While the Eucalyptus was transporting and discharging Nets and flotations the USS Mulberry laid the Net moorings. This probably consisted of concrete block anchors and steel stockless anchors.

It was found that the operation was more satisfactory when the Mulberry remained one section behind the Net Laying Eucalyptus.

This Net installation was begun on 21 April 1944 and completed 14 June 1944.

All materials for Net installations were handled by Net Depots located at ports throughout the different areas.

There were also 5 floating Net Depots. They were designated as Net Cargo ships (AKN's). They were converted from 4 large Liberty Cargo ships and 1 old freighter. Their large cargo space could transport Net materials to the Net Laying areas for Net Tenders (AN's) to lay. In addition., they would also assemble the Nets and Flotations on their large decks and stream (launch) the Nets to Net Tenders or sometimes to LCM Landing Craft or tugs. These vessels would then tow the Net and Floatations to laying areas.

Known installations of this method are as follows:

Pictures in (Figures 23-24-25) were taken at Kwajalein in the Marshall Island group. This was a 3,456 yard Net Laying operation that started July 5, 1944 and was completed on July 17,1944. The Nets were laid by Net Tenders USS Papaya AN-49, USS Chinguapin AN-17 and USS Elder AN-20. Net was unloaded from the Net Cargo Ship USS Keokuk and towed to the Net Line by an LCM Landing Craft.

Another similar Net Laying installation in the Pacific took place in June and July of 1944 at Manus in the Admiralty Islands (See Figures 26-27-28-29). Net Tenders USS Silverbell AN-51 and USS Cinnamon AN-50 laid 8,950 yards of Torpedo Net to protect the harbor. Net was unloaded from the Net Cargo Ship USS Indus and towed to the net line by an LCM Landing Craft. 2 of the baffles closed the main passage into the anchorage and were joined by a gate section operated by a Yard Net Gate vessel (YNG).

Following this operation the Net Cargo ship Indus took a journey to get a new load of Net Material and returned to Mios Woend (an island south of Biak). There Net Tenders USS Silverbell AN-51 and USS Teaberry AN-34 installed 3,052 yards of Torpedo Net in 9 working days.

In both the above installations the anchors were unloaded by the Net Tenders from a Pontoon Barge, rather then from the Net Cargo Ship. This made it easier and faster for the Net Cargo Ship to assemble and discharge nets.

After the large Ulithi Anchorage in the Caroline Island Group was taken in September 1944, Net Tenders USS Cornel AN-45 and USS Viburnum AN-57 worked with the Net Cargo Ship USS Tuscana AKN-3, installing Nets there.

This anchorage required about 20 miles of net, therefore other Net Tenders were most likely involved in this operation.

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