Section Patrol Craft (SP)
Civilian Vessels (ID)

In 1916, as the First World War continued abroad with undiminished ferocity, the U.S. Navy began a registry of privately-owned pleasure craft and yachts that were available for patrol service in the event the United States was drawn into the conflict. "Section Patrol" ("SP") numbers were assigned in a series beginning with SP-1 and ultimately extending to well over 4000. As the registration process continued, other types of ships and craft were included for which the "Section Patrol" designation was clearly inappropriate, and these were generally given "Identification" ("ID") numbers in the same series as the "SP"s. In addition, some vessels that were numbered with an "SP" prefix before 1918 later had that prefix changed to "ID". The registry, and the SP/ID number series, was continued at least into the early 1920s, with new numbers being assigned to ships completed or examined after the end of World War I. The latter category included some ships that served in the Navy, without numbers, during 1917-1919.

Strictly speaking, these SP/ID registry numbers were not U.S. Navy "hull numbers", which would not be formally adopted until mid-1920. Many of the ships and craft so numbered had no Navy service, while others that were acquired and employed by the Navy received no numbers. However, like hull numbers, the SP/ID numbers were used for record-keeping purposes and were often painted on the exterior of vessels (especially patrol types) to facilitate identification. They can therefore be considered precursers of the later hull number system and are included here for that reason.

