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The DE / FF / FFG / LCS Archive contains 824 Pages with 11,716 Images as of 12/31/2017

01/14/2018 (29 photos added today / 97 photos added YTD)
DE 168, Amick, add 4 photos thanks to Tim Rizzuto
DE 169, Atherton, add add'l redources, update DANFS history link
DE 189, Bronstein, add 3 photos
DE 343, Abercrombie, add 1 photo thanks to Tim Rizzuto
FFG 11, Clark, add add'l resources, add 1 CO photo (Kelley)
FFG 15, Estocin, add add'l resources, repl. history link, add 1 item of memorabilia (plaque)
FFG 20, Antrim, add add'l resources, repl. history link, add 1 CO photo (Moser), add 4 items of memorabilia (emblem, 2 plaques, mug)
FFG 21, Flatley, add add'l resources, add CO info, add CO photo (Watson), add 1 item of memorabilia (plaque), add 2nd ship's patch, add 3 bio photos
FFG 27, M. S. Tisdale, add add'l resources, add 2nd ship's patch
FFG 32, John L. Hall, add add'l resources, repl. history link
FFG 39, Doyle, add 2 ship's patches, add 2 CO photos (2nd Erickson, 2nd Marfiak)
LCS 2, Independence, add 1 photo (linked to entire Independence class)
LCS 12, Omaha, add 3 photos thanks to Lee Wahler

01/07/2018 (37 today / 68 YTD)
FFG 23, Lewis B. Puller, add 5 items of memorabilia, add 1 photo, add 1 photo thanks to Dale Hargrave
FFG 60, Rodney M. Davis, add 1 photo
LCS 1, Freedom, add 1 photo (linked to entire Freedom class)
LCS 5, Milwaukee, update operational history (shock trials), add 6 photos
LCS 7, Detroit, add 4 photos
LCS 9, Little Rock, add 5 photos
LCS 11, Sioux City, update operational history (builders trials), add 13 photos

01/04/2018 (31 today / 31 YTD)
DE 16, Edgar G. Chase, add 2nd bio photo, add 3 photos thanks to Mike Green
DE 162, Levy, add 1 photo thanks to Bob Hurst
DE 413, Samuel B. Roberts, add add'l resources, corrected DANFS history link, repl. 1 photo (0641302) thanks to C. Lee Johnson
LCS 16, Tulsa, add ship's patch thanks to Don McGrogan, add 11 photos
LCS 22, Kansas City, update operational history (construction beginning, keel laying), add 8 photos
LCS 26, Mobile, update operational history (construction beginning), add 6 photos

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