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Coastal Minesweeper (Underwater Locator) - (AMCU)
Coastal Minehunter (MHC)

Minesweepers, Coastal (Underwater Locator) were designed to locate mines and other underwater obstacles, rather than to sweep them. Of the 50 AMCUs that existed, all except one were originally other type of craft. Bittern (AMCU 43), was built from the keel up for the purpose. All AMCUs on the U. S. Naval Vessel Register, were reclassified Coastal Minehunters (MHC), 7 February 1955.

The Osprey Class Coastal Minehunters are mine hunter-killers capable of finding, classifying and destroying moored and bottom mines. the Osprey Class have glass reinforced plastic hulls designed solely for mine hunting, the technique of locating mines with sonar and neutralizing them with a remotely controlled underwater vehicle. A precise navigation system is installed to integrate the mine hunting sonar with the mine neutralization system. The ship's mission is to clear harbor, coastal and ocean waters of acoustic, magnetic, pressure, and contact-type mines, utilizing reconnaissance, classification, and neutralization tactics.
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Coastal Minesweeper (Underwater Locator) & Coastal Minehunter (AMCU / MHC)
AMCU-1 Class
(AMCU-1 to AMCU-6)
AMCU-1 ex-LCT(6)-843
AMCU-2 ex-LCT(6)-844
AMCU-3 ex-LCT(6)-887
AMCU-4 ex-LCT(6)-888
AMCU-5 ex-LCT(6)-889
AMCU-6 ex-LCT(6)-890
AMCU-7 Class
(AMCU-7 to AMCU-11)
AMCU-7 ex-LCI(L)-589
AMCU-8 ex-LCI(L)-400
AMCU-9 ex-LCI(L)-409
AMCU-10 ex-LCI(L)-513
AMCU / MHC-11 Blackbird ex-LCI(L)-515
Harkness Class
(AMCU-12 to AMCU-14 & MHC-44 to MHC-50)
AMCU / MHC-12 Harkness ex-AGSC-12
AMCU / MHC-13 James M. Gilliss ex-AGSC-13
AMCU / MHC-14 Minah ex-AMc-204
AMCU-7 Class - Continued
AMCU-15 Accentor ex-LCI(L)-652 - Reclassified LSI(L)-652
AMCU / MHC-16 Avocet ex-LCI(L)-653
AMCU-17 Blue Jay ex-LCI(L)-654
AMCU-18 Chaffinch ex-LCI(L)-694
AMCU-19 Chewink ex-LCI(L)-701
AMCU-20 Chimango ex-LCI(L)-703
AMCU-21 Cockatoo ex-LCI(L)-709
AMCU-22 Cotinga ex-LCI(L)-776
AMCU-23 Dunlin ex-LCI(L)-777 - Reclassified LSI(L)-777
AMCU / MHC-24 Goldcrest ex-LCI(L)-869
AMCU-25 Jacamar ex-LCI(L)-870
AMCU / MHC-26 Kestrel ex-LCI(L)-874
AMCU-27 Killdeer ex-LCI(L)-883 - Reclassified LSI(L)-883
AMCU / MHC-28 Longspur ex-LCI(L)-884
AMCU / MHC-29 Magpie ex-LCI(L)-944
AMCU / MHC-30 Mallard ex-LSI(L)-963
AMCU-31 Medrick ex-LCI(L)-966 Reclassified LSI(L)-966
AMCU / MHC-32 Minivet ex-LCI(L)-969
AMCU / MHC-33 Oriole ex-LCI(L)-973
AMCU / MHC-34 Ortolan ex-LCI(L)-976
AMCU / MHC-35 Owl ex-LCI(L)-982
AMCU / MHC-36 Partridge ex-LCI(L)-1001
AMCU / MHC-37 Rail ex-LCI(L)-1022
AMCU / MHC-38 Sandpiper ex-LCI(L)-1008
AMCU / MHC-39 Sentinel ex-LCI(L)-1052
AMCU-40 Shearwater ex-LCI(L)-882 Reclassified LSI(L)-882
AMCU / MHC-41 Skimmer ex-LCI(L)-1093
AMCU / MHC-42 Sparrow ex-LCI(L)-1098
Bittern Class
AMCU / MHC-43 Bittern
Harkness Class - Continued
MHC-44 Bobolink ex-AMS-2
MHC-45 Bunting ex-AMS-3
AMCU / MHC-46 Gull ex AMS-16
AMCU / MHC-47 Merganser ex AMS-26
AMCU / MHC-48 Redhead ex AMS-34
AMCU / MHC-49 Sanderling ex-AMS-35
AMCU / MHC-50 Waxbill ex AMS-39
Osprey Class
(MHC-51 to MHC-62)
MHC-51 Osprey
MHC-52 Heron
MHC-53 Pelican
MHC-54 Robin
MHC-55 Oriole
MHC-56 Kingfisher
MHC-57 Cormorant
MHC-58 Black Hawk
MHC-59 Falcon
MHC-60 Cardinal
MHC-61 Raven
MHC-62 Shrike

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