Net Laying was usually done by:
    1. Net Tender Ships only.
    2. Net Tenders assisted by other ships such as Net Cargo Ships, Tugs, Landing Craft (LCM's) or barges.

This was usually done when the following 3 circumstances were combined.
    (a) Appreciable distance from Net Depot to point of Installation.
    (b) Cold, foul weather where it was especially undesirable to work in small boats with Net Tender.
    (c) A situation calling for the installation of a short piece of net in an out of the way place.

The following Net Laying installation took place in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska in 1944.

Orders were received by USS Eucalyptus AN-16 and USS Mulberry AN-27 to begin laying the Kuluk Bay net in the Adak region.

Material and facilities for construction were not available at Adak. Sand Bay on Great Sitkin Island, the main Net Depot for the Aleutian area, was approximately 20 miles from the net site. It was decided to construct the nets at Sand Bay.

It was also decided to haul the net on the deck of the USS Eucalyptus.

It was found that six panel sections could be handled nicely and this became the standard load. Sections were made up with standard 30 foot panels.

The flotations were attached to nets which were loaded by crane on the Eucalyptus. (See Figures 19 & 20). The Net Tender was one of the few types of vessels, other than amphibious ships, with a stern anchor in addition to the normal bow anchor. The amphibious ships would drop their stern anchor a distance behind them before beaching their ship. They would then heave in on the stern anchor to pull themselves off the beach when they were ready to leave. Net tenders used the same principle with stern anchor when unloading net sections into the water and streaming (stretching) net sections.

When the Eucalyptus returned to the Net site she discharged the net and flotations using her stern (rear) anchor and winches and followed normal installation procedures. (See Figures 21 and 22)

A 2,500 pound anchor was used for a temporary mooring to hold the net in place. The Eucalyptus then returned to Sand Bay for another load of Net and Flotations.

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