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Section Patrol Craft (SP), Civilian Vessels (ID), Unnumbered Vessels, Lighthouse Vessels, Revenue Cutters and Coast & Geodetic Survey Vessels
Section Patrol Craft (SP) & Civilian Vessels (ID)
SP-1 Arawan II
SP-2 Lynx
SP-3 Zipalong
SP-4 Porpoise
SP-5 Tacony
SP-6 & SP-7 Unknown
SP-8 Patrol No. 4
SP-9 Psyche V
SP-10 & SP-11 Unknown
SP-12 Siwash
SP-13 Unknown
SP-14 Edamena II
SP-15 Elithro II
SP-16 Mystery
SP-17 to SP-19 Unknown
SP-20 Scoter
SP-21 & SP-22 Unknown
SP-23 Barracuda
SP-24 Helena I
SP-25 Unknown
SP-26 Dawn
SP-27 Unknown
SP-28 Mauna Loa
SP-29 Patrol No. 5
SP-30 Unknown
SP-31 Patrol No. 7
SP-32 Unknown
SP-33 Niji
SP-34 Unknown
SP-35 Chingachgook
SP-36 Mustang
SP-37 Dawn
SP-38 Lillian II
SP-39 Unknown
SP-40 Atlantis
SP-41 Gem
SP-42 Unknown
SP-43 Daraga Reclassified YP-43
SP-44 Priscella
SP-45 Patrol No. 1
SP-46 Dodger II
SP-47 & SP-48 Unknown
SP-49 Momo
SP-50 Unknown
SP-51 Manatee
SP-52 Grey Fox
SP-53 Boy Scout
SP-54 Patrol No. 6
SP-55 Gypsy
SP-56 Patrol No. 8
SP-57 & SP-58 Unknown
SP-59 Petrel Renamed SP-59
SP-60 Little Aie
SP-61 Zenith
SP-62 Lydia
SP-63 Rivalen
SP-64 Nedeva II
SP-65 Chichota
SP-66 Dlonra
SP-67 Unknown
SP-68 Despatch ex-Vixen Reclassified PY-8
SP-69 Unknown
SP-70 Shrewsbury
SP-71 Fantana
SP-72 Joyance
SP-73 & SP-74 Unknown
SP-75 Ora
SP-76 Kingfisher Renamed SP-76
SP-77 Unknown
SP-78 Rutoma
SP-79 & SP-80 Unknown
SP-81 Elf
SP-82 Sturdy
SP-83 Georgiana III
SP-84 Coyote
SP-85 Patrol No. 10
SP-86 Perfecto
SP-87 & SP-88 Unknown
SP-89 Whippet
SP-90 Rondo Renamed SP-90
SP-91 & SP-92 Unknown
SP-93 Zumbrota Reclassified YP-93
SP-94 Unknown
SP-95 Katydid
SP-96 Simplicity
SP-97 Kumigan
SP-98 Dean II
SP-99 Unknown
SP-100 Marie
SP-101 Panama
SP-102 Shadow III
SP-103 Raven III Renamed SP-103
SP-104 Sybilla III Reclassified PC-454
SP-105 Unknown
SP-106 Zigzag
SP-107 Riette
SP-108 Calabash
SP-109 Elmasada
SP-110 Coco
SP-111 Unknown
SP-112 Nepenthe
SP-113 Unknown
SP-114 Scout
SP-115 Unknown
SP-116 Bab
SP-117 Mohican Renamed SP-117
SP-118 Mira
SP-119 Idylease
SP-120 & SP-121 Unknown
SP-122 Traveler
SP-123 Unknown
SP-124 Tarantula
SP-125 Idealia
SP-126 Tanguingui
SP-127 Unknown
SP-128 Ono
SP-129 Taniwah
SP-130 Kanawha II Renamed Piqua
SP-131 Noma
SP-132 Wanderer
SP-133 Zara
SP-134 Sultana
SP-135 Aphrodite
SP-136 Niagara Reclassified PY-9
SP-137 to SP-141 Unknown
SP-142 Hoqua
SP-143 Magistrate
SP-144 Howarda
SP-145 Eagle Renamed SP-145
SP-146 & SP-147 Unknown
SP-148 Kathrich II
SP-149 Jeannette
SP-150 Unknown
SP-151 Miss Betsy
SP-152 Unknown
SP-153 Wissoe II
SP-154 Lady Anne
SP-155 Me-Too
SP-156 Winchester
SP-157 Remlik
SP-158 Wadena
SP-159 Corsair Renamed/Reclassified Natchez (PG 85)
SP-160 Wakiva II
SP-161 Narada
SP-162 Christabel
SP-163 Vedette
SP-164 May
SP-165 Wenonah Reclassified PY-11
SP-166 Alcedo
SP-167 Owera
SP-168 Unknown
SP-169 Knawha - No naval service
SP-170 Sovereign
SP-171 Quest
SP-172 Unknown
SP-173 Florence
SP-174 Unknown
SP-175 Emeline
SP-176 Unknown
SP-177 Emerald
SP-178 Unknown
SP-179 Privateer Reclassified YP-179
SP-180 Sentinel
SP-181 Helori Reclassified YP-181
SP-182 Arcturus Renamed SP-182
SP-183 Hiawatha
SP-184 Gladiola
SP-185 Clarinda Reclassified YP-185
SP-186 Aeolus
SP-187 to SP-190 Unknown
SP-191 Hopestill
SP-192 Sachem Renamed/Reclassified Phenakite (PYc 25)
SP-193 Marguerite
SP-194 Coronet
SP-195 Wilrose II
SP-196 Edith M. III
SP-197 Arroyo
SP-198 Reposo II
SP-199 Unknown
SP-200 Karibou
SP-201 Wemootah
SP-202 Minnemac II
SP-203 Kehtoh Renamed/Reclassified Tourist (PYc 32)
SP-204 Nirvana II
SP-205 Unknown
SP-206 Alacrity
SP-207 Volunteer - No naval service
SP-208 Abalone
SP-209 Harvard
SP-210 Helenita
SP-211 Rambler
SP-212 Lady Mary
SP-213 Sabot
SP-214 Edithia Reclassified YP-214
SP-215 Unknown
SP-216 Hyac
SP-217 Unknown
SP-218 Althea
SP-219 Killarney
SP-220 Katherine K.
SP-221 Whirlwind
SP-222 Unknown
SP-223 Sea Gull Renamed SP-223
SP-224 Unknown
SP-225 Sabalo
SP-226, SP-227 & SP 228 Unknown
SP-229 Pirate
SP-230 Unknown
SP-231 Dickey
SP-232 Cleo
SP-233 & SP-234 Unknown
SP-235 Zoraya
SP-236 Unknown
SP-237 Ranger Renamed SP-237
SP-238 Wacondah
SP-239 to SP-241 Unknown
SP-242 Lannai No naval service
SP-243 to SP-244 Unknown
SP-245 Josephine II
SP-246 Niagara
SP-247 Fulton Renamed SP-247
SP-248 Adroit
SP-249 California Renamed Hauoli
SP-250 Wiwoka
SP-251 Sunbeam III
SP-252 Hobcaw
SP-253 to SP-255 Unknown
SP-256 Chipper Renamed SP-256
SP-257 & SP-258 Unknown
SP-259 Wisteria
SP-260 Olympic
SP-261 Unknown
SP-262 Manlito II
SP-263 Niagara Renamed SP-263
SP-264 Unknown
SP-265 Pocomoke Reclassified YT-43
SP-266 Newark
SP-267 S. T. Co. No. 2
SP-268 Almax II
SP-269 Tillamook Renamed SP-269
SP-270 Idalis
SP-271 Unknown
SP-272 Caliph
SP-273 Unknown
SP-274 Virginia Renamed SP-274
SP-275 & SP-276 Unknown
SP-277 Najelda
SP-278 Unknown
SP-279 Merito
SP-280 Unknown
SP-281 Quicksilver
SP-282 & SP-283 Unknown
SP-284 Ellen
SP-285, SP-286, SP-287 & SP-288 Unknown
SP-289 Grayling
SP-290 Unknown
SP-291 Mary Pope
SP-292 Glendoveer
SP-293, SP-294 & SP-295 Unknown
SP-296 Edith II Renamed SP-296
SP-297 Unknown
SP-298 Navajo III
SP-299 & SP-300 Unknown
SP-301 Sans Souci II
SP-302 Unknown
SP-303 George P. Squires
SP-304 to SP-308 Unknown
SP-309 Mikawe
SP-310 Raboco
SP-311 Onward
SP-312 G. H. McNeal
SP-313 Douglas
SP-314 M. M. Davis
SP-315 Edwards ex-Wilbert A. Edwards
SP-316 Unknown
SP-317 Aloha
SP-318 Dolphin - No naval service
SP-319 J. A. Palmer Renamed SP-319
SP-320 Unknown
SP-321 Druid
SP-322 W. L. Messick Renamed and reclassified USCGC Messick (WYP 358)
SP-323 Joseph F. Bellows
SP-324 to SP-326 Unknown
SP-327 George H. Bradley
SP-328 Margaret Renamed SP-328
SP-329 to SP-331 Unknown
SP-332 Peter G. Struven
SP-333 McNeal
SP-334 & SP-335 Unknown
SP-336 Spartan
SP-337 & SP-338 Unknown
SP-339 Crest
SP-340 Whitecap
SP-341 Surf
SP-342 Wasaka III
SP-343 Nemesis
SP-344 Comber
SP-345 Aurora
SP-346 Edgar F. Coney
SP-347 Freehold
SP-348 & SP-349 Unknown
SP-350 Roselle
SP-351 Unknown
SP-352 Reliable No naval service
SP-353 Unknown
SP-354 Wandena
SP-355 Unknown
SP-356 Mary Louise
SP-357 & SP-358 Unknown
SP-359 Wyandance
SP-360 Unknown
SP-361 Voyager
SP-362 & SP-363 Unknown
SP-364 Ponce No records found
SP-365 Unknown
SP-366 Charles P. Crawford
SP-367 Alice
SP-368 Unknown
SP-369 Ranger
SP-370 Nonpareil Reclassified YT-40
SP-371 Absegami
SP-372 Drusilla
SP-373 & SP-374 Unknown
SP-375 Courtney
SP-376 Unknown
SP-377 P. K. Bauman
SP-378 Unknown
SP-379 George H. Johnson
SP-380 Elizabeth M. Froelich
SP-381 Unknown
SP-382 Avis
SP-383 City of Lewes Renamed Lewes
SP-384 Rehoboth
SP-385 Henlopen
SP-386 & SP-387 Unknown
SP-388 Ionita
SP-389 Kajeruna
SP-390 Catherine Johnson Renamed Freight Lighter No. 161
SP-391 Thetis
SP-392 Montauk
SP-393 to SP-395 Unknown
SP-396 Natoya
SP-397 Mary Alice
SP-398 Letitia No naval service
SP-399 Legonia II Reclassified YP-399
SP-400 Walter Adams
SP-401 Unknown
SP-402 Vidofner
SP-403 Helen Euphane Renamed and reclassified USCGC Euphane (WYP 360)
SP-404 & SP-405 Unknown
SP-406 Vigilant Renamed SP-406
SP-407 Speedway
SP-408 Artmar III
SP-409 Patrol No. 2
SP-410 Unknown
SP-411 Susanne Renamed SP-411
SP-412 Unknown
SP-413 Marija Reclassified YP-413
SP-414 Unknown
SP-415 Kemah
SP-416 Hubbard
SP-417 Eclipse
SP-418 Aramis Reclassified PY-7
SP-419 to SP-422 Unknown
SP-423 Gretchen
SP-424 Nemes
SP-425 Minerva
SP-426 Sequoyah
SP-427 Seneca Renamed SP-427
SP-428 Mystery
SP-429 James
SP-430 Gypsum Queen
SP-431 Venetia
SP-432 Oneida
SP-433 to SP-435 Unknown
SP-436 Gaivota
SP-437 Greyhound
SP-438 Jassamine
SP-439 Kanised
SP-440 to SP-443 Unknown
SP-444 Beaumere II
SP-445 to SP-447 Unknown
SP-448 Wendy
SP-449 Unknown
SP-450 Weepoose
SP-451 Audwin
SP-452 Unknown
SP-453 Ameera
SP-454 Unknown
SP-455 Anado
SP-456 & SP 457 Unknown
SP-458 Cherokee
SP-459 Genevieve
SP-460 Aurore II Renamed SP-460
SP-461 & SP-462 Unknown
SP-463 Yo Ho
SP-464 Unknown
SP-465 Blue Bird
SP-466 Unknown
SP-467 Delaware Renamed SP-467
SP-468 Unknown
SP-469 Tangier
SP-470 St. Sebastian
SP-471 Sylvia Renamed SP-471
SP-472 to SP-478 Unknown
SP-479 Knickerbocker
SP-480 to SP-483 Unknown
SP-484 Babette II
SP-485 Hinton
SP-486 to SP-492 Unknown
SP-493 Cahill
SP-494 Unknown
SP-495 Courier No naval service
SP-496 & SP-497 Unknown
SP-498 Williams
SP-499 to SP-501 Unknown
SP-502 Tasco
SP-503 Frances II
SP-504 Lowell
SP-505 Seatag
SP-506 Raccoon
SP-507 Machigonne Renamed SP-507
SP-508 Raazoo
SP-509 Henry P. Williams ex-Oneida Renamed SP-509
SP-510 Suzanne
SP-511 Alert Renamed SP-511
SP-512 Guinevere
SP-513 to SP-515 Unknown
SP-516 Actus
SP-517 Naushon
SP-518 Surf
SP-519 Vergana Reclassified OYP-519
SP-520 Lu-O-La
SP-521 Isabel Reclassified PY-10
SP-522 Charles Mann
SP-523 Nightingale
SP-524 Margaret Renamed SP-524
SP-525 Chilhowee
SP-526 Unknown
SP-527 Margaret
SP-528 Unknown
SP-529 Kestrel II
SP-530 Anderton
SP-531 Margaret Renamed SP-531
SP-532 Unknown
SP-533 Paloma
SP-534 Shark
SP-535 Valiant
SP-536 Beluga
SP-537 Estella
SP-538 Content
SP-539 Euphemia
SP-540 Bonita
SP-541 Admiral
SP-542 Etta M. Burns
SP-543 Sialia Renamed/Reclassified Coral (PY 15)
SP-544 Sea Gull Renamed SP-544
SP-545 Idaho
SP-546 Petrel Renamed Thrasher
SP-547 Unknown
SP-548 Wachusetts Renamed SP-548
SP-549 Edorea
SP-550 Fli-Hawk
SP-551 Shad
SP-552 Grayling No naval service
SP-553 to SP-555 Unknown
SP-556 Cozy
SP-557 & SP-558 Unknown
SP-559 Nautilus II
SP-560 Astrea
SP-561 Tamarack
SP-562 Wild Goose
SP-563 Magnet
SP-564 & SP-565 Unknown
SP-566 Grosbeak
SP-567 Mist
SP-568 John Sealey
SP-569 Empress
SP-570 Natick ex-Agawam
SP-571 Pocomoke Renamed SP-571
SP-572 Long Island
SP-573 East Hampton
SP-574 Unknown
SP-575 Cythera Reclassified PY-26
SP-576 Unknown
SP-577 Arcady
SP-578 Enaj
SP-579 Get There
SP-580 Shada
SP-581 Xarifa
SP-582 Halcyon II Renamed SP-582
SP-583 Vivace
SP-584 Dreadnought Renamed SP-584
SP-585 Helianthus
SP-586 Alpha
SP-587 Sayonara II
SP-588 Raeo
SP-589 Unknown
SP-590 Aztec
SP-591 Miramar No records found
SP-592 Valeda
SP-593 Arcturus ex-Artemis
SP-594 Kawana II
SP-595 Unknown
SP-596 Pete
SP-597 Rickwood
SP-598 Fearless Renamed SP-598
SP-599 Akbar
SP-600 Gurkha
SP-601 Unknown
SP-602 Juniata
SP-603 Unknown
SP-604 R. W. Wilmot
SP-605 Skink
SP-606 to SP-608 Unknown
SP-609 Nokomis Reclassified PY-6
SP-610 Nelansu
SP-611 Unknown
SP-612 Dohema Jr.
SP-613 Unknown
SP-614 Margaret O Renamed
SP-615 Saxis
SP-616 Venture
SP-617 Yacona
SP-618 Viking
SP-619 & SP-620 Unknown
SP-621 Castro
SP-622 Unknown
SP-623 Betty M. II
SP-624 Edithena Reclassified YP-200
SP-625 Doris B. IV
SP-626 Cobra
SP-627 to SP-629 Unknown
SP-630 Alcalda
SP-631 Unknown
SP-632 Calypso
SP-633 Constance II Reclassified YP-633
SP-634 Unknown
SP-635 Fern
SP-636 Lomado
SP-637 & SP-638 Unknown
SP-639 Dianthus
SP-640 & SP-641 Unknown
SP-642 Felicia
SP-643 Joy
SP-644 Chinook
SP-645 Shrimp
SP-646 Tramp
SP-647 California Renamed SP-647
SP-648 George F. Pierce
SP-649 Needle
SP-650 Hupa
SP-651 Atlantic II
SP-652 & SP-653 Unknown
SP-654 Hippocampus
SP-655 Unknown
SP-656 Commodore Maury
SP-657 Miss Anne II
SP-658 Pauline
SP-659 Owaissa
SP-660 Katie
SP-661 Lady Betty
SP-662 Politesse
SP-663 Chanticleer
SP-664 Tuna
SP-665 Celertias
SP-666 Natoma
SP-667 & SP-668 Unknown
SP-669 Vencedor
SP-670 Northampton
SP-671 Parthenia
SP-672 Miramar Renamed SP-672
SP-673 Trilby
SP-674 Unknown
SP-675 Pattina
SP-676 Lydia III
SP-677 Eleanor
SP-678 Unknown
SP-679 Pennsylvania R. R. No. 9
SP-680 Ardent
SP-681 Breakwater
SP-682 Mary B. Garner
SP-683 McKeever Bros.
SP-684 Edward J. McKeever, Jr.
SP-685 Sussex
SP-686 Vester
SP-687 Satilla
SP-688 Zenda
SP-689 Uncas Renamed SP-689
SP-690 Polly
SP-691 Mansfield Renamed USLHS Shrub
SP-692 Jaydee III
SP-693 Amagansett
SP-694 Gallup ex-Annie E. Gallup
SP-695 Cossack
SP-696 Charmian II
SP-697 & SP-698 Unknown
SP-699 Pawnee Renamed SP-699
SP-700 Lydonia
SP-701 Dixie III Renamed SP-701
SP-702 Pomander
SP-703 Caprice
SP-704 Barbara
SP-705 Lexington II
SP-706 Nirvana Renamed SP-706
SP-707 Endion
