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Patch at left Si Dougherty, patch at right Bill & Beve Doran

Contributed by Al Grazevich

USS Tidewater (AD-31)

International Radio Call Sign:
November - Whiskey - Charlie - Papa
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from left to right
Top Row - American Campaign Medal
Bottom Row - World War II Victory Medal - Navy Occupation Service Medal (with Europe clasp) - National Defense Service Medal (2)

                                                            Engineering E - 1957
                                                            Engineering E - 1959 for Battle Readiness
                                                            Engineering E - 1962 for Battle Readiness

USS Tidewater (AD-31) was transferred to Indonesia, renamed KRI Dumai (562)

Shenandoah Class Destroyer Tender:
  • Laid down, 27 November 1944, at Charleston Navy Yard, Charleston, S.C.
  • Launched, 30 June 1945
  • Commissioned USS Tidewater (AD-31), 8 February 1946, CAPT. Frank H. Ball in command
  • Decommissioned, in 1946 after completion of sea trials
  • Laid up in the Atlantic Reserve Fleet, Charleston, S.C.
  • Recommissioned, 2 October 1951, CAPT. Harold S. Harnly in command
  • Decommissioned, 20 February 1971
  • Transferred, 20 February 1971 under lease agreement to Indonesia
  • Renamed KRI Dumai (562) and commissioned into the Indonesian Navy, 20 February 1971
  • Struck from the Naval Register, 15 June 1978
  • Purchased outright under the Security Assistance Program by Indonesia, 1 March 1980
  • Final Disposition, deleted by the Indonesian Navy in 1984, fate unknown
    Displacement 11,755 t.(lt) 16,880 t.(fl)
    Length 492'
    Beam 69' 6"
    Draft 28';
    Speed 18.4 kts. (trial)
    Officers 59
    Enlisted 918
    Largest Boom Capacity 30 t.
    two single 5"/38 dual purpose gun mounts
    four twin 40mm AA gun mounts
    twelve single 20mm AA gun mounts
    Fuel Capacities
    NSFO 16,105Bbls
    Diesel 4,415Bbls
    one Westinghouse turbine
    two Foster and Wheeler D-type boilers, 435psi, 740°
    single Westinghouse Main Reduction Gear
    Ship's Service Generators
    four turbo-drive 750Kw 450V A.C.
    two turbo-drive 300Kw 120V/240V D.C.
    Single propeller, 8,500shp

