Motor Minesweeper (AMS)
Minesweeper Coastal (MSC)
Minesweeper Coastal (Old) (MSC[O])
Inshore Minesweeper (MSI)

Motor Minesweeper Line Drawing courtesy of Spanish Navy

On 18 February 1947, 39 Auxiliary Motor Minesweepers (YMS) were given names and redesignated AMS-1 through 39. Thus began the Motor Minesweeper (AMS) classification. The first 39 were followed in short order by 19 more former YMS' to make a total of 58. Intended for sweeping mines close to enemy shores and in shallow waters, this type of ship proved less than satisfactory. Their hulls, though made of wood, were too magnetic and susceptible to magnetic mines. In the early 1950's a new type of AMS that was nonmagnetic was laid down. Most of the new AMS', were under construction for loan to foreign countries under the Military Defense Assistance Pact.

To distinguish between the new nonmagnetic AMS' and the former YMS' rated as AMS', the Naval Classification system for mine warfare ships was revised. On 7 February 1955, all the World War II built AMS', still extant, were reclassified Coastal Minesweeper (Old) [MSC(O)]. All the new construction Auxiliary Motor Minesweepers were reclassified Coastal Minesweeper (MSC), starting with MSC-60.

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Motor, Coastal and Inshore Minesweeper Photo Index
Motor & Coastal Minesweepers
AMS / MSC(O)-1 Albatross ex-YMS-80
AMS-2 Bobolink ex-YMS-164 Reclassified MHC-44
AMS-3 Bunting ex-YMS-170 Reclassified MHC-45
AMS / MSC(O)-4 Cardinal ex-YMS-179
AMS / MSC(O)-5 Condor ex-YMS-192
AMS / MSC(O)-6 Courser ex-YMS-201
AMS / MSC(O)-7 Crow ex-YMS-215
AMS / MSC(O)-8 Curlew ex-YMS-218
AMS / MSC(O)-9 Flicker ex-YMS-219
AMS / MSC(O)-10 Firecrest ex-YMS-231
AMS / MSC(O)-11 Flamingo ex-YMS-238
AMS / MSC(O)-12 Goldfinch ex-YMS-306
AMS / MSC(O)-13 Grackle ex-YMS-312
AMS / MSC(O)-14 Grosbeak ex-YMS-317
AMS / MSC(O)-15 Grouse ex-YMS-321
AMS-16 Gull ex-YMS-324 Reclassified AMCU-46
AMS / MSC(O)-17 Hawk ex-YMS-362
AMS / MSC(O)-18 Heron ex-YMS-369
AMS / MSC(O)-19 Hornbill ex-YMS-371
AMS / MSC(O)-20 Hummer ex-YMS-372
AMS / MSC(O)-21 Jackdaw ex-YMS-373
AMS / MSC(O)-22 Kite ex-YMS-374
AMS / MSC(O)-23 Lark ex-YMS-376
AMS / MSC(O)-24 Linnet ex YMS-395
AMS-25 Magpie ex-YMS-400
AMS-26 Merganser ex-YMS-417 Reclassified AMCU-47
AMS / MSC(O)-27 Mockingbird ex-YMS-419
AMS / MSC(O)-28 Osprey ex YMS-422
AMS / MSC-29 Ostrich ex-YMS-430
AMS-30 Parrakeet ex-YMS-434
AMS-31 Partridge ex-YMS-437
AMS / MSC(O)-32 Pelican ex-YMS-441
AMS / MSC(O)-33 Plover ex-YMS-442
AMS-34 Redhead ex-YMS-443 Reclassified AMCU-48
AMS-35 Sanderling ex-YMS-446 Reclassified AMCU-49
AMS / MSC(O)-36 Swallow ex-YMS-461
AMS / MSC(O)-37 Swan ex-YMS-470
AMS / MSC(O)-38 Verdin ex-YMS-471
AMS-39 Waxbill ex-YMS-479 Reclassified AMCU-50
AMS / MSC(O)-40 Chatterer ex-YMS-415
AMS / MSC(O)-41 Barbet ex-YMS-45
AMS / MSC(O)-42 Brambling ex-YMS-109
AMS / MSC(O)-43 Brant ex-YMS-113
AMS / MSC(O)-44 Courlan ex-YMS-114
AMS / MSC(O)-45 Crossbill ex-YMS-120
