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Sicard (AG 100)
ex-Destroyer No. 346

Call sign:
Nan - Uncle - Peter - Love

Clemson Class Destroyer/Tracy Class Light Minelayer:

  • Laid down 18 June 1918 at Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine
  • Launched 20 April 1920
  • Delivered 12 May 1920
  • Commissioned USS Sicard, Destroyer No. 346, 9 June 1920
  • Designated DD-346, 17 July 1920
  • Reclassified as a Light Minelayer, DM-21, 30 June 1937
  • Reclassified as a Miscellaneous Auxiliary, AG-100, 5 June 1945
  • Decommissioned 21 November 1945 at Philadelphia Navy Yard, Philadelphia, PA
  • Struck from the Navy Register 19 December 1945
  • Sold for scrap 22 June 1946 to Hugh New of New York, NY.


  • Displacement 1,190 t. (lt), 1,308 t. (fl)
  • Length 314' 4"
  • Beam 30' 10"
  • Draft 9' 10"
  • Speed 35.8 kts.
  • Complement 132
  • Armament: Four 4"/50 mounts, one 3"/23 gun mount and two depth charge tracks
  • Propulsion: Four Normand boilers, two 27,000shp Parsons geared turbines, two shafts.
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    USS Sicard (DD 346)




    RADM Montgomery Sicard, USN was born in New York on 30 September 1836 and was appointed midshipman on 1 October 1851. After graduation from the Naval Academy in 1855, he served in the Home and East India squadrons until the outbreak of the Civil War. During the war, he served in the West Gulf Blockading Squadron, participating in the capture of New Orleans late in April 1862 and the passage of the Vicksburg batteries in June 1862. Sicard later commanded Seneca during the assaults on Fort Fisher in December 1864 and January 1865. After the war he commanded the Pensacola from 1868 to 1869 followed by the Saginaw from 1869 to 1871 assigned to the North Pacific Squadron. His next ship command found him assigned to the North Atlantic Squadron aboard the Swatara from 1877 to 1878 cruising in Atlantic and Caribbean waters. His command duty afloat alternated with ordnance duty in Washington and New York until he became Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance from 1881 to 1890. Sicard commanded the Amphitrite Class Monitor Miantonomah (BM-5) from October 1891 to November 1893 with a compliment of 12 officers and a crew of 136 men. In 1897, he was promoted to Rear Admiral and took command of the North Atlantic Squadron but was forced to relinquish his command at the outbreak of the Spanish-American War due to ill health. Upon his partial recovery, he was placed in charge of the Board of Strategy and took an important part in guiding the conduct of the war. Rear Admiral Sicard retired on 30 September 1898 and died at Westernville, N.Y., on 14 September 1900
    Naval History and Heritage Command photo NH 45388, Commodore Montgomery Sicard, USN (1836-1900) taken circa the 1890s

