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NavSource Online: Aircraft Carrier Photo Archive

Courtesy of CAPT Gene Oleson, CHC, USN (Ret)

(later CVA-41 and CV-41)

Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign: November - India - India - Whiskey
Tactical Voice Radio Call: "SCHOOL BOY"

Unit Awards, Campaign and Service Medals and Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row: Presidential Unit Citation / Joint Meritorious Unit Award
2nd Row: Navy Unit Commendation (4) / Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation (3) / Battle Efficiency Award (Navy "E" Ribbon) (5)
3rd Row: Navy Expeditionary Service Medal (4) / China Service Medal (extended) / American Campaign Medal
4th Row: World War II Victory Medal / Navy Occupation Service Medal ("Europe" clasp) / National Defense Service Medal (3)
5th Row: Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (5) / Vietnam Service Medal (5 stars) / Southwest Asia Service Medal (2 stars)
6th Row: Humanitarian Service Medal / Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (17) / Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation (Gallantry Cross Medal with Palm)
7th Row: Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal / Liberation of Kuwait Medal (Saudi Arabia) / Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)
(More info)

Displacement 45,000 Tons, Dimensions, 968' (oa) x 113' x 35' (Max)
Armament 18 x 5"/54AA 84 x 40mm, 68 x 20mm, 137 Aircraft.
Armor, 7.6" Belt, 3 1/2" Flight Deck, 2" Deck, 6 1/2" Conning Tower.
Machinery, 212,000; SHP, Geared turbines, 4 screws
Speed, 33 Knots, Crew 4104.

Operational and Building Data

Built by Newport News. Designation changed from CV 41 to CVB 41 15 July 1943.
Laid down 27 Oct 1943, launched 20 Mar 1945, commissioned 10 Sept 1945.


Replaced as forward deployed carrier by Independence in 1991 and returned to the US for decommissioning. Decommissioned to reserve 11 April 1992; retained as a potential replacement training carrier. Inactivation overhaul included stripping all electronics and weapons systems. Stricken for disposal 17 March 1997.

Acting Secretary of the Navy Hansford T. Johnson announced, 8 July 2003, that this historic ship would be donated to the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum. Donated as a Museum and Memorial (status changed on 29 August 2003).

On 30 September 2003, Midway began her journey from the Navy Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility, Bremerton, Wash., to San Diego where she would be a Museum and Memorial. She was docked at the Charles P. Howard Terminal in Oakland, Calif., in October, while the construction of her pier in San Diego was completed. The carrier arrived in San Diego in January 2004 and is now the nation's newest Naval Aviation Museum.

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CVB-41 Midway

CV-41 was the third U.S. warship to bear the name Midway, and the second one named after the pivotal Battle of Midway (3–6 June 1942) (see AG-41, later Panay; and CVE-63, later St. Lo.)

A strong Japanese thrust to occupy Midway Island was led by a four-carrier Striking Force, supported by heavy units and destroyers. At the same time, another carrier raid was launched against Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands. The Japanese attack on Midway was met by a three-carrier U.S. force: Task Force 17—RADM Fletcher—with USS Yorktown (CV-5) and Task Force 16—RADM Spruance—with USS Enterprise (CV-6) and USS Hornet (CV-8). In the ensuing battle, the four large Japanese carriers (Akagi, Hiryu, Kaga and Soryu) were sunk, carrying with them 250+ planes along with a high number of Japan's most highly trained and battle-experienced pilots and ground crews, a blow to Japan from which she could not recover. Midway was a crucial point of the war in the Pacific.

Photo: SBD Dauntless dive bombers from Hornet approaching the burning Japanese heavy cruiser Mikuma to make the third set of attacks on her, during the early afternoon of 6 June 1942. Mikuma had been hit earlier by strikes from Hornet and Enterprise, leaving her dead in the water and fatally damaged. Photo was enlarged from a 16mm color motion picture film. Note bombs hung beneath these planes.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives (#80-G-17054).



"The Battle of Midway," directed by John Ford and narrated by Henry Fonda, is comprised mostly of authentic footage from the battle. This documentary, produced in 1942, won an Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award (Oscar). Then Commander (later Rear Admiral) John Ford, USNR, in civil life wrote, directed or produced more than 130 films in a career spanning four decades.

Format: MP4 (.mp4)  Duration: 18' 7"  Size: 320 x 240

Download a free MP4 player.

