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Vehicle Cargo Ship (AKR)
Large Medium Speed Roll-on/Roll-off Ship (LMSR)

US Navy Military Sealift Command LMSR Fact Sheet
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T-AKR-7 Comet ex T-LSV-7
T-AKR-9 Meteor ex Sea Lift (T-LSV-9)
T-AKR-10 Mercury Renamed SS Cape Island (AKR-10)
T-AKR-11 Jupiter Renamed SS Cape Intrepid (AKR-11)
AKR-112 MV Cape Texas
AKR-113 MV Cape Taylor
AKR-287 SS Algol ex T-AKR-287 ex T-AK-287
AKR-288 SS Bellatrix ex T-AKR-288 ex T-AK-288
AKR-289 SS Denebola ex T-AKR-289 ex T-AK-289
AKR-290 SS Pollux ex T-AKR-290 ex T-AK-290
AKR-291 SS Altair ex T-AKR-291 ex T-AK-291
AKR-292 SS Regulus ex T-AKR-292 ex T-AK-292
AKR-293 SS Capella ex T-AKR-293 ex T-AK-293
AKR-294 SS Antares ex T-AKR-294 ex T-AK-294
T-AKR-295 Shughart
T-AKR-296 Gordon
T-AKR-297 Yano
T-AKR-298 Gilliland
T-AKR-299 Soderman reclassified/renamed GYSGT Fred W. Stockham (T-AK-3017)
T-AKR-300 Bob Hope
T-AKR-301 Fisher
T-AKR-302 Seay
T-AKR-303 Mendonca
T-AKR-304 Pililaau
T-AKR-305 Brittin
T-AKR-306 Benavidez
T-AKR-310 Watson
T-AKR-311 Sisler
T-AKR-312 Dahl
T-AKR-313 Red Cloud
T-AKR-314 Charlton
T-AKR-315 Watkins
T-AKR-316 Pomeroy
T-AKR-317 Soderman
AKR-1001 GTS Admiral W. M. Callaghan
AKR-2044 MV Cape Orlando
AKR-5051 MV Cape Ducato
AKR-5052 MV Cape Douglas
AKR-5053 MV Cape Domingo
AKR-5054 MV Cape Decision
AKR-5055 MV Cape Diamond
AKR-5062 SS Cape Isabel
AKR-5063 SS Cape May
AKR-5064 SS Cape Mendocino
AKR-5065 SS Cape Mohican
AKR-5066 MV Cape Hudson
AKR-5067 MV Cape Henry
AKR-5068 MV Cape Horn
AKR-5069 MV Cape Edmont
AKR-5076 SS Cape Inscription
AKR-5077 MV Cape Lambert
AKR-5078 MV Cape Lobos
AKR-5082 MV Cape Knox
AKR-5083 MV Cape Kennedy
AKR-9205 MV Virginian ex Strong Virginian (AK-9205)
AKR-9666 MV Cape Vincent
AKR-9670 MV Strong Texan
AKR-9672 MV American Falcon
AKR-9673 MV American Condor
AKR-9678 MV Cape Rise
AKR-9679 MV Cape Ray
AKR-9701 MV Cape Victory
AKR-9711 MV Cape Trinity
AKR-9960 MV Cape Race
AKR-9961 MV Cape Washington
AKR-9962 MV Cape Wrath

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