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Navsource Online: Destroyer Escort Photo Archive

Ship's patches courtesy of Mike Smolinski

USS Brooke (DEG 1)

Flag Hoist / Radio Call Sign:
N - B - T - E
Tactical Voice Radio Call: "Mystic Isle"

Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row: Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation w/ star
Second Row: Navy Battle "E" Ribbon - National Defense Service Medal - Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Third Row: Vietnam Service Medal w/ 5 stars - Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon - Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

"Prima et Optima"
(The First And Finest)
Class: Brooke
Type: SCB No. 199B / 1962 - 1963
Number in Class: 6
Displacement: 2,620 tons (std), 3,400 tons (full)
Length: 390' 0" (wl), 414' 6" (oa)
Beam: 44' 0" (extreme)
Draft: 24' 0" (draft limit)
Propulsion: 2 Foster Wheeler 1200-psi boilers; 1 Westinghouse geared turbine; 35,000 shp; 1 shaft
Speed: 27 kts
Range: 4,000 nm @ 20 knots
Complement: 17 / 219
Missiles: 1 single arm Mk22 Mod 0 launcher for Tartar / Standard-MR SAMs (16)
Guns: 1 - 5"/38 Mk30 Gun (1x1) (350 rounds)
ASW Weapons: 1 Mk16 ASROC launcher (1x8) (16 missiles), 6 - 12.75" (324mm) Mk 32 torpedo tubes (2x3) / Mk 46 torpedos (18)
Radars: AN/SPS-10F (surface), AN/SPS-52 (3-D air)
Sonars: AN/SQS-26AX
Fire Control Systems: 1 - Mk56 Mod 43 Gun FCS, 1 - Mk74 Mod 2/6 missile FCS, 1 - AN/SPG-51C missile radar, 1 - Mk114 Mod 10/13 ASW FCS
Helicopter: 1 - SH-2 LAMPS Helicopter
Brooke (DEG 1) Building and Operational Data:
  • 04 January 1962: Building contract awarded to the Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Co.
  • 19 December 1962: Keel laid at the Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Co., Seattle, Wash.
  • 19 July 1963: Launched and christened, sponsored by Mrs. Bruce R. Day and Mrs. Campbell Hooten, grand-daughters of John Mercer Brooke
  • 12 March 1966: Commissioned at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Wash., Cmdr Robert L. Walters, USN, in command, assigned to Escort Squadron 3 at San Diego, Cal.
  • 01 February 1968: Reassigned to the newly formed Destroyer Squadron 31
  • 30 June 1975: Reclassified Frigate (FFG 1)
  • 17 September 1988: Decommissioned at Naval Station San Diego after 22 years and 6 months of service
  • 08 February 1989: Leased to Pakistan, renamed PNS Khaibar (D-162)
  • 14 November 1993: Returned to the U.S. Navy at Singapore
  • 02 January 1994: Struck from the NVR
  • 29 March 1994: Sold for scrapping to Trusha Investments Pte. Ltd., c/o Jacques Pierot, Jr. & Sons Inc., New York City, N.Y. for $635,400
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    Brooke 72k John Mercer Brooke was born on 18 December 1826 at Tampa Bay, Fla., the son of an Army officer. He became a U.S. Navy Midshipman in 1841, graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1847 and achieved the rank of Lieutenant in 1855. His Navy career was marked by sea duty and scientific assignments. While stationed at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. during the early 1850s, he developed a device for accurately mapping the deep sea floor. He also took part in surveying and exploring expeditions in the Pacific during the middle and later parts of the decade and helped instruct officers of the fledgling Japanese Navy.

    As the secession crisis deepened, Brooke resigned his commission in April 1861 and "went south", joining the Confederate Navy soon after as a Lieutenant. He was deeply involved in the conversion of the burned steam frigate Merrimack into the ironclad CSS Virginia and in the design and production of heavy rifled guns for the Southern war effort. Promoted to Commander in September 1862, he became Chief of the Confederate Navy's Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography in March 1863 and served in that post until the Civil War ended more than two years later. After the war, Brooke became a professor at the Virginia Military Institute, at Lexington VA while continuing his technological pursuits. After a long career of teaching, he retired in 1899 and made his home in Lexington until his death on 14 December 1906.

    USS Brooke (DEG 1) was the first ship named in his honor.
    (U.S. Navy photo #NH58902 from the Naval History and Heritage Command)
    Brooke 131k unknown location/date -
    Brooke 87k
    Brooke 118k Nearly identical to the Garcia class frigates, except for the replacement of the aft 5"/38 gun with a Mk 22 missile launcher and radar improvements. -
    Brooke 51k unknown date/location, Brooke launching an ASROC missile during trials in the Pacific. Bob Hurst
    Worksop, Nottinghamshire,
    England, United Kingdom
    Brooke 46k unknown date/location, Brooke underway during trials in the Pacific.
    Brooke 84k An undated postcard view of Brooke as DEG 1.    (Postcard #31385 © Marine Photos and Publishing Co., San Diego, Cal.; shown at 150% of original size)

    Caption reads: The first ship to bear the name of Lt. John Mercer Brooke, USN, Naval scientist and inventor of the "Brooke" gun. Built by Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Co. at Seattle, Wash. as the first of a new class of Guided Missile Ocean Escorts. Commissioned on 12 March 1966 at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Wash.
    Mike Smolinski
    Clifton, N.J.
    Brooke 149k An undated postcard view of Brooke as FFG 1.    (Postcard #P7563 © Marine Photos and Publishing Co., Spring Valley, Cal.; shown at 200% of original size)