SP-708 Elsie III
SP-709 Unknown
SP-710 Sapphire
SP-711 Kiowa
SP-712 Rush
SP-713 Scarpe
SP-714 Galatea Reclassified YP-714
SP-715 Katherine
SP-716 to SP-720 Unknown
SP-721 Linta
SP-722 Comet
SP-723 Calumet
SP-724 Fearless
SP-725 Unknown
SP-726 Orca
SP-727 Seven
SP-728 Onward II
SP-729 Apache Renamed SP-729
SP-730 Lynx II
SP-731 Unknown
SP-732 Letter B
SP-733 Doris B. III
SP-734 Vega ex-Lyndonia
SP-735 Malay
SP-736 Sadie Ross
SP-737 Marold
SP-738 Ajax Renamed-Rockport
SP-739 Unknown
SP-740 See W. See
SP-741 Unknown
SP-742 Green Dragon
SP-743 Toxaway
SP-744 Vision Renamed SP-744
SP-745 Express No. 4
SP-746 Virginia Renamed SP-746
SP-747 Estelle Renamed SP-747
SP-748 Rumsonhill - No naval service
SP-749 & SP-750 Unknown
SP-751 Albacore
SP-752 Arvilla
SP-753 & SP-754 Unknown
ID-755 Fashion Renamed Freight Lighter No. 116
SP-756 Normannia
SP-757 Rosa
SP-758 Unknown
SP-759 James H. Clark
SP-760 to SP-764 Unknown
SP-765 Adelante
SP-766 to SP-770 Unknown
SP-771 Nahma
SP-772 Comet
SP-773 Concord Renamed/Reclassified Mendota (YT 33)
SP-774 & SP-775 Unknown
SP-776 Ellington
SP-777 & SP-780 Unknown
SP-781 Sea Otter
SP-782 Shur
SP-783 Hobo II
SP-784 Whistler
SP-785 Unknown
SP-786 Desire
SP-787 Marpessa
SP-788 Unknown
SP-789 Dixie Renamed SP-789
SP-790 Enterprise
SP-791 E. Benson Dennis
SP-792 & SP-802 Unknown
SP-803 Itasca
SP-804 to SP-808 Unknown
SP-809 Tango No naval service
SP-810 Itasca
SP-811 Unknown
SP-812 Carola IV
SP-813 Corona
SP-814 to SP-821 Unknown
SP-822 Sister
SP-823 Broadbill
SP-824 & SP-829 Unknown
SP-830 Freelance ex-Free Lance
SP-831 Unknown
SP-832 Susanne1 - No naval service
SP-833 & SP-837 Unknown
SP-838 John L. Lawrence Reclassified YT-38
SP-839 Eugene F. Price
SP-840 & SP-844 Unknown
SP-845 Barracuda
SP-846 Luce Bros.
SP-847 Menhaden
SP-848 to SP-851 Unknown
SP-852 Wissahickon Renamed SP-852
SP-853 to SP-855 Unknown
SP-856 Arcadia
SP-857 & SP-858 Unknown
SP-859 Atlantic - No naval service
SP-860 Unknown
SP-861 James River
SP-862 to SP-868 Unknown
SP-869 J. Reynor & Son
SP-870 Margo
SP-871 Tern
SP-872 & SP-873 Unknown
SP-874 Dolphin
SP-875 Unknown
SP-876 Lykens Reclassified AT-56
SP-877 Unknown
SP-878 Jimetta
SP-879 Wild Cat
SP-880 & SP-881 Unknown
ID-882 Weehawken 254 Reclassified YE-28
SP-883 to SP-890 Unknown
SP-891 Wild Goose II Renamed SP-891
SP-892 Marguerite II Renamed SP-892
SP-893 to SP-898 Unknown
SP-899 Courtenay P. Renamed SP-899
SP-900 to SP-906 Unknown
SP-907 Yard No. 210
SP-908 Yank Renamed Yard No. 212
SP-909 Eaglet Reclassified YP-909
SP-910 to SP-911 Unknown
SP-913 Josephine
SP-914 Unknown
SP-915 Shirin
SP-916 to SP-918 Unknown
SP-919 Gracie S. - No naval service
SP-920 Unknown
SP-921 Little Brothers
SP-922 Unknown
SP-923 Wanderlust
SP-924 to SP-927 Unknown
SP-928 Osprey II
SP-929 Unknown
SP-930 Maysie
SP-931 & SP-932 Unknown
SP-933 Teaser
SP-934 to SP-937 Unknown
SP-938 Corinthia
SP-939 to SP-945 Unknown
SP-946 Augusta
SP-947 High Ball
SP-948 to SP-950 Unknown
SP-951 Utowana
SP-952 Itty E
SP-953 Tide - No naval service
SP-954 to SP-959 Unknown
SP-960 Terrier
SP-961 Wasp - No naval service
SP-962 Lady Thorne
SP-963 Bagheera
SP-964 Edwin L. Pilsbury - No naval service
SP-965 Elfin
SP-966 Hebe
SP-967 Admiral
SP-968 Unknown
SP-969 Opeechee - No records found
SP-970 & SP-971 Unknown
SP-972 Elizabeth
SP-973 Dispatch - No naval service
SP-974 to SP-977 Unknown
SP-978 Davis K. Philips
SP-979 Verdi
SP-980 Macomber
SP-981 Unknown
SP-982 Penobscot Reclassified YT-42
SP-983 & SP-987 Unknown
SP-988 Elfrida
SP-989 to SP-995 Unknown
SP-996 San Toy II
SP-997 & SP-1001 Unknown
SP-1002 Dauntless
SP-1003 Albatross Renamed SP-1003
SP-1004 Qui Vive
SP-1005 Natalie Mae No records found
SP-1006 to SP-1008 Unknown
SP-1009 Maud
SP-1010 Yarrow
SP-1011 Geraldine
SP-1012 Satellite
SP-1013 Unknown
SP-1014 Sea Rover Reclassified AT-57
SP-1015 Defiance Renamed Challenge
SP-1016 Talofa
SP-1017 to SP-1030 Unknown
SP-1031 Jolly Roger
SP-1032 to SP-1039 Unknown
SP-1040 Alameda - No naval service
SP-1041 & SP-1042 Unknown
SP-1043 Machigonne
SP-1044 Unknown
SP-1045 Arval
SP-1046 Nomad
SP-1047 Roamer
SP-1048 Pollyanna
SP-1049 Chipper
SP-1050 Albert Brown
SP-1051 Ensign
SP-1052 Alabama - No naval service
SP-1053 & SP-1054 Unknown
SP-1055 Tech III
SP-1056 & SP-1057 Unknown
SP-1058 Thistle
SP-1059 to SP-1061 Unknown
SP-1062 Doloma
SP-1063 Secret
SP-1064 to SP-1071 Unknown
SP-1072 Peggy
SP-1073 to SP-1077 Unknown
SP-1078 Melville Renamed SP-1078
SP-1079 Unknown
SP-1080 Marjorie M.
SP-1081 & SP-1082 Unknown
SP-1083 Regis II
SP-1084 & SP-1085 Unknown
SP-1086 Anton Dohrn
SP-1087 to SP-1091 Unknown
SP-1092 Elizabeth Renamed SP-1092
SP-1093 to SP-1102 Unknown
SP-1103 Empress No records found
SP-1104 Cherokee
SP-1105 Caroline
SP-1106 Patrol No. 11
SP-1107 & SP-1108 Unknown
SP-1109 Sayona II
SP-1110 to SP-1112 Unknown
SP-1113 Tinicum
SP-1114 Vision
SP-1115 Unknown
SP-1116 Monocacy Renamed/Reclassified Genesee (AT 55)
SP-1117 & SP-1118 Unknown
SP-1119 Waltham
SP-1120 Unknown
SP-1121 Chase S. Osborne Reclassified YT-41
SP-1122 to SP-1127 Unknown
SP-1128 Conestoga Reclassified AT-54
SP-1129 to SP-1135 Unknown
SP-1136 Mariner
SP-1137 Unknown
SP-1138 Oneonta
SP-1139 to SP-1143 Unknown
SP-1144 Katrina
SP-1145 W. F. Marty
SP-1146 to SP-1148 Unknown
SP-1149 Barnett Reclassified YT-29
SP-1150 Hetman
SP-1151 Russ
SP-1152 to SP-1157 Unknown
SP-1158 Arctic
SP-1159 Wasp - No naval service
SP-1160 Unknown
SP-1161 Francis B. Hackett Renamed/Reclassified Shenandoah (YT 36)
SP-1162 Unknown
SP-1163 Narragansett Renamed/Reclassified Taposa (YFB 1163)
SP-1164 to SP-1168 Unknown
SP-1169 Stephen W. McKeever, Jr. Renamed/Reclassified USCGC Stephen McKeever (WYP 363)
SP-1170 to SP-1174 Unknown
SP-1175 Welcome
SP-1176 Gypsum Prince No naval service
SP-1177 to SP-1180 Unknown
SP-1181 Gretchen
SP-1182 Atlantic
SP-1183 Unknown
ID-1184 Grayce
ID-1185 Sterling
SP-1186 Daisy
SP-1187 Verna & Esther
SP-1188 Jane II
SP-1189 Cero
SP-1190 & SP-1191 Unknown
SP-1192 Vitesse
SP-1193 & SP-1194 Unknown
SP-1195 Rhebel
SP-1196 Wego
SP-1197 Hunch
SP-1198 to SP-1201 Unknown
SP-1202 Maggie
SP-1203 Margaret Anderson
SP-1204 Pilgrim
SP-1205 John B. Robins No records found
SP-1206 Annabelle
SP-1207 Hazel
SP-1208 Ocoee
SP-1209 Ellen
SP-1210 Unknown
SP-1211 Lucielle Ross
SP-1212 Inca Renamed SP-1212
SP-1213 Montauk
SP-1214 Mirna
SP-1215 Harvest Queen
SP-1216 Rose Mary
SP-1217 De Grasse
SP-1218 Herreshoff No. 309
SP-1219 Pearl
SP-1220 Unknown
SP-1221 Hildegarde
SP-1222 New England
SP-1223 Emma
SP-1224 Onset
SP-1225 Charles B. Mason
SP-1226 - Unknown
ID-1227 Patchogue Reclassified YFB-1227
SP-1228 Acoma
SP-1229 Liberty III
SP-1230 Louise No. 2
SP-1231 L. A. Dempsey
ID-1232 Luckenbach Tug No. 1 Renamed Barnegat
SP-1233 Kwasind
SP-1234 Cigarette
SP-1235 Charles P. Kuper
SP-1236 Shannon
SP-1237 General Knox
SP-1238 Carrie Clark Reclassified ID-1238
ID-1239 W. F. Babcock
SP-1240 Seneca
SP-1241 Washington
SP-1242 Protector - No naval service
SP-1243 Josephine
SP-1244 Joseph M. Clark Reclassified ID-1244
SP-1245 & SP-1246 - Unknown
SP-1247 Commander
SP-1248 J. Alvah Clark
SP-1249 Ostrich
SP-1250 Nahant
SP-1251 Natalia
SP-1252 Stinger
SP-1253 - Unknown
SP-1254 Old Colony
ID-1255 Massachusetts Renamed Shawmut
ID-1256 Aroostook - Reclassified CM-3
SP-1257 - Unknown
SP-1258 Velocipede
SP-1259 Grayling
SP-1260 Marie
SP-1261 Gap
ID-1262 to ID-1265 - Unknown
ID-1266 Fortuna
ID-1267 to ID-1269 - Unknown
ID-1270 Adirondack
ID-1271 - Unknown
ID-1272 J. B. Walker
ID-1273 & ID-1274 - Unknown
SP-1275 Bouker No. 2 - Reclassified YT-30
ID-1276 to ID-1278 - Unknown
ID-1279 J. M. Guffey
ID-1280 Henry R. Mallory
ID-1281 - Unknown
ID-1282 Paulsboro - No naval service
ID-1283 Daisy Archer
SP-1284 Kangaroo
SP-1285 Daiquiri
SP-1286 Hull 132 - No records found
ID-1287 May Brown - Renamed SP-1287
SP-1288 Music
SP-1289 Dorothy
SP-1290 Anemone IV
SP-1291 Snark
SP-1292 Helen Baughman
SP-1293 to SP-1297 - Unknown
ID-1298 Harvard - Renamed Charles
ID-1299 & ID-1300 - Unknown
ID-1301 Mundelta
ID-1302 - Unknown
ID-1303 Howick Hall
ID-1304 - Unknown
ID-1305 Mercy - Reclassified AH-4
ID-1306 & ID-1307 - Unknown
ID-1308 Jean
SP-1309 Resolute
ID-1310 & ID-1313 - Unknown
ID-1314 Dolphin - Renamed Coal Barge No. 518
ID-1315 Atglen
ID-1316 - Unknown
ID-1317 Frazer
ID-1318 - Unknown
ID-1319 Winifred
ID-1320 Suwanee
ID-1321 Jeanette Skinner
ID-1322 Moccasin
ID-1323 Oregonian
ID-1324 Radiant - No naval service
ID-1325 Kerlew
ID-1326 Vaterland Renamed Leviathan
ID-1327 - Unknown
SP-1328 Governor R. M. McLane
ID-1329 Brilliant - No naval service
ID-1330 to ID-1334 - Unknown
ID-1335 Buena Ventura
SP-1336 Frolic
SP-1337 & SP-1338 - Unknown
ID-1339 Maumee
SP-1340 to SP-1350 - Unknown
SP-1351 Star I
SP-1352 San Juan
ID-1353 - Unknown
ID-1354 Texan
SP-1355 Buck Renamed SP-1355
SP-1356 to SP-1358 - Unknown
ID-1359 Charlton Hall
ID-1360 to ID-1363 - Unknown
ID-1364 Cubore - No naval service
ID-1365 General W. C. Gorgas
ID-1366 to ID-1368 - Unknown
ID-1369 Newburgh
SP-1370 A-1
SP-1371 to SP-1376 - Unknown
ID-1377 Mifflin
ID-1378 & ID-1379 - Unknown
ID-1380 Caspian - No naval service
ID-1381 to ID-1384 - Unknown
ID-1385 Favorite Reclassified IX-45
ID-1386 to ID-1388 - Unknown
SP-1389 Phillips Renamed SP-1389
ID-1390 Underwriter Renamed/Reclassified Adirondack (YT 44)
ID-1391 Derry
ID-1392 to ID-1394 - Unknown
ID-1395 Nansemond
ID-1396 Luna Renamed Coal Barge No. 520
ID-1397 Leo Renamed Coal Barge No. 519
ID-1398 to ID-1405 - Unknown
ID-1406 Carrillo
ID-1407 El Capitan
ID-1408 Friedrich Der Grosse Renamed Huron
ID-1409 Covington
ID-1410 to ID-1413 - Unknown
SP-1414 Eliza Hayward
ID-1415 to ID-1424 - Unknown
SP-1425 Commodore
SP-1426 - Unknown
SP-1427 Sappho
SP-1428 to SP-1431 - Unknown
SP-1432 Alameda - No naval service
SP-1433 & SP-1434 - Unknown
ID-1435 City of Yonkers Renamed Freight Lighter No. 127
SP-1436 Nettie
ID-1437 Swan
SP-1438 Murray
SP-1439 to SP-1442 - Unknown
ID-1443 General G. W. Goethals
ID-1444 Helen Auten Reclassified YF 124
ID-1445 Carolinian
ID-1446 to ID-1451 - Unknown
SP-1452 Nanticoke - No naval service
SP-1453 Folly
SP-1454 to SP-1456 - Unknown
SP-1457 St. Marys
ID-1458 Anna B. Smith
SP-1459 Nellie Jackson
SP-1460 Julia Hamilton
SP-1461 to SP-1466 - Unknown
ID-1467 Ancon
ID-1468 & ID-1469 - Unknown
ID-1470 Los Angeles
ID-1471 - Unknown
ID-1472 Kaiserin Auguste Victoria Reclassified ID-3963
ID-1473 Kermanshah
ID-1474 War Viceroy - No naval service
ID-1475 War Leopard Renamed/Reclassified-West Point (ID 3254)
SP-1476 Bessie Jones
SP-1477 - Unknown
ID-1478 Theodore Roosevelt
ID-1479 to ID-1481 - Unknown
ID-1482 Tanginak Renamed and Reclassified USCGC Caddo (WYP 174)
ID-1483 - Unknown
ID-1484 Keresaspa
ID-1485 - Unknown
ID-1486 Craster Hall
ID-1487 & ID-1488 - Unknown
ID-1489 Kerwood
ID-1490 to ID-1493 - Unknown
SP-1494 Goliah
SP-1495 to SP-1501 - Unknown
SP-1502 Lillie B.
ID-1503 Santa Rosalia
ID-1504 to ID-1508 - Unknown
SP-1509 Dorchester
ID-1510 Walter D. Munson
ID-1511 & ID-1512 - Unknown
SP-1513 Bobylu
ID-1514 Maui
ID-1515 to ID-1519 - Unknown
ID-1520 Helen - No naval service
ID-1521 to ID-1530 - Unknown
ID-1531 San Jacinto
ID-1532 Standard Arrow Renamed/Reclassified Signal (IX 142)
ID-1533 Panuco
ID-1534 Black Hawk Renamed/Reclassified Black Arrow (ID 3913)
ID-1535 - Unknown
ID-1536 Orizaba Reclassified AP-24
ID-1537 Malvern
ID-1538 Cauto
ID-1539 & ID-1540 - Unknown
ID-1541 Kroonland
ID-1542 & ID-1543 - Unknown
ID-1544 Kentuckian
ID-1545 to ID-1554 - Unknown
ID-1555 William Isom
ID-1556 - Unknown
ID-1557 St. Francis
ID-1558 & ID-1559 - Unknown
ID-1560 George C. Henry Renamed/Reclassified Victoria (AO 46)
ID-1561 - Unknown
ID-1562 Joseph Cudahy
ID-1563 to ID-1572 - Unknown
ID-1573 Levisa
ID-1574 Hilton
ID-1575 to ID-1577 - Unknown
ID-1578 Berkshire
ID-1579 & ID-1580 - Unknown
ID-1581 William D. Rockerfeller
ID-1582 to ID-1588 - Unknown
ID-1589 Matsonia
ID-1590 Santa Paula
ID-1591 to ID-1593 - Unknown
ID-1594 Eurana
ID-1595 Trinidadian
ID-1596 Panama

