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Ship's patches courtesy of Mike Smolinski

USS Pharris (DE 1094)

Flag Hoist / Radio Call Sign:
N - G - J - S
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row: Joint Meritorious Unit Award - Navy Unit Commendation
Second Row: Navy Battle "E" Ribbon (3) - Navy Expeditionary Medal w/ 2 stars - National Defense Service Medal w/ 1 star
Third Row: Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal w/ 1 star - Sea Service Deployment Ribbon - CG Special Operations Service Ribbon w/ 1 star

"Vigilance - Valor - Tenacity"
Class: Knox
Type: SCB No. 199C / 1964
Number in Class: 46
Displacement: 3020 tons (std), 4065 tons (full)
Length: 415' (wl), 438' (oa)
Beam: 46' 9" (extreme)
Draft: 24' 9" (draft limit)
Propulsion: 2 Combustion Engineering 1200psi boilers; 1 Westinghouse geared turbine; 35,000 shp; 1 shaft
Speed: 27 kts
Range: 4,500 nm @ 20 knots
Complement: 16 / 211
Missiles: 1 8-tube Mk25 Sea Sparrow BPDMS in DE 1052-1069, 1071-1083, 1 8-tube Mk29 NATO Sea Sparrow IPDMS in DE 1070, Harpoon missiles from modified ASROC launcher
Guns: 1 x 5"/54 cal. DP Mk 42 (600 rds)
ASW Weapons: 1 Mk16 ASROC launcher (16 missiles), 4-12.75" (324mm) Mk 32 (4x1 fixed) tubes / Mk 46 torpedos (6)
Radars: AN/SPS-10 (surface), AN/SPS-40 (air), AN/SPS-58 threat warning in some ships
Sonars: AN/SQS-26CX, AN/SQS-35 IVDS in FF-1052, 1056, 1063-1071, 1073-1076, 1078-1097
Fire Control Systems: Mk68 Mod. 11/13/14 Gun FCS, Mk114 Mod 14/16 ASW FCS
Helicopter: 1 - SH-2 LAMPS Helicopter
Pharris (DE 1094) Building and Operational Data:
  • 25 August 1966: Building contract awarded to the Avondale Shipyard, Inc.
  • 22 March 1972: Keel laid by the Avondale Shipyard, Inc., Westwego, La.
  • 16 December 1972: Launched and chridtened, sponsored by Mrs. Jackson C. Pharris, the widow of Lt. Cmdr. Pharris
  • 26 January 1974: Commissioned at the Norfolk NSY, Cmdr. George E. O'Brien in command, assigned to Destroyer Squadron 2 at Norfolk
  • 30 June 1975: Reclassified Frigate FF 1094
  • 15 April 1992: Decommissioned at Naval Station, Norfolk, Va. after 18.2 years of service
  • 11 January 1995: Struck from the NVR
  • 15 June 1999: Sold to Mexico
  • 08 March 2000: Custody transferred, renamed Guadalupe Victoria, still active
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    Jackson Charles Pharris was born in Columbus, Georgia on 26 June 1912. Entering the Navy from the state of California, he moved upward through the ranks. On 7 December 1941, he was stationed in USS California at the Pearl Harbor Naval Station in Hawaii. His citation reads: "For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while attached to the USS California during the surprise enemy Japanese aerial attack on Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii, 7 December 1941. In charge of the ordnance repair party on the third deck when the first Japanese torpedo struck almost directly under his station, Lt. (then Gunner) Pharris was stunned and severely injured by the concussion which hurled him to the overhead and back to the deck. Quickly recovering, he acted on his own initiative to set up a hand-supply ammunition train for the antiaircraft guns. With water and oil rushing in where the port bulkhead had been torn up from the deck, with many of the remaining crewmembers overcome by oil fumes, and the ship without power and listing heavily to port as a result of a second torpedo hit, Lt. Pharris ordered the shipfitters to counterflood. Twice rendered unconscious by the nauseous fumes and handicapped by his painful injuries, he persisted in his desperate efforts to speed up the supply of ammunition and at the same time repeatedly risked his life to enter flooding compartments and drag to safety unconscious shipmates who were gradually being submerged in oil. By his inspiring leadership, his valiant efforts and his extreme loyalty to his ship and her crew, he saved many of his shipmates from death and was largely responsible for keeping California in action during the attack. His heroic conduct throughout this first eventful engagement of World War II reflects the highest credit upon Lieutenant Pharris and cohances the finest traditions of the United States Naval Service".

    USS Pharris (DE 1094) was the first ship to be named in his honor.

