGM) Ship Index
PGM-1 Class Motor Gunboat
PGM-1 to PGM-8
PGM-1 ex-SC-644
PGM-2 ex-SC-757
PGM-3 ex-SC-1035
PGM-4 ex-SC-1053
PGM-5 ex-SC-1056
PGM-6 ex-SC-1071
PGM-7 ex-SC-1072
PGM-8 ex-SC-1366
PGM-9 Class Motor Gunboat
PGM-9 to PGM-32
PGM-9 ex-PC-1548
PGM-10 ex-PC-805
PGM-11 ex-PC-806
PGM-12 ex-PC-1088
PGM-13 ex-PC-1089
PGM-14 ex-PC-1090
PGM-15 ex-PC-1091
PGM-16 ex-PC-1148
PGM-17 ex-PC-1189
PGM-18 ex-PC-1255
PGM-19 ex-PC-1550
PGM-20 ex-PC-1551
PGM-21 ex-PC-1552
PGM-22 ex-PC-1553
PGM-23 ex-PC-1554
PGM-24 ex-PC-1555
PGM-25 ex-PC-1556
PGM-26 ex-PC-1557
PGM-27 ex-PC-1558
PGM-28 ex-PC-1559
PGM-29 ex-PC-1565
PGM-30 ex-PC-1566
PGM-31 ex-PC-1567
PGM-32 ex-PC-1568
PGM-33 Class Motor Gunboat
PGM-33 to PGM-38
PGM-33 to the Philippines as Camarines Sur (PG 48)
PGM-34 to the Philippines as Sulu (PG 49)
PGM-35 to the Philippines as La Union (PG 50)
PGM-36 to the Philippines as Antique (PG 51)
PGM-37 to the Philippines as Masbate (PG 52)
PGM-38 to the Philippines as Mismamis Occidental (PG 53)
PGM-39 Class Motor Gunboat
PGM-39 to PGM-46
PGM-39 to the Philippines as Agusan (PG 61)
PGM-40 to the Philippines as Catanduanes (PG 62)
PGM-41 to the Philippines as Romblon (PG 63)
PGM-42 to the Philippines as Palawan (PG 64)
PGM-43 to Burma as PGM-401
PGM-44 to Burma as PGM-402
PGM-45 to Burma as PGM-403
PGM-46 to Burma as PGM-404
Danish Daphne Class Seaward Defense Craft
PGM-47 to PGM-50
PGM-47 built in Denmark as Daphne (P 530)
PGM-48 built in Denmark as Havmanden (P 532)
PGM-49 built in Denmark as Najaden (P 534)
PGM-50 built in Denmark as Neptun (P 536)
PGM-39 Class Motor Gunboat (Continued)
PGM-51 to PGM-58
PGM-51 to Burma as PGM-405
PGM-52 to Burma as PGM-406
PGM-53 to Ethiopia as PC-13
PGM-54 to Ethiopia as PC-14
PGM-55 to Indonesia as Bentang Silungkang (P 572)
PGM-56 to Indonesia as Bentang Waitatiri (P 571)
PGM-57 to Indonesia as Bentang Kalukuang (P 570)
PGM-58 to Ethiopia as PC-15
PGM-59 Class Motor Gunboat (Continued)
PGM-59 to PGM-70
PGM-59 to South Vietnam as Kim Qui (HQ 605)
PGM-60 to South Vietnam as May Rut (HQ 606)
PGM-61 to South Vietnam as Nam Du (HQ 607)
PGM-62 to South Vietnam as Hoa Lu (HQ 608)
PGM-63 to South Vietnam as To Yen (HQ 609)
PGM-64 to South Vietnam as Phu Du (HQ 600)
PGM-65 to South Vietnam as Tien Moi (HQ 601)
PGM-66 to South Vietnam as Minh Hoa (HQ 602)
PGM-67 to South Vietnam as Kien Vang (HQ 603)
PGM-68 to South Vietnam as Keo Ngua (HQ 604)
PGM-69 to South Vietnam as đinh Hai (HQ 610)
PGM-70 to South Vietnam as Truong Sa (HQ 611)
PGM-71 Class Motor Gunboat
PGM-71 to PGM-83
PGM-71 to Thailand as T-11
PGM-72 to South Vietnam as Thai Binh (HQ 612)
PGM-73 to South Vietnam as Thi Tu (HQ 613)
PGM-74 to South Vietnam as Song Tu (HQ 614)
PGM-75 to Ecuador as Quito (LC 71)
PGM-76 to Ecuador as Guayaquil (LC 72)
PGM-77 to the Dominican Republic as Betelgeuse (GC 102)
PGM-78 to Peru as Rio Sama (PC 11)
PGM-79 to Thailand as T-12
PGM-80 to South Vietnam as Tay Sa (HQ 615)
PGM-81 to South Vietnam as Ph˙ Q˙y (HQ 617)
PGM-82 to South Vietnam as Hoang Sa (HQ 616)
PGM-83 to South Vietnam as Hon Troc (HQ 618)
Asheville Class Motor Gunboat
PGM-84 to PGM-90
PGM / PG-84 Asheville
PGM / PG-85 Gallup
PGM / PG-86 Antelope
PGM / PG-87 Ready
PGM / PG-88 Crockett
PGM / PG-89 Marathon
PGM / PG-90 Canon
PGM-71 Class Motor Gunboat (Continued)
PGM-91 to South Vietnam as Tho Chau (HQ 619)
Asheville Class Motor Gunboat (Continued)
PGM-92 to PGM-101
PG-92 Tacoma
PG-93 Welch
PG-94 Chehalis
PG-95 Defiance
PG-96 Benicia
PG-97 Surprise
PG-98 Grand Rapids
PG-99 Beacon
PG-100 Douglas
PGM / PG-101 Green Bay
PGM-71 Class Motor Gunboat (Continued)
PGM-102 to PGM-108
PGM-102 to Liberia as Alert
PGM-103 to Iran as Parvan (PGM 211)
PGM-104 to Turkey as AB-21
PGM-105 to Turkey as AB-22
PGM-106 to Turkey as AB-23
PGM-107 to Thailand as T-13
PGM-108 to Turkey as AB-24
Brazilian Pirantini Class Motor Gunboat
PGM-109 & PGM-110
PGM-109 built in Brazil as Piratini (P 10)
PGM-110 built in Brazil as Pirajß (P 11)
PGM-71 Class Motor Gunboat (Continued)
PGM-111 to PGM-117
PGM-111 to Peru as Rio Chira (PC 12)
PGM-112 to Iran as Bahram (PGM 212)
PGM-113 to Thailand as T-14
PGM-114 to Thailand as T-15
PGM-115 to Thailand as T-16
PGM-116 to Thailand as T-17
PGM-117 to Thailand as T-18
Brazilian Pirantini Class Motor Gunboat (Continued)
PGM-118 to PGM-121
PGM-118 built in Brazil as Pampeiro (P 12)
PGM-119 built in Brazil as Parati (P 13)
PGM-120 built in Brazil as Penedo (P 14)
PGM-121 built in Brazil as Poti (P 15)
PGM-71 Class Motor Gunboat (Continued)
PGM-122 to PGM-124
PGM-122 to Iran as Nahid (PGM 213)
PGM-123 to Thailand as T-19
PGM-124 to Thailand as T-20

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