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USAT only applies to Owned and Bare Bottom Charters

USAT Acadia redesignated USAHS Acadia
USAT Aconcagua
USAT Admiral C. F. Hughes renamed USAT General Edwin D. Patrick
USAT Admiral E. W. Eberle renamed USAT General Simon B. Buckner
USAT Admiral H. T. Mayo renamed USAT General Nelson M. Walker
USAT Admiral W. L. Capps renamed USAT General Hugh J. Gaffey
USAT Admiral W. S. Benson renamed USAT General Daniel I. Sultan
USAT Admiral William S. Sims renamed USAT General William O. Darby
USAT Agamemnon renamed USAT Monticello
USAT Agwileon redesignated USAHS Shamrock
USAT Aisne
USAT Alamo
USAT Albert M. Boe to US Navy as USNS Albert M. Boe (T-AKV-6)
USAT Alencon
USAT Algorab ex US Navy Algorab (AK-262)
USAT Alqonquin redesignated USAHS Algonquin
USAT America renamed USAT Edmund B. Alexander
USAT American Legion to US Navy USS American Legion (AP-35)
USAT Amphion
USAT Ancon to US Navy USS Ancon (AP-66)
USAT Andrew D. White
USAT Anne Hanify
USAT Antigone
USAT Antioch Victory
USAT Argonne to US Navy USS Argonne
USAT Argosy Lemal (S-6)
USAT Aristides
USAT Arrow
USAT Artemis
USAT Athenian
USAT Atlantic Trader
USAT Barbara Olson
USAT Becket Bend
USAT Bell Ringer
USAT Belle Isle
USAT Black Hawk to US Navy as USS Black Arrow (ID 3913)
USAT Blanche F. Sigman redesignated USAHS Blanche F. Sigman
USAT Blue Jacket to US Navy as USNS Blue Jacket (T-AF-51)
USAT Borinquen
USAT Bowling Green Victory renamed USAT LT. Robert Craig
USAT Bridgeport to US Navy USS Bridgeport
USAT Brig. General Arthur W. Yates ex USAJMP Col. Pond
USAT Brig. General Harry E. Rethers
USAT Brig. General M. G. Zalinski
USAQQMC General Mifflin
USAT Brig. General William E. Horton ex USAJMP Col. Card
USAT Brooklyn Heights
USAT Buford
USQMD C.J. Caffrey ex-USQMD J.H. Baldwin, renamed USED C.J. Caffrey
USAT C. T. Jaffray
USAT Cambrai
USAT Cantigny
USAT Cape May
USAT Capt. Arlo L. Olson to US Navy as USNS Capt. Arlo L. Olson (T-AK-245)
USAT Cardinal O'Connell to US Navy as USNS Cardinal O'Connell (T-AKV-7)
USAT Caribqueen
USAT Cefalu
USAT Charles L. Wheeler, Jr.
USAT Charles P. Steinmetz
USAT Charles S. Winsor ex USS Alchiba (AK-261)
USAT Chateau Thierry US Navy USS Chateau Thierry (AP-31)
USAT Chatham
USAT Chaumont to US Navy USS Chaumont (AP-5)
USAT Chester A. Arthur ex USS John L. Lockwood
USAT Chippewa
USAT Chirikof
USAT City of Dallas
USAT City of Fort Worth
USAT City of Houston
USAT City of Lowell
USAT City of Philadelphia
USAT Clevedon
USAT Coamo
USAT Colonel William J. O'Brien to US Navy as USNS Col. William J. O'Brien (T-AK-246)
USAT Colonel Frederick C. Johnson from US Navy USS Nopatin
USAT Colorado
USAT Comet
USAT Contessa
USAT Copiapo
USAT Coventry
USAT Cristobal
USAT Crook
USAT Cynthia Olson
USAT Daniel Willard
USAT Darlington ex USS Darlington
USAT David C. Shanks to US Navy USNS David C. Shanks (T-AP-180)
USAT David W. Branch
USAT De Soto ex-CSS De Soto to US Navy USS De Soto (II)
USAT Delarof
USAT Dellwood redesignated CS Dellwood
USAT Diamomd Cement
USAT Don Esteban
USAT Dorothea L. Dix to US Navy USS Dorothea L. Dix (AP-67)
USAT Eddelyn
USAT Edmund B. Alexander to US Navy APL-1