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    Size Image Description Contributed
    USS Tidewater (AD-31)
    Tidewater, the low-lying plains of southeast Virginia, northeastern North Carolina, southern Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay. The area got its name from the effects of the changing tides on local rivers, sounds, and the ocean. It has a centuries-old cultural heritage that sets the Tidewater region apart from other parts of the United States, especially its distinctive dialects of English that are gradually disappearing, along with islands and shoreline.
    Photo of Tidewater area map and National Highway Administration photo of Chesapeake Bay.
    Tommy Trampp
    28k Ship print USS Tidewater (AD-31), artist unknown. Tommy Trampp
    119k On 30 June 1945 the destroyer tender Tidewater (AD-31), the biggest ship that Charleston Navy Yard had ever built, was launched from the ways. Congressman L. Mendel Rivers was the speaker at the ceremony which was attended by thousands of yard workers. br>Charleston Navy Yard photo. Robert Hall
    74k Principle participants and distinguished guest at the launching of Tidewater the $10,000,000 destroyer tender launched at Charleston Navy 30 June 1945. Left to right: Representative E.H. Price of Florida; Miss Elisabeth Scott Baker, daughter and maid of honor to the sponsor; Representative L.Mendal Rivers of S.C., speaker; Rear Admiral Jules James, USN, Commandant of the Sixth Naval District and the Charleston Navy Yard who presided over the ceremonies; Mrs. Robert N. Scott Baker,sponsor, wife of Captain Baker, Industrial Manager of the yard; Miss Mae Rogers, an employee of the Sheetmedal shop who presented a bouquet of flowers to the sponsor on behalf of yard employees William M. Zeigler, Chairman of the Central Shop Committee, who presented a silver give to the sponsor on behalf of yard employees.
    Charleston Navy Yard photo # 2347-7.
    Robert Hall
    357k Tidewater (AD-31) just prior launching at Charleston Navy Yard, Charleston, SC, 30 June 1945. br>US Navy photo, Charleston Navy Yard photo. David Wright
    Tidewater 138k Tidewater (AD-31) launching at Charleston Navy Yard, Charleston, SC, 30 June 1945.
    US Navy photo, Charleston Navy Yard photo.
    Submitted by Robert Hall USS Tidewater 1968-71, Contributed by Gerald Teaster
    Tidewater 92k Tidewater (AD-31) fitting out at Pier C, Naval Shipyard Charleston, S.C., 4 January 1946.
    Naval Shipyard Charleston photo # 2-46.
    Robert Hall USS Tidewater 1968-71
    80k Principle participants and distinguished guest at the USS Tidewater (AD-31) commissioning ceremony, 8 February 1946
    Charleston Navy Yard photo
    Robert Hall
    Tidewater 32k USS Tidewater (AD-31) moored at Charleston Navy Yard, Charleston, SC, 1946.
    Photo courtesy George Lisee
    Ron Reeves
    Tidewater 82k USS Tidewater (AD-31) serving as an accommodation ship for SubGrpThreeChasGrpLantResFlt while laid up in the Charleston Group, Atlantic Reserve Fleet, circa 1951-52.. Robert Hall USS Tidewater 1968-71
    LSM-558 127k Charleston Navy Yard fitting out pier "C" looking north to river end. Shop field offices and Building Ways 1 and 2 in background on left. Ships present USS LSM-556, USS LSM-557, USS LSM-558 front row. Second row USS LSM-553, USS LSM-554 and USS LSM-555. Beyond the LSMs is USS Tidewater (AD-31).
    Charleston Navy Yard photo # 1997-45
    USS LSM / LSMR Association
    Tidewater 88k USS Tidewater (AD-31) under way in 1954, location unknown. Richard Miller BMCS USNR Ret.
    300k USS Tidewater (AD-31) at anchor, circa 1954, location unknown.
    U.S. Navy photo from the USS Tidewater (AD-31) 1954 cruise book
    Robert Hurt
    Tidewater 43k USS Tidewater (AD-31) 1960 Mediterranean Cruise Book Cover photo Bill Doran USS Tidewater 1958-62
    Tidewater 64k USS Tidewater (AD-31) under way, date and location unknown. Bill Doran USS Tidewater 1958-62
    Tidewater 82k USS Tidewater (AD-31) under way, date and location unknown. Courtesy Paul Witkowski via Bill Cook
    Tidewater 218k USS Tidewater (AD-31) under way at Norfolk, VA., date unknown. Mike Smolinski
    Tidewater 82k USS Tidewater (AD-31) moored to a buoy at Naples Italy, late May 1962 with from inboard to outboard; USS William W. Wood (DDR-715), unknown DD, USS Charles R. Ware (DD-865), and USS Harwood (DDE-861) Photo by Jack C. Sofield
    Tidewater 114k USS Tidewater (AD-31) under way in Hampton Roads, VA., 16 March 1965. Helicopter and additional repair facilities have been added on the stern in place of one 5"/38 gun.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # KN 12874, courtesy
    Robert Hurst
    Tidewater 88k USS Tidewater (AD-31) at Naples, Italy, 1962. Tidewater divers changing one of USS Stickell (DD-888)'s screws underwater. The normal procedure when doing this repair is to dry dock the ship then remove and replace her screw while the ship is out of the water. Robert Hall USS Tidewater 1968-71, photos ©Terry Braga USS Tidewater diver.
    Tidewater 73k USS Tidewater (AD-31) departing San Juan, Puerto Rico with Morro Castle in the background, date unknown. In this photo Tidewater shows the new helicopter platform added to her fantail.
    US Navy photo from "All Hands" magazine, August 1963
    Joe Radigan MACM USN Ret
    Tidewater 42k View from USS Tidewater (AD-31) refueling from USS Chikaskia (AO-54) while enroute from a Mediterranean deployment back to the US in 1965. USS Stribling (DD-867) is off the starboard quarter of Chikaskia. Photo ©William D. Cook. Robert Hall USS Tidewater 1968-71
    Tidewater 169k USS Tidewater (AD-31) crew changing one of USS Sampson (DDG-10)'s propellers at Souda Bay, Crete in 1967. Photos are from Tidewater's 1967 Mediterranean Cruise Book. Robert Hall USS Tidewater 1968-71
    Tidewater 69k USS Tidewater (AD-31) at sea, 1967. Note the DASH hanger at the stern of the ship. This is her last configuration before being turned over to the Indonesian Navy. Robert Hall USS Tidewater 1968-71
    Tidewater 26k USS Tidewater (AD-31) under way in the Mediterranean Sea, 1967. Robert Hall USS Tidewater 1968-71
    Tidewater 43k USS Tidewater (AD-31) under way, location unknown, circa 1967-68. Robert Hall USS Tidewater 1968-71, Courtesy John P. Derr, CDR. USN, Ret.
    Tidewater 43k USS Tidewater (AD-31) change of command June 1968, Captain Harward USN departing Captain Michael F. Durkin USN assuming command.
    US Navy photo.
    Robert Hall USS Tidewater 1968-71, Courtesy CAPT. Robert Frampton, SC USN
    KRI Dumai (562)
    Tidewater 254k Ex-USS Tidewater (AD-31) and postal cover in Indonesian service as KRI Dumai (562) moored pierside at Naval Station Pearl Harbor, HI., while enroute from Norfolk VA. to her new home in Indonesia.
    Photo by Michael Longseth.
    Ron Reeves and Robert Hall

