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The Ready Reserve Force (RRF) is made up of ships in the custody of the Maritime Administration (MARAD). These ships are maintained and crewed by the MARAD and can be activated in four, five, 10 or 20 days. Military Sealift Command (MSC) inspects the ships and accepts them. When activated, RRF ships come under the operational control of MSC.
Government-owned Tankers
MV Nodaway (AOT-78) ex T-AOG-78
MV Alatna (AOT-81) ex T-AOG-81
MV Chattahoochee (AOT-82)ex T-AOG-82
SS Potomac (AOT-181) ex T-AO-181
SS Mount Washington (AOT-5076)
SS Chesapeake (AOT-5084)
Miscellaneous Auxiliary (OPDS)
MV Vice Adm. K.R. Wheeler (AG-5001)
Roll-on/Roll-off Ships
SS Cape Island (AKR-10) ex Mercury
SS Cape Intrepid (AKR-11) ex Jupiter
MV Cape Texas (AKR-112)
MV Cape Taylor (AKR-113)
GTS Admiral W. M. Callaghan (AKR-1001)
MV Cape Orlando (AKR-2044)
MV Cape Ducato (AKR-5051)
MV Cape Douglas (AKR-5052)
MV Cape Domingo (AKR-5053)
MV Cape Decision (AKR-5054)
MV Cape Diamond (AKR-5055)
SS Cape Isabel (AKR-5062)
MV Cape Hudson (AKR-5066)
MV Cape Henry (AKR-5067)
MV Cape Horn (AKR-5068)
MV Cape Edmont (AKR-5069)
SS Cape Inscription (AKR-5076)
MV Cape Knox (AKR-5082)
MV Cape Kennedy (AKR-5083)
MV Cape Vincent (AKR-9666
MV Cape Rise (AKR-9678)
MV Cape Ray (AKR-9679)
MV Cape Victory (AKR-9701)
MV Cape Trinity (AKR-9711)
MV Cape Race (AKR-9960)
MV Cape Washington (AKR-9961)
MV Cape Wrath (AKR-9962)
Crane Ships
SS Keystone State (ACS-1)
SS Gem State (ACS-2)
SS Grand Canyon State (ACS-3)
SS Gopher State (ACS-4)
SS Flickertail State (ACS-5)
SS Cornhusker State (ACS-6)
Lighter Aboard Ships
SS Cape Flattery (AK-5070)
SS Cape Farewell (AK-5073)
Modular Cargo Delivery System Ships
SS Cape Girardeau (AK-2039)
SS Cape Jacob (T-AK 5029)
SS Cape Gibson (AK-5051)
Heavy Lift Ships
SS Cape May (AKR-5063)
SS Cape Mohican (AKR-5065)

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