USAT Edward Chambers
USAT Egbert ex USAHS Missouri
USAT El Occidente
USAT El Oriente
USAT Eli D. Hoyle from US Navy Mendocino (AK-39)
USAT Ernest Hinds redesignated USAHS Ernest Hinds
USATEsther Johnson (S-216)
USAT Etolin from US Navy USS Matsonia (ID 1589)
USAT Evangeline
USAT Flemish Bend ex US Navy USS Bondia (AF-42)
USAT Finland
USAT Florida
USAT Franklin S. Leisenring
USAT Fred C. Ainsworth to US Navy USNS Fred C. Ainsworth (T-AP-181)
USAT Frederick Funston to US Navy USS Frederick Funston (APA-89)
USAT Frederick Lykes
USAT Freedom
USAT Ganandoc
USAT Garonne
USAT Gatun
USAT General A. W. Brewster to US Navy USNS General A. W. Brewster (T-AP-155)
USAT General A. W. Greely to US Navy USNS General A.W. Greely (T-AP-141)
USAT General Alexander M. Patch to US Navy USNS General Alexander M. Patch (T-AP-122)
USAT General C. C. Ballou to US Navy USNS General C.C. Ballou (T-AP-157)
USAT General C. G. Morton to US Navy USNS General C. G. Morton (T-AP-138)
USAT General C. H. Muir to US Navy USNS General C. H. Muir (T-AP-142)
USAT General D. E. Aultman to US Navy USNS General D. E. Aultman (T-AP-156)
USAT General Daniel L. Sultan to US Navy USNS General Daniel I. Sultan (T-AP-120)
USAT General Edgar T. Collins to US Navy USNS General Edgar T. Collins (T-AP-147)
USAT General Edwin D. Patrick to US Navy USNS General Edwin D. Patrick (T-AP-124)
USAT General Frank M. Coxe
USAT General George W. Goethals to US Navy USNS George W. Goethals (T-AP-182)
USAT General H. B. Freeman to US Navy USNS General H. B. Freeman (T-AP-143)
USAT General H. F. Hodges to US Navy USNS General H. F. Hodges (T-AP-144)
USAT General Harry Taylor to US Navy USNS General Harry Taylor (T-AP-145)
USAT General Hugh J. Gaffey to US Navy USNS General Hugh J. Gaffey (T-AP-121)
USAT General J. H. McRae to US Navy USNS General J. H. McRae (T-AP-149)
USAT General John McE. Hyde
USAT General John Pope to US Navy USNS General John Pope (T-AP-110)
USAT General LeRoy Eltinge to US Navy USNS General LeRoy Eltinge (T-AP-154)
USAT General M. B. Stewart to US Navy USNS General M. B. Stewart (T-AP-140)
USAT General M. L. Hersey to US Navy USNS General M.L. Hersey (T-AP-148)
USAT General M. M. Patrick to US Navy USNS General M. M. Patrick (T-AP-150)
USAT General Maurice Rose to US Navy USNS General Maurice Rose (T-AP-126)
USAQMC General Mifflin
USAT General Nelson M. Walker to US Navy USNS General Nelson M. Walker (T-AP-125)
USAT General Oswald H. Ernst from US Navy USS General Oswald H. Ernst (AP-133)
USAT General Omar Bundy from US Navy USS General Omar Bundy (AP-152)
USAT General R. E. Callan to US Navy USNS General R. E. Callan (T-AP-139)
USAT General R. L. Howze to US Navy USNS General R. L. Howze (T-AP-134)
USAT General R. M. Blatchford to US Navy USNS General R. M. Blatchford (T-AP-153)
USAT General S. D. Sturgis to US Navy USNS General S. D. Sturgis (T-AP-137)
USATGeneral Sedgewick ex USS Calhoun
USAT General Simon B. Buckner to US Navy USNS General Simon B. Buckner (T-AP-123)
USAT General Stuart Heintzelman to US Navy USNS Stuart Heintzelman (T-AP-159)
USAT General W. C. Gorgas from US Navy USS General W. C. Gorgas (ID 1365)
