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(Type XXI)
Text courtesy of
Fate: "Surrendered at Horten, Norway on 9 May 1945. Taken to Oslo on 18 May. Left Oslo on 3 June for Lisahally, Northern Ireland, where it arrived on 9 June. Secretly transferred, together with U-3008, to the USA in August 1945, and then allocated to the US Navy as a war prize. It was given a major repair and refit in Portsmouth Navy Yard, NH between September 1945 and January 1946. After initial trials it was commissioned as U-2513, and after that it was used for extended trials, operating mainly out of Key West. It returned to Portsmouth on 1 July 1949, where it was declared "out of service" (with no remaining battery life on 8 July 1949. U-2513 remained at Portsmouth until 21 August 1951, when it was towed back to Key West for the final time. It was authorised for destruction by gunfire on 2 September, and was sunk at 24.53N, 83.15W, west of Key West in the Dry Tortuga project area during rocket tests by the destroyer Robert A. Owens (DD-827) on 7 October 1951".
Text courtesy of Derek Waller

Specifications: Displacement, Surfaced: 1,621 t., Submerged: 1,819 t.; Length 251' 9"; Beam 21' 9"; Draft 20' 3"; Speed, Surfaced 15.5-16 kts, Submerged 17,2; Complement 57; Armament, 23 torpedoes stored in six 21" torpedo tubes, 4 20 mm.;, or 12 TMC mines and 14 torpedoes. Max depth: ca. 280 m (919 feet); Power: (hp) 4000 (sf) 4400 (sm); Range:(miles / knots) 15500/10 (sf) 340/5 (sm)
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SizeImage DescriptionSource
U-25139kPort side view of U-2513, circa 1945. Courtesy of
U-25131.06kU-boats at Portsmouth Navy Yard. U-2513, U-3008 & possibly U-505, circa 1945. Photo i.d. courtesy of Timothy Carrico, John Hart, Ric Hedman, Gudmundur Helgason, John Hummel & Robert Morqan.
USN photo courtesy of Scott Koen &
U-251398kU-2513, off the Key West Naval Station, Florida, 30 October 1946. Official USN photo, # 80-G-705562, now in the collections of the National Archives.
U-2513136kPort side view of the U-2513 underway off the Key West Naval Station, Florida, possibly on 30 October 1946. Photograph courtesy of Skip Riser. His father was stationed in Key West, serving on the Chivo 341, Corporal 346 and the U-2513.
U-251363k View of the U-2513's sail, taken at an Atlantic Coast port on 5 November 1946, during a visit by Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, the Chief of Naval Operations. Nimitz is in the right center, with his back to a "whip" radio antenna. Vice Admiral Forrest P. Sherman, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, is in the center, just to the left of FAdm. Nimitz. Note the submarine's insignia, at left. Collection of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN. Official USN photo, # NH 58138, now in the collections of the National Archives.
U-boats 261k President Harry S. Truman (second from right, white hat) watches the exercises conducted by the Jack W. Wilke (DE-800) while on board submarine U-2513 on 21 November 1946. Also present is Chief Yeoman Charles Langello (foreground, right), tasked with recording the events of President Truman's vacation trip to Key West, Florida. Others are unidentified. From the album The President's Vacation Trip to Key West, 17-23 November 1946. Photo # 63-1373-33 courtesy of
U-boats 120k President Harry S. Truman tries out a pair of German-made binoculars aboard the submarine U-2513. Photo from the President's vacation trip to Key West, Florida.Photo # 66-1403 courtesy of
U-boats 180k Admiral William Leahy atop the conning tower of submarine U-2513, & Admiral Charles W. Styer, (foreground) Assistant Chief of Naval Operations, while on vacation in Key West, Florida with President Harry S. Truman. From the album The President's Vacation Trip to Key West, 17-23 November 1946. Also visible are Special Counsel to the President Clark Clifford (in white, left) and General Wallace Graham (seated, second from left) take a seat up forward to the top of the submarine. Source: USN Photos # 63-1373-40: 63-1373-39 & 63-1373-35 are (inserts), courtesy of
NR KEY WEST, FLA.—PRESIDENT INSPECTS GERMAN SUBMARINE President Truman paused yesterday to wave his hat for photographers from the conning tower of the German submarine U-2513 (Schnorkel type) as he made a tour of inspection aboard the undersea craft. With him (left to right) are: Charles Ross, presidential secretary; Lt. Comdr. J. B. Casler and Admiral William D. Leahy. The President became a member in good standing of the Royal Order of Dunkers when he took a 440-foot dive in the submarine. Man in left background is unidentifled. A.P. Wirephoto.
Image and text provided by Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
Photo from Evening Star. [volume] (Washington, D.C.) 1854-1972, 22 November 1946, Image 3, via
U-251387kPresident Harry S. Truman (right center, in light cap) leaves U-2513, after visiting the former German submarine on 5 December 1947, probably at Key West Naval Station, Florida. Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy is at the far right. Photographed by MacAfee.Official USN photo, # NH 99322, now in the collections of the National Archives. Collection of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN.
Requin 525k President Harry S. Truman at a ceremony aboard U-2513 on 5 December 1947.
The submarines Sea Leopard (SS-483) and what looks to be the Requin (SS-481) are moored alongside as well as their unidentified tender.
Source: USN Photos # 59-1330-3 & 59-1330-1 (insert) courtesy of
Photo by Bettmann/Getty Images, courtesy of
U-boats 232k President Harry S. Truman (in white cap), with Admiral James H. Foskett to his left, receives a bronze plaque and scroll from Lieutenant Commander J. B. Casler aboard the U-2513, declaring President Truman a "Qualified Submariner" after going on board the captured German submarine. Also present is Admiral William D. Leahy (foreground, left). Other sailors and officers are unidentified. Photo # 63-1379-19 courtesy of
U-boats 471k President Harry S. Truman at a ceremony aboard U-2513 on 5 December 1947. Source: USN Photo # 59-1330-4 courtesy of
U-boats 338k President Harry S. Truman showing off his new submarine tie clasp on 5 December 1947. The officers and crew of the submarine U-2513 presented the clasp to President Truman when he visited them while on vacation in Key West, Florida. Photo # 59-1329 courtesy of
U-2513149kGerman sub U-2513 with snorkel (fore) US fleet type submarine Cobbler (SS-344) in the center and Cubera (SS-347), with snorkle off the coast of Florida, September 1948. Photographer: Ralph Morse, courtesy of
U-2513119kGerman sub U-2513 with snorkel, September 1948. Photographer: Ralph Morse, courtesy of
U-2513125kMen on U-2513 checking out snorkel device. Photographer: Ralph Morse, courtesy of
U-2513100kSnorkeling intake seen through periscope of U-2513.Photographer: Ralph Morse, courtesy of
U-2513132kSnorkling device on top of water.Photographer: Ralph Morse, courtesy of
U-2513138kMen checking out equipment on board of submarine U-2513.Photographer: Ralph Morse, courtesy of
U-2513138kGerman snorkel submarine U-2513 that the USA got at the end of the war.Photographer: Ralph Morse, courtesy of
U-boats 624k Interview with Bill Tebo, former U.S. crewmember of the U-2513.PDF courtesy of Arnold A. Putnam.

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