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Image courtesy of Al Grazevich

Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign: November - Mike - Yankee - Echo
Tactical Voice Call Sign - Hard Charger


Patch image contributed by Mike Smolinski
Displacement 8,957 Tons, Dimensions, 547' (oa) x 54' 10" x 29' (Max)
Armament 1 Terrier/ASROC (60 Missiles) 1 x 5"/54RF, 2 x 3"/50, 6 x12.75" TT.
Machinery, 85,000 SHP; Geared Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 34 Knots, Crew 400.
Operational and Building Data
Keel laid on 09 DEC 1963 by Bath Iron Works, Bath, ME
Launched 02 JUL 1965
Commissioned 21 JAN 1967
Reclassified CG 34 on 30 JUN 1975
Decommissioned 30 NOV 1993
Stricken 20 NOV 1993
Fate Sold for scrap. Scrapping completed 02 JAN 2002.

Patch image contributed by Tom Gamstetter

Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - Joint Meritorious Unit Award - Navy Unit Commendation (2)
Second Row - Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation (4) - Navy Battle "E" Ribbon - Navy Expeditionary Medal (2)
Third Row - National Defense Service Medal (2) - Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal - Vietnam Service Medal (6)
Fourth Row - Southwest Asia Service Medal (2) - Armed Forces Service Medal - Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (14)
Fifth Row - Coast Guard Special Operations Service Ribbon - Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation - Republic of Vietnam Civil Action 1st Class Unit Citation
Sixth Row - Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal - Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudis Arabia) - Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)

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44k Namesake of USS Biddle, Captain Nicholas Biddle was born 10 September 1750 in Philadelphia, PA. At the age of 13 he went to sea in the Merchant Service and survived a shipwreck off Antigua. In 1772, at the age of 22, he entered the British Navy as a Midshipman and on 1773, he requested a transfer to one of the ships fitted out by the Royal Geographic Society for a polar expedition. Refused this transfer because midshipman billets were limited, he took leave of absence and shipped before the mast on one of the polar ships. His shipmate, Horatio Nelson, did the same. After the expedition returned to England, Biddle learned of the tension between the colonies and the mother country. He resigned his commission and returned to America and volunteered his services to his state of Pennsylvania. He became Commanding Officer of the armed galley FRANKLIN on 1 August 1775. FRANKLIN had been fitted out by the Pennsylvania Committee of Safety to defend the DELAWARE. In December 1775, with the rank of Captain, Biddle was assigned command of the brig ANDREW DORIA, 14 guns. In ANDREW DORIA he joined the Fleet commanded by Esek Hopkins in the expedition against New Providence. In this action, Biddle captured numerous armed merchantmen. Later in the spring of 1776, his small ship captured two armed transports carrying 400 reinforcements for the British Army in North America. Late in 1777, Biddle was given command of the speedy RANDOLPH, which was manned, in part, by paroled British prisoners of war. These prisoners mutinied shortly after the ship sailed, but stern punishment of the ringleaders by the 27 year old Captain Biddle ended the trouble quickly. Violent storms dismasted his ship off the Delaware Capes, but Biddle's seamanship brought her to port in Charleston, where she was repaired. He sailed again for the West Indies and on 4 September 1777 captured HMS TRUE BRITON along with three merchantmen she had been convoying. Biddle took his prizes to Charleston and was blockaded there until late February 1778, when he successfully eluded British patrols and put to sea. On 7 March 1778, Biddle in RANDOLPH, 32 guns, engaged HMS YARMOUTH, 64 guns. Despite this disadvantage of firepower and a severe wound received early in the action, Captain Biddle directed the fire of his ship. British Captain Nicholas Vincent later reported that Biddle fired three deadly accurate broadsides to his opponent's one. After twenty minutes, fire apparently penetrated the powder magazine of RANDOLPH and the ship exploded, sinking instantly. Captain Biddle and his 315 man crew perished leaving only four survivors. Thus ended the illustrious career of Captain Nicholas Biddle, Continental Navy. His life may have ended short of its twenty-eighth year, but his spirit lives on; in this Nation, this Navy and the ship that bore his name. Robert M. Cieri
82k Keel Laying at Bath Iron Works on 9 December 1963. Robert M. Cieri
163k Biddle under construction, 1964-1965. Robert M. Cieri
134k The Christening of USS Biddle (DLG 34) by the Ship's Sponsor Mrs. William H. Bates on 2 July 1965. Mrs. Bates is the wife of Congressman Bates of the Sixth District of Massachusetts. Robert M. Cieri
181k USS Biddle (DLG 34) slides down the ways to become the 374th ship launched by Bath Iron Works Corporation. Robert M. Cieri
184k USS Biddle (DLG 34) is waterborne in the Kennebec River at Bath, Maine on 2 July 1965. There will be another 19 months of final construction. Robert M. Cieri
274k Commissioning Program, 21 January 1967. Robert M. Cieri