Courtesy of Internet Archive. Thanks to Ron Reeves for the clue.
1945 — 1965
The Early Years
CVB-41 Midway
162k Stern view, looking forward, of CVB-41 under construction at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, Newport News, Va., 7 July 1944. N.N.S. & D.D. Co. photo. Courtesy of Bob Dorais,, via Gerd Matthes (Germany)
CVB-41 Midway
93k Under construction at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, Newport News, Va., 9 January 1945. US Navy photo. Troy Prince,
CVB-41 Midway

Midway under construction, March 1945.

Robert Hurst
Troy Prince,
CVB-41 Midway

Ship's sponsor, Mrs. Bradford W. Ripley, II, of Dayton, Ohio, poses with the christening bottle, at launching ceremonies at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Newport News, Virginia, 20 March 1945. Mrs. Ripley is accompanied by Lieutenant George Gay, USNR, the only survivor of the Battle of Midway attack by Torpedo Squadron Eight (VT-8) from USS Hornet (CV-8).

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the U.S. National Archives (# 80-G-K-3516).

Troy Prince,
CVB-41 Midway
83k USS Midway (CVB-41) ready for christening at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, Newport News, Va., 20 Mar. 1945 [photo # 80-G-K-3518]. USN
CVB-41 Midway
170k Midway seen being towed by the tug J. Alvah Clark just off Newport News Shipyard. She was launched on March 20, 1945 and while this photo is undated this may be her launching day or, if not, it is shortly thereafter. Her lines are still clean, none of her edge 5"/54 caliber mounts have been installed yet and she is uncluttered with electronics and light weight A.A. weapons at this time. USN
CVB-41 Midway
80k The newly completed large carrier Midway (CVB-41) underway circa 1945, leaving her builders. Robert Hurst
CVB-41 Midway

"Large Aircraft Carrier Midway." (From a Russian publication).

This drawing shows Midway as built.

(Digitally enhanced by Tom Kermen.)

Alex Tatchin
CVB-41 Midway
34k (Poor) image, showing Midway underway in her original configuration. USN
CVB-41 Midway

Aerial oblique view of starboard broadside of USS Midway (CVB-41) 12 May 1945. National Archives photo # 80-G-371921.

From Warship International magazine.

Gerd Matthes, Germany
CVB-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVB-41) in Hampton Roads, Virginia, 10 September 1945.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval Historical Center (# NH 97631).

CVB-41 Midway

Aerial oblique bow quarter view of USS Midway (CVB-41), leaving Hampton Roads for her first tour 10 September 1945. National Archives photo # 80-G-701433.

From Warship International magazine.

Gerd Matthes, Germany
CVB-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVB-41) noses through scattered sea ice in March 1946, during her Arctic experimental cruise. Photographed looking forward from the carrier's island, with SB2C "Helldiver" and F4U "Corsair" planes parked on her flight deck. A "Gearing" class destroyer is steaming past in the background.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives (photo # 80-G-K-10001).

Note: Original caption incorrectly identifies the ship as "USS Midway (CVB-42)". CVB-42 was USS Franklin D. Roosevelt. In March 1946, Midway (not Franklin D. Roosevelt) made a cruise to Arctic waters for experimental cold weather operations.

Scott Dyben
CVB-41 Midway

Starboard view of USS Midway (CVB-41) 12 May 1947. National Archives photo # 80-G-371931.

From Warship International magazine.

Gerd Matthes, Germany
CVB-41 Midway

Three-photo sequence of an unidentified submarine surfacing near USS Midway, late 1940s-early 1950s.

Note: This submarine has a topside rudder aft and a so-called Portsmouth sail. Three boats featured a topside rudder: USS Cobbler (SS-344), USS Halfbeak (SS-352), and USS Amberjack (SS-522). Of these, Cobbler and Halfbeak had an Electric Boat sail. Therefore, this submarine is, most likely, Amberjack. (Thanks to Edwin Page, Mike Keating and Michael Mohl.)

Ric Hedman, TN(SS)
CVB-41 Midway

A Vought F4U-4 Corsair of Fighter Squadron VF-1B, assigned to Battle Carrier Air Group One (CVBG-1), aboard USS Midway (CVB-41). The aircraft carrier was on her first deployment, 29 October 1947–11 March 1948, to the Mediterranean Sea. VF-1B was redesignated VF-21 on 1 September 1948. Photo by Charles J. Beggy, Jr., Electronics Technician Second Class, USN (Ret.).