No records found
ID-1597 Norlina
ID-1598 to ID-1604 - Unknown
ID-1605 Arcadia
ID-1607 Munsomo
ID-1608 Carolyn Renamed/Reclassified Atik (AK 101)
ID-1609 & ID-1610 - Unknown
ID-1611 Frances B. Hackett Renamed/Reclassified Choptank (YT 36)
ID-1612 - Unknown
ID-1613 Frank H. Buck
ID-1614 Troy
ID-1615 Mongolia
ID-1616 Pleiades
ID-1617 Herman Frasch
ID-1618 Frieda
ID-1619 to ID-1624 - Unknown
ID-1625 Pennsylvania Renamed/Reclassified Sea Foam (IX 210)
ID-1626 - Unknown
ID-1627 Sagua
ID-1628 Otsego
ID-1629 - Unknown
ID-1630 Olean - No naval service
ID-1631 Ausable
ID-1632 - Unknown
ID-1633 Manchuria
ID-1634 Sierra
ID-1635 - Unknown
SP-1636 Triune - No naval service
ID-1637 Guantanamo
ID-1638 - Unknown
ID-1639 Peerless
ID-1640 Tiger
ID-1641 War Baron - No naval service
ID-1642 - Unknown
ID-1643 Saint Paul ex-Auxiliary Cruiser
ID-1644 Louisville ex-Auxiliary Cruiser Saint Louis
ID-1645 Plattsburg ex-Auxiliary Cruiser Harvard
ID-1646 Doris - No naval service
ID-1647 - Unknown
ID-1648 Choctaw
ID-1649 - Unknown
ID-1650 Orion Reclassified AC-11
ID-1651 Cambridge - No naval service
ID-1652 to ID-1654 - Unknown
ID-1655 Mexican
ID-1656 Gargoyle
ID-1657 - Unknown
SP-1658 Halcyon
ID-1659 to ID-1661 - Unknown
SP-1662 Edward Luckenbach
ID-1663 Harrisburg ex-Auxiliary Cruiser Yale
ID-1664 - Unknown
ID-1665 Pawnee No records found
ID-1666 - Unknown
ID-1667 Economy - No naval service
ID-1668 Barge at San Pedro
ID-1669 & ID-1670 - Unknown
SP-1671 Berwind
ID-1672 Yale Renamed/Reclassified Greyhound (IX 106)
ID-1673 - Unknown
SP-1674 Cayuna
SP-1675 Magete

