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Auxiliary Minelayer (ACM / MMA)

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Auxiliary Minelayers (ACM / MMA)
Chimo Class Auxiliary Minelayer
(ACM-1 to ACM-3)
ACM-1 Chimo
ACM-2 Planter
ACM-3 Barricade
Buttress Class Auxiliary Minelayer
ACM-4 Buttress ex-PCE-878
Chimo Class Auxiliary Minelayer Continued
(ACM-5 to ACM-9)
ACM-5 Barbican
ACM-6 Bastion
ACM-7 Obstructor
ACM-8 Picket
ACM-9 Trapper Renamed/Reclassified Yamacraw (ARC-5)
Monadnock Class Auxiliary Minelayer
ACM-10 Monadnock ex-CM-9
Camanche Class Auxiliary Minelayer
(ACM-11 to ACM-16
ACM / MMA-11 Camanche
ACM / MMA-12 Canonicus
ACM / MMA-13 Miantonomah
ACM / MMA-14 Monadnock
ACM / MMA-15 Nausett
ACM / MMA-16 Puritan
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