Courtesy of Troy Prince,
and Charles J. Beggy, Jr., Midway Memories,
via Robert Hurst
CVB-41 Midway

Good image of Midway as designed/completed. She would look nothing like this at the end of her career, modified into a totally different ship. (Looks like Navy Day parade image.) Battle Carrier Air Group (CVBG) 1 on deck.

L. Russell Porter notes: "The photo [...] was taken [...] on arriving in Gibraltar, 47–48 cruise to the Med. I have an original of that photo and I was there, and it was dress ship. I was a printer working in print shop at this time printing the 'Midway Current'."

Scott Odell
CVB-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVB-41) steams through a gale east of Sicily, 4 February 1949. Photographed from USS Philippine Sea (CV-47), some of whose F4U-4 Corsair fighters are in the foreground.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives (photo # 80-G-706984).

Fred Weiss
CVB-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVB-41) launches a Lockheed P2V-3C Neptune bomber, with a JATO rocket boost, on 7 April 1949.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives (photo # 80-G-707207).

CVB-41 Midway

A Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat of Composite Squadron (VC) 62 "Fighting Photos" flying over the aircraft carrier USS Midway (CVB-41), some time around 1949–50. USN photo.

Courtesy of Midway, via Robert Hurst.
CVB-41 Midway

Aerial view of USS Midway (CVB-41) underway. Planes on deck are AJ Savages, from squadron VC-6 (tail code "NF"). The squadron never deployed aboard Midway, but there is a plausible date for the photo: May 1951, when VC-6 CarQual'ed aboard CVB-41. This would be consistent with Midway's straight deck and with the fact that the planes appear to be AJ-1's—VC-6 was equipped with AJ-1's while stationed at Patuxent River, Md., and received AJ-2's when relocated to San Diego, Calif. Quite likely, then, the picture was taken off the East Coast in May 1951.

Jim Geldert
CVB-41 Midway

Launch of the first production Vought F7U-1 Cutlass (BuNo 124415) from the aircraft carrier USS Midway (CVB-41) on 23 July 1951. The plane was piloted by LCDR E.L. Feightner. After tests at the NATC Patuxent River the F7U-1 was used for carrier qualifications. It was the only landing of an F7U-1 on a carrier, as the pilot's visibility was so poor that he could not see the flight deck during the landing. The Landing Signal Officer had to give Feightner the signal to cut the engine, but this method almost led to a ramp strike.

Courtesy of Bob Dorais and Midway
Text submitted by Robert Hurst.
CVB-41 Midway

"TEAMWORK by a flight deck crew is shown in this panorama of a catapult launching on board USS Midway (CVB 41)."

All Hands magazine, November 1951 issue.

Stanley Svec
CVB-41 Midway

LCDR Marlin Vincent Egert in the cockpit. USS Midway, 1952.

Tom, son of LCDR Egert
CVB-41 Midway

AD-4 Skyraider, Attack Squadron (VA) 25 "Tigers," Carrier Air Group (CVG) 6. USS Midway, 1952.

CVB-41 Midway

Hackett in a crash landing. This plane ended up "in the drink." USS Midway, 1952.

CVB-41 Midway

USS Midway, 1952.

LCDR Marlin V. Egert is fourth from left (thanks to Melissa Egert, daughter of LCDR Egert.)

If you can identify any of the men in this photo, please let us know. Thank you.

CVB-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVB-41) returns to Norfolk, Va., in May 1952, after a Mediterranean deployment. Arguably, Midway and her sister ships were the most sophisticated and powerful ships in the world at the time, with a crew of more than 4,500.

Courtesy of USS Midway Museum, via Bill Gonyo
CVB-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVB-41) steaming off the Firth of Clyde, Scotland, prior to Operation Mainbrace exercises, September 1952. Aircraft on her flight deck include AD, F4U and F9F types.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives (photo # 80-G-K-13223).

Scott Dyben
CVA-41 Midway

"Navy tug, YTB-222 [Kasota], helps nose USS Midway (CVA-41) into pier after return of flattop from Mediterranean cruise." All Hands magazine, July 1953 issue.

(This might be Midway's 6th Med deployment, 1 December 1952–19 May 1953.)

Stanley Svec
CVA-41 Midway
52k USS Midway (CVA-41) anchored at Gibraltar Harbor 20 May 1954. US Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class J. F. Coniskey [# 652748]. USN
CVA-41 Midway

Twelve-photo sequence of a McDonnell F2H-3 Banshee (BuNo 126427, modex K106) of VF-31 "Tomcatters" that crashed while landing on the flight deck of USS Midway (CVA-41) in the Mediterranean Sea.

