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USS Ticonderoga (I)

  • Built in 1814 as a steamer at Vergennes, Vermont by Adam and Noah Brown
  • Purchased by the Navy at Lake Champlain, converted to schooner rigging, and relaunched, 12 May 1814
  • USS Ticonderoga served with Captain Thomas Macdonough's squadron during the Battle of Plattsburgh, 11 September 1814
  • Commanded by LT. Stephen Cassin, Ticonderoga compelled sloop HMS Finch (formerly USS Growler) to surrender after riddling her with shot and forcing her aground
  • Ticonderoga also assisted in the capture of sloop HMS Chubb (formerly USS Eagle), and repelled several boarding attempts by British gunboats
  • Midshipman Hiram Paulding was on board Ticonderoga during the battle and used his pistol to discharge a cannon when firing matches proved defective
  • During the two-and-one-half-hour engagement, six members of Ticonderoga's crew were killed, and six others were wounded.
  • At the conclusion of the war, Ticonderoga was laid up at Whitehall, New York
  • A decade later, she was pronounced unworthy of repair
  • Final Disposition and sold at public sale, 19 July 1825, fate unknown
  • She was rediscovered in 1958, raised and "salvaged" the next year; the wooden remains of this historic vessel are now on public display in Whitehall, New York
    Displacement 350 long tons
    Length 120 ft.
    Beam unknown
    Draft unknown
    Speed unknown
    Complement unknown
    three 12-pdr guns
    four 18-pdr guns
    three 32-pdr Carronades
    Propulsion sail

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    Size Image Description Contributed
    224k A black and white photo of a watercolor painting by artist ©Warren (attributed)
    "The Battle of Lake Champlain in Plattsburg Bay, September 1814"
    On 11 September 1814, the American squadron, the 26-gun USS Saratoga, Como. Thomas Macdonough, the 20-gun brig USS Eagle, CAPT. Robert Henley, the 17-gun schooner USS Ticondereoga, LCDR. Stephen Cassin, the 7-gun sloop USS Preble, LT. Charles Hicks and 10 boats, were attacked when lying off Plattsburg by a British squadron, the 37-gun HMS Confiance, CAPT. George Downie, the 16-gun brig HMS Linnet, CAPT. Daniel Pring, the 11-gun cutter HMS Chub, LT. James McGhee, the 8-gun cutter HMS Finch, LT. William Finch and 10 gunboats. Having had two anchors shot away Confiance brought up abreast instead of athwart hawse of Saratoga. After a fierce combat, Saratoga, who had suffered severely from Confiance's heavy broadsides, swung around to bring her port battery into action. Confiance, in endeavoring to do the same, hung with her stern towards Saratoga and was so heavily raked that she was compelled to surrender. CAPT. Downie was killed, Linnet being exposed to Saratoga's fire, struck her colors. Finch> had surrendered, Chubb was captured, and the battle ended.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # USN 902816
    US Naval History and Heritage Command
    258k Black and white photo of an engraving by B. Tanner after a drawing by H. Reinagle
    "MacDonough's Victory on Lake Champlain"
    MacDonough's Victory on Lake Champlain and defeat of the British Army at Plattsburg by General Macomb, 11 September 1814. Ships shown:
    HMS Finch;
    USS Preble;
    USS Eagle;
    HMS Confiance;
    HMS Linnet;
    USS Saratoga;
    HMS Chubb; and
    USS Ticonderoga.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # NH 2258
    US Naval History and Heritage Command
    209k Black and whit photo of an Aquatint by W. Strickland.
    "Battle of Lake Champlain (Plattsburg, New York), September 11, 1814">
    The British and American Fleets are depicted in action, with Cumberland Head on the right, and the town of Plattsburg, New York, behind. The ships shown are (L-R):
    USS Ticonderoga
    USS Eagle;
    HMS Confiance;
    USS Saratoga; and
    HMS Linnet. Gunboats are also shown in action on both sides. Aquatint by W. Strickland, Philadelphia, after an eye witnesses sketch.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # NH 63489, Courtesy of Mr. S.H.P. Pell, Fort Ticonderoga Museum, Fort Ticonderoga, New York, 1938.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command
    Ticonderoga I 163k A poorly executed salvaging effort raised the Ticonderoga's hull from the bottom of the Poultney River between New York and Vermont in 1958. Tommy Trampp
    Ticonderoga I
    212k The remains of USS Ticonderoga on display at Whitehall, N.Y., in May 1971.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # NH 85974. Courtesy of Martin Holbrook, 1977.
    Robert Hurst

    USS Ticonderoga I
    Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (DANFS)
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