No records found
SP-1676 Ella
ID-1677 Philippines
ID-1678 to ID-1686 - Unknown
ID-1687 Quinnebaug
ID-1688 to ID-1693 - Unknown
ID-1694 Canandaigua Renamed/Reclassified El Siglo (ID 4510)
ID-1695 Roanoke
ID-1696 Canonicus
ID-1697 Housatonic
ID-1698 & ID-1699 - Unknown
ID-1700 Marian Calaveras - No records found
SP-1701 Minneopa
ID-1702 Saranac
ID-1703 - Unknown
ID-1704 Billow
ID-1705 - Unknown
ID-1706 Wave - No naval service
ID-1707 Breaker
ID-1708 Boothbay Renamed Grampus
ID-1709 & ID-1710 - Unknown
ID-1711 Miss Toledo
ID-1712 Tango

No naval service
ID-1713 - Unknown
ID-1714 Raymond
ID-1715 - Unknown
ID-1716 George Conway
ID-1717 Francis Conway
ID-1718 & ID-1719 - Unknown
ID-1720 Fischer Brothers
ID-1721 Atlida Renamed Coal Barge No. 515
ID-1722 - Unknown
ID-1723 Maggie G. Lubey
ID-1724 - Unknown
ID-1725 George
ID-1726 - Unknown
ID-1727 James J. Doherty
ID-1728 John F. Leach
ID-1729 Charles S. - No naval service
ID-1730 Arthur
ID-1731 to ID-1734 - Unknown
ID-1735 Square Dealer
ID-1736 Anna O'Boyle
ID-1737 Liberty
ID-1738 & ID-1739 - Unknown
ID-1740 John F. Bresnahan Designated YF-125
ID-1741 P. J. Barry
ID-1742 Frank J. Downey
ID-1743 to ID-1748 - Unknown
ID-1749 Grace
ID-1750 James H. Cullen
ID-1751 Mary
ID-1752 to ID-1754 - Unknown
SP-1755 Bessie Renamed SP-1755
ID-1756 & ID-1757 - Unknown
ID-1758 Dochra
ID-1759 - Unknown
ID-1760 Shoshone
SP-1761 Tech Jr.
ID-1762 & ID-1763 - Unknown
ID-1764 Margaret G. Renamed ID-1764 - No records found
ID-1765 Carib
ID-1766 Sioux
ID-1767 - Unknown
ID-1768 H. G. Huntley
ID-1769 - Unknown
SP-1770 Hazleton
ID-1771 & ID-1772 - Unknown
SP-1773 Alice
ID-1774 Stella F. Murphy - No records found
ID-1775 to ID-1777 - Unknown
ID-1778 Arthur L. Haber
ID-1779 - Unknown
ID-1780 Thomas Monk
ID-1781 Margaret K. Renamed SP-1781
ID-1782 & ID-1783 - Unknown
ID-1784 Teutonic
SP-1785 Carlotta
ID-1786 - Unknown
ID-1787 Indiana Renamed Western Front
SP-1788 Lake Placid
ID-1789 Henry E. Gillen
ID-1790 - Unknown
ID-1791 Lake Champlain
ID-1792 Lake Shore Renamed/Reclassified Taganak (AG 45)
SP-1793 Akela
ID-1794 - Unknown
SP-1795 War Bug
ID-1796 - Unknown
ID-1797 Three Brothers
ID-1798 Athens
ID-1799 Dorothy E. Price
ID-1800 - Unknown
ID-1801 Grace E. Flannery
ID-1802 John O'Boyle
ID-1803 James E. Mulholland
ID-1804 & ID-1805 - Unknown
ID-1806 Keresan
ID-1807 to ID-1809 - Unknown
ID-1810 Loretta B. Haber
ID-1811 to ID-1814 - Unknown
ID-1815 Margaret A. Hines
ID-1816 to ID-1821 - Unknown
ID-1822 Mount Shasta
ID-1823 - Unknown
ID-1824 Wabash
ID-1825 to ID-1830 - Unknown
ID-1831 Marion Renamed Coal Barge No. 521
ID-1832 to ID-1839 - Unknown
ID-1840 Wachusett
SP-1841 Herreshoff No. 306
ID-1842 Kiowa
ID-1843 Honolulu
ID-1844 to ID-1853 - Unknown
ID-1854 Rappahannock Reclassified AF-6
ID-1855 to ID-1859 - Unknown
SP-1860 Isle of Surry
ID-1861 & ID-1862 - Unknown
SP-1863 Mary A. Fee
ID-1864 Jay
ID-1865 - Unknown
ID-1866 John M. Lyons
ID-1867 & ID-1868 - Unknown
ID-1869 S. W. Bowne
ID-1870 Jimmie Follette
ID-1871 to ID-1873 - Unknown
ID-1874 Mildred
ID-1875 - Unknown
ID-1876 Sadie Scism
ID-1877 Michael J. Tucker - No records found
ID-1878 - Unknown
ID-1879 John J. Phalen - No records found
ID-1880 to ID-1885 - Unknown
ID-1886 L. B. Adams - No records found
ID-1887 - Unknown
ID-1888 Amphion
ID-1889 Mary E. Sheridan
ID-1890 - Unknown
ID-1891 Kenneth Lang
ID-1892 Mary A. Deegan

No records found
ID-1893 - Unknown
ID-1894 Thomas V. Patterson
ID-1895 Fort Schuyler

No records found
ID-1896 to ID-1898 - Unknown
ID-1899 Nellie Petrie
ID-1900 Reiley E. Pratt

No records found
ID-1901 to ID-1903 - Unknown
ID-1904 Sammy M. Sullivan - No records found
ID-1905 to ID-1918 - Unknown
SP-1919 Bessie J. Renamed SP-1919
ID-1920 to ID-1924 - Unknown
ID-1925 Elizabeth V. Phalen
ID-1926 Edward R. Petrie
ID-1927 Dick Sullivan
ID-1928 Will Sullivan

No records found
ID-1929 - Unknown
ID-1930 Peerless - No records found
ID-1931 & ID-1932 - Unknown
ID-1933 Lawrence M. Sullivan Renamed Ammunition Lighter No. 29
ID-1934 to ID-1937 - Unknown
ID-1938 Alice B. - No records found
ID-1939 - Unknown
ID-1940 Edward O'Day - No naval service
ID-1941 to ID-1942 - Unknown
ID-1943 The Fleischmann - No records found
ID-1944 to ID-1949 - Unknown
SP-1950 Undaunted Reclassified AT-58
ID-1951 Dreadnaught Reclassified YT-34
ID-1952 Chinampa
ID-1953 Hisko
ID-1954 Montpelier
ID-1955 & ID-1956 - Unknown
ID-1957 Casco
ID-1958 Ticonderoga
ID-1959 to ID-1962 - Unknown
SP-1963 Joanna
ID-1964 - Unknown
SP-1965 Virginia Renamed SP-1965
ID-1966 C. W. Morse
ID-1967 - Unknown
ID-1968 E. C. King - No naval service
ID-1969 & ID-1971 - Unknown
ID-1972 S. N. Co. 26 - No records found
ID-1973 to ID-1977 - Unknown
ID-1978 Berkshire
ID-1979 to ID-1981 - Unknown
ID-1982 S. N. Co. 24 - No records found
ID-1983 & ID-1984 - Unknown
ID-1985 S. N. Co. 32 - No records found
ID-1986 - Unknown
ID-1987 S. N. Co. 18 - No records found
ID-1988 to ID-1994 - Unknown
ID-1995 Victor
ID-1996 - Unknown
SP-1997 Bath Reclassified AK-4
ID-1998 & ID-1999 - Unknown
ID-2000 Samoset
ID-2001 & ID-2002 - Unknown
SP-2003 Progressive
ID-2004 - Unknown
SP-2005 Astoria Reclassified AK-8
ID-2006 to ID-2008 - Unknown
SP-2009 Laura Reed
ID-2010 W. F. Bascom
ID-2011 S. N. Co. 14
ID-2012 S. N. Co. 20

ID-2013 S. N. Co. 9
ID-2014 S. N. Co. 10
ID-2015 S. N. Co. 4
ID-2016 S. N. Co. 2
ID-2017 Belmont
ID-2018 S. N. Co. 30

No records found
ID-2019 to ID-2021 - Unknown
ID-2022 S. N. Co. 28
ID-2023 S. N. Co. 22
ID-2024 S. N. Co. 21
ID-2025 S. N. Co. 6
ID-2026 S. N. Co. 1
ID-2027 Hamilton Boys

No records found
ID-2028 - Unknown
ID-2029 Frank Jennings - No records found
ID-2030 - Unknown
ID-2031 Five Sisters - No records found
ID-2032 to ID-2035 - Unknown
ID-2036 Manta
ID-2037 - Unknown
SP-2038 Satsuma
ID-2039 to ID-2046 - Unknown
ID-2047 Moosehead Renamed/Reclassified Porpoise (YFB 2047)
ID-2048 - Unknown
ID-2049 George Washington - No records found
ID-2050 to ID-2053 - Unknown
ID-2054 Munrio
ID-2055 & ID-2056 - Unknown
ID-2057 Raymond
ID-2058 Christine
ID-2059 to ID-2062 - Unknown
ID-2063 Severance
ID-2064 - Unknown
ID-2065 Montauk - No naval service
ID-2066 & ID-2067 - Unknown
ID-2068 Glen White
ID-2069 - Unknown
ID-2070 S. N. Co. 29 - No records found
ID-2071 & ID-2072 - Unknown
ID-2073 Arthur & Eddie
ID-2074 S. N. Co. 12
ID-2075 Kenneth Dillon

