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Yard Ferryboat or Launch (YFB)

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Ferryboat or Launch (YFB)
YFB-1 Asp ex Nahma
YFB-2 Admiral Glass
YFB-3 Berceau ex Talbot (Torpedo Boat No. 15)
YFB-4 Cyane ex Gwin (Torpedo Boat No. 16)
YFB-5 Faithful ex Ripple, ex Wave
YFB-6 Hustle ex Despatch, ex Steam Cutter No. 423
YFB-7 Leslie
YFB-8 Navy Yard
YFB-9 no information
YFB-10 Wave
YFB-11 Callao ex PG-37
YFB-12 San Felipe
YFB-13 Christine ex YT-106
YFB-14 Aquidneck
YFB-15 Conanicut
YFB-16 Manuwai
YFB-17 Nihoa
YFB-18 Monhegan
YFB-19 Vashon
YFB-20 League Island
YFB-21 Calistoga
YFB-22 Jewell
YFB-23 Sanibel ex Solomons
YFB-24 Treasure
YFB-25 Captiva
YFB-26 Falkner
YFB-27 cancelled 14 November 1944
YFB-28 Adak cancelled 14 November 1944
YFB-29 Camia cancelled 14 November 1944
YFB-31 Gould Island
YFB-32 Green Island
YFB-33 Santa Rosa acquistion cancelled 20 May 1942 (see YFB-61)
YFB-34 San Leandro acqusition cancelled 20 May 1942 (see YFB-60)
YFB-35 Sequin
YFB-36 Staten
YFB-37 Dewees
YFB-38 Seabrook
YFB-39 Caladesi
YFB-40 Quonset
YFB-42 Asquith
YFB-43 Colington
YFB-44 Royston
YFB-45 Sheffield
YFB-46 North
YFB-49 Metinic
YFB-53 ex Grampus (ID-1708)
YFB-54 Magdalena
YFB-55 ex YHB-6
YFB-56 ex YHB-7
YFB-57 acquisition cancelled
YFB-57 San Felipe acquisition cancelled
YFB-58 Lacosta
YFB-59 Arrowsic
YFB-60 ex San Leandro (YFB-34)
YFB-61 ex Santa Rosa (YFB-33)
YFB-65 ex LCU-611
YFB-66 ex LCU-639
YFB-67/80 numbers apparently not used
YFB-82 ex LCU-1040
YFB-83 Wa'a Hele Honua
YFB-84 ex YSD-55
YFB-86 ex YFU-1
YFB-87 Moko Holo Hele
YFB-88 ex LCU-1636
YFB-89 ex LCU-1638
YFB-90 ex LCU-1639
YFB-91 ex LCU-1640
YFB-92 Leeward
YFB-93 Windward
YFB-94 ex LCU-1504
YFB-95 ex LCU-1516
YFB-280 Inca
YFB-308 Dart
YFB-450 Pinafore
YFB-529 Vidette
YFB-621 Castro
YFB-663 Kite / Otter
YFB-681 Santa Rita
YFB-682 Rosal
YFB-683 Camia
YFB-684 Dapdap
YFB-685 Rivera
YFB-687 Magdalena
YFB-688 Yacal
YFB-1048 Launch No. 1048
YFB-1059 Spray
YFB-1163 Narragansett / Taposa ex ID-1163
YFB-1227 Patchogue ex ID-1227
YFB-1504 redesignated YFB-94
YFB-1516 redesignated YFB-95
YFB-1708 Grampus (see YFB-53)
YFB-2000 Samoset
YFB-2047 Porpoise ex Moosehead (ID-2047)
YFB-2079 Shady Side
YFB-2494 ex Launch No. 2494
YFB-3268 Atlantic ex ID-3268
YFB-3274 Mary M.
YFB-4753 ex Launch No. 4753
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