    Bill Gonyo
    Photos added 23 February 2022
    Sicard 75k Tommy Trampp
    Hart 308k c. 1923/1924
    Hong Kong, China
    American Man of War in Hong Kong Harbor. Identified ships are: Huron (CA 9), Helena (PG 9), Sacramento (PG 19), Asheville (PG 21), Black Hawk (AD 9), Hart (DM 8), Rizal (DM 14), Hulbert (DD 342), Noa (DD 343), William B. Preston (DD 344), Preble (DD 345), later DM-20; Sicard (DD 346), later DM -21; Pruitt
    (DD 347)
    , later DM-22; Finch (AM 9), Bittern (AM 36) and SS President Jackson
    Photo by A. Fong
    Photo from the collection of Chief Walter E. Pegg
    Jay Milewski
    USS Sicard (DM 21)
    Tracy 97k Sicard, Tracy (DM 19), Preble (DM 20) and Pruitt (DM 22) Jon Burdett
    Sicard 79k Barb Rebold
    Sicard 151k 16 December 1942
    Off Mare Island, CA. She was under going repairs at the yard from 28 November to 16 December 1942
    U.S. Navy photo 7973-12-42
    Darryl Baker
    Sicard 87k c. 1943
    U.S. Navy photo
    Joe Radigan
    Sicard 214k 19 May 1943
    En route from Alaska to Mare Island, CA for repair suffered in a collision with USS Macdonough (DD 351) on 10 May 1943 off Attu, Aleutian Islands, AK
    National Archives photos
    John Chiquoine
    Sicard 176k
    Sicard 117k 19 July 1943
    Stern view of the Sicard off San Francisco. Oakland Bay Bridge in the background
    U.S. Navy photo 5246-43
    Darryl Baker
    Sicard 137k 19 July 1943
    Broadside view of the Sicard off San Francisco
    U.S. Navy photo 5248-43
    Sicard 135 23 July 1943
    Amidships looking forward plan view of the Sicard at Mare Island Navy Yard. She was in overhaul at the shipyard from 20 June until 18 July 1943
    U.S. Navy photo 5155-43
    Sicard 75k c. 1944 David Buell
    Sicard 119k In San Francisco Bay on 14 September 1944, in camouflage 32/7D
    National Archives photos BS 75824 and BS 75825 from the Bureau of Ships collection
    Ships of the U.S. Navy in WWII “Dazzle” Camouflage
    Sicard 132k
    USS Sicard (AG 100)
    Sicard 175k Sicard (AG-100, formerly DM-21/DD-346) at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Pennsylvania on 5 November 1945, about two weeks before she was decommissioned. USS Litchfield (AG-95, formerly DD-336) is outboard of Sicard. The stern of USS Stringham (DD-83) is visible at the extreme left
    Courtesy of Ted Stone, 1980
    Naval History and Heritage Command photo NH 91504
    Mike Green

    Commanding Officers
    01LT James Kepler Davis, USN - USNA Class of 19169 June 1920 - 18 June 1920
    02LCDR Gattan Colley Dichman, USN - USNA Class of 190718 June 1920 - 17 January 1921
    03LCDR Francis Arthur LaRoche, USN - USNA Class of 191017 January 1921 - 14 August 1921
    04CDR Wolcott Ellsworth Hall, USN - USNA Class of 190614 August 1921 - 13 November 1921
    05LCDR Ames Loder, USN - USNA Class of 191113 November 1921 - 10 April 1923
    06LCDR Lewis Wells Comstock, USN - USNA Class of 1911
    Awarded the Navy Cross (1918) - Retired as Captain
    10 April 1923 - 25 June 1924
    07LCDR Robert Emmitt Rogers, USN - USNA Class of 190825 June 1924 - 15 June 1926
    08LCDR Elliott Bodley Nixon, USN - USNA Class of 191115 June 1926 - 20 August 1927
    09LT Philip Law Emerson, USN15 October 1928 - XOIC
    10LCDR Albert Roscoe Mack, USN - USNA Class of 191125 August 1929 - 6 June 1931
    11LCDR Leonard Paul Wessell, USN - USNA Class of 19176 June 1931 - 6 June 1932
    12LCDR Edward Paul Sauer, USN - USNA Class of 19166 June 1932 - 8 June 1934
    13LCDR Thomas Green Peyton, USN - USNA Class of 19158 June 1934 - 10 June 1935
    14LCDR Paul Rowe Coloney, USN - USNA Class of 1921-a10 June 1935 - 21 June 1935
    15LCDR Robert Barber Twining, USN - USNA Class of 191621 June 1935 - 30 March 1936
    16LCDR John Damian Murphy, USN30 March 1936 - 1 July 1939
    17LCDR Arthur Marion Townsend, USN - USNA Class of 19241 July 1939 - 15 March 1941
    18LCDR William Christian Schultz, USN - USNA Class of 192515 March 1941 - 1 January May 1943
    19CDR William Julius Richter, USN - USNA Class of 19291 January 1943 - 24 August 1943
    20LCDR John Vavasour Noel, Jr., USN - USNA Class of 193624 August 1943 - 12 March 1944
    21LT James Warren Botten, USN - USNA Class of 194112 March 1944 - 27 April 1945
    22LT Albert Grant Fenley, USNR27 April 1945 - 21 November 1945
    Courtesy of Wolfgang Hechler, Ron Reeves, RA Moody and Joe Radigan

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