AMS / MSC(O)-46 Egret ex-YMS-136
AMS / MSC(O)-47 Fulmar ex-YMS-193
AMS / MSC(O)-48 Lapwing ex-YMS-268
AMS / MSC(O)-49 Lorikeet ex-YMS-271
AMS / MSC(O)-50 Nightingale ex-YMS-290
AMS / MSC(O)-51 Reedbird ex-YMS-291
AMS / MSC(O)-52 Rhea ex-YMS-299
AMS / MSC(O)-53 Robin ex-YMS-311
AMS / MSC(O)-54 Ruff ex-YMS-327
AMS / MSC(O)-55 Seagull ex-YMS-402
AMS / MSC(O)-56 Turkey ex-YMS-444
AMS / MSC(O)-57 Redpoll ex-YMS-294
AMS / MSC(O)-58 Siskin ex-YMS-425
AMS-59 ex-PCS-1400 Named/Reclassified Coquille (PCS 1400)
Adjutant Class
(MSC-60 to MSC-120, MSC-123 to MSC-171, MSC-214 to MSC-217 and MSC-238 to MSC-240)
AMS / MSC-60 to Portugal as Ponta Delgada (M 405)
AMS / MSC-61 to Portugal as Horta (M 406)
AMS / MSC-62 to Portugal as Angra Do Heroismo (M 407)
AMS / MSC-63 to Belgium as Lier (M 912)
AMS / MSC-64 to Belgium as St. Niklaas (M 918)
AMS / MSC-65 to Belgium as Diksmuide (M 920)
AMS / MSC-66 to France as Aconite (M 640)
AMS / MSC-67 to France as Azalée (M 668)
AMS / MSC-68 to France as Camélia (M 671)
AMS / MSC-69 Bittern to France as Acacia (M 638)
AMS / MSC-70 to France as Acanthe (M 639)
AMS / MSC-71 to France as Ajonc (M 667)
AMS / MSC-72 Dotterel to Italy as Abete (M 5501)
AMS / MSC-73 to Italy as Betulla (M 5503)
AMS / MSC-74 to Italy as Castagno (M 5504) then to Greece as Erato (M 60)
AMS / MSC-75 to Italy as Gelso (M 5509) then to Greece as Euniki (M 61)
AMS / MSC-76 to Italy as Ontano (M 5513)
AMS / MSC-77 to Belgium as Diest (M 910)
AMS / MSC-78 to Belgium as Maaseik (M 913)
AMS / MSC-79 to Italy as Acacia (M 5502)
AMS / MSC-80 to Italy as Ciciegio (M 5506)
AMS / MSC-81 to Italy as Faggio (M 5507)
AMS / MSC-82 to Italy as Larice (M 5510)
AMS / MSC-83 to France as Bégonia (M 669)
AMS / MSC-84 to France as Coquelicot (M 673)
AMS / MSC-85 to France as Giroflée (M 677)
AMS / MSC-86 to France as Laurier (M 681)
AMS / MSC-87 to France as Magnolia (M 685)
AMS / MSC-88 to Italy as Cedro (M 5505)
AMS / MSC-89 to Italy as Frassino (M 5508)
AMS / MSC-90 to Italy as Noce (M 5511)
AMS / MSC-91 to Portugal as Vila do Porto (M 408)
AMS / MSC-92 to Portugal as Santa Cruz (M 409)
AMS / MSC-93 to France as Lilas (M 682)
AMS / MSC-94 to France as Marguerite (M 686)
AMS / MSC-95 to France as Narcisse (M 690)
AMS / MSC-96 to France as Lobélla (M 684)
AMS / MSC-97 to France as Muguet (M 688)
AMS / MSC-98 to France as Liseron (M 683)
AMS / MSC-99 to France as Mimosa (M 687)
AMS / MSC-100 to The Netherlands as Breukelen (M 852)
AMS / MSC-101 to Belgium as Eeklo (M 911)
AMS / MSC-102 to Norway as Sauda (M 311)
AMS / MSC-103 to Belgium as Roeselaere (M 914)
AMS / MSC-104 to Belgium as Arlon (M 915)
AMS / MSC-105 to The Netherlands as Beemster (M 845)
AMS / MSC-106 to The Netherlands as Bedum (M 847)
AMS / MSC-107 to The Netherlands as Borculo (M 849)
AMS / MSC-108 to The Netherlands as Borne (M 850)
AMS / MSC-109 to The Netherlands as Bolsward (M 846)
AMS / MSC-110 to The Netherlands as Beilen (M 848)