USAT General W. C. Langfitt to US Navy USNS General W. C. Langfitt (T-AP-151)
USAT General W. F. Hase to US Navy USNS General W. F. Hase (T-AP-146)
USAT General W. G. Haan to US Navy USNS General W. G. Haan (T-AP-158)
USAT General W. M. Black to US Navy USNS General W. M. Black (T-AP-135)
USAT General W. P. Richardson from US Navy USS General W. P. Richardson (AP-118)
USAT General William J. Sutton ex-USAT Hickory Knoll
USAT General William O. Darby to US Navy USNS General William O. Darby (T-AP-127)
USAT General William Weigel to US Navy USNS General William Weigel (T-AP-119)
USAT George S. Simonds to US Navy USS Great Northern (AG-9)
USAT George Washington from US Navy USS Catlin (AP-19)
USAT George Washington Carver ex USAHS Dogwood
USAT Golden Eagle
USAT Great Northern
USAT Greenville Victory
USAT Grey Lag
USAT H. A. Scandrett
USAT Haleakala
USAT Hancock
USAT Havana
USAT Heffron
USAT Hennepin
USAT Henry Gibbins
USAT Henry R. Mallory
USAT Henry T. Allen
USAT Hercules renamed USAT Philippines
USAT Herkimer
USAT Hermitage ex-USS Hermitage (AP-54)
USAT Hickory Knoll renamed USAT General William J. Sutton
USAT Honda Knot
USAT Hooker redesignated Cable Ship
USAT Horace Luckenbach
USAT Howell Cobb
USAT Hugh L. Scott
USAT Hunter Liggett
USAT Imperial
USAT Ingalls to US Navy USS Yosemite (II)
USAT Iroquois
USAT Irvin L. Hunt
USAT J. Franklin Bell
USQMD J.H. Baldwin renamed USQMD C.J. Caffrey
USAT J. W. McAndrew
USAT James O'Hara
USAT James Parker
USAT Jarrett M. Huddleston
USAT John L. Clem
USAT John L. McCarley
USAT John Penn
USAT John R. R. Hannay
USAT Jonna renamed USAT Pillory
USAT Joseph Habersham
USAT Joseph T. Dickman
USAT Joseph V. Connolly
USAT Julius H. Barnes
USAT Kenowis
USAT Kinsman ex USS Kinsman
USAT Kintuck
USAT Kilauea
USAT Kilpatrick
USAT Kingsport Victory
USAT Kvichak renamed USAMRS James B. Houston
USAT Lake Ellijay
USAT Lake Frances
USAT Lake Ormoc
USAT Lakehurst
USAT Lawton ex USS Badger
USAT Laurentia ex US Navy USS Laurentia (AF-44)
USAT Lawrence Philips
USAT Legazpi
USAT Leonard Wood to US Navy USS Leonard Wood (AP-25)
USAT Liberty
USAT Lock Knot renamed Pvt. George J. Peters
USAT Logan
USAT LSM-463 ex US Navy USS LSM-463
USAT LST-246 ex US Navy USS LST-246
USAT LST-648 ex US Navy USS LST-648
USAT LST-715 return to US Navy as USS LST-715
USAT LST-833 ex US Navy USS LST-833
USAT LST-916 ex US Navy USS LST-916
USAT LT. George W. G. Boyce
USAT LT. James E. Robinson
USAT LT. Raymond O. Beaudoin
USAT LT. Robert Craig to US Navy as USNS LT. Robert Craig (T-AK-252)
USAT Ludington
USAT Lumberlady
USAT M.I.T. Victory renamed USAT LT. Alexander R. Nininger
USAT Madawaska
USAT Madison
USAT Maj Gen Henry Gibbins
USAT Manitoba renamed USAT Logan
USAT Marica
USAT Marne
USAT Massachusetts (I) to US Navy USS Massachusetts
USAT Masaya ex USS Dale (DD-290)
USAT Matagalpa ex USS Osborne (DD-295)
USAT McClellan
USAT Meigs ex West Lewark (ID-4490)
USAT Melrose renamed USAT LT. Col. Robert E. Shannon
USAT Merrimack
USAT Merritt
USAT Meteor
USAT Mexican
USAT Minnesotan
USAT Mokatam
USAT Monterey
USAT Monticello
USAT Morlen
USAT Mount McKinley
USAT Mount Vernon
USAT Munargo to US Navy as USS Munargo (AP-20)
New National
