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Battleship Texas
BB - 35
Special Feature

July 6, 2002

Visit Notes One thing about living near a major naval tourist attraction is that you tend to take them for granted and only visit when company comes to town. I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to this and had not visited the Texas in nearly 5 years despite the fact I only live 10 minutes away from her home at the San Jacinto Battlefield Park. My company in this case was the visit of Navsource's Daniel Dunham (Frigates and several special projects) and his wife Sandra. Less than 1 hour after arriving at my place we loaded up and headed to the Texas with 2 digital cameras. This feature contains what we consider are the best of the 235 images we took during our 2 1/2 hour visit to the Texas.

May 18th, 2002, was the 90th anniversary of Texas's launch. This special feature is timely as it gives a snapshot of the condition of America's only surviving Dreadnought and veteran of 2 World Wars.

Condition Notes Her overall condition is fairly good, There is evidence that she is again leaking. Several water pumps were found in the engine room with hoses run to discharge points in the outer hull. I understand that she is scheduled for hull repairs sometime next year and they are looking for dry dock space now. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission who manage the Texas along with the permenent Texas restoration staff and the volunteers (First Texas Volunteers) who are performing the actual restoration and upkeep are doing a very commendable job. More of the ship is open to the public than at any point I can remember in the past.
If like me you have not visited the Texas recently, I urge you to do so, the visit is well worth the $5.00 admission charge. Texas is an amazing piece of Naval History. I will be heading back to visit to spend the entire day and hopefully provide a much more deatiled photographic history of the Texas.

This visit to the Texas tweaked my interest in the other 2 vessels that are preserved in this area, that sadly I have not visited in over 10 years. DE-238 USS Stewart and SS-244 USS Cavalla, Located at Seawolf Park, Galveston Texas. Look for a photo feature and notes on the condition for both of these vessels in the very near future.
Paul R. Yarnall

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