USS Biddle (DLG 34) underway in Hampton Roads, Virginia on 25 April 1969.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, by PH3 D. A. Mahalak, photo #NH 106547.

Robert Hurst
119k 12 October 1974, Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Unexpected meeting at sea. Two shots of the USS Biddle as she passes by the Soviet Kashin class DDG Krasny Krim. Eugene Ivkin
239k 12 October 1974, Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Unexpected meeting at sea. Two shots of the USS Biddle as she passes by the Soviet Kashin class DDG Krasny Krim. Eugene Ivkin
146k Bumpersticker, circa unknown (post 1975 redesignation). Robert M. Cieri
Biddle 22k (Very Small) Port view. USN
Biddle 113k At anchor, Starboard view. (Poor Quality) USN
Biddle 157k Starboard bow, underway. USN
Biddle 100k Undated. Port side. Tom Gonzalez
240k USS Biddle (DLG 34) underway in Casco Bay shortly after her commissioning at the Boston Naval Shipyard on 21 January 1967. Robert M. Cieri

Port bow view off Norfolk, VA after she reported to Destroyer Squadron 26 in the fall of 1967.

US Navy Photo

Robert M. Cieri
Biddle 240k Pearl Harbor Hawaii, 1968. Richard Leonhardt.
66k A print of a painting Captain Carter had distributed to all crewmembers after our incident with North Vietnamese MiGs off the coast of North Vietnam the night of 19 July 1972. Weldon Parker
Biddle 76k North Atlantic, October 1976. Richard Leonhardt.
Biddle 76k 1976. Port side. Dave Seay.
112k Welcome Aboard booklet, circa 1981. Robert M. Cieri
Mississippi 98k Aerial stern view of (left to right) the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68), the nuclear-powered guided missile cruisers USS Mississippi (CGN 40) and USS Texas (CGN 39), and the guided missile cruiser USS Biddle (CG 34), underway in the Mediterranean Sea, August 1981.

On August 19, 1981 two F-14A Tomcats from VF-41 "Black Aces," based on Nimitz, used Sidewinder missiles to shoot down two Libyan, Soviet-built SU-22 Fitters over the Gulf of Sidra, after one of the Libyan jets fired an Atoll heat-seeking missile. This incident marked the first Navy air combat confrontation since the Vietnam War and the first ever for the F-14A Tomcat.

US Navy photo by PH3 Cruz (DVIC id.: DNSC8501964).

Defense Visual Information Center

Port bow view of the guided missile cruiser USS Biddle (CG 34) underway, circa 17 March 1982.

Photo taken by PH1 Toon, USN.

Robert Hurst

Port bow view of the guided missile cruiser USS Biddle (CG 34) underway during operations with the 6th Fleet, 1 January 1987.

Photo taken by PH2 Don Koralewski, USN. VIRIN: DN-ST-88-04174.

Robert Hurst
99k Welcome Aboard booklet, circa 1989. Robert M. Cieri
CV-60 Saratoga et al.

Top to bottom: USS Biddle(CG 34), USS Saratoga (CV 60), USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) and USS San Jacinto (CG 56). This photo was taken during Operation Desert Shield, September 1990, in the Red Sea, by one of the JFK's photomates.

Bob Haner, YN1, USN (Ret.)

Port beam view of the guided missile cruiser USS Biddle (CG 34) underway during Operation Desert Shield, 30 November 1991.

Photo taken by CW02 Ed Bailey, USN. VIRIN: DN-SC-91-05904.

