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November 30, 2019

 Added one cover to the US Aircraft Carriers Postal Covers page (1).
CV-11 Intrepid Enlarged one photo (021127). Added one photo (0211au).
CV-39 Lake Champlain Enlarged one photo (023908).
CV-41 Midway Added one patch (1).
CV-42 Franklin D. Roosevelt Added four photos (0242aab, 0242av, 0242aw–0242awa).
CV-43 Coral Sea Added one patch (024322e).
CV-45 Valley Forge Enlarged one photo (024510). Added two photos (024571–024571a).
CV-47 Philippine Sea Added three photos (024791, 024793, 024792).
CVL-48 Saipan Added two photos (024850b, 024852).
CVL-49 Wright Enlarged two photos and updated captions (024906, 024912). Enlarged three photos (024911, 024915, 024913). Added one photo (024973).
CVN-68 Nimitz Added one patch (1).
CVN-79 John F. Kennedy Added two photos (027901b, 027923), image of the official ship's seal and link to video (1).

November 10, 2019

"Mystery Photos" Added comment to Mystery Photos #8 and #9.
CV-2 Lexington Added two photos (0202au, 0202av).
CV-11 Intrepid Added two photos (0211as, 0211at).
CVL-30 San Jacinto Added one photo (023004d).
CV-31 Bonhomme Richard Added five photos (023165, 023166–023166c).
CV-32 Leyte Added one photo (023202a).
CV-33 Kearsarge Added one photo (023387).
CV-34 Oriskany Added one photo (0234bg).
CV-36 Antietam Added one photo (023655).
CV-37 Princeton Added one image (023745).
CV-38 Shangri-La Added one photo (023800).
CV-39 Lake Champlain Added one photo (0239ba).
CV-40 Tarawa Added one photo (024064).
CV-43 Coral Sea Added five photos (0243ax, 0243ay–0243ayc).
CV-45 Valley Forge Added two photos (024569, 024570). Enlarged one photo (024518).
CV-63 Kitty Hawk Added biography of her 4th commanding officer.
CV-66 America Enlarged one photo and updated caption (026601). Added four photos (0266ao, 091909729–091909731).
CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt Updated listing of the ship's commanding officers.
CVN-79 John F. Kennedy Added one photo and link to video.

October 27, 2019

CV-12 Hornet Added two photos (021237c, 0212bu). Enlarged one photo (021222).
CV-18 Wasp Added three photos (021896c–021896e).
CV-19 Hancock Added one photo (091910724).
CV-20 Bennington Added one photo (022075).
CV-21 Boxer Enlarged one photo (022138).
CVL-22 Independence Added four photos (022239–022239c).
CVL-23 Princeton Added one photo (022350).
CVL-24 Belleau Wood Added one image (022433).
CVL-25 Cowpens Enlarged one photo (022506). Added one photo (022532).
CVL-26 Monterey Added one photo (022634).
CVL-27 Langley Enlarged one photo (022704). Added one photo (022746).
CVL-28 Cabot Added three photos (022877–022877b).
CVL-29 Bataan Added two photos (022936–022936a).
CV-59 Forrestal Added three photos (0259du, 0259dw, 0259dv) and two patches (1, 2).
CV-67 John F. Kennedy Added 2019 Reunion Information.
CVN-79 John F. Kennedy Added 2019 Reunion Information. Added one image (027903b).
CVN-80 Enterprise Added two photos (028002e, 028003).

October 8, 2019

CV-9 Essex Added one photo (021778).
CV-11 Intrepid Added one photo (0211ar).
CV-12 Hornet Added one photo (0212bt).
CV-13 Franklin Added one photo (021333b).
CV-14 Ticonderoga Added 15 photos (021778, 0214bo–0214bom).
CV-15 Randolph Added one photo (021591).
CV-16 Lexington Added two photos (021690–021690a).
CV-17 Bunker Hill Added 11 images (021777, 021779, 021781–021781f, 021780, 021778). Enlarged two photos (021713, 021709).
CV-21 Boxer Added three photos (022163, 022164, 022120a1).
CV-31 Bonhomme Richard Added one photo (021778).
CV-64 Constellation Added one photo (0264bs) and one Welcome Aboard booklet.
CVN-65 Enterprise Added three photos (0265ed, 0265ee, 0265ef).

September 22, 2019

Rigid Airships & "Flying Aircraft Carriers"
ZRS-4 Akron Updated caption (02990420). Added three photos (02990401d–02990401f).
ZRS-5 Macon Enlarged two photos (02990516, 02990536). Added two photos (02990542–02990542a).

Aircraft Carriers
"Mystery Photos" Added comment to Mystery Photo #3.
CV-4 Ranger Added two photos (020468–020468a).
CV-5 Yorktown Added one photo (020526f).
CV-6 Enterprise Added one photo (0206bi).
CV-7 Wasp Added three images (020748, 020749, 020747) and link to website of interest. Updated captions (020735, 020723). Enlarged two photos (020703, 020705). Added two photos, enlarged one and updated caption (1–3).
CV-8 Hornet Added two images (020873–020873a).
CV-9 Essex Added one image (0209bj). Enlarged one photo (020979).
CV-10 Yorktown Added two photos (021091, 021092).
CV-14 Ticonderoga Added four photos (021448c, 0214bn–0214bnb).
CV-17 Bunker Hill Enlarged two photos (021716, 021733). Added three photos (021713a, 021776, 021775).
CV-19 Hancock Updated caption (021982).
CV-43 Coral Sea Added six photos (0243aw–0243awa, 0243av–0243avc).
CV-45 Valley Forge Updated caption (024566) and added two photos (024566a, 024521a).
CVN-65 Enterprise Added three photos (0265ec, 0265eb, 0265bfa).

September 6, 2019

Rigid Airships & "Flying Aircraft Carriers"
ZR-1 Shenandoah Added one photo (02990148).
ZR-2 Enlarged six photos (02990203–02990204, 02990201, 02990202, 02990205–02990206).
ZR-3 Los Angeles Added one photo (02990332).

Aircraft Carriers
 Added one cover to the US Aircraft Carriers Postal Covers page (1).
CV-1 Langley Added one photo (020210a).
CV-2 Lexington Added one photo (020210a) and two images (0202as, 0202at).
CV-3 Saratoga Added three photos (020210a, 020314g–020314h).
CV-18 Wasp Added six photos (0218ax, 0218ay–0218ayd).
CV-19 Hancock Added two photos (021989, 021990) and two items of memorabilia (1, 2).
CV-21 Boxer Added four photos (022161–022161b, 022162). Enlarged patch (022113).
CV-38 Shangri-La Added two photos (023898, 023899).
CV-45 Valley Forge Added five photos (024567, 024568, 024524a–024524c).
CVN-70 Carl Vinson Added one patch (027035a).

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