No records found
ID-2076 Alsen
ID-2077 - Unknown
SP-2078 Pensacola Reclassified AK-7
SP-2079 Shady Side Reclassified YFB-2079
ID-2080 Clifton
ID-2081 to ID-2092 - Unknown
ID-2093 Munindies
ID-2094 to ID-2101 - Unknown
ID-2102 William A. McKenney
ID-2103 Acme Renamed/Reclassified Aberenda (IX 131)
ID-2104 to ID-2118 - Unknown
SP-2119 Margin
ID-2120 - Unknown
ID-2121 Hudson Designated YD-44
ID-2122 to ID-2128 - Unknown
SP-2129 Willoughby
ID-2130 to ID-2135 - Unknown
ID-2136 Long Beach Reclassified AK-9
ID-2137 to ID-2139 - Unknown
ID-2140 Black Hawk Reclassified AD-9
ID-2141 - Unknown
ID-2142 Hatteras
ID-2143 - Unknown
ID-2144 Lake Huron
ID-2145 & ID-2146 - Unknown
ID-2147 North Pole Designated YD-45
ID-2148 - Unknown
ID-2149 Sudbury
ID-2150 Sylvan Arrow
ID-2151 to ID-2157 - Unknown
ID-2158 Lake Side
ID-2159 West Haven
ID-2160 F. J. Luckenbach
ID-2161 - Unknown
ID-2162 Somerset
ID-2163 - Unknown
ID-2164 Gorgona
ID-2165 to ID-2167 - Unknown
ID-2168 Wilhelmina
ID-2169 Santa Rosa
ID-2170 Relief
SP-2171 Atlas
ID-2172 Gordon Renamed Freight Lighter No. 117
ID-2173 - Unknown
ID-2174 Bernard
ID-2175 - Unknown
ID-2176 Tanamo
ID-2177 & ID-2178 - Unknown
ID-2179 Bavaria
ID-2180 Lake Moor
ID-2181 & ID-2182 - Unknown
ID-2183 Dorothy Cullen
ID-2184 - Unknown
ID-2185 Amabala
ID-2186 Lake View
ID-2187 Artemis
ID-2188 & ID-2189 - Unknown
SP-2190 Lake Erie
ID-2191 to ID-2194 - Unknown
ID-2195 Manhattan Renamed Nopatin
SP-2196 Narragansett
ID-2197 Munairies
ID-2198 & ID-2199 - Unknown
ID-2200 Howard Green Renamed/Reclassified Catawaba (YT 32)
ID-2201 to ID-2210 - Unknown
ID-2211 Bella
ID-2212 - Unknown
ID-2213 Cacique
ID-2214 - Unknown
ID-2215 Democracy
ID-2216 - Unknown
ID-2217 Coronado - No naval service
ID-2218 to ID-2220 - Unknown
SP-2221 Richmond Renamed SP-2221 - No records found
SP-2222 Puritan
ID-2223 & ID-2224 - Unknown
SP-2225 Navigator Reclassified YT-39
ID-2226 Muscatine
ID-2227 - Unknown
ID-2228 Evelyn Renamed/Reclassified Asterion (AK 100)
ID-2229 - Unknown
SP-2230 Helenita Reclassified YP 2230
ID-2231 - Unknown
SP-2232 Herreshoff No. 308
ID-2233 & ID-2234 - Unknown
SP-2235 Herreshoff No. 321
ID-2236 to ID-2249 - Unknown
ID-2250 J. C. Donnell Renamed and reclassified Pasig (AO 89)
ID-2251 & ID-2252 - Unknown
ID-2253 Santiago
ID-2254 to ID-2261 - Unknown
SP-2262 San Juan - No naval service
ID-2263 & ID-2264 - Unknown
SP-2265 Pocomoke - No naval service
ID-2266 Visitor
ID-2267 & ID-2268 - Unknown
ID-2269 Curacao Renamed Fuel Oil Barge No. 36
ID-2270 Silver Shell
ID-2271 to ID-2273 - Unknown
SP-2274 Calvert - No records found
ID-2275 to ID-2278 - Unknown
ID-2279 Clio
ID-2280 & ID-2281 - Unknown
ID-2282 Felix Taussig
ID-2283 - Unknown
SP-2284 General Putnam
ID-2285 H. A. Baxter - No naval service
ID-2286 to ID-2288 - Unknown
ID-2289 Jack Scully - No naval service
ID-2290 Princess Matoika
ID-2291 K. I. Luckenbach
ID-2292 American
ID-2293 to ID-2297 - Unknown
SP-2298 Alexander H. Erickson
ID-2299 Peerless - No records found
ID-2300 & ID-2301 - Unknown
ID-2302 Beaver Reclassified AS-5
ID-2303 to ID-2310 - Unknown
SP-2311 Herman S. Caswell
ID-2312 - Unknown
SP-2313 Merchant
ID-2314 & ID-2315 - Unknown
ID-2316 Georgia - No naval service
ID-2317 Saetia
ID-2318 to ID-2336 - Unknown
ID-2337 Gillen Brothers Renamed Freight Lighter No. 119
ID-2338 - Unknown
ID-2339 Herbert L. Pratt
ID-2340 to ID-2342 - Unknown
SP-2343 Pontiac
ID-2344 & ID-2345 - Unknown
ID-2346 Munplace
ID-2347 to ID-2351 - Unknown
ID-2352 - Unknown
ID-2353 Winnebago
ID-2354 - Unknown
ID-2355 Waban - No naval service
ID-2356 to ID-2359 - Unknown
SP-2360 William F. McCauley
ID-2361 - Unknown
ID-2362 Westport Renamed Adrian
ID-2363 - Unknown
SP-2364 Postmaster General
SP-2365 Sea Hawk
ID-2366 Boston Floating Hospital
ID-2367 Pamunkey Renamed Coal Barge No. 423
ID-2368 Sassafras Renamed Coal Barge No. 424
ID-2369 - Unknown
ID-2370 Bailey Renamed Coal Barge No. 418
ID-2371 & ID-2372 - Unknown
SP-2373 Herreshoff No. 322
ID-2374 & ID-2375 - Unknown
ID-2376 Mildred McNalley Reclassified Coal Barge No.417
SP-2377 John G. Olsen
ID-2378 to ID-2380 - Unknown
ID-2381 Industry Renamed Coal Barge No. 419
ID-2382 Lighter Barge 09 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 69
ID-2383 - Unknown
SP-2384 Floyd Hurst Renamed/Reclassified Guard (YP 2384)
ID-2385 Diascond Renamed Coal Barge No. 425
ID-2386 Charles T. Gallagher - No naval service
ID-2387 - Unknown
ID-2388 Lighter Barge 06 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 66
ID-2389 Lighter Barge 07 ex-Coal Barge No. 513 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 67
ID-2390 Lighter Barge 11 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 73
ID-2391 to ID-2394 - Unknown
ID-2395 Violet Renamed Coal Barge No. 420
ID-2396 Christiana Renamed Coal Barge No. 423
SP-2397 Roosevelt
ID-2398 to ID-2400 - Unknown
ID-2401 Annie B. Embry Renamed Coal Barge No. 421
ID-2402 Portland Renamed Freight Lighter No. 128
ID-2403 & ID-2404 - Unknown
ID-2405 Efco
ID-2406 - Unknown
ID-2407 Julia Luckenbach
ID-2408 to ID-2412 - Unknown
ID-2413 A. G. Prentiss
ID-2414 - Unknown
ID-2415 Sea Gate
ID-2416 to ID-2424 - Unknown
ID-2425 R. S. McCracken Renamed Coal Barge No. 422
ID-2426 to ID-2428 - Unknown
ID-2429 Fairmont
ID-2430 & ID-2431 - Unknown
ID-2432 Blue Ridge Renamed Avalon
ID-2433 & ID-2434 - Unknown
ID-2435 Lighter Barge 08 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 68
ID-2436 to ID-2438 - Unknown
ID-2439 Ripple
SP-2440 Wanderer
ID-2441 - Unknown
ID-2442 Coastwise - No naval service
ID-2443 to ID-2463 - Unknown
ID-2464 Walter Hardcastle
ID-2465 Elinor
ID-2466 Hattie Luckenbach - No naval service
ID-2467 - Unknown
SP-2468 Bussum
ID-2469 to ID-2471 - Unknown
ID 2472 Bivalve
ID-2473 to ID-2481 - Unknown
ID-2482 Gorredijk - No naval service
ID-2483 Bali
ID-2484 to ID-2486 - Unknown
SP-2487 S. M. Goucher
ID-2488 Rondo
ID-2489 & ID-2490 - Unknown
ID-2491 Spray
ID-2492 - Unknown
ID-2493 Rijndijk - No naval service
ID-2494 & ID-2495 - Unknown
ID-2496 Foam
ID-2497 Maartensdijk
ID-2498 Merauke
ID-2499 Biesbosch
ID-2500 Texel - No naval service
ID-2501 & ID-2502 - Unknown
ID-2503 Broad Arrow
ID-2504 - Unknown
ID-2505 Rijndam
ID-2506 Vesta - No naval service
ID-2507 Zeelandia
ID-2508 Canton
ID-2509 - Unknown
ID-2510 Margaret Renamed Chatham
ID-2511 Samarinda
ID-2512 Point Arena - No naval service
SP-2513 Glenville
ID-2514 Westerdijk
ID-2515 Veendijk
ID-2516 Mercurius
ID-2517 - Unknown
ID-2518 Alkaid - No naval service
ID-2519 Wieldrecht
ID-2520 to ID 2525 - Unknown
ID-2526 Chestnut Hill
ID-2527 City of South Haven
ID-2528 & ID-2529 - Unknown
ID-2530 Little Sisters - No naval service
ID-2531 Concrete Barge No. 1 Renamed Coal Barge No. 516
ID-2532 - Unknown
ID-2533 Merak
ID-2534 Besoeki
ID-2535 Noord Brabant
ID-2536 Roepat
ID-2537 to ID 2540 - Unknown
ID-2541 Buitenzorg
ID-2542 to ID 2545 - Unknown
ID-2546 Randwijk
ID-2547 to ID 2551 - Unknown
ID-2552 Lighter Barge 04 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 64
ID-2553 & ID-2554 - Unknown
ID-2555 Lakewood - No naval service
ID-2556 - Unknown
ID-2557 Lake Crescent
ID-2558 & ID-2559 - Unknown
ID-2560 Gladiator
ID-2561 - Unknown
ID-2562 Dubhe
SP-2563 Mandeville
ID-2564 - Unknown
ID-2565 Lighter Barge 05 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 65
ID-2566 - Unknown
ID-2567 Winterswijk
ID-2568 to ID-2572 - Unknown
SP-2573 Pollux
ID-2574 - Unknown
ID-2575 Springfield
ID-2576 & ID-2577 - Unknown
ID-2578 Clio
ID-2579 - Unknown
ID-2580 Lighter Barge 10 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 72
ID-2581 Absaroka
ID-2582 & ID-2583 - Unknown
SP-2584 Hydraulic
ID-2585 West Arrow - No naval service
ID-2586 Oosterdijk
ID-2587 & ID-2588 - Unknown
SP-2589 Ahdeek
ID-2590 to ID-2603 - Unknown
ID-2604 Barge No. 66 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 92
ID-2605 to ID-2607 - Unknown
ID-2608 Manitou - No naval service
ID-2609 to ID-2622 - Unknown
ID-2623 Malang
ID-2624 to ID-2634 - Unknown
ID-2635 Floating Derrick No. 37 Reclassified YD-37
ID-2636 to ID-2639 - Unknown
SP-2640 Bayocean
ID-2641 to ID-2645 - Unknown
SP-2646 Avenger
ID-2647 to ID-2651 - Unknown
ID-2652 Lake Tulare
ID-2653 to ID-2656 - Unknown
ID-2657 Yellowstone
ID-2658 & ID-2659 - Unknown
ID-2660 Sliedrecht - No naval service
ID-2661 to ID-2670 - Unknown
ID-2671 Carl R. Gray Renamed/Reclassified Nausett (YT 35)
ID-2672 to ID-2677 - Unknown
ID-2678 Barge No. 70 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 93
SP-2679 Iro
ID-2680 Celebes
ID-2681 Fenimore
ID-2682 Gorontalo
ID-2683 - Unknown
ID-2684 Swanboro Reclassified YO-19
ID-2685 & ID-2686 - Unknown
ID-2687 Onteroa - No naval service
ID-2688 & ID-2689 - Unknown
ID-2690 W. M. Irish Renamed/Reclassified Nausett (IX 190)
ID-2691 Luella
ID-2692 to ID-2696 - Unknown
ID-2697 Ternate
ID-2698 & ID-2699 - Unknown
ID-2700 Lenape
ID-2701 & ID-2702 - Unknown
ID-2703 John M. Connelly
ID-2704 to ID-2707 - Unknown
ID-2708 Koningen der Nederlanden
ID-2709 to ID-2713 - Unknown
SP-2714 Snapper
ID-2715 to ID-2717 - Unknown
ID-2718 Rijnland
ID-2719 to ID-2723 - Unknown
ID-2724 Zuiderdijk
SP-2725 Alex Brown Renamed/Reclassified Saco (YT 31)
ID-2726 to ID-2728 - Unknown
ID-2729 Barge No. 62 Renamed Floating Derrick No. 39
ID-2730 to ID-2740 - Unknown
ID-2741 James Logan Designated YF-121
ID-2742 & ID-2743 - Unknown
SP-2744 Mystery
ID-2745 - Unknown
ID-2746 Zaanland
ID-2747 to ID-2755 - Unknown
ID-2756 Vulcan - No naval service
ID-2757 - Unknown
ID-2758 West Lianga
ID-2759 to ID-2762 - Unknown
ID-2763 Commerce Renamed Freight Lighter No. 123
ID-2764 to ID-2773 - Unknown
ID-2774 Clare
ID-2775 & ID-2776 - Unknown
ID-2777 Sixaola Redesignated ID-4525
ID-2778 to ID-2781 - Unknown
ID-2782 Lake Traverse
ID-2783 Tjisondari
ID-2784 to ID-2789 - Unknown
ID-2790 Surley Ellen - No naval service
ID-2791 & ID-2792 - Unknown
ID-2793 Dretcherland
ID-2794 to ID-2799 - Unknown
ID-2800 Ophir
ID-2801 Lighter No. 23 Renamed Water Barge No. 27
ID-2802 & ID-2803 - Unknown
SP-2804 Zillah
ID-2805 Jan Van Nassau
ID-2806 to ID-2811 - Unknown
ID-2812 West Wood
ID-2813 to ID-2839 - Unknown
SP-2840 Herreshoff No. 323 Reclassified YP-2840
ID-2841 to ID-2843 - Unknown
SP-2844 Emma Kate Ross
ID-2845 & ID-2846 - Unknown
ID-2847 Oakland
ID-2848 to ID-2866 - Unknown
ID-2867 Westover
ID-2868 - Unknown
ID-2869 Santa Ana
ID-2870 - Unknown
ID-2871 Bie & Schiott Reclassified YP-2871
ID-2872 Howard C. Moore - No naval service
ID-2873 Santa Luisa
ID-2874 - Unknown
ID-2875 Barge No. 16 Renamed Coal Barge No. 432
ID-2876 Barge No. 8 Renamed Coal Barge No. 430
ID-2877 - Unknown
ID-2878 Tuckahoe - No naval service
ID-2879 & ID-2880 - Unknown
ID-2881 Barge No. 14 Renamed Coal Barge No. 431
ID-2882 to ID-2887 - Unknown
ID-2888 West Bridge
ID-2889 - Unknown
ID-2890 Westerner
ID-2891 - Unknown
ID-2892 Hiawatha
ID-2893 to ID-2897 - Unknown
ID-2898 Elliott
ID-2899 to ID-2901 - Unknown
ID-2902 William A. McKenney
ID-2903 - Unknown
ID-2904 Lake St. Clair
ID-2905 - Unknown
ID-2906 Lake Pewaukee
ID-2907 to ID-2911 - Unknown
ID-2912 Success Renamed Freight Lighter No. 97
ID-2913 & ID-2914 - Unknown
ID-2915 Lake Arthur
ID-2916 to ID-2925 - Unknown
ID-2926 Lake Weston
ID-2927 to ID-2942 - Unknown
ID-2943 Pasadena
ID-2944 to ID-2952 - Unknown
ID-2953 Lancaster
ID-2954 to ID-2956 - Unknown
ID-2957 Lake Elizabeth
ID-2958 to ID-2969 - Unknown
ID-2970 Cape Romain
ID-2971 to ID-2980 - Unknown
ID-2981 Starling
ID-2982 to ID-2985 - Unknown
ID-2986 Barge No. 72 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 94
ID-2987 Peter H. Crowell
ID-2988 - Unknown
ID-2989 Gulfport Reclassified AK-5
ID-2990 Lake Bridge
ID-2991 Lake Forest
ID-2992 Lake Ontario
ID-2993 Lake Michigan
ID-2994 Lakeport
ID-2995 Lake Superior Renamed/Reclassified Tuluran (AG 46)
ID-2996 Lake Tahoe Renamed Evansville
ID-2997 Lake Worth
ID-2998 Pequot
ID-2999 Siboney
ID-3000 Tavernilla
ID-3001 Topila
ID-3002 Iowan
SP-3003 Resolute
ID-3004 Kaiser Wilhelm II Renamed Agamemnon
ID-3005 Grosser Kurfürst Renamed Aeolus
ID-3006 Amerika Renamed America
ID-3007 Antigone
ID-3008 Beaufort Reclassified AK-6
ID-3009 Bridgeport Reclassified AD-10
ID-3010 DeKalb
ID-3011 Madawaska ex-König Wilhelm II Renamed/Reclassified U. S. Grant (AP-29)
ID-3012 Barbarossa Renamed Mercury
ID-3013 Hamburg Renamed Powhatan
ID-3014 President Grant Renamed/Reclassified Republic (AP-33)
ID-3015 Savannah Reclassified AS-8
ID-3016 Susquehanna
ID-3017 Von Steuben
ID-3018 George Washington Renamed/Reclassified Catlin (AP 19)
ID-3019 Martha Washington
ID-3020 Katrina Luckenbach
ID-3021 Gold Shell
ID-3022 - Unknown
ID-3023 Radnor
ID-3024 Freedom
ID-3025 Old Dominion
ID-3026 Solitaire
ID-3027 C. F. Sargent
SP-3028 Amphitrate Renamed Nerita
ID-3029 - Unknown
ID-3030 Barge No. 76 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 95
ID-3031 to ID-3034 - Unknown
ID-3035 Alaska
ID-3036 to ID-3038 - Unknown
ID-3039 Takana
ID-3040 Yenrut IV
ID-3041 to ID-3043 - Unknown
ID-3044 Prinzess Irene Renamed Pocahontas
ID-3045 to ID-3048 - Unknown
ID-3049 Hampton
ID-3050 - Unknown
SP-3051 Ibis
ID-3052 & ID-3053 - Unknown
SP 3054 Gratitude
ID 3055 Malvern
ID-3056 Cape Henry
ID-3057 Advance Reclassified YT-28
ID-3058 - Unknown
ID-3059 Catherine Renamed Freight Lighter No. 126
ID-3060 - Unknown
SP-3061 Majestic
ID-3062 - Unknown
ID-3063 Fresno
ID-3064 - Unknown
SP-3065 Josephus
ID-3066 to ID-3070 - Unknown
SP-3071 Belle of Boston - No records found
ID-3072 to ID-3078 - Unknown
ID-3079 Rosedale
ID-3080 to ID-3087 - Unknown
ID-3088 Robert L. Barnes Reclassified AO-14
ID-3089 - Unknown
ID-3090 Lucia - No naval service
ID-3091 to ID-3094 - Unknown
ID-3095 Vittorio Emmanuel III
SP-3096 Helvetia
ID-3097 - Unknown
ID-3098 Westward Ho
ID-3099 to ID-3102 - Unknown
SP-3103 Westchester
SP-3104 Asher J. Hudson Renamed/Reclassified Yuma (YT 37)
ID-3105 Congaree
ID-3106 to ID-3113 - Unknown
SP-3114 Rod
ID-3115 H. M. Lane - No records found
ID-3116 to ID-3118 - Unknown
ID-3119 West Alsek
ID-3120 West Indian
ID-3121 - Unknown
ID-3122 Westchester
ID-3123 & ID-3124 - Unknown
ID-3125 Santa Olivia
ID-3125-A Santa Malta
ID-3126 to ID-3130 - Unknown
ID-3131 Absecon
ID-3132 & ID-3133 - Unknown
ID-3134 Liberator
ID-3135 Beukelsdijk
ID-3136 - Unknown
ID-3137 Scow Designated YA-58 - No records found
SP-3138 Griswold
ID-3139 Alloway
ID-3140 - Unknown
ID-3141 Chebaulip
ID-3142 - Unknown
SP-3143 Camden Reclassified AS-6
ID-3144 & ID-3145 - Unknown
ID-3146 Aniwa
ID-3147 Wakulla
ID-3148 Sara Thompson Reclassified AO-8
ID-3149 & ID-3150 - Unknown
ID-3151 Western Ocean
ID-3152 - Unknown
ID-3153 Western Sea
ID-3154 & ID-3155 - Unknown
SP-3156 Hurst
SP-3157 Robert H. McCurdy
SP-3158 Bessie H. Dantzler
ID-3159 - Unknown
ID-3160 Ice King
ID-3161 Western Chief
ID-3162 & ID-3163 - Unknown
ID-3164 Western Spirit
ID-3165 to ID-3167 - Unknown
ID-3168 Barge No. 84 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 96
ID-3169 Norfolk Renamed Floating Derrick No. 42
ID-3170 West Shore
ID-3171 Walter A. Luckenbach
ID-3172 & ID-3173 - Unknown
ID-3174 Oceanic - No records found
ID-3175 - Unknown
ID-3176 Moran - No records found
ID-3177 to ID-3179 - Unknown
ID-3180 Marie Kelly
ID-3181 Interstate 81