USAT Nevada ex-USS Rogday (ID 3583)
USAT Norindies
USAT Norlago
USAT North Coast
USAT Northern Pacific
USAT Northern Sword
USAT Octorara
USAT Oneida
USAT Ontonagon
USAT Orizaba
USAT Otsego
USAT Ourcq
USAT Ozark
USAT Pakling
USAT Panama renamed USAT James Parker
USAT Philippines ex-USAT Hercules
USAT Pillory ex USAT Jonna
USAT Planter ex USS Planter
USAT Point San Pedro
USAT Portmar
USAT President Buchanan ex USAHS Emily H. M. Weder
USAT President Garfield redesignated USS Thomas Jefferson (APA-30)
USAT President Grant (I)
USAT President Grant (II) renamed USAT Republic
USAT President Johnson ex-USS Manchuria (ID-1633)
USAT Private Elden H. Johnson
USAT Private Francis X. McGraw
USAT Private Frank J. Petrarca
USAT Private Frederick C. Murphy
USAT Private George J. Peters ex USAT Lock Knot
USAT Private Joe E. Mann
USAT Private Joe R. Hastings
USAT Private Joe P. Martinez
USAT Private John F. Thorson
USAT Private John R. Towle
USAT Private Jose F. Valdez
USAT Private Joseph F. Merrell
USAT Private Leonard C. Brostrom
USAT Private Sadao S. Munemori
USAT Private William H. Thomas
USAT Puebla
USAT Raritan ex Dredge Detroit Wayne
USAT Rawlins ex USS Resolute (Auxiliary Cruiser)
USAT Redwood renamed USAT Eli D. Hoyle
USAT Republic
USAT Resolute from US Navy USNS Pembina
USAT Roanoke
USAT Rosebank
USAT Rosecrans
USAT S.D. Mason (FS-551) ex USLHS Fern
USAT San Antonio
USAT San Diego
USAT San Pablo
USAT Santa Cecilia
USAT Santa Clara
USAT Santa Leonora to US Navy USS Canopus (AS-9)
USAT Santa Rosa
USAT Saratoga
USAT Saturnia
USAT Scotia
USAT Scottsburg
USAT Sea Barb
USAT Sea Cat
USAT Seatrain Texas
USAT Seminole
USAT Seward
USAT Sgt. Andrew Miller
USAT Sgt. Archer T. Gammon
USAT Sgt. Charles E. Mower
USAT Sgt. Curtis F. Shoup to US Navy as USNS Curtis F. Shoup (T-AG-175)
USAT Sgt. George Peterson
USAT Sgt. Howard E. Woodford
USAT Sgt. Jack J. Pendleton
USAT Sgt. Jonah E. Kelley
USAT Sgt. Joseph E. Muller
USAT Sgt. Morris E. Crain to US Navy as USNS Sgt. Morris E. Crain (T-AK-244)
USAT Sgt. Truman Kimbro to US Navy as USNS Sgt. Truman Kimbro (T-AK-254)
USAT Sgt. Sylvester Antolak
USAT Shawnee
USAT Sheridan
USAT Sherman
USAT Short Splice
USAT Siboney
USAT Sicilien
USAT Sierra
USAT Sol Navis
USAT Somme
USAT Soreldoc
USAT South Bend
USAT Southern Seas to US Navy as USS Southern Seas (PY-32)
USAT Spindle Eye renamed USAT Sgt. Curtis F. Shoup
USAT St. Mihiel redesignated USAHS St. Mihiel
USAT St. Olaf ex USAHS St. Olaf
USAT State of Maryland
USAT State of Virginia
USAT Sumner
USAT Tasker H. Bliss
USAT Teapa ex USS Putnam (DD-287)
USAT Tenadores
USAT Texada
USAT Thistle
USAT Thomas
USAT Thomas Corwin
USAT Thomas H. Barry
USAT Tiger
USAT Tours
USAT Tusculum Victory
USAT U.S. Grant
USAT Vannes
USAT Virginian
USAT V-108
USAT Warren
USAT Washington ex USS Mount Vernon
USAT West Corum
USAT West Elcasco (ID 3661) ex USAT Major General Henry Gibbins
USAT West Texas
USAT Westward Ho
USAT Wheaton
USAT Wichita Falls
USAT Will H. Point
USAT Willard A. Holbrook
USAT William Lester
USAT William R. Gibson
USAT Wright
USAT Yarmouth
USAT Zebulon B. Vance ex USAHS John J. Meany

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