AMS / MSC-111 to The Netherlands as Brummen (M 851)
AMS / MSC-112 to The Netherlands as Blaricum (M 853)
AMS / MSC-113 to France as Chrysanthème (M 672)
AMS / MSC-114 to France as Gardénia (M 676)
AMS / MSC-115 to France as Jacinthe (M 680)
AMS / MSC-116 to France as Bleuet (M 670)
AMS / MSC-117 to France as Églantine (M 675)
AMS / MSC-118 to France as Glycine (M 679)
AMS / MSC-119 to France as Cyclamen (M 674)
AMS / MSC-120 to France as Glaïeul (M 678)
Bluebird Class
(MSC-121 & MSC-122)
AMS / MSC-121 Bluebird
AMS / MSC-122 Cormorant
Adjutant Class - Continued
(MSC-123 to MSC-171)
AMS / MSC-123 to France as Myosotis (M 689)
AMS / MSC-124 to France as Pavot (M 631)
AMS / MSC-125 to France as Pivoine (M 633)
AMS / MSC-126 to France as Réséda (M 635)
AMS / MSC-127 to Denmark as Aarøsund (M 571)
AMS / MSC-128 to Denmark as Alssund (M 572)
AMS / MSC-129 to Denmark as Egernsund (M 573)
AMS / MSC-130 to Spain as Turia (M 27)
AMS / MSC-130 to Belgium as De Panne (M 925)
AMS / MSC-132 to Norway as Sira (M 312)
AMS / MSC-133 to Italy as Olmo (M 5512)
AMS / MSC-134 to Italy as Pino (M 5514)
AMS / MSC-135 to Italy as Pioppo (M 5515)
AMS / MSC-136 to Italy as Platano (M 5516)
AMS / MSC-137 to Italy as Quercia (M 5517)
AMS / MSC-138 to Pakistan as Muhafiz (M 163)
AMS / MSC-139 to Spain as Nalón (M 21)
AMS / MSC-140 to France as Pâquerette (M 692)
AMS / MSC-141 to France as Pervenche (M 693)
AMS / MSC-142 to France as Renoncule (M 634)
AMS / MSC-143 to Spain as Llobregat (M 22)
AMS / MSC-144 to Japan as Yashima (MSC 651)
AMS / MSC-145 to Portugal as Velas (M 140)
AMS / MSC-146 to Portugal as Lajes (M 141)
AMS / MSC-147 to Portugal as S. Pedro (M 142)
AMS / MSC-148 to The Netherlands as Breskens (M 855)
AMS / MSC-149 to The Netherlands as Boxtel (M 857)
AMS / MSC-150 to The Netherlands as Brouwershaven (M 858)
AMS / MSC-151 to Belgium as Bastogne (M 916)
AMS / MSC-152 to Belgium as Charloroi (M 917)
AMS / MSC-153 to Belgium as Herve (M 191)
AMS / MSC-154 to Belgium as Malmedy (M 922)
AMS-155 to AMS-166 Canceled
AMS / MSC-167 to The Netherlands as Brielle (M 854)
AMS / MSC-168 to The Netherlands as Bruinisse (M 856)
AMS / MSC-169 to Belgium as St. Truiden (M 919)
AMS / MSC-170 to Belgium as Blankenberge (M 923)
AMS / MSC-171 to Belgium as Laroche (M 924)
MSC-172 Class
(MSC-172 to MSC-189, MSC-210 to MSC-213, MSC-222 to MSC-237 and MSC-241 to MSC-253)
AMS / MSC-172 Built in The Netherlands as Dokkum (M 801)
AMS / MSC-173 Built in The Netherlands as Hoogezand (M 802)
AMS / MSC-174 Built in The Netherlands as Roermond (M 806)
AMS / MSC-175 Built in The Netherlands as Naaldwijk (M 809)
AMS / MSC-176 Built in The Netherlands as Abcoude (M 810)
AMS / MSC-177 Built in The Netherlands as Drachten (M 812)
AMS / MSC-178 Built in The Netherlands as Ommen (M 813)
AMS / MSC-179 Built in The Netherlands as Giethoorn (M 815)
AMS / MSC-180 Built in The Netherlands as Venlo (M 817)
AMS / MSC-181 Built in The Netherlands as Drunen (M 818)