No records found
ID-3182 Joe Renamed Floating Derrick No. 40
ID-3183 John Smith Renamed Floating Derrick No. 41
ID-3184 to ID-3189 - Unknown
ID-3190 Hercules Renamed Ammunition Lighter No. 30
ID-3191 to ID-3193 - Unknown
ID-3194 Bertell W. King
ID-3195 Moran
ID-3196 Fannie Preston

No records found
ID-3197 - Unknown
ID-3198 Westford
ID-3199 - Unknown
ID-3200 Rondout
ID-3201 - Unknown
ID-3202 West Mount
ID-3203 to ID-3208 - Unknown
SP-3209 Rescue
ID-3210 to ID-3212 - Unknown
ID-3213 Ettie Moore - No records found
ID-3214 Cape Lookout
ID-3215 Francis G. Conwell
ID-3216 West Gate
ID-3217 - Unknown
SP-3218 Resolute
ID-3219 Inca
ID-3220 West Gambo
ID-3221 West Apaum
ID-3222 F. R. Sharp - No records found
SP-3223 Katherine W. Cullen
ID-3224 John W. Crittenden
ID-3225 Henry Seymour
ID-3226 Addie and Carrie
ID-3227 - Unknown
ID-3228 Freight Lighter Designated YF-110
ID-3229 - Unknown
ID-3230 Wassaic
SP-3231 Sparrow II
ID-3232 Charles Whittemore
ID-3233 - Unknown
ID-3234 Ellen Browning Reclassified YP-3234
ID-3235 to ID-3239 - Unknown
ID-3240 Superior - No records found
ID-3241 E. T. Williams - No naval service
ID-3242 Volunteer
ID-3243 to ID-3245 - Unknown
SP-3246 Vincent
ID-3247 & ID-3248 - Unknown
ID-3249 Derrick Lighter Renamed Floating Derrick No. 38
SP-3250 Lagoda
ID-3251 - Unknown
ID-3252 Columbia - No naval service
ID-3253 West Cohas
ID-3254 West Point ex-War Leopard (ID 1475)
ID-3255 - Unknown
ID-3256 Scow No. 31 Renamed Ash Lighter No. 57
ID-3257 Scow No. 26
Renamed Ash Lighter No, 56
ID-3258 Scow No. 25
Renamed Ash Lighter No. 55
No records found
ID-3259 Scow No. 12 Renamed Floating Workshop No. 6
ID-3260 Scow No. 5 Renamed Coal Barge No. 455
ID-3261 Scow No. 10
Renamed Ash Lighter No. 54
ID-3262 Scow No. 6
Renamed Ash Lighter No. 53
No records found
ID-3263 to ID-3267 - Unknown
ID-3268 Atlantic Reclassified YFB-3268
ID-3269 & ID-3270 - Unknown
ID-3271 Raleigh - No naval service
ID-3272 - Unknown
ID-3273 Severn - No naval service
SP-3274 Mary M
ID-3275 & ID-3276 - Unknown
ID-3277 Hawaiian
ID-3278 Credenda
ID-3279 - Unknown
ID-3280 Ohioan
ID-3281 to ID-3284 - Unknown
ID-3285 Kerrigan Renamed Freight Lighter No. 115
ID-3286 Duggan Renamed Car Float No. 10
ID-3287 Pee Jee Renamed Freight Lighter
No. 113
ID-3288 - Unknown
SP-3289 Myrtle
ID-3290 - Unknown
ID-3291 Harkness Renamed Car Float No. 11
ID-3292 & ID-3293 - Unknown
SP-3294 Hopkins
SP-3295 Josephine
SP-3296 Sagamore Reclassified AT-20
SP-3297 Winthrop
ID-3298 - Unknown
ID-3299 Panaman
ID-3300 Western Light
ID-3301 Polar Sea
ID-3302 - Unknown
ID-3303 McMath Renamed Freight Lighter No. 112
ID-3304 Porter Renamed Freight Lighter No. 114
ID-3305 Macona
ID-3306 - Unknown
ID-3307 El Occidente
ID-3308 Plymouth
ID-3309 & ID-3310 - Unknown
ID-3311 Sagadahoc
ID-3312 Triton Reclassified YT-10
ID-3313 West Ekonk
SP-3314 Viking
ID-3315 West Coast
ID-3316 to ID-3318 - Unknown
ID-3319 Robert M. Thompson
ID-3320 & ID-3321 - Unknown
ID-3322 West Gotomska
ID-3323 & ID-3324 - Unknown
ID-3325 Aurora
ID-3326 - Unknown
ID-3327 Defiance
ID-3328 & ID-3329 - Unknown
ID-3330 West Galeta
ID-3331 Easterner
ID-3332 to ID-3334 - Unknown
ID-3335 West Hobomac
ID-3336 to ID-3341 - Unknown
ID-3342 Eastport
ID-3343 & ID-3344 - Unknown
ID-3345 Sherman Renamed Durham
ID-3346 - Unknown
ID-3347 West Galoc
ID-3348 & ID-3352 - Unknown
ID-3353 Mojave Reclassified AT-15
ID-3354 & ID-3355 - Unknown
ID-3356 Montrolite Renamed/Reclassified Marmora (IX 189)
ID-3357 to ID-3360 - Unknown
SP-3361 Vaud J.
ID-3362 - Unknown
SP-3363 Scandinavia
ID-3364 - Unknown
ID-3365 Sea King - No naval service
ID-3366 to ID-3370 - Unknown
ID-3371 Red Cloud - No naval service
ID-3372 - Unknown
ID-3373 Barge No. 6 Renamed Freight Lighter No. 148
ID-3374 Barge No. 11 Renamed Coal Barge No. 625
ID-3375 to ID-3378 - Unknown
ID-3379 Winding Gulf
ID-3380 to ID-3383 - Unknown
ID-3384 Barge No. 10 Renamed Coal Barge No. 624
ID-3385 to ID-3389 - Unknown
ID-3390 Eastern Chief
ID-3391 to ID-3394 - Unknown
ID-3395 Chesapeake
ID-3396 Manna Hata
ID-3397 Barge No. 8 Renamed Coal Barge No. 623
ID-3398 Barge No. 12 Renamed Coal Barge No. 626
ID-3399 & ID-3400 - Unknown
ID-3401 Canibas
ID-3402 & ID-3403 - Unknown
ID-3404 Point Lobos
ID-3405 - Unknown
ID-3406 Eastern Queen
ID-3407 Zirkel
ID-3408 to ID-3412 - Unknown
ID-3413 Soestdijk
ID-3414 & ID-3415 - Unknown
ID-3416 Catawba - No naval service
ID-3417 - Unknown
ID-3418 Salvor
ID-3419 to ID-3422 - Unknown
ID-3423 Isanti
ID-3424 to ID-3433 - Unknown
ID-3434 Arabia
ID-3435 - Unknown
ID-3436 Emmigrant
ID-3437 & ID-3438 - Unknown
ID-3439 Ozaukee
ID-3440 to ID-3448 - Unknown
ID-3449 W. L. Steed
ID-3450 to ID-3457 - Unknown
SP-3458 Betty Jane I
SP-3459 Edith
ID-3460 - Unknown
ID-3461 Liberty Reclassified AK-35
ID-3462 to ID-3469 - Unknown
ID-3470 Catawba - No naval service
ID-3471 to ID-3495 - Unknown
ID-3496 Point Bonita Renamed/Reclassified Camanga (AG 42)
ID-3497 Montclair
ID-3498 & ID-3499 - Unknown
ID-3500 Eastern Shore
ID-3501 West Zula
ID-3502 to ID-3506 - Unknown
ID-3507 Captain Dud Reclassified YD-43
ID-3508 to ID-3510 - Unknown
ID-3511 Pennsylvanian Renamed Scranton
ID-3512 Naiwa
ID-3513 M. J. Scanlon
ID-3514 Victorious Renamed/Reclassified George F. Elliot (AP 13)
ID-3515 to ID-3518 - Unknown
ID-3519 Nantahala
ID-3520 Cape May
ID-3521 - Unknown
ID-3522 William F. Herrin Renamed/Reclassified Villalobos (IX 145)
ID-3523 to ID-3523 - Unknown
ID-3524 Lydia
ID-3525 to ID-3535 - Unknown
ID-3536 Harry Renamed Floating Workshop No. 10
ID-3537 to ID-3547 - Unknown
ID-3548 Westport
ID-3549 Willimantic
ID-3550 Westmead
ID-3551 Western Belle
ID-3552 Bellingham
ID-3553 - Unknown
ID-3554 Hickman
ID-3555 Aberdeen - No naval service
ID-3556 to ID-3563 - Unknown

ID-3564 Deerfield - No naval service
ID-3565 Berwyn
ID-3566 & ID-3567 - Unknown
ID-3568 Lake Catherine Renamed/Reclassified Manasquan (AG 36)
ID-3569 Western Comet
ID-3570 & ID-3571 - Unknown
SP-3572 Shuttle
ID-3573 - Unknown
ID-3574 Alabet - No naval service
ID-3575 to ID-3579 - Unknown
ID-3580 Morristown
ID-3581 Neponset
ID-3582 - Unknown
ID-3583 Rogday
ID-3584 West Zucker
ID-3585 Eastern Light
ID-3586 to ID-3592 - Unknown
ID-3593 Alanthus - No naval service
ID-3594 Bancroft - No naval service
ID-3595 to ID-3597 - Unknown
ID-3597-C Lake Blanchester
ID-3597-D Lake Clear
ID-3598 to ID-3629 - Unknown
ID-3630 Challenger
ID-3631 to ID-3635 - Unknown
ID-3636 West Madaket
ID-3637 Major Wheeler
ID-3638 West Loquassuck
ID-3639 to ID-3646 - Unknown
ID-3647 Frederick D. U. Robbins Designated
ID-3648 to ID-3650 - Unknown
ID-3651 Polar Land
ID-3652 - Unknown
ID-3653 Cruso
ID-3654 to ID-3656 - Unknown
ID-3657 Federal
ID-3658 to ID-3660 - Unknown
ID-3661 West Elcasco Reclassified AE-7 and
ID-3662 Calamares Reclassified AF-18
ID-3663 - Unknown
ID-3664 William F. Green - No records found
ID-3665 South Pole
ID-3666 Polar Bear
ID-3667 to ID-3670 - Unknown
ID-3671 Invincible
ID-3672 to ID-3674 - Unknown
ID-3675 Westpool
ID-3676 Independence Renamed/Reclassified Neville (AP 16)
ID-3677 & ID-3678 - Unknown
ID-3679 Cohasset
ID-3680 - Unknown
ID-3681 West Mahomet
ID-3682 to ID-3694 - Unknown
ID-3695 West Hosokie
ID-3696 Edenton Reclassified AK-38
ID-3697 - Unknown
ID-3698 Congress
ID-3699 - Unknown
ID-3700 West Lashaway
ID-3701 West Kyska
ID-3702 - Unknown
ID-3703 Western Maid
ID-3704 West Eldara
ID-3705 to ID-3709 - Unknown
SP-3710 St. Johns
ID-3711 to ID-3716 - Unknown
SP-3717 McDougall
ID-3718 West Humhaw
ID-3719 to ID-3730 - Unknown
ID-3731 Emiley B. - No records found
ID-3732 to ID-3739 - Unknown
ID-3740 Seven Renamed Freight Lighter No. 155
ID-3741 Western Plains
ID-3742 to ID-3748 - Unknown
ID-3749 Seven Renamed Freight Lighter No. 155 Designated YF-155 - No records found
ID-3750 to ID-3753 - Unknown
ID-3754 Lillian Russell Renamed Water Barge No. 29
ID-3755 to ID-3763 - Unknown
ID-3764 Concrete Barge No. 443 Renamed Coal Barge No. 443
ID-3765 - Unknown
ID-3765-A Lake Larga
ID-3765-B Lake Elsinore
ID-3765-C Lake Gedney
ID-3765-D Lake Ennis
ID-3765-E Lake Lasang
ID-3766 - Unknown
ID-3767 Phoenix Bridge - No naval errvice
ID-3768 to ID-3770 - Unknown
ID-3771 Western Hope
ID-3772 to ID-3779 - Unknown
ID-3780 I. J. Merritt
ID-3781 to ID-3784 - Unknown
ID-3785 Archer Renamed/Reclassified Fuller
(AP 14)
ID-3786 Fort Wayne
ID-3787 Polar Star
ID-3788 - Unknown
ID-3789-A Crawl Keys
ID-3789 to ID-3790 - Unknown
ID-3791 North Pole
ID-3792 Zaca
ID-3793 - Unknown
ID-3794 West Grama
ID-3795 & ID-3796 - Unknown
ID-3797 Oskawa
ID-3798 - Unknown
SP-3799 Piave
ID-3800 Oskaloosa
ID-3801 West Zeda
ID-3802 & ID-3803 - Unknown
ID-3804 Santa Teresa Renamed/Reclassified Kent (AP 28)
ID-3805 - Unknown
ID-3806 Yamhill Renamed/Reclassified Arctic
(AF 7)
ID-3807 to ID-3809 - Unknown
ID-3810 Banago
ID-3811 - Unknown
ID-3812 West Carnifax
ID-3813 West Cressey
ID-3814 - Unknown
ID-3815 Western Ally
ID-3816 Caddopeak Renamed/Reclassified Besboro (AG 66)
ID-3817 - Unknown
ID-3818 Buford
ID-3819 to ID-3827 - Unknown
ID-3828 Saccarappa
ID-3829 Kamesit
ID-3830 to ID-3832 - Unknown
ID-3833 Lake Ledan - No naval service
ID-3834 - Unknown
ID-3835 Edward L. Dohney III
ID-3836 West Cobalt
ID-3837 Mercer
ID-3838 to ID-3841 - Unknown
ID-3842 Auburn Reclassified ID-4079
ID-3843 - Unknown
ID-3844 William N. Page
ID-3845 to ID-3853 - Unknown
SP-3854 Lady Doris
ID-3855 - Unknown
ID-3856 West Wauna
ID-3857 to ID-3860 - Unknown
ID-3861 Sac City
ID-3862 to ID-3864 - Unknown
ID-3865 Indianapolis
ID-3866 to ID-3870 - Unknown
ID-3871 West Avenal
ID-3872 to ID-3874 - Unknown
ID-3875 Floridian
ID-3876 to ID-3879 - Unknown
ID-3880 Paysandu
ID-3881 - Unknown
ID-3882 Dakotan
ID-3883 - Unknown
ID-3884 Wathena
ID-3885 to ID-3893 - Unknown
ID-3894 Edgecombe
ID-3895 & ID-3896 - Unknown
ID-3897 Osakis - No naval service
ID-3898 to ID-3906 - Unknown
ID-3907 West Elcajon
ID-3908 to ID-3911 - Unknown
ID-3912 West Compo
ID-3913 Black Arrow ex-Black Hawk (ID 1534)
ID-3914 to ID-3919 - Unknown
ID-3920 Virginian
ID-3921 to ID-3923 - Unknown
ID-3924 West Maximus - No naval service
ID-3925 to ID-3928 - Unknown
ID-3929 Marne
ID-3930 to ID-3943 - Unknown
ID-3944 Mariana
ID-3945 to ID-3954 - Unknown
ID-3955 - No naval service
ID-3956 to ID-3962 - Unknown
ID-3963 Kaiserin Auguste Victoria ex-ID-1472
ID-3964 - Unknown
ID-3965 Chipchung - No naval service
ID-3966 to ID-3973 - Unknown
ID-3974 Lake Yahara
ID-3975 to ID-3981 - Unknown
ID-3982 West Corum
ID-3983 & ID-3984 - Unknown
ID-3985 Ozette - No naval service
ID-3986 to ID-4003 - Unknown
ID-4004 Saluda Renamed/Reclassified Sirius
(AK 15)
ID-4005 to ID-4007 - Unknown
ID-4008 Santa Cecilia
ID-4009 to ID-4018 - Unknown
ID-4019 South Bend
ID-4020 West Hematite
ID-4021 Fort Wright
ID-4022 Edgewood
ID-4023 Eldridge
ID-4024 Tollard
ID-4025 Boykin
ID-4026 Lake Galera
ID-4027 Lake Louise
ID-4028 West Sequana
ID-4029 West Nohno
ID-4030 Lake Belnona