    Caption reads: U.S.S. Brooke (FFG-1), Guided Missile Frigate, The first of her Class built by the Lockheed Shipbuilding & Construction Co. of Seattle, Washington. Commissioned on 12 March 1966.
    Brooke 211k circa 1966: USS Brooke (DEG 1) underway.
    (Photo courtesy of Mr. W.H. Davis; from "Jane's Fighting Ships, 1966-67")
    Bob Hurst
    Worksop, Nottinghamshire,
    England, United Kingdom
    Brooke 299k 28 May 1966: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - USS Brooke (DEG-1) off Vancouver BC maneuvering with tug assistance.
    (Photograph by Walter E. Frost) (Photo #AM1506-S3-3-: CVA 447-3693 from the City of Vancouver Archives)
    Mike Green
    Port Angeles, Wash.
    Brooke 362k March 1970: Okinawa - USS Brooke (DEG 1) and USS Ramsey (DEG 2) at the White Beach Naval Facility, Okinawa. This was before the Ryukyu Islands were returned to Japan. The ships were in port for fuel and supplies. I was not a member of the crew of either ship; I was assigned to the YO-179 which was stationed at White Beach. Ed Arold
    Brooke 181k 15 June 1982: Naval Station Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippine Islands - An aerial view of the U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility. Berthed at the shipyard are the Knox-class frigate USS Roark (FF 1053) and USS Harold E. Holt (FF 1074). Moored alongside them is Brooke.
    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SN-84-06232 by PH1 David MacLean from the Defense Visual Information Center)
    Brooke 333k 02 November 1983: Apra Harbor, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands - A port bow view of Brooke, front, and the frigate USS Badger (FF 1071) moored at a pier.
    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-90-07741 by PHAN M. Anderson from the DVIC)
    Brooke 151k 17 January 1988: off San Clemente Island, Cal. - Head-on aerial view.
    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-04-09284 by PHC T.R. Dupree from the DVIC)
    Brooke 240k 17 January 1988: off San Clemente Island, Cal. - Starboard view.
    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-04-09283 by PHC T.R. Dupree from the DVIC)
    Brooke 611k 17 January 1988: off San Clemente Island, Cal. - Port view.
    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-04-09282 by PHC T.R. Dupree from the DVIC)
    Brooke 381k 1988: Vancouver, B.C. - Brooke underway off British Columbia.
    (Photo by Rick Garcia, from the collection of  Chris Howell)
    Chris Howell
    Southland Ship Stores Ltd
    Port of Bluff, New Zealand
    Brooke 148k 08 February 1989: Naval Station San Diego, Cal. - The Pakistani navy ships PNS Aslat (F-265), left, and PNS Khaibar (D-163) lay tied up at a pier following their commissioning. The Aslat and Khaibar, formerly the frigate USS O'Callahan (FF 1051) and the guided missile frigate Brooke, respectively, are being leased to the government of Pakistan for five years.
    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-ST-90-03785 by PH1 Michael D.P. Flynn from the DVIC)

    Brooke Memorabilia
    Ship's Mug
    Courtesy of
    Mike Smolinski

    Brooke History
    View the USS Brooke (DEG 1) DANFS history entry located on the Naval History and Heritage Command web site.

    Brooke's Commanding Officers
    Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves
    Dates of Command Commanding Officers
    1.)   12 Mar. 1966 - 17 Mar. 1967Cmdr. Robert Levi Walters (Oblong, Ill.) (ret. as Vadm.)
    2.)   17 Mar. 1967 - 20 Apr. 1968Cmdr. Bruce Goodwin Stone (USNA '50)
    3.)   20 Apr. 1968 - 18 Feb. 1970Cmdr. James Garfield Williams III
    4.)   18 Feb. 1970 - 11 Jun. 1971Cmdr. William Frederick McCauley (ret. as Vadm.)
    5.)   11 Jun. 1971 - 11 Sep. 1972Cmdr. Carl John Albrecht (USNA '59)
    6.)   11 Sep. 1972 - 22 Mar. 1974Cmdr. William Dyer Pivarnik
    7.)   22 Mar. 1974 - 27 Aug. 1975Cmdr. Robert Heber Ailes (San Francisco, Cal.) (ret. as Radm.)
    8.)   27 Aug. 1975 - 12 Nov. 1976Cmdr. Robert Louis Freehill
    9.)   12 Nov. 1976 - 10 Jan. 1977Cmdr. Stanley John Pryzby (Greenfield, Mass.)
    10.) 10 Jan. 1977 - 19 Dec. 1978Cmdr. Raymond Guy Zeller (Olney, Ill.) (ret. as Radm.)
    11.) 19 Dec. 1978 - 06 Feb. 1981Cmdr. Allan Dale Zabrocki
    12.) 06 Feb. 1981 - 28 Feb. 1983Cmdr. John Davidson Luke
    13.) 28 Feb. 1983 - 17 Jun. 1985Cmdr. Barry Merrill Plott
    14.) 17 Jun. 1985 - 19 Dec. 1987Cmdr. Albert Smith Paton (Providence, R.I.)
    15.) 19 Dec. 1987 - 18 Aug. 1988 Cmdr. John T.O. Martin
    16.) 18 Aug. 1988 - 08 Feb. 1989Cmdr. William E. Gahnstrom

    Crew Contact And Reunion Information

    Contact Name: Steve Hunt - Secretary/Treasurer USS Brooke Assoc.
    Address: PO Box 9692
    City/State: Tacoma WA 98490
    Phone: (253) 473-6742

    Note About Contacts

    Contact information is compiled from various sources over a period of time and may, or may not, be correct. Every effort has been
    made to list the newest contact. However, our entry is only as good as the latest information that's been sent to us. We list only
    a contact for the ship if one has been sent to us. We do NOT have crew lists or rosters available. Please see the Frequently Asked
    Questions section on Navsource's Main Page for that information.

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