AMS / MSC-182 Built in The Netherlands as Woerden (M 820)
AMS / MSC-183 Built in The Netherlands as Naarden (M 823)
AMS / MSC-184 Built in The Netherlands as Hoogeveen (M 827)
AMS / MSC-185 Built in The Netherlands as Staphorst (M 828)
AMS / MSC-186 Built in The Netherlands as Sittard (M 830)
AMS / MSC-187 Built in The Netherlands as Gemert (M 841)
AMS / MSC-188 Built in The Netherlands as Veere (M 842)
AMS / MSC-189 Built in The Netherlands as Rhenen (M 844)
Falcon Class
(MSC-190 to MSC-199)
AMS / MSC-190 Falcon
AMS / MSC-191 Frigate Bird
AMS / MSC-192 Hummingbird
AMS / MSC-193 Jacana
AMS / MSC-194 Kingbird
AMS / MSC-195 Limpkin
AMS / MSC-196 Meadowlark
AMS / MSC-197 Parrot
AMS / MSC-198 Peacock
AMS / MSC-199 Phoebe
Redwing Class
(MSC-200 to MSC-209)
AMS / MSC-200 Redwing
AMS / MSC-201 Shrike
AMS / MSC-202 Spoonbill
AMS / MSC-203 Thrasher
AMS / MSC-204 Thrush
AMS / MSC-205 Vireo
AMS / MSC-206 Warbler
AMS / MSC-207 Whippoorwill
AMS / MSC-208 Widgeon
AMS / MSC-209 Woodpecker
MSC-172 Class Continued
(MSC-210 to MSC-213)
AMS / MSC-210 Built in France as Sirius (M 701)
AMS / MSC-211 Built in France as Algol (M 704)
AMS / MSC-212 Built in France as Aldébaran (M 705)
AMS / MSC-213 Built in France as Régulus (M 706)
Adjutant Class Continued
(MSC-214 to MSC-217)
AMS / MSC-214 Built in France as Bambu (M 5521)
AMS / MSC-215 Built in Italy as Ebano (M 5522)
AMS / MSC-216 Built in Italy as Mango (M 5523)
AMS / MSC-217 Built in Italy as Mogano (M 5524)
MSC-218 Class
(MSC-218 to MSC-221 and MSC-255 to MSC-267)
AMS / MSC-218 to the Philippines as Zambales (PM 55)
AMS / MSC-219 to the Philippines as Zamboanga Del Norte (PM 56)
AMS / MSC-220 to Spain as Júcar (M 23)
AMS / MSC-221 to Denmark as Omøsund (M 576)
MSC-172 Class Continued
(MSC-222 to MSC-237)
AMS / MSC-222 Built in France as Pégase (M 710)
AMS / MSC-223 Built in France as Bellatrix (M 750)
AMS / MSC-224 Built in France as Persée (M 748)
AMS / MSC-225 Built in France as Dénébola (M 751)
AMS / MSC-226 Built in France as Centaure (M 752)
AMS / MSC-227 Built in France as Fomalhaut (M 753)
AMS / MSC-228 Built in France as Canopus (M 754)
AMS / MSC-229 Built in France and transferred to Yugoslavia as Hrabri (M 151)
AMS / MSC-230 Built in France and transferred to Yugoslavia as Slobodni (M 153)
AMS / MSC-231 Built in France and transferred to Yugoslavia as Smeli
(M 152)
AMS / MSC-232 Built in France as Phénix (M 749)
AMS / MSC-233 Built in France as Capella (M 755)
AMS / MSC-234 Built in France as Céphée (M 756)
AMS / MSC-235 Built in France as Verseau (M 757)
AMS / MSC-236 Built in France as Lyre (M 759)
AMS / MSC-237 Built in France as Ariès (M 758)
Adjutant Class Continued
(MSC-238 to MSC-240)
AMS / MSC-238 Built in Italy as Palma (M 5525)
AMS / MSC-239 Built in Italy as Rovere (M 5526)
AMS / MSC-240 Built in Italy as Sandalo (M 5527)
MSC-172 Class Continued
(MSC-241 to MSC-253)
AMS / MSC-241 Built in Portugal as Sao Roque (M 401)
AMS / MSC-242 Built in Portugal as Lagoa (M 403)