No records found
ID-4031 Marica
ID-4031-A Sol Navis - No naval service
ID-4032 - Unknown
ID-4033 West Conob - No naval service
ID-4034 & 4035 - Unknown
ID-4036 Callao
ID-4037 to ID-4039 - Unknown
ID-4040 Graf Waldersee
ID-4041 Eten
ID-4042 Zeppelin
ID-4043 Mobile ex-Cleveland
ID-4044 to ID-4049 - Unknown
ID-4050 New Windsor - No naval service
ID-4051 Cap Finisterre
ID-4052 Santa Elena
ID-4053 to ID-4054 - Unknown
ID-4054-A Lake Janet - No naval service
ID-4055 to ID-4058 - Unknown
ID-4059 Barlow - No naval service
ID-4060 to ID-4062 - Unknown
ID-4063 Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm
ID-4064 to ID-4078 - Unknown
ID-4079 Auburn ex-ID-3842
ID-4080 Imperator
ID-4081 to ID-4085 - Unknown
ID-4086 Lake Gaspar
ID-4086-A Lake Garza
ID-4087 to ID-4093 - Unknown
ID-4094 Lake Delancey
ID-4094-A Lake Bledsoe

No naval service
ID-4095 to ID-4098 - Unknown
ID-4099 Lake Lesa - No naval service
ID-4100 to ID-4108 - Unknown
ID-4109 Neriden - No naval service
ID-4110 to ID-4113 - Unknown
ID-4114 Lake Ypsilanti
ID-4115 to ID-4130 - Unknown
ID-4131 Lake Dymer
ID-4132 to ID-4145 - Unknown
ID-4146 Bathgate Renamed/Reclassified Bomazeen (YT 238)
ID-4147 to ID-4154 - Unknown
ID-4155 Lake Arline Renamed/Reclassified Monomoy (AG 40)
ID-4156 Edisto Renamed/Reclassified Altair (AD-11)
ID-4157 to ID-4197 - Unknown
ID-4198 Lake Buckeye
ID-4198-C Lake Fondulac

No naval service
ID-4199 to ID-4209 - Unknown
ID-4210 Western Star
ID-4211 to ID-4213 - Unknown
ID-4213-J Davidson County - No naval service
ID-4214 - Unknown
ID-4215 Lake Pepin
ID-4215-B Lake Geneva Renamed/Reclassified Manomet (AG 37)
ID-4215-D Lake Orange Renamed/Reclassified Menemsha (AG 39)
ID-4215-E Lake Helen
ID-4216 to ID-4233 - Unknown
ID-4233-B S. B. Hunt Renamed/Reclassified Flambeau (IX 192)
ID-4234 - Unknown
ID-4234-N Nedmac Renamed/Reclassified Antares (AG 10)
ID-4235 to ID-4239 - Unknown
ID-4239-G Shaume Renamed/Reclassified Procyon (AG 11)
ID-4240 to ID-4253 - Unknown
ID-4253-W Capella Reclassified AK-13
ID-4254 to ID-4260 - Unknown
ID-4261 Lake St. Regis
ID-4262 to ID-4265 - Unknown
ID-4265-D Lake Orange - No naval service
ID-4266 - Unknown
ID-4267 Lake Pachuta - No naval service
ID-4268 - Unknown
ID-4269 Lake Mary
ID-4270 - Unknown
ID-4270-A Shannock Renamed/Reclassified Spica (AK 16)
ID-4271 to ID-4275 - Unknown
ID-4276 Lake Grainger - No naval service
ID-4276-C Lake Berdan
ID-4277 to ID-4295 - Unknown
ID-4296 Watonwan
ID-4297 to ID-4305 - Unknown
ID-4306 Newton Reclassified IX-33
ID-4307 to ID-4311 - Unknown
ID-4311-G Lake Osweya
ID-4311-H Lake Winooski
ID-4312 to ID-4323 - Unknown
ID-4323-A El Cedro - No naval service
ID-4324 Moldegaard
ID-4325 to ID-4330 - Unknown
ID-4331 Lake Conesus
ID-4332 to ID-4340 - Unknown
ID-4341 Hoxbar
ID-4341-A Houma
ID-4341-B Hoven
ID-4352 Santa Elisa
ID-4352-A Santa Leonora
ID-4353 - Unknown
ID-4353-AA Lake Eliko
ID-4353-Z Lake Eckhart
ID-4354 to ID-4357 - Unknown
ID-4358 Lake Capens
ID-4358-A Lake Washburn - No naval service
ID-4359 Newton
ID-4360 to ID-4369 - Unknown
ID-4369-B Lake Sunapee
ID-4370 to ID-4393 - Unknown
ID-4394 Lake Charlotte
ID-4395 to ID-4398 - Unknown
ID-4399 Liberty Renamed/Reclassified John R. R. Hannay (AK 32)
ID-4400 to ID-4405 - Unknown
ID-4406 Lake Frances
ID-4407 - Unknown
ID-4407-L Lake Dancey
ID-4408 & ID-4409 - Unknown
ID-4409-A Lake Gakona
ID-4410 Lake Fernwood
ID-4410-C Lake Harney
ID-4410-E Lake Lillian
ID-4410-F Lake Otisco
ID-4410-G Lake Wimico
ID-4411 & ID-4412 - Unknown
ID-4412-A Glenora Renamed/Reclassified Regulus (AK 14)
ID-4413 to ID-4427 - Unknown
ID-4428 Lake Daraga
ID-4429 Lake Pleasant
ID-4429-A Lake Harris
ID-4430 to ID-4448 - Unknown
ID-4449 Baxley
ID-4450 to ID-4454 - Unknown
ID-4455 West Honaker
ID-4456 to ID-4459 - Unknown
ID-4460 Munwood
ID-4461 - Unknown
ID-4462 Moravia Bridge - No naval service
ID-4463 - Unknown
SP-4464 Agwidale
ID-4465 to ID-4477 - Unknown
ID-4478 Teresa
ID-4479 to ID-4481 - Unknown
ID-4482 Miller County Renamed/Reclassified Mariveles (IX 197)
ID-4483 to ID-4489 - Unknown
ID-4490 West Lewark - No naval service
ID-4491 to ID-4500 - Unknown
ID-4501 Vacuum Renamed/Reclassified Dawn
(IX 186)
ID-4502 & ID-4503 - Unknown
ID-4504 El Oriente
ID-4505 El Sol
ID-4506 & ID-4507 - Unknown
ID-4508 Mount Vernon
ID-4509 - Unknown
ID-4510 El Siglo ex-Canandaigua (ID 1694)
ID-4511 to ID-4513 - Unknown
ID-4514 City of Savannah - No naval service
ID-4515 to ID-4520 - Unknown
ID-4521 Tivives
ID-4522 Santa Barbara
ID-4523 Santa Clara
ID-4524 - Unknown
ID-4525 Sixaloa ex-ID-2777
ID-4526 Stephen R. Jones
ID-4527 to ID-4529 - Unknown
ID-4530 Harold Walker Renamed/Reclassified Banshee (IX 178)
ID-4531 to ID-4538 - Unknown
ID-4539 Texas Renamed/Reclassified Kenwood
(IX 179)
ID-4540 Pastores Reclassified AF-16
ID-4541 - Unknown
ID-4542 Alaskan
ID-4542-A Arizonan
ID-4543 Finland
ID-4544 - Unknown
ID-4545 Minnesotan
ID-4546 to ID-4568 - Unknown
ID-4569 Great Northern Renamed/Reclassified Columbia (AG 9)
ID-4570 to ID-4596 - Unknown
ID-4597 Edgar F. Luckenbach
ID-4598 to ID-4630 - Unknown
ID-4631 Dilworth Renamed/Reclassified Clifton
(IX 184)
ID-4632 to ID-4646 - Unknown
ID-4647 La Purisima Renamed/Reclassified Octorara (IX 139)
ID-4648 to ID-4656 - Unknown
ID-4657 Liebre Renamed/Reclassified Meredosia (IX 193)
ID-4658 to ID-4688 - Unknown
ID-4689 Gargoyle Renamed/Reclassified Arethusa (IX 135)
ID-4690 to ID-4699 - Unknown
ID-4700 E. T. Bedford Renamed/Reclassified Guardaqui (IX 218)
ID-4701 to ID-4723 - Unknown
ID-4724 Walter Jennings Renamed/Reclassified Vandalia (IX 191)
ID-4725 to ID-4731 - Unknown
ID-4732 Bienville - No naval service
ID-4733 to ID-4753 - Unknown
ID-4754 Edward L. Doheny Reclassified YO-234
ID-4755 to ID-4783 - Unknown
ID-4784 Java Arrow Renamed/Reclassified Celtic (IX 137)
ID-4785 Japan Arrow Renamed/Reclassified Chotauk (IX 188)
ID-4786 to ID-4806 - Unknown
ID-4807 Havana Renamed/Reclassified Comfort (AH 3)
ID-4808 to ID-4997 - Unknown
ID-4997-B Lightning Renamed/Reclassified Mercury (AK 42)
ID-4997-C Flying Cloud Renamed/Reclassified Jupiter (AK 43)
ID-4998 - Unknown
ID-4998-A Exporter Renamed/Reclassified Hercules (AK 41)
ID-4999 to ID-5004 - Unknown
ID-5004-A Mobillube Reclassified YO-164
Unnumbered Vessels
City of Peking
Clapet No. 4
De Lesseps
Eaglet Renamed Freight Lighter No. 129
Elco No. 7
Elco No. 10
Frederick Luckenbach
George Burton
George Clarke
George Cochrane
Henderson Designated AP-1
High Ball
Houston Designated AK-1
Issac L. Rice
James Wooley Designated YT-45
Jerry Briggs
John Clay
John Collins
John Derby Renamed Coal Barge No. 517
John Dunkin
John Fitzgerald
John Graham
Kittery Designated AK-2
L. K. Thurlow
Lake Benbow
Lake Bloomington
Lake Borgne
Lake Damita
Lake Lemando
Lake Silver
Lake Wood
Mona II
Nahma Designated YFB-1
Newport News Designated AK-3
Northern Pacific
Pat Caharty
President Lincoln
Quincy Designated AK-10
Ransom B. Fuller
Richard Bulkeley
San Joaquin
Santee ex-Arvonian
Siam Duffey
Starboard Unit
Tecumseh Designated YT-24
Thomas Blackthorne
Thomas Buckley
Thomas Graham
Thomas Henrix
Thomas Laundry
Tommy Traddles
Transfer Designated IX-46
West View
William Ashton
William Caldwell
William Darnold
William Johnson
U.S. Lighthouse Service
Camellia Designated WAGL-203
Cedar Designated WAGL-207
Crocus Designated WAGL-210
Larkspur Designated WAGL-226
Light Vessel No. 71
Light Vessel No. 76 Designated WAL-504
Mangrove Designated WAGL-232
Marigold Designated WAGL-235
Orchid Designated WAGL-240
Palmetto Designated WAGL-265
Shrub ex-Mansfield (SP 691) Designated WAGL-244
Sunflower Designated WAGL-247
Suwannee ex-Mayflower Designated WAGL-236
Willow Designated WAGL-253
U.S. Revenue Cutters
Algonquin Reclassified YAG-29
Apache ex-Galveston
Arundel ex-Manhattan
Calumet Renamed/Designated Tioga (WYT 74)
Comanche ex-Windom
Davey Designated WYT 81
Golden Gate Designated WYT 94
Gresham ex-Walter Q. Gresham Designated
Itasca ex-Gunboat Bancroft
Levi Woodbury ex-Mahoning
Louis McLane ex-Delaware
Manhattan Designated WYT-95
Ossipee Designated WPR-50
Pamlico Designated WPR-57
Pequot Designated WARC-58
Scout Renamed AB-11
Tahoma Designated WPG-80 <-
Tallapoosa Designated WPG-52
Tampa ex-Miami
Thomas Corwin
Unalga Designated WPG-53
Winnisimmet Designated WYT-84
U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey Vessels

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