Other planes damaged were: F2H-3's BuNos 126407, 126423 and 126440, F9F-6 Cougars BuNos 128212 and 128257, and F9F-7 Cougars BuNos 130985 and 131004.

The date of the accident is given as 31 March 1954, but the handwritten note reads "June 54".

Courtesy of the National Naval Aviation Museum, photos 1996.253.7241.005–1996.253.7241.016
CVA-41 Midway
118k Tom Egert, son of LCDR Marlin V. Egert
CVA-41 Midway
CVA-41 Midway
114k USS Midway (CVA-41), probably in the Mediterranean Sea, summer of 1954. Joseph A. Wolfe, USN (Retired)
CVB-41 Midway
170k Here's Midway at pier 7, Norfolk , Mid 1950's, loading aircraft. Midway was originally CVB class but by this time was reclassified CVA. Canted flight deck had not yet been added. © Larry Bohn
After SCB-110 modernization
CVA-41 Midway
92k Good image of Midway, showing her modifications from her 1957 SCB-110 overhaul. The most notable upgrades of SCB-110 were addition of her angled flight deck and increased beam, and heavy duty catapults to handle heavier aircraft. USN
CVA-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVA-41) underway. Given the presence (flight deck, forward) of a group of F3H-2 Demons from the "Evaluators" of Air Development Squadron 4 (VX-4), the photo might have been taken in late 1957, when VX-4 tested the new Sparrow III air-to-air missile.

(Digitally enhanced by Tom Kermen.)

David Buell
CVA-41 Midway

F3H-2 Demon, BuNo 143428, assigned to Air Development Squadron (VX) 4 "Evaluators," with Sparrow III missiles, aboard USS Midway (CVA-41). Believed to have been taken in late 1957.

Pieter Bakels
CVA-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVA-41) at the entrance to San Francisco Bay. Official USN photo, probably taken sometime between 30 September 1957 (Midway recommissioned after her SCB-110 modernization) and 16 August 1958 (Midway departed on her first WestPac cruise).

David Buell
CVA-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVA-41) underway with Carrier Air Group 2 (CVG-2) aboard, circa 1958–1959.

David Buell
CVA-41 Midway

This picture appears to have been taken on the same occasion as photo NS0241ad, above.

David Buell
CVA-41 Midway

Another view of USS Midway (CVA-41) at sea with Carrier Air Group 2 (CVG-2) aboard, circa 1958–1959, soon after SCB-110 modernization. Official U.S. Navy photo, USN #1074521.

David Buell
CVA-41 Midway
145k CAPT J.T. Blackburn and one of the ship's Chaplains, 1959.

Photo by SM2 Robert Parrott, OS Division, USS Midway, 1959-1962.
Submitted by his son, John.
CVA-41 Midway
77k An AD-6 Skyraider of VA-25 "Fist of the Fleet" taking off during Midway's second deployment to WestPac, August 15, 1959-March 25, 1960. An FJ-4B Fury of VA-23 "Black Knights" is in the foreground.

Photo by SM2 Robert Parrott, OS Division, USS Midway, 1959-1962.
Submitted by his son, John.
CVA-41 Midway
101k Entering Yokosuka, Japan, during Midway's second deployment to WestPac, August 15, 1959-March 25, 1960. Note signal flags, and F8U-1 Crusader of VF-24 "Red Checkertails" in the foreground.

Photo by SM2 Robert Parrott, OS Division, USS Midway, 1959-1962.
Submitted by his son, John.
CVA-41 Midway
61k Manatee (AO-58) refueling Midway (CV-41) and Jarvis (DD-799) off Okinawa, 1960.

Bob Herrick MR2, USS Manatee, 1959-61
CVA-41 Midway

A3D-2 Skywarriors of Heavy Attack Squadron (VAH) 8 "Fireballers" launch from USS Midway (CVA-41), sometime in 1959–62 (13 March 1960?).

Jim Karr
CVA-41 Midway

Stamped on the back of the photo:
"Photographer: Dumond"
"No. 1115404"
"Date: Aug. 61"
"Description: A-3B aircraft No. 602, BuNo 142403, AAR in water beside U.S.S. Midway (CVA-41). Pilot is Haak of Squadron VAH-8."