AMS / MSC-243 Built in France as Rigel (M 702)
AMS / MSC-244 Built in France as Antarès (M 703)
AMS / MSC-245 Built in France as Véga (M 707)
AMS / MSC-246 Built in France as Cassiopée (M 740)
AMS / MSC-247 Built in France as Éridan (M 741)
AMS / MSC-248 Built in France as Castor (M 708)
AMS / MSC-249 Built in France as Pollux (M 709)
AMS / MSC-250 Built in France as Orion (M 742)
AMS / MSC-251 Built in France as Sagittaire (M 743)
AMS / MSC-252 Built in France as Achernar (M 744)
AMS / MSC-253 Built in France as Procyon (M 745)
MSC-254 Class
AMS / MSC-254 Built in France as Mercure (M 765)
MSC-218 Class Continued
(MSC-255 to MSC-267)
AMS / MSC-255 to Japan as Tsushima (MSC 653)
AMS / MSC-256 to Denmark as Grønsund (M 574)
AMS / MSC-257 to Denmark as Guldborgsund (M 575)
AMS / MSC-258 to Japan as Toshima (M 654)
AMS / MSC-259 to Belgium as Verviers (M 934)
AMS / MSC-260 to Belgium as Veurne (M 935)
AMS / MSC-261 to Pakistan as Musahid (M 164)
AMS / MSC-262 to Pakistan as Mubarak (M 162)
AMS / MSC-263 to Denmark as Ulvsund (M 577)
AMS / MSC-264 to Denmark as Vilsund (M 578)
AMS / MSC-265 to Spain as Ulla (M 24)
AMS / MSC-266 to Spain as Miño (M 25)
AMS / MSC-267 to Pakistan as Mahmood (M 160)
MSC-268 Class
(MSC-268 to MSC-288)
MSC-268 to Turkey as Samsun (M 257)
MSC-269 to Spain as Ebro (M 26)
MSC-270 to Turkey as Sinop (M 258)
MSC-271 to Turkey as Sürmene (M 259)
MSC-272 to Turkey as Seddülbahír (M 260)
MSC-273 to Pakistan as Munsif (M 166)
MSC-274 to Pakistan as Mukhtar (M 165)
MSC-275 to Iran as Shahraz (M 32)
MSC-276 to Iran as Shahrokh (MSC 31)
MSC-277 to China as Yung Nien (MSC 157)
MSC-278 to China as Yung Chou (MSC 158)
MSC-279 to Spain as Genil (M 31)
MSC-280 to Italy as Salice (M 5519)
MSC-281 to South Vietnam as Ham Tu II (HQ 114)
MSC-282 to South Vietnam as Chuong Duong II (HQ 115)
MSC-283 to South Vietnam as Bach Dang (HQ 116)
MSC-284 to South Korea as Kum San (MSC 522)
MSC-285 to South Korea as Ko Hung (MSC 523)
MSC-286 to South Korea as Kum Kok (MSC 525)
MSC-287 to Spain as Tajo (M 30)
MSC-288 to Spain as Odiel (M 32)
Albatross Class
(MSC-289 to MSC-291)
MSC-289 Albatross
MSC-290 Gannet
MSC-291 to Iran as Simorgh (MSC 33)
MSC-292 Class
(MSC-292 to MSC-293)
MSC-292 to Iran as Karkas (MSC 34)
MSC-293 to Pakistan as Momin (M 161)
MSC-294 Class
(MSC-294 to MSC-325)
MSC-294 to Pakistan as Moshal (M 167)
MSC-295 to South Korea as Nam Yang (MSC 526)
MSC-296 to South Korea as Ha Dong (MSC 527)
MSC-297 to Thailand as Ladya (MSC 5)
MSC-298 to Greece as Doris (M 245)
MSC-299 to Greece as Aigli (M 246)
MSC-300 to China as Yung Ju (MSC 160)
MSC-301 to Thailand as Tadindeng (MSC 7)
MSC-302 to China as Yung Hsin (MSC 159)
MSC-303 to Thailand as Bangkeo (MSC 6)
MSC-304 to Turkey as Silifke (M 263)
MSC-305 to Turkey as Saros (M 264)
MSC-306 to China as Yung Lo (MSC 161)
MSC-307 to Greece as Daphne (M 247)
MSC-308 to Greece as Kichli (M 241)
MSC-309 to Greece as Kissa (M 242)
MSC-310 to Greece as Aidon (M 248)