Robert Hurst
Biddle 39k Med moored in Trieste, Italy, October 1992 Brian F. Bennett
Biddle 188k Starboard side view of the forward superstructure while moored in the Port of Piraeus (Athens), Greece, on 11 October 1992 Tony Vrailas
Biddle 230k Starboard side view of the aft superstructure while moored in the Port of Piraeus (Athens), Greece, on 11 October 1992. Note that both the forward and aft Mack have been painted completely haze grey. Tony Vrailas
Biddle 182k Starboard side view of the fantail while moored in the Port of Piraeus (Athens), Greece, on 11 October 1992. Tony Vrailas
Biddle 153k Looking aft from the bow while moored in the Port of Piraeus (Athens), Greece, on 11 October 1992. Note the "Penthouse" and strikedown hatch for the MK10 Mod 7 GMLS. Tony Vrailas

Starboard bow view, location unknown, 1993.

U.S. Navy Photo

Robert M. Cieri
Harry E. Yarnell

Norfolk, VA, 2 October 1993 - A port bow view of the guided-missile cruisers USS Biddle (CG 34) and USS Harry E. Yarnell (CG 17) nested at the destroyer and submarine pier at Naval Station Norfolk. Note that both ships have had their radar antennas removed prior to their upcoming decommissionings.

U.S. Navy photo #DN-SC-94-00029 by: Don S. Montgomery, USN (Ret).

Robert M. Cieri
Harry E. Yarnell
96k Ex-Harry E. Yarnell being scrapped in drydock at Philly at the Metro Machine facility in March 2001. Ex-Biddle is visible in background Ed Zajkowski
57k Here are 7 pics of the Ex-BIDDLE (CG 34) in the early stages of scrapping while in the water. Taken by me in Philly at the Metro machine scrap facility. March 2001 - still has 1 stack or mack and lifeboat davit, portside. Ed Zajkowski
78k March 2001 - portside main deck and superstructure. Ed Zajkowski
75k March 2001 - port side midships Ed Zajkowski
39k March 2001 - super decks Ed Zajkowski
69k 15 May 2001 - mack or stack on the pier. Ed Zajkowski
58k 15 May 2001 - me leaning on stack, HARRY YARNELL in background in drydock Scrapping. Ed Zajkowski
90k May 2001 - all kinds of salvaged material from BIDDLE on my property, 15 pickup truck loads, waiting to be transferred to the USS JOSEPH P KENNEDY JR (DD 850) in MA. for restoration. Visible is furniture from staterooms, doors, drinking fountain, and much more. Ed Zajkowski

Commanding Officers
Name/Rank Class Final Rank Dates
Scott, Maylon Truxton, CAPT 1944   01/21/67 - 09/17/68
Olsen Jr., Alfred Richard, CAPT 1945   09/17/68 - 05/22/70
Collister, Louis Joseph, CAPT     05/22/70 - 06/26/71
McDaniel, William Otis, CAPT     06/26/71 - 07/03/72
Carter III, Edward Walter, CAPT   RADM 07/03/72 - 08/05/74
Carelli, Francis Leo, CAPT     08/05/74 - 08/76
Henry Jr., Albert Luther, CAPT     08/76 - 08/25/78
Ryan, John Norman, CAPT     08/25/78 - 09/80
Robertson, Hollis Eugene, CAPT 1956   09/80 - 09/82
Gomez, Alvaro R., CAPT   RADM 09/82 - 06/20/84
Hock, Joseph Thomas, CAPT     06/20/84 - 06/12/86
Allen Jr., Benjamin Earl, CAPT     06/12/86 - 10/10/88
Fulkerson, Grant Dale, CAPT     10/10/88 - 09/10/90
Harlow Jr., Louis Francis, CAPT     09/10/90 - 05/28/92
Gionet Jr., Laurence J., CAPT     05/28/92 - 11/30/93

(Courtesy of Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves - Photos courtesy of Bill Gonyo)

USS BIDDLE (DLG/CG 34) History
View This Vessels DANFS History Entry on the U.S. Navy Historical Center website.

Crew Contact And Reunion Information

Contact Name: Brian Bennett
Address: 12621 Layhill Rd. #101, Silver Spring, MD 20906
Phone: 301-949-0627

Note About Contacts.

The contact listed, Was the contact at the time for this ship when located. If another person now is the contact, E-mail me and I will update this entry. These contacts are compiled from various sources over a long period of time and may or may not be correct. Every effort has been made to list the newest contact if more than one contact was found.

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