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Transport Oiler (AOT)

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T-AOT-50 Tallulah ex AO-50
T-AOT-67 Cache ex AO-67
T-AOT-73 Millicoma ex AO-73
T-AOT-75 Saugatuck ex AO-75
T-AOT-76 Schuylkill ex AO-76
T-AOT-77 Cossatot ex AO-77
T-AOT-78 Chepachet ex AO-78
T-AOT-79 Cowanesque ex AO-79
T-AOT-109 Waccamaw ex T-AO-109
T-AOT-134 Mission Santa Ynez ex T-AO-134
T-AOT-149 Maumee ex T-AO-149
T-AOT-151 Shoshone ex T-AO-151
T-AOT-152 Yukon ex T-AO-152
T-AOT-165 American Explorer ex T-AO-165
T-AOT-168 Sealift Pacific ex T-AO-168
T-AOT-169 Sealift Arabian Sea ex T-AO-169
T-AOT-170 Sealift China Sea ex T-AO-170
T-AOT-171 Sealift Indian Ocean ex T-AO-171
T-AOT-172 Sealift Atlantic ex T-AO-172
T-AOT-173 Sealift Mediterranean ex T-AO-173
T-AOT-174 Sealift Caribbean ex T-AO-174
T-AOT-175 Sealift Arctic ex T-AO-175
T-AOT-176 Sealift Antarctic ex T-AO-176
T-AOT-181 Potomac ex T-AO-181
T-AOT-182 Columbia ex T-AO-182
T-AOT-183 Neches ex T-AO-183
T-AOT-184 Hudson ex T-AO-184
T-AOT-185 Susquehanna ex T-AO-185
AOT-1001 MT Patriot
AOT-1002 MT Ranger
AOT-1006 MT Rover
AOT-1007 MT Courier
AOT-1012 ST Mission Buenaventura
AOT-1121 MT Gus W. Darnell
T-AOT-1122 Paul Buck
T-AOT-1123 Samuel L. Cobb
T-AOT-1124 Richard G. Matthiesen
T-AOT-1125 Lawrence H. Gianella
AOT-1201 MT New York Sun renamed Allegiance
AOT-1203 SS Overseas Alice
AOT-1204 SS Overseas Valdez
AOT-1205 SS Overseas Vivian
AOT-5075 ST American Osprey
AOT-5076 ST Mount Washington
AOT-5083 SS Mount Vernon
AOT-5084 ST Chesapeake
AOT-5246 MT Maersk Peary
AOT-9101 ST Petersburg
AOT-5193 MT Empire State
MT Evergreen State
MT Montauk

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