Patrol Frigate (PF)

Patrol Frigate (PF)
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PF-1 Asheville ex-PG-101
PF-2 Natchez ex-PG-102
PF-3 Tacoma ex-PG-111
PF-4 Sausalito ex-PG-112
PF-5 Hoquiam ex-PG-113
PF-6 Pasco ex-PG-114
PF-7 Albuquerque ex-PG-115
PF-8 Everett ex-PG-116
PF-9 Pocatello ex-PG-117
PF-10 Brownsville ex-PG-118
PF-11 Grand Forks ex-PG-119
PF-12 Casper ex-PG-120
PF-13 Pueblo ex-PG-121
PF-14 Grand Island ex-PG-122
PF-15 Annapolis ex-PG-123
PF-16 Bangor ex-PG-124
PF-17 Key West ex-PG-125
PF-18 Alexandria ex-PG-126
PF-19 Huron ex-PG-127
PF-20 Gulfport ex-PG-128
PF-21 Bayonne ex-PG-129
PF-22 Gloucester ex-PG-130
PF-23 Shreveport ex-PG-131
PF-24 Muskegon ex-PG-132
PF-25 Charlottesville ex-PG-133
PF-26 Poughkeepsie ex-PG-134
PF-27 Newport ex-PG-135
PF-28 Emporia ex-PG-136
PF-29 Groton ex-PG-137
PF-30 Hingham ex-PG-138
PF-31 Grand Rapids ex-PG-139
PF-32 Woonsocket ex-PG-140
PF-33 Dearborn ex-Toledo
PF-34 Long Beach ex-PG-142 Renamed PF-34
PF-35 Belfast ex-PG-143
PF-36 Glendale ex-PG-144
PF-37 San Pedro ex-PG-145
PF-38 Coronado ex-PG-146
PF-39 Ogden ex-PG-147
PF-40 Eugene ex-PG-148
PF-41 El Paso ex-PG-149
PF-42 Van Buren ex-PG-150
PF-43 Orange ex-PG-151
PF-44 Corpus Christi ex-PG-152
PF-45 Hutchinson ex-PG-153
PF-46 Bisbee ex-PG-154
PF-47 Gallup ex-PG-155
PF-48 Rockford ex-PG-156
PF-49 Muskogee ex-PG-157
PF-50 Carson City ex-PG-158
PF-51 Burlington ex-PG-159
PF-52 Allentown ex-PG-160
PF-53 Machias ex-PG-161
PF-54 Sandusky ex-PG-162
PF-55 Bath ex-PG-163
PF-56 Covington ex-PG-164
PF-57 Sheboygan ex-PG-165
PF-58 Abilene ex-Bridgeport
PF-59 Beaufort ex-PG-167
PF-60 Charlotte ex-PG-168
PF-61 Manitowoc ex-PG-169
PF-62 Gladwyne ex-Worcester
PF-63 Moberly ex-Scranton
PF-64 Knoxville ex-PG-172
PF-65 Uniontown ex-Chattanooga
PF-66 Reading ex-PG-174
PF-67 Peoria ex-PG-175
PF-68 Brunswick ex-PG-176
PF-69 Davenport ex-PG-177
PF-70 Evansville ex-PG-178
PF-71 New Bedford ex-PG-179
PF-72 ex-Machias to Great Britain as HMS Anguilla (K 500)
PF-73 ex-PG-181 to Great Britain as HMS Antigua (K 501)
PF-73 ex-PG-182 to Great Britain as HMS Ascension (K 502)
PF-75 ex-PG-183 to Great Britain as HMS Bahamas (K 503)
PF-76 ex-PG-184 to Great Britain as HMS Barbados (K 504)
PF-77 ex-PG-185 to Great Britain as HMS Caicoss (K 505)
PF-78 ex-PG-186 to Great Britain as HMS Cayman (K 506)
PF-79 ex-PG-187 to Great Britain as HMS Dominica (K 507)
PF-80 ex-PG-188 to Great Britain as HMS Labuan (K 584)
PF-81 ex-PG-189 to Great Britain as HMS Tobago (K 585)
PF-82 ex-PG-190 to Great Britain as HMS Montserrat (K 586)
PF-83 ex-PG-191 to Great Britain as HMS Nyasaland (K 587)
PF-84 ex-PG-192 to Great Britain as HMS Papua (K 588)
PF-85 ex-PG-193 to Great Britain as HMS Pitcairn (K 589)
PF-86 ex-PG-194 to Great Britain as HMS St. Helena (K 590)
PF-87 ex-PG-195 to Great Britain as HMS Sarawak (K 591)
PF-88 ex-PG-196 to Great Britain as HMS Seychelles (K 592)
PF-89 ex-PG-197 to Great Britain as HMS Perim (K 593)
PF-90 ex-PG-198 to Great Britain as HMS Somaliland (K 594)
PF-91 ex-PG-199 to Great Britain as HMS Tortola (K 595)
PF-92 ex-PG-200 to Great Britain as HMS Zanzibar (K 596)
PF-93 Lorain ex-Roanoke (PG 201)
PF-94 Milledgeville ex-PG-202
PF-95 Stamford ex-PG-203
PF-96 Macon ex-PG-204
PF-97 Lorain ex-Vallejo (PG 205)
PF-98 Milledgeville ex-PG-206
Construction canceled 31 December 1943
PF-99 Orlando ex-PG-207
PF-100 Racine ex-PG-208
PF-101 Greensboro ex-PG-209
PF-102 Forsyth ex-PG-210
PF-103 to Iran as Bayandor (F 25)
PF-104 to Iran as Naghdi (F 26)
PF-105 to Iran as Milanian (F 27)
PF-106 to Iran as Kahnamoi (F 28)
PF-107 to Thailand as HTMS Tapi (PF 5)
PF-108 to Thailand as HTMS Khirirat (PF 6)
PF-109 Named/Reclassified Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG 7)
PF-110 Named/Reclassified McInerney (FFG 8)
PF-111 Named/Reclassified Wadsworth (FFG 9)
PF-112 Named/Reclassified Duncan (FFG 10)

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