Mike Ward
CVA-41 Midway
164k An A4D-2 Skyhawk taking off, late 1960-1961.

Photo by SM2 Robert Parrott, OS Division, USS Midway, 1959-1962.
Submitted by his son, John.
CVA-41 Midway
121k Underway in the Pacific, possibly during the ship's third WestPac deployment, February 16-September 28, 1961. An A3D-2 Skywarrior of VAH-8 "Fireballers" is in the foreground.

Photo by SM2 Robert Parrott, OS Division, USS Midway, 1959-1962.
Submitted by his son, John.
CVA-41 Midway

Underway off Southern California, early 1960s.

Chester Morris, Midway Crew Member 1962-65
CVA-41 Midway

Hunters Point NSY, 1962.

Chester Morris, Midway Crew Member 1962-65
CVA-41 Midway

Hunters Point NSY, 1962.

Chester Morris, Midway Crew Member 1962-65
CVA-41 Midway

Main Control Engine Room, 1962.

Chester Morris, Midway Crew Member 1962-65
CVA-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVA-41) refueling USS Rupertus (DD-851), left, and USS Henry W. Tucker (DD-875), 25 June 1962.

Ed Zajkowski
CVA-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVA-41) preparing to launch a pair of F-8 Crusader fighters, during carrier qualifications, circa 1963.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval History & Heritage Command (# NH 97634).

Robert Hurst comments: "The plane on the left seems to be an F-8D Crusader of Marine Fighter Squadron VMF-232 "Red Devils" (tailcode "WT"), whereas the F‑8E Crusader to the right belongs to VF-24 "Red Checkertails" of Carrier Air Wing Two (CVW-2) (tailcode "NE"), which was stationed aboard the USS Midway from 1958 to 1964. The latter aircraft also seems to be the personal plane of the Commander Air Group (CAG) of CVW-2."

Naval History & Heritage Command
CVA-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVA-41) underway on 20 June 1963, with F-3 Demon, F-4B Phantom II and F-8 Crusader jet fighters on her flight deck. The two Crusaders parked furthest forward are from Fighter Squadron 24 (VF-24). Photographed by PH1 J.D. Osborne.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval Historical Center (# NH 97632).

CVA-41 Midway

USS Midway (CVA-41), 1965.

Richard Miller, BMCS, USNR (Ret.)
CVA-41 Midway

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Charles W. Hartman III (left, in camouflaged flight suit), and Lieutenant Commander Edwin A. Greathouse show Rear Admiral William F. Bringle (seated) how a MiG-17 jet fighter was shot down over North Vietnam by propeller-driven A-1 Skyraiders of Attack Squadron 25 (VA-25), 20 June 1965. LT(JG) Hartman and Lieutenant Clinton B. Johnson were awarded Silver Stars and shared the MiG kill, with half a credit given to each of them. LCDR Greathouse was the mission leader. Photographed on board USS Midway (CVA-41). Note .38 caliber revolvers worn by several of those present.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph (# USN 1113736-A).

(See "Skyraider vs. MiG-17," on the Midway website, for a detailed account of the downing of the MiG-17).

CVA-41 Midway

Two A-4C Skyhawks from VA-22 "Fighting Redcocks" share deck space with an F-4B Phantom II from VF-21 "Free Lancers" during Midway's first Vietnam Cruise, March 6–November 23, 1965.

Skyhawk NE227 and Phantom II NE101 had totally different fates: NE101, BuNo 150646, was lost in an operational accident on July 28, 1965 not long after this photo was taken; the plane suffered engine and electrical power failure, but fortunately both crewmen ejected and were rescued. On the other hand NE227, BuNo 149532, was noted in March 2006 at the National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL.

Three VPAF MiG-17's were shot down by Midway/CVW-2 aircraft during this deployment: two by VF-21 F-4B's on June 17, 1965 and one by a VA-25 A-1H (see NS024126, above.) A fourth MiG was credited to one of the VF-21 crews more than 30 years later.

Photo from Angelo Romano's NAVA Collection
CVA-41 Midway
49k USS Midway (CVA-41) underway, about to conduct flight operations, on 27 October 1965. Note the enclosed bow. US Navy photo by R. W. Lewis [# 1176316]. USN
CVA-41 Midway

"The USS Midway VA-25's Toilet Bomb."