MSC-311 to Turkey as Sigacik (M 265)
MSC-312 to Turkey as Sapanca (M 266)
MSC-313 to Thailand as Donchedi (MSC 8)
MSC-314 to Greece as Pleias (M 240)
MSC-315 to Turkey as Sariyer (M 267)
MSC-316 to South Korea as Sam Chok (MSC 528)
MSC-317 to Greece as Argo (M 213)
MSC-318 to Greece as Avra (M 214)
MSC-319 to Greece as Alkyon (M 211)
MSC-320 to South Korea as Yong Dong (MSC 558)
MSC-321 to South Korea as Ok Cheon (MSC 559)
MSC-322 to Saudi Arabia as Addriyah (M 412)
MSC-323 to Saudi Arabia as Al Qusimah (M 414)
MSC-324 to Saudi Arabia as Al Wadeeah (M 416)
MSC-325 to Saudi Arabia as Safwa (M 418)
Inshore Minesweepers (MSI)
MSI-1 Cove
MSI-2 Cape
MSI-3 built in The Netherlands as Ablas (M 868)
MSI-4 built in The Netherlands as Bussemaker
(M 869)
MSI-5 built in The Netherlands as Lacomblé
(M 870)
MSI-6 built in The Netherlands as Van Hamel
(M 871)
MSI-7 built in The Netherlands as Van Straelen
(M 872)
MSI-8 built in The Netherlands as Van Moppes
(M 873)
MSI-9 built in The Netherlands as Chömpff
(M 874)
MSI-10 built in The Netherlands as Van Well Groenenveld (M 875)
MSI-11 Built in Denmark as Asvig (M 579)
MSI-12 Built in Denmark as Sandvig (M 581)
MSI-13 to Iran as Kahnamuie (M 301)
MSI-14 to Iran as Riazi (M 302)
MSI-15 to Turkey as Foça (M 500)
MSI-16 to Turkey as Fethiye (M 501)
MSI-17 to Turkey as Fatsa (M 502)
MSI-18 to Turkey as Finike (M 503)
MSI-19 to MSI-54 - Hull numbers not used
MSI-55 built in Italy as Seppia (M 5447)
MSI-56 built in Italy as Tellina (M 5448)
MSI-57 built in Italy as Totano (M 5449)
MSI-58 Built in Italy as Aragosta (M 5450)
MSI-59 Built in Italy as Arsella (M 5451)
MSI-60 Built in Italy as Astice (M 5452)
MSI-61 Built in Italy as Attina (M 5453)
MSI-62 Built in Italy as Calamaro (M 5454)
MSI-63 Built in Italy as Conchiglia (M 5455)
MSI-64 Built in Italy as Dromia (M 5456)
MSI-65 Built in Italy as Gambero (M 5457)
MSI-66 Built in Italy as Granchio (M 5458)
MSI-67 Built in Italy as Mitilo (M 5459)
MSI-68 Built in Italy as Ostrica (M 5460)
MSI-69 Built in Italy as Paguro (M 5461)
MSI-70 Built in Italy as Pinna (M 5462)
MSI-71 Built in Italy as Polpo (M 5463)
MSI-72 Built in Italy as Porpora (M 5464)
MSI-73 Built in Italy as Riccio (M 5465)
MSI-74 Built in Italy as Scampo (M 5466)
MSI-75 to MSI-81 - to Great Britain
MSI-82 Built in Belgium as Merksem (M 476)
MSI-83 Built in Belgium as Oudenaarde (M 477)
MSI-84 to MSI-89 - to Great Britain
MSI-90 Built in Belgium as Herstal (M 478)
MSI-91 Built in Belgium as Huy (M 479)
MSI-92 Built in Belgium as Seraing (M 480)
MSI-93 Built in Belgium as Tournai (M 481)
MSI-94 Built in Belgium as Visé (M 482)
MSI-95 Built in Belgium as Ougree (M 483)
MSI-96 Built in Belgium as Dinant (M 484)
MSI-97 Built in Belgium as Andenne (M 485)
MSI-98 Built in Yugoslavia as Milset (M 141)
MSI-99 Built in Yugoslavia as Brsec (M 142)
MSI-100 Built in Yugoslavia as Iz (M 143)
MSI-101 Built in Yugoslavia as Olib (M 144)

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