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HMS Charger  /  USS Charger   (AVG-30)
(ex-BAVG-4; later ACV-30 and CVE-30)
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The Edward L. Walger Photo Collection

The Men
(Part 1)

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CVE-30 Charger 138k

An autographed picture with officers names, January 1944.

CVE-30 Charger 65k

Captain Grover B. H. Hall on the bridge of the Charger.

Captain Hall later commanded USS Enterprise (CV-6), December 1944-September 1945. He was the last CO of the Big E in combat.

CVE-30 Charger 113k

Change of command: Captain Woods relieves Captain Hall, 1943.

CVE-30 Charger 80k

Captain Woods, 1944.

CVE-30 Charger 100k

Captain's inspection, date unknown. Edward Walger is the first in line in the right.

CVE-30 Charger 89k

Captain R. W. Johnson, Dec. 1944.

CVE-30 Charger 26k

Commander C. L. Lee.

CVE-30 Charger 22k

Commander Mathews.

CVE-30 Charger 83k

Lt. Commander Whitney.

CVE-30 Charger 60k

Lt.(jg) G. D. Rogers.

USS Charger (BAVG-4/AVG-30/ACV-30/CVE-30)
The Edward L. Walger Photo Collection

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