    Top Photo: Credited to Howard Lipin of the San Diego Union-Tribune

    Bottom Photo: President Harry Truman presents the Medal of Honor to three former servicemen, in ceremonies at the White House on 25 June 1948. Recipients are (left to right): Lieutenant Commander Jackson Charles Pharris, USN (Ret); Pharmacist's Mate First Class Francis Junior Pierce, USN; and Staff Sergeant John R. Crews, U.S. Army. (U.S. Navy photo #80-G-705728 from the U.S. Naval Historical Center)
    Bill Gonyo
    Pharris 83k undated image -
    Pharris 121k 01 August 1978: Naval Station Norfolk, Va. - Sunset silhouettes of, from left, the nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser USS South Carolina (CGN 37), the frigate USS Pharris (FF 1094), and the frigate USS Thomas C. Hart (FF 1092). (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-88-07398 by Fred Maroon from the Defense Visual Information Center) Navsource
    Pharris 219k 01 January 1980: at sea - An aerial starboard bow view of Pharris underway during Exercise UNITAS XXI. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-82-10603 from the DVIC)
    Pharris 89k 1980's Lee Atkins
    BT3 (1982-1984)
    Pharris 253k 01 September 1982: off the South American coast during UNITAS XXI - A port beam view of Pharris. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-83-00131 from the DVIC) Navsource
    Pharris 199k 01 September 1982: off the South American coast during UNITAS XXI - An aerial port beam view. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-83-00132 from the DVIC)
    Pharris 166k 01 September 1982: off the South American coast during UNITAS XXI - A horizontal starboard quarter view. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-83-00133 from the DVIC)
    Pharris 133k 01 October 1982: off the South American coast during UNITAS XXI - A starboard bow view. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-83-00271 from the DVIC)
    Pharris 163k 01 October 1982: off the South American coast during UNITAS XXI - A starboard beam view. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-83-00272 from the DVIC)
    Pharris 210k 01 October 1982: in port during UNITAS XXI - A port bow view of the UNITAS XXI ships in port during the exercise. From left to right, Pharris, the guided missile destroyer King (DDG 41) and the destroyer Arthur W. Radford (DD 968). (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-83-00273 from the DVIC)
    Pharris 327k 01 October 1982: off the South American coast during UNITAS XXI - An aerial starboard beam view of Pharris and the destroyer Arthur W. Radford (DD 968). (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-83-00276 from the DVIC)
    Pharris 320k 01 October 1982: off the South American coast during UNITAS XXI - An aerial starboard beam view of Pharris. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-83-00278 from the DVIC)
    Pharris 158k 01 October 1985: at sea during NATO Exercise BALTOPS '85 - The fleet oiler USS Merrimack (AO 179) refuels Pharris. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-86-04965 by PH1 Jeff Hilton from the DVIC)
    Pharris 183k 01 October 1985: at sea during NATO Exercise BALTOPS '85 - A port view of Pharris followed by the guided missile frigate USS Halyburton (FFG 40). An unidentified NATO ship is in the background. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-90-03244 by PH2 Tracy Lee Didas from the DVIC)
    Pharris 188k 01 November 1985: at sea during NATO Exercise BALTOPS '85 - A port beam view of Pharris underway. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-86-04963 by PH3 J. Elliot from the DVIC)
    Pharris 53k 1986 Mark Webber
    Pharris 160k undated ship portrait by © Atlantic Fleet Sales Robert M. Cieri
    Pharris 281k 28 April 1989: at sea - A port beam view of Pharris, one of the ships accompanying the aircraft carrier Forrestal (CV 59) to New York City for Fleet Week '89. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-89-09251 by PH2 Buckner from the DVIC) Navsource
    Pharris 327k 29 April 1989: at sea - A port bow view of Pharris, one of the ships accompanying Forrestal to New York City. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-89-07759 by PHCM Dittmar from the DVIC)
    Pharris 121k 4 May 1989: New York, N.Y. - U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships lie tied up at the Manhattan Passenger Terminal during Fleet Week. In the foreground is the high endurance cutter USCGC Hamilton (WHEC-715) with a civilian tug boat tied up alongside. In the background are the frigates Pharris, left, and W.S. Sims (FF 1059). (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SN-90-09467 by PH2 Randy Waterman from the DVIC)
    Pharris 15k 1989 Mark Webber
    Pharris 37k 1989: good shot of the SH-2F Kaman Seasprite helo we carried.
    Pharris 157k 06 October 1989: Port Everglades, Fla. - Pharris, decorated with bunting and a rainbow flag hoist, sits tied up at the pier during Navy Appreciation Week 1989, which is sponsored by the Port Everglades Authority, the Broward County community and the Navy League of the United States. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-90-05520 by PH2 E.E. Crawford from the DVIC) Navsource
    Pharris 156k 13 October 1989: Port Everglades - Crewmen stand at attention on the pier beside Pharris for the ship's change of command ceremony. The ceremony is taking place during Navy Appreciation Week 1989. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-90-05527 by PH2 E.E. Crawford from the DVIC)
    **Aylwin / Pharris** 600k 08 October 1994: Portsmouth, Va. - A view of a portion of the mothball fleet in storage near Portsmouth. From left to right is the salvage vessel Preserver (ARS 8) the Knox class frigates Pharris and Aylwin (FF 1081) and several Newport class tank landing ships. (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-95-01400 by Don S. Montgomery from the DVIC)


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    The USS Pharris (DE 1094) DANFS history entry
    located on the Naval History and Heritage Command web site is not presently available.
    Pharris's Commanding Officers
    Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves
    Dates of Command Commanding Officers
    1.)   26 Jan. 1974 - 23 Sep. 1975Cmdr. George Eugene O'Brien ('57)
    2.)   23 Sep. 1975 - 09 Feb. 1977Cmdr. Bruce A. Friedsam (New York, N.Y.)
    3.)   09 Feb. 1977 - 12 Jul. 1979Cmdr. Charles Paul Metzler, Jr. (Philadelphia, Pa.)
    4.)   12 Jul. 1979 - 08 Jul. 1981Cmdr. Robert Joseph Dougherty
    5.)   08 Jul. 1981 - 11 Dec. 1982Cmdr. Phillip Roger Olson (Elmhurst, Ill.) (ret. as Radm.)
    6.)   11 Dec. 1982 - 16 Nov. 1984Cmdr. Robert Joseph Cepek
    7.)   16 Nov. 1984 - 20 Feb. 1987Cmdr. Joseph Dallas Clarke IV ('66)
    8.)   20 Feb. 1987 - 11 Oct. 1989Cmdr. William D. Busching (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
    9.)   11 Oct. 1989 - 10 Aug. 1991Cmdr. Jeffrey J. Davidsson
    10.) 10 Aug. 1991 - 15 Apr. 1992Cmdr. Alan Yancey Etter

    Crew Contact And Reunion Information

    Contact Name: ‘Chris’ Christenson
    E-mail: Pharris.1094 at

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