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Naval History

Photographic History Of The U.S. Navy

 NavSource Online: Submarine Photo Archive

NavSource Online: Submarine Photo Archive

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Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarines
George Washington Class
SSBN-598 George Washington
SSBN-599 Patrick Henry to SSN
SSBN-600 Theodore Roosevelt ex SSGN
SSBN-601 Robert E. Lee
SSBN-602 Abraham Lincoln
Ethan Allen Class
SSBN-608 Ethan Allen to SSN
SSBN-609 Sam Houston to SSN
SSBN-610 Thomas A. Edison to SSN
SSBN-611 John Marshall to SSN
SSBN-618 Thomas Jefferson to SSN
Lafayette Class
SSBN-616 Lafayette
SSBN-617 Alexander Hamilton
SSBN-619 Andrew Jackson
SSBN-620 John Adams
SSBN-622 James Monroe
SSBN-623 Nathan Hale
SSBN-624 Woodrow Wilson
SSBN-625 Henry Clay
SSBN-626 Daniel Webster
James Madison Class
SSBN-627 James Madison
SSBN-628 Tecumseh
SSBN-629 Daniel Boone
SSBN-630 John C. Calhoun
SSBN-631 Ulysses S. Grant
SSBN-632 Von Steuben
SSBN-633 Casimir Pulaski
SSBN-634 Stonewall Jackson
SSBN-635 Sam Rayburn
SSBN-636 Nathanael Greene
Benjamin Franklin Class
SSBN-640 Benjamin Franklin
SSBN-641 Simon Bolivar
SSBN-642 Kamehameha to SSN
SSBN-643 George Bancroft
SSBN-644 Lewis & Clark
SSBN-645 James K. Polk to SSN
SSBN-654 George C. Marshall
SSBN-655 Henry L. Stimson
SSBN-656 George Washington Carver
SSBN-657 Francis Scott Key
SSBN-658 Mariano G. Vallejo
SSBN-659 Will Rogers
Ohio Class
SSGN-726 Ohio
SSGN-727 Michigan
SSGN-728 Florida
SSGN-729 Georgia
SSBN-730 Henry M. Jackson
SSBN-731 Alabama
SSBN-732 Alaska
SSBN-733 Nevada
SSBN-734 Tennessee
SSBN-735 Pennsylvania
SSBN-736 West Virginia
SSBN-737 Kentucky
SSBN-738 Maryland
SSBN-739 Nebraska
SSBN-740 Rhode Island
SSBN-741 Maine
SSBN-742 Wyoming
SSBN-743 Louisiana
SSBN-744 to SSBN-749 Not Assigned
Columbia Class
SSBN-826 Columbia
SSBN-827 Wisconsin

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