"In October 1965, CDR Clarence J. Stoddard, Executive Officer of VA-25 'Fist of the Fleet,' flying an A-1H Skyraider, NE572 'Paper Tiger II' from Carrier Air Wing Two aboard USS Midway carried a special bomb to the North Vietnamese in commemoration of the 6-millionth pound of ordnance dropped."

"This bomb was unique because of the type... it was a toilet!"

"The following is an account of this event, courtesy of Clint Johnson, Captain, USNR Ret. Captain Johnson was one of the two VA-25 A-1 Skyraider pilots credited with shooting down a MiG-17 on June 20, 1965 [see NS024126, above]."

"572 [BuNo 135297] was flown by CDR C. W. 'Bill' Stoddard. His wingman in 577 was LCDR Robin Bacon, who had a wing station mounted movie camera (the only one remaining in the fleet from WWII)."

"The flight was a Dixie Station strike (off South Vietnam) going to the Delta. When they arrived in the target area and CDR Stoddard was reading the ordnance list to the FAC, he ended with 'and one code name Sani-flush.'"

"The FAC couldn't believe it and joined up to see it. It was dropped in a dive with LCDR Bacon flying tight wing position to film the drop. When it came off, it turned hole to the wind and almost struck his airplane."

"It made a great ready room movie. The FAC said that it whistled all the way down. The toilet was a damaged toilet, which was going to be thrown overboard."

"One of our plane captains rescued it and the ordnance crew made a rack, tailfins and nose fuse for it. The squadron flight deck checkers maintained a position to block the view of the Captain and Air Boss while the aircraft was taxiing onto the catapult. Just as it was being shot off we got a 1MC message from the bridge, 'What the hell was on 572's right wing?'"

Whether known or not to those involved, a somewhat similar "special weapons test" had occurred 13 years earlier, during the Korean War — in August 1952 another Skyraider, assigned to VA-195 "Dambusters," off USS Princeton (CV-37) dropped a kitchen sink attached to a 2,000 pound bomb on a target near Pyongyang.

Photos and account courtesy of Troy Prince,

Source for "Dambusters" 1952 "incident": Skyraider: The Douglas A-1 Flying Dump Truck, by CAPT Rosario Rausa.
CVA-41 Midway
CVA-41 Midway
CVB-41 Midway
54k A model of USS Midway as she appeared early in her career. Courtesy of Joel Rosen, Motion Models
CVA-41 Midway
"I was aboard when the latest ship's patch was developed. It was the result of a ship-wide submission and selection that was forwarded to the appropriate authority for ship's patch changes. Prior to this patch we had a patch that consisted of Aviators Wings, with the ship's stack and a red M."
Contributed by Howard N. Freeman (Ford), MM2, 1960–1962
CVA-41 Midway
Ship's Seal
Contributed by Chester Morris, Midway crew member 1962-1965
CVA-41 Midway
Midway AIMD
(Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department)
Best in the West
Contributed by Alex Tatchin
CVA-41 Midway
"Midway CVA-41"
"Steam Supply Crew"
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CVA-41 Midway
"WestPac 1972"
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CVA-41 Midway
"Operation Frequent Wind"
"29–30 April 1975"
"USS Midway CVA-41"
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CV-41 Midway
Persian Gulf Tour 87–88
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CV-41 Midway
Shake Rattle-n-Roll, 1988
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CV-41 Midway
Indian Ocean Cruise, 1988–89
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CV-41 Midway
"CV-41 USS Midway in WestPac 1990. We're Still Alive! Hang in There, Gramma"
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CV-41 Midway
Desert Shield [1990–1], USS Midway CV 41 CVW-5
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CV-41 Midway
Operation Desert Shield 90–91, CV-41 USS Midway, Tip of the Sword
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CV-41 Midway
USS Midway I.O./Persian Gulf Cruise 1990–91
Gulf Busters  CV-41  CVW-5
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CV-41 Midway
Desert Storm '91
USS Midway CV-41
Persian Gulf Yachtclub
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CV-41 Midway
USS Midway  CVW FIVE  Combat Cruise  Desert Storm  1990–1991
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CV-41 Midway
Last Magic in Far East, 1973–1991
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri
CV-41 Midway
Midway [tri-]Centurion
Contributed by Tommy Trampp
CV-41 Midway
VFA-195 Dambusters
USS Midway CV 41
Contributed by Tommy Trampp
CV-41 Midway
"VA-185 Night Hawks"
"USS Midway CV 41"
"Go Big Or Stay At Home"
Contributed by Robert M. Cieri

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