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  • Crew Contact And Reunion Information Web Sites
    U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation - Navy Log

    22 July 1955 - 9 October 1956
    Commanding Officers
    01CAPT. Ball, Frank Haywood19 February 1946 - 15 January 1947
     Decommissioned15 January 1947 - 20 October 1951
    02CAPT. Harnly, Harold Shepard20 October 1951 - 24 October 1952
    03CAPT. Ailes III, John Williams :RADM24 October 1952 - 1 May 1953
    01CAPT. Watson, William Henry1 May 1953 - 24 May 1954
    04CAPT. Mott II, Elias Bertram24 May 1954 - 22 July 1955
    05CAPT. Hanson Jr., Burton S., USN (USNA 1930)
    06CAPT. Parker, Alton Enoch9 October 1956 - 12 October 1957
    07CAPT. Van Arsdall Jr., Clyde James, USN (USNA 1934) :RADM12 October 1957 - 31 October 1958
    08CAPT. Latham, Richard Clark, USN (USNA 1934) (Photo as CDR.)31 October 1958 - 12 September 1959
    09CAPT. Hunt Jr., William Andrew12 September 1959 - 29 September 1960
    10CAPT. Clark Jr., Charles Robert (Obituary)29 September 1960 - 16 October 1961
    11CAPT. Hawes, George Mason16 October 1961 - 18 January 1963
    12CAPT. MacMillan, Oscar David18 January 1963 - 21 April 1964
    13CAPT. Spitler, Joseph Clark21 April 1964 - 25 June 1965
    14CAPT. Guidry, Joseph Wilmer (Will)25 June 1965 - 10 October 1966
    15CAPT. Harward, Robert S10 October 1966 - 11 June 1968
    16CAPT. Durkin, Michael Francis11 June 1968 - 18 July 1969
    17CAPT. Mitchell, Frank Aloysius18 July 1969 - 18 December 1970
    18CDR. Multer, Richard Philip18 December 1970 - 20 February 1971
    Courtesy Wolfgang Hechler and Ron Reeves

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